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Y&R Recap – Jan 25: Gloria, Kevin, and Fenmore Return to Celebrate Lauren’s Award and Get Nostalgic About Her Past Marriages and Run-Ins With Sheila Carter

Trey, Fenmore, Chloe, Kevin, Gloria, Michael and Lauren talk in the hotel lobby

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon threatened to take Lily to court, Chelsea had a business idea, and Tucker wants to take over Omega Sphere.

Hotel Phonex

The sign for The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Lauren and Michael meet up in the hotel lobby and complement each other. Michael kisses her and says that it’s not every day that she wins awards.

She’s there for her Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Fashion.

Michael kisses Lauren's hand

Gloria and Kevin Fisher show up and hugs are had all around.

Chloe shows up as well and tells everyone to not get started without her.

Fenmore goes in for a hug with his mother, Lauren, while Trey (his boyfriend) , Kevin, Gloria, and Chloe look on

Chloe asks if Fenmore is coming, and at that moment, Fenmore shows up with his boyfriend Trey.

Trey says he’s amazed to be there that evening, to finally be able to meet Lauren, who he’s heard so much about.

Fenmore says that Trey is a buyer for Fenmore in their Nashville office.

Trey, Fenmore, Chloe, Kevin, Gloria, Michael and Lauren talk in the hotel lobby

Trey says it’s such a privilege to meet Lauren, and he wants to hear Lauren’s life story from her.

Lauren asks where she should start. She says it’s gonna be one heck of a ride, they should have some cocktails before she begins.

They sit down and Lauren starts telling her story. She talks about her parents, and how her father loved her, but her mother… Well, not so much!

Lauren sits and talks with the group in the hotel lobby

She recounts how she was raised by an “ice-queen” mother, which contributed to her being an insolent teenager, but despite that, she was able to sing with Danny Romalotti.

Trey gushes about how he’s heard her sing, and that she had an amazing voice. She laughs and thanks him.

She says that Danny was much nicer than she was back then and that the mean girl in her came out when she found out there was competition in the form of Traci.

A young Traci faces Lauren

She says she wasn’t her best self back then. Michael says she was young and grew out of it.

She recalls that getting in trouble was how she met her first husband… Paul Williams. She was shoplifting and got caught by him.

Lauren goes on to talk about Paul’s mother, and how she was very protective of him.

Paul Williams sees Lauren shoplifting

Gloria says she always approved of Lauren and Paul and asks why it ended between them.

Lauren says that Shawn Garrett was a big part of the end, and how his obsession with her… Well, he said he’d kill Paul if he didn’t divorce him, so she divorced Paul to save his life.

When Shawn found out how she really felt about him, he “lost it”, in Lauren’s words. He ended up knocking her out and buried her alive!

Shawn Garret is digging a grave to bury Lauren alive

She recounts how Paul rescued her and saved her life.

She says she lost her father early, and she has a flashback to Paul telling her that she should take over the family business.

She says she was determined to make her dad proud.

Michael says that her dad would be very proud of her and what she’d accomplished.

Scott Grainger and Lauren go to kiss

She explains how she met her second husband, Scott Grainger. She explains that he was handsome and a great doctor.

Michael looks uncomfortable, and Lauren laughs and tells him that he’s the love of her life, and he has nothing to worry about.

Fenmore explains to Trey that Dr. Grainger was his father, but he died early.

Michael reacts to Lauren's story about Scott Grainger

Lauren says that she thought she could handle anyone until she met Sheila, the face of pure evil.

She says that Sheila wouldn’t stay away from Scott and that they had an affair. Scott admitted that Sheila was pregnant with his baby.

Scott said that he wants to save their marriage, but it turned out that Lauren was pregnant too, and hid it from him.

Scott Grainger tells Lauren about his affair

She says that her baby didn’t survive, and as she struggled to put the pieces of her life back together, Sheila was vicious and cruel to her.

She recounts how they had a knock-down, hair-ripping fight, and how Sheila had switched babies at the hospital, and gaslighted her and Sheila’s mother at the same time.

She found out that her baby was actually alive, and that Sheila admitted it to her.

Lauren and Sheila fight

She explains how there was a fire when she was kidnapped by Sheila, and that she thought that Sheila had died in the fire, but she hadn’t and Sheila tormented her over the next few decades.

Lauren says that if Sheila “resurrects” and comes back, she’d better watch out because Lauren will take care of her once and for all.

She says that she learned a lot living in L.A., but she made her way home to Genoa City and found Michael.

Michael leans in for a kiss with Lauren

Kevin says that he was responsible for them getting together. He explains that he was smitten by Lauren from the moment he met her.

Kevin says that he thought that Lauren fell for him, but when he found out that she wasn’t in love with him, he didn’t take it too well.

Kevin Fisher talks about his time with Lauren

He flashes back to when he and Lauren fought, and how she said she was going to give him a chance, but he told her that it was ending.

He says that fortunately, Lauren is the most forgiving person he knows and that she forgave him for everything.

Kevin and Lauren fight

Kevin goes on to recount how she fell in love with Michael after that.

Michael says that he would be an absolute fool if he didn’t ask her to marry him at that point in their life.

He flashes back to asking her to marry him at the casino, how they told each other they were the best thing that ever happened to each other.

Michael asks Lauren to marry him

She recounts how she said that her answer to his marriage proposal was yes, and how they had cried.

Gloria says she offered to plan the wedding but knew how skeptical they were of her.

Lauren says she did a wonderful job with the wedding.

Michael puts an engagement ring on Lauren's hand

Michael says his heart grew three times that day, like the Grinch. He says that Fenmore was born, and it was the best thing to happen to him.

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Y&R News

Fenmore tells Trey that Jill Abbott is his aunt, but they didn’t always know that.

Lauren recounts how Jill told her that she was her half-sister, and says that Jill was an “illegitimate” child. They shared a father, Neil Fenmore.

A younger Jill and Lauren sit on a couch and talk

She says that it took her a long time to welcome Jill to the family.

She flashes back to when Jill had an affair in the offices, and how Jill had tried to blame Lauren for it.

Jill's hair is messed up as she fights with Lauren

Phyllis shows up and congratulates Lauren.

Fenmore introduces Phyllis to Trey.

Phyllis says that she likes to think about Michael, Lauren, and herself as a very special trio.

Phyllis shows up and is greeted by Lauren and Michael

Phyllis talks about how excited she was about her pregnancy, and how she bonded with Lauren over it.

Lauren says it’s easy to have friends in the good times, but it’s the ones who show up when it’s bad who really matter.

Phyllis says that Fenmore and Trey should look to Lauren and Michael as an example of a good relationship.

A younger Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore fight

They flashback to when Michael told Lauren he didn’t love her, but she said she’d never give up on them… And it obviously worked, as their relationship is stronger than ever.

Michael says that she’s the bravest and fiercest human he’s ever met. He kisses her.

Michael kisses Lauren

They finish reminiscing, and the group leaves, leaving Michael and Lauren alone in the hotel lobby.

Lauren says she’s so grateful that Fenmore’s found love.

Michael says that they’ve faced obstacles that would have pulverized other couples.

Michael repeats his wedding vows to Lauren

She says they made it that far because they pledged to love each other forever, and they meant it.

Michael says, “Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, I promise to love, honor, and cherish you, until the day I die.”

They kiss tenderly and hug.

Lauren and Michael kiss on the couch in the lobby of The Grand Phoenix Hotel