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Y&R Recap – Jan 30: Victor Solidifies His Plans for Adam, Lauren Tries to Talk Sense With Phyllis, and Elena Expresses Concern About Audra

Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren sit around the table talking

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, January 30, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, The Newmans plan a takeover of Tucker’s company, and Nate wants to get involved in Omega Sphere.

Newman Enterprises – Nikki & Victor talk about bringing Adam back

Nikki talks with Victor in the Newman Enterprise offices

Nikki tells Victor that he should consider that Nick and Victoria are in a good place with the company, and if Victor gets Adam into the mix, their equilibrium will fall out of kilter.

She says that Nick didn’t come back because Victor was pulling strings behind the scenes.

Victor thanks her for her input.

Nikki talks with Victor

She wonders if Adam likes his life the way it is, and if he found out what Victor was up to, he might drive him away for good.

Victor says that he wants to find a division for Adam to run, and Adam will come to his senses.

He goes on to say that he thinks that Jack & Diane stole Nikki’s necklace, and did it to set up Stark.

Victor talks with Nikki

Nikki says that she was very close to telling Chance that Jack was behind it.

Victor paces and sits behind the desk. He asks why she didn’t say anything to Chance.

Nikki says that she’s getting the necklace back and that she thought it was too late.

Victor sits while Nikki talks to him

Victor says Jack took a big risk for Diane and that Nikki should put it out of her mind, they’ll bring each other down.

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Jabot Cosmetics – Kyle hides his involvement with Victor from Summer

Kyle is on the phone and asks for status reports for everything that Adam has been working on.

Kyle talks on the phone in the Jabot offices

A bit later, Kyle looks through some files and says to himself that he thinks he sees a pattern in the reports about Adam.

Summer comes in and asks him what he was looking at.

He says he was just looking through files. Summer looks like she doesn’t buy what he’s selling.

Daniel comes in and sees Kyle and Summer in the Jabot lobby

Daniel comes in, and Kyle says that he’s just got to drop the files in Jack’s office.

Daniel invites Summer to come for a walk and talk with him, and they leave the offices.

Society – Victoria & Nick talk about Sally and Victor

Victoria asks Nick if there’s something he needs to share. She says that it was fun watching Tucker squirm for a change, but knows that Nick still has something he’s hiding.

Victoria talks with Nick as they sit at a table in Society

Nick tries to change the subject, but Victoria won’t let him. She promises not to say anything to anyone.

Nick nods, but says that he’s sick of Victor tearing down his relationship with Sally.

Victoria says that their father will always try to control their lives, and tells Nick that he’s out of Sally’s league.

Nick talks with Victoria as they have drinks

Nick tells her that he doesn’t want to hear it from her too. He asks Victoria to keep any negative thoughts about Sally to herself.

His phone rings, it’s Sally. He answers and asks how the presentation went with Jill. “Jill did what?”

Nick talks on the phone with Sally

After he gets off the phone, he tells Victoria that Sally and Chloe flew out to L.A. just to meet with Jill and that Jill had just canceled their meeting and wouldn’t elaborate on why she’d canceled.

Victoria says that there could be a lot of reasons why Jill struck the meeting.

Nick says there’s something funny about the whole thing, and he is going to get to the bottom of it.

Nick talks to Victoria

Society – Lauren & Michael try to talk sense with Phyllis

Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore sit at a table in Society

Lauren and Michael are talking about how nice it was to see Fenmore again, and to meet his boyfriend, Trey.

Phyllis comes into the restaurant and Lauren invites her to the table.

Michael asks how she is, and she says, “Terrible!”

Phyllis comes into Society and Lauren invites her to the table

Phyllis says that there is tension between her and her kids. She says that all she wanted was to help her kids.

Michael asks why he thinks there’s more to it than that.

Phyllis says that nothing she says can leave the table. She says that Chancellor-Winters may not be the home for Omega Sphere.

Phyllis smiles as she talks to Michael and Lauren

Lauren says that she’s sorry, and wonders why she’d do it without consulting Daniel first.

Phyllis says that Daniel gave her permission.

Michael says that she went a little overboard.

Victor talks to Phyllis as they sit in the restaurant

Phyllis denies that she stepped over any lines.

Michael says that Phyllis has been going overboard with things for a while.

Phyllis says that she doesn’t want to be lectured about Diane.

Lauren talks to Phyllis

Lauren says too bad. She says that it’s affecting her relationship with her children.

Phyllis says she doesn’t want Daniel getting hurt by a bad contract with Lily.

Lauren says that Daniel didn’t agree.

Phyllis talks with Michael and Lauren

Phyllis says she just shopped it around to see if there was any interest.

Lauren says that doesn’t matter if Daniel doesn’t want to work with that company.

Phyllis says that he’s upset at his own conflicts. she says that Daniel’s life fell apart after Heather left him and that he felt he wasn’t holding up his end of the marriage.

Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren sit around the table talking

Michael says that he’s surprised that Heather went to such extremes as going to Portugal.

Phyllis tears up and says that he’s not doing well and that the project is a way to pull himself out of the mud, and it really means a lot to him, so it means a lot to her.

Suddenly, Phyllis gets a eureka moment and says that she knows how she can solve the problem.

Phyllis has a eureka moment

She says that Heather is the key… If she goes to Heather and convinces her to give Daniel another chance… She trails off.

Lauren says that the whole reason Daniel ghosted her is that she overstepped her bounds, she should know to stay out of his business. She says that she’d be pissed and lash out if she was in his shoes too.

Phyllis says that she doesn’t know how telling Heather that Daniel’s turned his life around would mean that she’s meddling.

Michael laughs as he talks to Phyllis

Michael laughs and says that this will all blow up in her face.

Phyllis says that she doesn’t expect a phone call to magically fix everything.

Michael says there’s more to it than just a phone call.

Phyllis says she’s going to Portugal and will talk to Heather and Lucy face to face.

Phyllis talks with Michael and Lauren

Newman Media – Audra tells Nate about Tucker’s plans for Omega Sphere

Nate asks Audra to tell him how she knows about Tucker’s plans.

Nate sits behind his desk with his hands folded while he talks to Audra

Audra tells Nate that she went and saw Tucker earlier.

Nate says that she said she was handling personal business, and she sure came back in a good mood. Nate wonders if she’s working Tucker, him, or both of them!

Audra says that she wants Newman Media to succeed, and wanted to know what Tucker was up to so she could report back to Nate on him.

Audra smiles as she talks to Nate in his office

She says that Tucker wanted to take over Jabot and Chancellor-Winters and to have Ashley and Devon run the companies.

Nate wonders if Tucker wants her to get info from Newman Media.

She says that she thought that too, but that Tucker has more interest in Daniel’s project.

Nate talks to Audra from behind his desk

Nate says that he’s lucky that he has a secret weapon… Audra.

Audra says that they can stay ahead of the competition, and she loves seeing Nate hungry and wanting more.

Nate says that now he’s the boss, he sees why Victor and Victoria find the power intoxicating.

Audra says that power looks good on him.

Audra smiles as she talks with Nate

Crimson Lights – Elena talks to Mariah & Tessa regarding her worries about Audra & Nate

Elena comes into the coffee shop and sees Mariah and Tessa there. She comes over and says hi.

Elena talks with Mariah and Tessa

Mariah and Tessa excitedly show Elena the latest ultrasound that Delphine sent.

They ask if Elena’s ok. Mariah says that she looks down.

Elena says that she doesn’t want to dampen the mood, but Tessa talks her into staying and talking with them.

Tessa and Mariah speak with Elena in Crimson Lights

Elena says it’s about Nate, and she’s worried about Audra being COO. She says she doesn’t trust her.

Mariah says that word gets around fast, and she thinks that Elena’s right to be worried about her.

She says that Noah and Audra were a couple while they were in London, and their breakup really messed him up badly.

Elena says she’s not sure if that would be a problem, as she doesn’t think that Nate is in that type of relationship with Audra.

Mariah speaks with Elena

Mariah says that if she’s getting a bad vibe, then she should trust her instincts.

Tessa asks if she thinks that Audra has designs on Nate.

Elena says that she doesn’t think Nate would cheat on her, but ever since he joined the corporate world, he’s got a lust for power.

Tessa talks with Elena

Mariah says that Elena fears that Audra will bring him back to the dark side and only help his power lust. She recommends that Elena discuss it face-to-face with Nate.

Elena says that she did talk with him and that’s why they’re back in a relationship. She says that she’s reluctant to share her fears with Nate, and says that Audra thinks business is all about winning, and that’s the same way that Nate thinks.

She thinks his drive for power never really went away, and that it’ll only get worse.

Elena talks with Tessa and Mariah

Chancellor Park – Daniel & Summer talk about their mother

Daniel and Summer sit on a park bench

Daniel and Summer take a seat on a bench in the park, and Daniel thanks Summer for coming for a walk with him, he needed to get some stuff off his chest.

He says that he wishes that Phyllis would stop acting behind his back.

Summer looks a bit glum, and he asks if she’s ok.

Summer looks unhappy as she talks with Daniel

Summer says that it feels like Kyle is hiding something from her. She says that Victor is using Kyle to screw up Adam’s opportunities at Jabot and that Victor thinks that Adam will just come running back to him.

Daniel laughs and says that sounds like Victor.

Summer explains that Kyle doesn’t want Adam at Jabot, but told her that he won’t be working with Victor. She says that their mother has been interfering in her life with Kyle as well, and she asks what Daniel’s gripe with Phyllis is.

Daniel laughs as he and Summer talk

Daniel says that Phyllis has been out of control, making deals behind his back and that he finally lost it with her. He says that he had to tell her that he was her boss, and how he’d said that he wasn’t sure if he should have hired her in the first place.

Summer commiserates, saying that she felt the same way. She says that firing Phyllis was the right move, but she’s worried that Phyllis has been rattled since Diane came to town.

Daniel says maybe she’ll come to her senses and calm down, but he’s not holding his breath.

Summer laughs as Daniel talks to her about their mother

Newman Enterprises – Kyle brings information on Adam to Victor

Kyle comes into the offices at Newman Enterprises, and Victor, sitting behind the desk, asks him what he has for him.

Kyle comes into the office at Newman Enterprises and talks to Victor

Kyle says that he’s been going through files and found something interesting that he can use to get Adam out of the company.

Victor says, “Let’s hear it.”

Kyle says that Adam started strong, but quickly slid. He says that it’s hardly the caliber of work that he’d expect from someone at Adam’s level in the company.

Victor thanks him for the information, and says that now they have to figure out what they can do about it.

Victor reads over the information that Kyle brought him

Newman Media – Nate tells Victoria he’s interested in acquiring Omega Sphere

Victoria comes into Nate's office and talks with him

Victoria comes into Nate’s office, and he begins telling her about Daniel’s idea for Omega Sphere.

Victoria says that she’s not interested in opening a gaming division.

Nate says he’s heard rumbles about Chancellor-Winters having problems, and that he might want a piece of the Omega Sphere pie after he had an intriguing talk with Phyllis about it.

Nate sits on his desk while he talks with Victoria

He says that if Daniel’s contract falls through with Lily, Omega Sphere would be a great fit at Newman Media which would provide a lot of growth.

Victoria looks intrigued and says that if the opportunity comes up to acquire Omega Sphere, Nate has her full support.

Nate says that Tucker is sniffing around Omega Sphere, but he has a strategy in mind to get rid of him.

Victoria says that she likes to hear that, but she already has a plan for Tucker.

Victoria smiles as she tells Nate that she has a plan for Tucker

Newman Enterprises – Nick confronts Victor regarding Jill canceling Sally’s meeting

Nick confronts his father, Victor, in the Newman Enterprise offices

Nick comes into the office and confronts Victor about Sally. He asks if he spoke with Jill and had her cancel the meeting.

Victor says that these things happen.

Nick asks He demands an answer. Did he interfere with Sally and talk to Jill… Yes or no?

Victor looks at Nick as Nick demands an explanation