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Y&R Recap – Jan 27: The Newmans Plan a Takeover of Tucker’s Company, and Nate Wants to Get Involved in Omega Sphere

Tucker comes over to Nick and Victoria's table after she invites him

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon threatened to take Lily to court, Chelsea had a business idea, and Tucker wants to take over Omega Sphere.

Victoria’s Office – A meeting of the Newmans

Victoria meets with Victor, Nick, and Nikki. She explains that she wanted to meet because of concerns she’s had about Tucker McCall.

Victor, Nikki, Nick and Victoria are in her office, having a meeting

She discusses how initially Tucker had made them believe that Tucker was there to reunite with Ashley and Devon, and how he wanted to exploit the Chancellor-Winters IPO.

Nick says that in all fairness, they wanted to do the same thing.

Victoria says that Tucker has failed at his professional and personal goals.

Victoria stands and talks in her office

Nikki says that he lost any chance with Ashley when she got on the plane for Paris.

Nick agrees and says that Devon found out what Tucker was up to and wanted nothing to do with him.

They wonder what his next move is, and Victoria says that he implied he was looking for a new target.

Victor adjusts his sleeve while he talks to the room

Victor says that he’s aquired information that may throw some light on his motives. He lets them know that he had Michael Baldwin look into Tucker’s claim that he was a reformed man.

Victoria asks what Michael found out.

Victor says that Tucker’s lavish lifestyle has put his company in a mountain of debt.

Nikki talks as Nick and Victoria listen

Nikki wonders how it’s possible, as the last they knew, he was selling off stock in his company to get money to buy out Chancellor-Winters.

Victor says that Tucker took out some short-term loans to cover him in the meantime.

Nick says that it could be a desperate move to keep his company afloat.

Nikki talks as Victor, Nick, and Victoria listen

Victor says that he thinks that Tucker’s looking to buy a company that has a lot of money so that he can keep his head above water.

He says that Michael is still looking to find out what Tucker’s up to, and wonders how Tucker will regain his footing without selling his entire company. He says that no bank will help him.

Nick says that they have another thing to worry about… Newman Media hired Audra, and she admitted to Victoria that she was working with Tucker to leak information about Chancellor-Winter’s IPO to him, so they have to be wary of her.

Victoria listens as Nick speaks

Nikki thinks they should keep Audra at a distance until they know they can trust her.

Victor thinks it may be to their advantage if she was still working with Tucker.

Victoria says that they should turn the tables and force Tucker to be on guard around them. She thinks they should go after McCall Unlimited.

Victor talks as Nick stands in the middle of the room. Nikki is sitting on a couch, and Victoria is sitting in a chair.

She says that they can’t take over Chancellor-Winters, so maybe this is a good option.

Nick doesn’t agree, he says that Tucker might be close to crumbling on his own, and they don’t have to do anything… If the company falls apart, then Newman Enterprises can come in and sweep everything up. He thinks it’s risky to go after them right now.

Victor thinks it might be a golden opportunity, and that it’d fit nicely in their portfolio.

Nick says it’d be risky to try taking them over, as they don’t know if they’d win.

Victor asks if Nick thinks that he’d go into battle without thinking he would win.

Victor sits and talks to Nikki

Nick says that they just need to be careful. He says that Victoria and he have to go to a meeting, and they get up to leave.

Victoria says to Victor that she wants to finish talking about it later, and doesn’t want the opportunity to just slip away. She leaves the room with Nick.

Victor says to Nikki that she’s been quiet since they talked about acquiring Tucker’s company.

Nikki talks to Victor

She says that she’s hoping that Michael will find something that will make a takeover less hostile and risky.

Victor says he’s still in favor of making a move on the company.

Nikki says she can see the upside, although Newman Enterprises isn’t lacking anything right now. She says that Victoria’s love of the game is what’s driving her, but she doesn’t understand why Victor is so interested.

She says that he’s specifically going after Tucker, and wants to know why.

Victor and Nikki talk

Victor says he has a feeling that one of Tucker’s company’s divisions might be appealing to Adam when he comes back.

Nikki says that she hopes that luring Adam back to the family fold is not the driving force behind Victor’s convictions to take McCall Unlimited.

Victor says there any many reasons for it.

Victor looks smugly at Nikki as they talk

Nikki says that his other children aren’t pawns in his games with Adam.

Victor says that he’s thought it through, and thinks it will be good for everyone concerned. He says that if Adam saw that they had McCall Unlimited in their portfolio, it would give him a good reason to stay.

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Y&R News

Chelsea’s Apartment – Billy and Chelsea talk about the podcast’s fate

Billy looks unsure of himself as he knocks on Chelsea’s apartment door. He says he was in the neighborhood and thought he’d drop by and talk about the podcast.

Billy stands outside Chelsea's door

Chelsea says that she’s rethought the podcast altogether, and it’s not a good idea.

Billy comes in and Chelsea tells him that she had a therapy session with Dr. Malone and told her the idea, but the doctor thought it was too soon for Chelsea’s well-being.

Billy says that it must have been disappointing for her.

Billy and Chelsea talk in her living room

Chelsea says that she’s focusing on the future, it’s actually a good thing that she thought of it.

Billy thinks that it’s good that she’s listening to Dr. Malone, and doesn’t want her to regress. Billy says he shared some of Dr. Malone’s concerns, but he wants to be supportive.

Chelsea thanks him for being positive, and is open to feedback, especially from someone she trusts.

Newman Media – Nate digs for info on Omega Sphere

Nate and Audra enter the Newman Media offices

Audra and Nate enter his office, and Audra complains that Phyllis shouldn’t have approached them with Daniel’s project since she didn’t have the right to do that.

Nate says that he admires Phyllis’s brazenness and is intrigued by Daniel’s gaming platform. He says if there are any problems at Chancellor-Winters, that will only help them get their foot in the door.

Audra says that CW’s contracts are iron-clad and that the only way Daniel could get out is if they release him. She thinks it’d be a waste of resources to go after him.

Audra gestures as she talks to Nate in his office

Nate asks how much access she had to legal contracts when it came to projects like Daniel’s.

She says that she didn’t know the details of Daniel’s deal and that she only worked with the IPO paperwork.

Nate asks her if she heard anything around the office.

Audra says that she knew that Lily and Devon discussed creating a gaming division around Daniel’s idea and that they were preparing a press release, but hasn’t seen it yet.

Nate listens to Audra as she talks

She asks why Nate’s asking her about this, whether he’s thinking of poaching Daniel or stealing his idea.

Nate says he’s just curious and wants to know what’s happening at Chancellor-Winters. He figures it must have something to do with Devon.

She asks why he cares so much about his family’s company.

Audra listens as Nate speaks

Nate says old habits die hard, and says it’s too bad she burned bridges with them, it’d be nice to have some insider information about Newman.

Audra says they both burned their bridges, and if they hadn’t, she wouldn’t be there.

Nate says he’s glad she did.

Audra asks if he’s still glad, even though she’s opposing going after Daniel’s platform.

Audra faces Nate as she talks

Nate says he appreciates her input, and that he likes hearing different points of view so that he can make an informed decision.

Audra says she’s supportive of him, even if their opinions differ. She asks, theoretically, how Nate would persuade Daniel to come to Newman Media.

Nate listens as Audra talks

Nate says they’d sell him on why Newman was more stable and fit for his project.

Audra’s phone pings. It’s Tucker texting her.

She asks Nate if they can finish their talk later. She says she has to go take care of something.

Tucker texts Audra. He asks to meet her.

Phyllis’s Hotel Suite – Daniel is angry at his mother for overstepping her bounds

Daniel asks Phyllis why she pitched the project to Nate when he told her that he wasn’t ready to give up on the deal with Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel, angry, faces away from his mother, Phyllis

Phyllis says that they were putting his project on hold, she wanted to be proactive.

Daniel says that he told her in confidence and didn’t want her to shop his project around. He calls her an opportunist.

Phyllis takes offense to that and says that she went to Newman Media to see if there was any interest. She says they need to have alternatives.

Daniel holds his hands as he listens to his mother, Phyllis, talk

Daniel says that she needs to stop talking like the game is theirs, that it’s his platform and his alone. He says he’s not going to trust strangers with his dream project.

Phyllis says that the Newmans aren’t strangers.

He says that’s not the problem, it’s that she shared privileged information. He says that if she told any company about it, they could take his ideas and create their own before he could even get his off the ground.

Phyllis is shocked, shocked I tell you, as she speaks with Daniel

Phyllis apologizes and said that she only spoke with Nate and his COO because it seemed that CW was taking forever. She says she didn’t say anything risky to Nate.

Daniel asks if she spoke with Tucker McCall about it.

She says that Tucker overheard her leaving a message for Nate, but she wouldn’t give Tucker a sip of water in the middle of a desert.

Daniel gestures as he speaks with Phyllis

Daniel goes on a bit of a rant, saying that she “only” told a man who sold out his cousins to give Newman a majority holding of Chancellor-Winters. He says that he wanted her to ask him first and that it’s his mistake for thinking the best of her.

Phyllis apologizes and says she just wants the best for him.

Daniel says that if his platform ever needs a new backer it’d be his decision alone who they go with, and Tucker is looking like a better option than Newman Media.

Daniel is in profile with his eyes closed as Phyllis gestures as she talks to him

Phyllis says that Tucker’s not a good guy.

Daniel says that Tucker is a good businessman who had some really good insights about things. He says that Tucker knew that making the game was a way for Daniel to heal.

Phyllis says that Tucker is manipulating Daniel.

Daniel holds his hand near his head as he talks to Phyllis

Daniel says that Tucker has the money to hit the ground running. He says that he’d have more autonomy if he worked for a single person.

Phyllis says that Tucker would be holding everything and if he started working with him, he wouldn’t be able to have a differing opinion. She says Tucker’s not genuine.

Daniel says that Omega Sphere is about changing people’s lives and that he thinks that if Tucker is willing to do it in his own life, then maybe he can do that for Omega Sphere.

Phyllis looks at Daniel as he talks

He says he still thinks Lily and Chancellor-Winters will come through for him. He says that Lily is one of the few people that he can really trust.

Phyllis says how much she likes Lily, and understands his loyalty, but she thinks that Chancellor-Winters is imploding right now. She thinks he should get out while he can.

Daniel gets up and leaves Phyllis's hotel room

Daniel says it’s ironic that she’s telling him to cut ties when she let an old grudge ruin her career and relationship with Summer.

Phyllis says that everything that she said about that situation proved that she was right.

Daniel asks where being right got her. He gets up and leaves.

Tucker’s Hotel Suite – Audra comes by to talk

Tucker lets Audra into his room, and she says that she’s surprised to hear from him. The last time they spoke, he wanted nothing to do with her.

Audra holds out her hand in confusion as she walks into Tucker's hotel suite

Tucker apologizes that he let his temper get away from him. He says he misses their conversations and her take on things.

She asks him if he’s looking for some kind of information from her.

Tucker laughs and asks her when she got so cynical.

Tucker sits on the sofa in his living room and talks to Audra, who's sitting in an armchair

Audra tells him it was when she met him. She tells him to get to the point.

Tucker sits down and asks her if she knows anything about Daniel’s new gaming platform.

Audra says that he wants to use her for information and that she thinks he’s got better things to do like beg Ashley for forgiveness, or maybe he could work on his relationship with Devon.

Audra talks intensely to Tucker

She thinks that everything he told her about coming to Genoa City to repair relationships was a lie.

Tucker says that he was sincere, but he needs to keep moving forward, and the gaming project intrigues him.

Audra tells him to keep his hands off of it. She says that if anyone is going to snatch it away from Chancellor-Winters, it’s going to be Newman Media.

Tucker looks sad as he listens to Audra talk

Tucker laughs and says that the idea of competing with her on it makes it more interesting. He tells her that he misses her partnership and friendship.

She says they were friends, but he blew it. She begins to get up to leave when Tucker comes over to her and kneels down, putting his head in her lap.

Tucker rests his head on Audra's knee

Tucker says he’s sorry, and says, “Can we hit reset?”

Audra runs her hand through his hair, and Tucker kisses her knee.

Tucker and Audra kiss

He gets up and they kiss, deeply and passionately.

Tucker’s hands are all over her, undressing her.

Audra kisses Tucker passionately

Chancellor Park – Billy and Chelsea work out some issues

Billy and Chelsea walk into the park, smiling and joking.

Billy sits down and smiles as Chelsea walks over to the park bench to sit beside him

He thanks her for joining him for some fresh air. They talk about the weather, and Chelsea asks him why he needs to clear his head.

Billy says that he’s thinking of her and trying to find her purpose. He says he’s failed repeatedly at it himself, so he understands.

Chelsea laughs. She says that the key to finding peace is to figure out what your purpose is. She believes that you have to pave your own path.

Chelsea smiles down at Billy as he sits on the park bench

Billy says that he doesn’t have a job and lives alone, so he’s had a lot of time to think. He says when he sees Chelsea, that’s the highlight of his day.

He thinks that their lives are similar, mentally and emotionally. Maybe that’s why they connect. He says he’s grateful for their friendship.

Chelsea laughs and said he’s been thinking about it a lot.

Billy and Chelsea smile at each other as they talk

Billy says that they both had their fair share of struggles, and he knows what it feels like to find some saving grace. He says they’ve both been adrift in finding a fulfilling career, and they’ve both struck out on love.

Chelsea laughs and says she gets it.

Billy continues to expound on how their paths have crossed, and that he loved the idea of getting to know Chelsea on a deeper level.

Chelsea smiles as Billy talks with her

He says that he’s proud of how much work she’s put into herself, how determined she is to change, and how it makes him feel determined too.

They sit together and smile.

Billy and Chelsea sit, smiling and enjoying each other's company

Newman Media – Daniel comes a-knocking

Audra comes back to Nate’s office after “visiting” Tucker, and Nate asks if everything’s ok.

Audra comes back to the Newman Media offices, smiling

She says everything’s good, and she’s ready to jump back in.

Nate says that whatever she did put a pep in her step.

She says she had to put some issues from the past to bed, and it felt good.

Audra talks with Nate

Nate asks if this will take her away from Newman and back to London.

Audra reassures him that she’s happy where she is and that it’s good to know she’s valued. She says she’s coming around to the idea of going after Omega Sphere.

Nate thinks that’s great.

Nate listens as Audra talks

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Daniel.

He comes in and tells them that he’s sorry for the confusion with his mother and that he wanted to clear the air.

He says that Phyllis overstepped, and her intentions were good, but she jumped the gun on something she has no control over.

Nate and Audra look over as Daniel appears in the doorway to Nate's office

Audra says that she suspected as much since she knew he was involved with Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel says that he has an active contract with Chancellor-Winters and has every intention of honoring it. He says that if anything changes in the future, he’d be happy to talk it over with them.

Daniel goes to leave, but Nate stops him. Nate says that if there’s any opportunity for some future collaboration, then what’s the harm in them trying to sell themselves to him?

Daniel raises his eyebrows as he talks to Nate and Audra

Nate says that Audra and he have worked for both Newman Enterprises and Chancellor-Winters and that they’ve found Newman Media to be a much happier business.

Daniel says that hasn’t been the case for him.

Audra asks if he’s noticed the turmoil at Chancellor-Winters.

Nate talks to Daniel as Audra listens

Daniel says he’s committed to Lily and the company. He says that when he makes a commitment, he does his best to honor them and not betray the people that believe in him.

He says the project means everything to him, that it’s his future, and it’s not a “sell to the highest bidder” kind of thing.

He asks that they understand and respect his decision. He thanks them for their time and leaves.

Nate leans back in his chair as he talks with Audra

Nate says he’s more intrigued than ever.

Audra tells Nate that Tucker has the same idea… To take over Daniel’s gaming platform.

Nate leans forward in his chair, interested. He asks her how she knows about Tucker’s thoughts on the matter.

Nate asks Audra about Tucker

Society – Victoria and Nick probe Tucker about his company

Nick and Victoria sit down at a table and look at the menus.

Nick and Victoria get seated at a table in Society

Victoria asks Nick why he wasn’t sold on the idea of taking over Tucker’s business. She says that having his brand under the Newman umbrella would solidify their position in the global community.

Nick says that something doesn’t sit right with him and that he thinks that Victor has bigger plans that he hasn’t told them about.

Victoria asks if there’s something else troubling him, that her sisterly intuition says he’s been carrying around a weight all day, and that he knows he can talk to her about it if he needs to.

Victoria leans in and talks to Nick

She looks over Nick’s shoulder to see Tucker enter the restaurant, head buried in his phone.

She calls Tucker over to join them.

He says that it’s quite a surprise to be invited to the Newman’s table.

Tucker comes over to Nick and Victoria's table after she invites him

Victoria tells him they just want to talk.

Tucker asks if Victoria filled in Nick about the “nasty rumor” that she started that Tucker was coming after their company.

Victoria says that she hadn’t given it a second thought. She says that there’s another nasty rumor floating around, and she wanted to let him know…

Victoria looks at Nick as he talks to Tucker

Nick says that they’ve heard that his company is in trouble.

Tucker says that you know you’re on top when people feel the need to start gossiping about you, but he doesn’t believe rumors, and neither should they.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Victoria and Nick

Chelsea’s Apartment – It’s a date!

Billy and Chelsea enter her apartment, and she jokes that Billy didn’t have to walk her home, but it was very chivalrous of him.

Chelsea smiles as she closes the door behind them as they go inter her apartment

Billy says that he’d like to grab dinner with her.

Lily offers to cook dinner sometime, and Billy says that they could go out unless it was too stressful for her.

Chelsea smiles while she talks to Billy

She says that she thinks she could handle it and that she’d like to go out to dinner with him.

Billy leaves, and Chelsea closes the door behind him, a happy, thoughtful look on her face.

Billy smiles as he leaves Chelsea's

Next week on The Young and The Restless

Nate wonders if Audra is working Tucker or whether she’s working Nate… Or both of them!

Nate talks to Audra

Phyllis tells Summer that she’s going out of town to meet Heather to convince her to take Daniel back.

Phyllis talks with Summer

Kyle tells Victor that he found something that Victor can use to get Adam out of the company.