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Y&R Recap – Jan 26: Tucker Offers to Help Daniel With Omega Sphere, Phyllis Goes Behind Daniel’s Back, and Kyle Hides His Plans with Victor from Summer

Victor texts Kyle. "Let's meet to discuss next steps."

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, January 26, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Gloria, Kevin, and Fenmore Return to Celebrate Lauren’s Award and Get Nostalgic About Her Past Marriages and Run-Ins With Sheila Carter.

Crimson Lights – Daniel talks with Tucker and Lily about Omega Sphere

Tucker comes into the coffee shop and sees Daniel working on his laptop.

Daniel asks what he’s there for, and Tucker asks him about his gaming venture, saying that he had an interesting talk with Phyllis about it.

Tucker comes into the coffee shop and sees Daniel

Daniel says that he has to be careful, he can’t discuss his project with Tucker.

Tucker says that he heard he’s looking for a new backer for Omega Sphere, and they should talk about why McCall would be a great fit for his project.

Daniel and Tucker talk in Crimson Lights

They sit down together, and Tucker asks what he’s looking for to run his project.

Daniel says “good money, creative freedom.” He says that Tucker’s heard a lot from his mom, obviously, and asks him what he can offer him.

Tucker and Daniel sit in the coffee shop and talk business

Tucker says that he doubts he’ll have any autonomy at Chancellor-Winters or Newman Media. He says that he understands what Daniel’s looking for, and he can offer it to him.

Daniel says that the platform isn’t just a game, but has a goal to change people’s lives.

Tucker says that sounds really great, and that he’s done some research on Daniel.

Daniel crosses his arms as he listens to Tucker talk

Tucker says that he knows that Heather and Lucy are living in Portugal.

Daniel says that that’s not any of Tucker’s business. He says he’s looking for a partner that doesn’t pry into a person’s private business.

Tucker apologizes and says that he didn’t want to cross a line, he just wanted to find out more about Daniel.

Tucker and Daniel sit in Crimson Lights talking

Daniel says that he dug up dirt on him, and that’s not cool.

Tucker says that he’s familiar with losing connections with family, and that pain can be a strong motivator to set things right.

Lily comes to the coffee shop and sees Tucker talking with Daniel

Lily comes in and overhears Tucker and Daniel talking.

Tucker doesn’t notice her at the door, and says that he wants to help Daniel achieve something meaningful with Omega Sphere.

Lily comes over to the table and says she overheard Tucker’s pitch, and tells Tucker that Daniel is in a contract with her.

Lily tells Tucker that Daniel is under contract with her

Tucker says that there are problems at Chancellor-Winters, and he wanted to make sure Daniel was taken care of.

Lily tells Daniel that he planted Audra at Chancellor-Winters to break it up, and that he betrayed his own son, he wouldn’t have a problem betraying Daniel too.

Tucker thinks it’s a good time for him to leave, and heads out, leaving Lily and Daniel to talk.

Lily asks Daniel if he’s thinking of breaking his contract with her to work with Tucker, and that it’d be a huge mistake. She asks why he was talking to Tucker in the first place.

Lily sits across from Daniel in the coffee shop

Daniel says that Tucker sought him out.

Lily asks how he knew about the project.

Daniel says that Phyllis let it slip to Tucker.

Lily talks with Daniel as they sit in Crimson Lights

Lily says that she understands that Daniel wants to make the launch quickly, that he wants Heather and Lucy to know he’s turned his life around, but that Chancellor-Winters can’t move ahead until the IPO is figured out.

Daniel says that the IPO problems are what’s bothering him.

Lily says to give her one week to make it happen, and she’ll let him out of the contract if it doesn’t come through.

Lily gestures at Nate and Audra

Nate and Audra come into the coffee shop, and tell Daniel that they had a great meeting with Phyllis about Omega Sphere.

Lily is shocked that they met with Phyllis and are bidding on the project.

Daniel says he didn’t know about this. He says that his mother needs to get her priorities straight. He gets up to leave, and says he’ll get to the bottom of it. He exits the coffee shop.

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Newman Media – Phyllis tries to strike a deal with Audra & Nate

Audra and Nate enter his office, talking

Audra and Nate are in his office talking, and they discuss how their meeting went well with the media person from earlier.

Phyllis shows up, and Nate explains to Audra that there’s a meeting with Daniel Romalotti, and says that he asked Phyllis to sit in.

Phyllis looks a bit surprised to see Audra there. She says that they should start the meeting.

Nate says that he thought they should wait for Daniel, since it’s his project, and he wanted to hear about it directly from Daniel.

Phyllis shows up early at the Newman Media offices

Phyllis says she’s handling all business matters, and Daniel is the creative, and if the meeting goes well, then she’ll set up the meeting with Daniel.

She explains how Daniel has set up a new gaming platform, and how it’s going to change gaming with the potential to be incredibly lucrative.

Nate says he senses a mother’s pride.

Phyllis talks about Daniel's gaming platform with Nate and Audra

She says that she’s a gamer, and she knows when something works, and she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t a great project.

Nate says that he loves what he hears.

Audra says that other corporations must be interested, and wonders if Phyllis is trying to start a bidding war.

Audra talks to Phyllis and Nate

Phyllis says that it’s a hot commodity, and wanted to make sure that they got in on the ground floor.

Nate says that he prides himself on being bold and decisive, but needs to hear from Daniel before he can make any decisions.

Audra agrees that they need to hear something more than the proud mother talking about her son’s project.

Phyllis finishes her pitch and leaves the Newman Media offices

Phyllis says she’ll set up a meeting with Daniel and them. She leaves the office.

Nater says he likes what he heard, but thinks Audra’s reticent about the project.

Nate gestures as he talks with Audra about the Omega Sphere proposal

Audra says that Lily and Devon are building a whole new division for the project, and wonders if Phyllis is trying to get a better deal for Daniel. She says that she doesn’t want to cause any problems between them and Chancellor-Winters.

Nate says that he doesn’t want to be involved in some kind of chess match between the companies either.

Audra says that Phyllis seems like a loose cannon.

Audra and Nate talk in his office about Phyllis

Society – Billy talks to Lily about their past

Billy comes into Society and sees Lily there. He helps her put on her coat as she’s leaving.

He says that he remembers when he had to care for her all the time.

She laughs and says that he’s not COO anymore.

Billy helps Lily put on her coat

Billy says, “That too.” He asks how her meeting with Devon went.

She says she can’t say much but asks him if he’s figured out his next life move.

He laughs and says, “You know better than that.” He asks if she’d like to grab a coffee and talk about anything but Chancellor-Winters.

Lily smiles as she talks with Billy in Society

She says she’d love to, but she has a crazy day ahead of her. She thanks him for understanding that she can’t talk.

Lily says he can talk to Jill about it, and she’ll probably tell him everything.

Billy says he’d rather not talk to his mother right now. He says that he’s sorry for everything that Lily is going through and that she’ll figure it out.

She says that she hopes that Billy finds everything he’s looking for and leaves the restaurant.

Billy and Lily talk in Society

L.A. – Sally talks to Nick about her future plans

Sally is on the phone with Chloe. She tells her that Jill canceled, and says she’s going to stay in L.A. to see if Jill changes her mind and wants to meet with her.

Sally stands in front of a window in her hotel suite in L.A.

Sally says she’ll let Chloe know how it goes, and then flashes back to when she and Nick discussed that she was pregnant.

She starts to send a text when her phone rings. It’s Nick.

Nick says that he phoned to let her know he was thinking about her.

Nick calls Sally at her hotel room in L.A.

She says that he didn’t send a text, how archaic that he’d call from a phone.

He laughs and says he’s old-school… So old-school that he’s calling her from a rotary phone.

She groans and Nick asks how the morning sickness is. She says she’s ok, but she’s a bit distracted by her meeting with Jill.

Sally sits on a sofa talking with Nick on the phone

She apologizes for dropping the pregnancy news on him and then just left on a plane to California.

Nick asks if she’s eating healthy, getting rest, taking vitamins, etc.

She says yes to all of the above.

Nick smiles as he talks on the phone with Sally

Sally asks how he’d feel if she needed to move to L.A.

Nick bushes over the question, and asks how Sally would feel about that.

She says it’s nice and sunny, and asks again if he’d support her if she needed to move back to California.

He says he would support her decision, but not to get ahead of themselves.

Sally talks with Nick on the phone as she stands in front of a window in L.A.

Sally says that she feels Genoa City is her home, and that she belongs there with Nick.

Nick says that Jill wants to work with her, and she can do it, she’s got everything it takes to work with Jill.

Sally asks if he’s a part-time cheerleader.

Nick laughs and says rah-rah-rah.

Nick talks to Sally on the phone

Sally thanks him and says that she’s lucky to have him in her life and that the baby is lucky too.

She tells him she’ll be home soon and hangs up.

She thinks about her time with Adam when they made love.

Sally thinks back to when she and Adam were last together

The Abbott Mansion – Jack & Diane tell Kyle & Summer they’re a couple

Diane looks very happy as she remembers lying in bed with Jack.

Diane sits in a chair with a cup of tea, smiling as she recalls her time with Jack

Jack comes into the living room and asks what the smile is about, and then says that it’s probably the same thing that puts a smile on his face.

He goes to kiss her when Diane says that they probably shouldn’t… As Summer and Kyle walk down the stairs and see them there.

Kyle and Summer come down the stairs in the Abbott living room to see Diane and Jack there

Kyle and Summer ask why Diane is there, and Jack says that she spent the night again.

Jack says that there’s something they should know… That his relationship with Diane has taken a turn and they’re now romantically involved.

Diane asks how they feel about this.

Summer and Kyle sit with Jack and Diane in the living room

Kyle says they saw signs of them getting closer, but they never thought it would actually happen.

Diane says that she came to town to reconnect with Kyle, and this was unexpected for her too.

Jack says that he wants them to know that he thinks of Diane as part of the family now.

Jack talks with Kyle and Summer about his relationship with Diane

Kyle says that he apologizes he’s not ready to embrace the idea they’re together, but they do seem happy.

Jack says that they’re very happy.

Summer says they need to go, they have a breakfast meeting to get to.

Summer and Kyle leave after talking with Jack and Diane

An awkward exit is made, and Jack and Diane are left alone.

Diane says that she doesn’t think Kyle was pleased about the news. She says that Kyle thinks that she’ll end up hurting Jack.

Jack and Diane talk after Kyle and Summer leave

Diane says that she won’t do anything to drive him away again, after everything she’s been through.

She says she knows what it’s like to lose Jack and Kyle, and will never put herself at risk of that again.

They kiss.

Diane and Jack kiss in the living room

Society – Kyle & Summer discuss Victor’s proposal

Kyle and Summer get a table at Society

Kyle and Summer make their way into the restaurant and have a seat.

Summer says that Diane had her sights on Jack all along.

Kyle says that he can’t root for them after what they’ve gone through.

Summer says that at least Diane is a step up from Sally Spectra, the last one Jack fell for.

Summer talks to Kyle as they sit in Society

Kyle says he wishes that Jack and Diane had kept things platonic, he thinks they moved too fast.

Summer says that the danger with Stark probably made them get closer.

Billy comes up to their table. He makes small talk and asks how Stark got arrested.

Billy comes up to Kyle and Summer's table to talk

Kyle explains that it was a stolen necklace that got him in trouble.

Billy thinks it’s odd that Jeremy Stark was a high-profile money launderer, and now he’s gone into petty burglary… He must have learned some new tricks while he was in jail.

Billy thanks Kyle for the information, and heads out.

Billy leaves Kyle and Summer in the restaurant

Kyle says that he wishes that Summer hadn’t kept him out of the loop on what was happening with his mother.

Summer says that he should be thanking her for keeping him out of it.

Kyle says that he just wants to put the whole ordeal behind him.

Summer and Kyle talk

Summer says that she wants nothing more than to lead Marchetti, no more family plotting.

She asks if Kyle has made a decision about getting Adam out of Jabot for Victor.

Kyler says that all Victor wants is to give Adam a little push out of Jabot.

Kyle reacts as he talks with Summer about Victor

Summer says she can’t believe he’s still in on this. She says he’s using it as an excuse because his hatred of Adam is his motivation.

He says that he’d only do it if his father doesn’t find out.

She says that can’t be guaranteed.

Victor texts Kyle. "Let's meet to discuss next steps."

Kyle’s phone pings. It’s Victor, texting him to meet to discuss the next steps.

Summer asks who messaged him.

Kyle says it’s nothing important.

Kyle tells Summer that the message wasn't important

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby – Tucker taunts Phyllis

Tucker enters the lobby of The Grand Phoenix Hotel.

Tucker comes into the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel. He sees Phyllis at the elevator and tells her that he had a good conversation with Daniel about Omega Sphere.

Phyllis says to stay away from her son, that they don’t want anything to do with him. She says she’ll wait and take the next elevator.

Tucker steps onto the elevator, and says that it’s Daniel’s project, she’s just along for the ride.

Tucker and Phyllis talk while they wait for an elevator in the hotel lobby

Jack’s Bedroom – Diane & Jack talk about Kyle

Jack and Diane are in bed again, having just made love.

Jack and Diane cuddle in bed

They snuggle, and he asks if she’s still worried about Kyle.

She says she is.

He says that Kyle just needs time to come around. He says he’ll be by her side, to let him know how happy they are.

Diane and Jack talk as they snuggle in bed

Phyllis’ Hotel Suite – Daniel tells his mother to stop interfering

Phyllis is making herself comfortable at her hotel suite when there’s a knock at the door.

Daniel shows up to Phyllis' hotel suite

It’s Daniel. He comes in, and Phyllis says she needs to set him straight.

Daniels says no, he needs to set her straight. He tells her that she can’t go ahead and pitch his ideas to other companies.

He says that he’s questioning why he hired her.

Daniel talks with his mother in her hotel suite

Crimson Lights – Billy gives Nate a piece of his mind

Lily sits in Crimson Lights working on her laptop

Lily is sitting at a table in the coffee shop, working on her tablet.

Nate and Audra are sitting at another table, talking about podcasts.

Billy talks to Nate and Audra

Billy comes in and overhears them talking. He says that Nate has backstabbed his family, and now he’s hired Audra to ruin Newman Media.

Lily sits and watches the whole encounter, not saying a word. Billy gives her a look as he leaves.