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Y&R Recap – Jan 23: Elena Expresses Doubts About Audra & Nate, Jack & Diane Talk Their Future, and Victor Deepens His Plans

Elena comes into Nate's office and sees Nate and Audra there

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, Jan 23, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

It’s Audra’s first day at Newman Media, Nikki talks to Victoria about her suspicions, and Traci finds out about Jack & Diane’s relationship.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally Admits Her Pregnancy to Nick, Chance Questions Jack & Diane, and Nikki Is Suspicious About the Robbery.

Newman Media – Audra’s First Day

Nate walks into the lobby of Newman Media with Audra, where he’d just taken her on a tour of the offices.

Nate gestures while he and Audra walk through the offices at Newman Media

He talks about how he has some projects for her to spearhead, and asks that she talks to him about anything.

She says that she’ll do her best.

Nate says that he wants an environment of open collaboration, and welcomes her to Newman Media.

Nate and Audra talk in his office at Newman Media

Audra talks about how they can put out companion podcasts, and has some other ideas on how they can improve the business.

Nate expresses his interest and thinks they’re great ideas.

She says she’s really glad that she can be part of the team.

Nate and Audra sit in his office at Newman Media

Elena walks in and says, “A team?” She expresses surprise that Nate’s working with Audra, who was recently let go from Newman Enterprises.

Nate says that she isn’t working for Newman anymore, so there’s no conflict of interest.

Elena says that she dropped by to have lunch with him.

Elena comes into Nate's office and sees Nate and Audra there

Nate says that he’s already ordered lunch for him and Audra, so he has to decline. It’s her first day, he says, and he’s got a lot to talk about with her.

Audra gets up, looking flustered, and says that he should always go with his romantic interest when she wants to eat.

Newman Enterprises – Nikki meets with Victoria, and Nick talks about Victor’s plan for Adam

Nikki is in Victoria’s office, talking about the robbery. She says how strange it is.

Victoria asks about Jeremy Stark, and Nikki says that even though he was arrested, she’s sure that the real culprit is Diane Jenkins.

Nikki and Victoria talk in Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises

Victoria asks why she thinks that Diane is behind it when the police cleared her, and asks why Nikki doesn’t believe that Stark did it?

Nikki says that she can’t see a reason why Jeremy would know go to Chicago, nonetheless know where her apartment was, and ultimately… How to get into the safe. She says that Diane and Jack were acting really strange.

Victoria wonders how Diane would know that Nikki kept her necklace there, in the safe.

Victoria listens as Nikki talks to her

Nikki says it’s infuriating, that Diane couldn’t have pulled it off without Jack’s help.

Victoria scoffs and says that she doesn’t believe Jack would be involved.

She asks Nikki whether she asked Jack about it.

Victoria talks with Nikki

Nikki says that Jack claimed that Stark was threatening Diane, and tells Victoria that Jack and Diane were acting really strange, like they were in on it.

Victoria says that she knows that Nikki detests Diane, but maybe it’s time to forgive and forget.

Nikki says that she’ll only be happy when Diane is in a cell of her own.

Victoria tells her that she has to find a way to let it go.

Nikki sits in a chair while Victoria stands behind her

Nikki says she’s tired of talking about Diane, and asks how Katie is, and how are her recitals going?

Victoria says that Katie’s good, and her recital was really great. She tells Nikki how she had to “endure” pizza night at Chelsea’s.

Nikki asks how the pizza night went.

Victoria and Nikki sit and talk in Victoria's office

Victoria says she has a strange feeling that the family dynamic there won’t end well… She recounts how Billy was there, and it felt odd.

Nick comes into the office. “Hi mom. Hi Vic.”

Nikki gets up and tells Victoria that it was good talking, but she has a meting to get to. She kisses Nick on the cheek and leaves.

Nick hands Nikki her coat as she leaves Victoria's office

Nick is furrowing his brow, and Victoria says that he’s in a mood, he must be conflicted.

He says that people keep telling that today.

Victoria says, “Because it’s true! What’s going on?” She reminds him that he can talk to her about anything.

Nick has his hands in his pockets as he talks to Victoria in her office

He had a disturbing conversation with their father, Victor Newman.

He says that the main event is now our brother, referring to Adam.

Victoria asks why Victor keeps hitting his head against a wall for Adam, and wonders why he can’t just leave him be.

Victoria and Nick talk in her office

Nick says that their dad doesn’t see it like that, and explains that Victor has a plan to bring Adam home to the company and the family, but Nick thinks it’ll spell disaster.

Victor wonders why Victor wants Adam back at Newman Enterprises.

Nick says he has no idea, he wonders that too.

Victoria looks concerned as she talks with Nick

Victoria says that everything is good at the company, she’s worked hard to get the right people in the right positions, and Victor said he wanted to let her run it, and wonders why Victor wants to shake up everything by bringing Adam back.

Nick says that Victor told him that there was going to be trouble at Jabot for Adam.

Victoria thinks that Victor is up to no good and enjoying every minute of it. Nick agrees.

Nick speaks to Victoria while he stands in front of a portrait of her

The Abbott Mansion – Jack & Diane snuggle, then meet with Traci

Diane and Jack make small talk about how things have led them to this moment.

He asks if there are any regrets.

Diane and Jack cuddle in bed as they talk

She shakes her head, and then says, “Actually, yes, I regret that what I did so long ago made it so hard for you to forgive me.”

She apologizes that she wasn’t completely honest from him when she came back, and how she hid what she did out of shame. She says that Jack knows all her secrets now, and yet, he’s still there. She promises that she’ll never betray him.

They kiss.

Jack and Diane kiss while they're snuggling in bed

Jack and Diane come downstairs a bit later to find Traci sitting at the table, working on her laptop.

Diane says, “I didn’t know you were here!”

Traci throws up her arms and says, “Surprise!”

Jack and Diane walk into the living room to find Traci there

Traci offers to pour some coffee for them. She grins and says she was downstairs for hours now, seems they were having a very late start to their day, and that the nanny has taken Harrison out to the park.

Diane says it’s a brisk day at the park.

Traci smiles as she talks with Jack and Diane

Traci laughs and ask how she’d know? She says, “You haven’t been out of your room!”

Jack says that, for the record, Diane is going to be spending a lot more time around the house.

Jack and Diane talk with Traci

Diane says that she doesn’t wanna bore Traci with the details.

Traci says no, that’s fine, she’d love to hear it.

Jack looks proud and says that he and Diane are romantically involved. He says there have been a lot of secrets, and it’s time that ended.

Jack and Diane smile as they sit on the sofa and talk with Traci

Traci says it’s nice to hear the honesty, and says that she noticed there is a lack of security guards around the property. She assumes they don’t have to worry about Jeremy Stark anymore?

Jack says Jeremy is out of their life, and their troubles are over.

Traci laughs and says there’s as sparkle in her brother’s eye she hasn’t seen for a long time. She apologizes for teasing them earlier.

Traci sits in a chair and speaks with Jack and Diane

Jack says they gracefully accept her apology.

Traci wishes them the best in their relationship. She says it’s probably a good thing that Ashley’s away in Paris, she can “blow up” there when they tell her and let her work it out on the streets of Paris.

Jack says that he’ll take that under advisement.

Jack grins while Diane looks at him

Traci excuses herself for a meeting with an editor and leaves.

Diane smiles at Jack and says that they didn’t talk about telling people about their relationship… She’s not sure it’s a good idea to let people know.

Jack asks why she’s is hesitant about going public, and Diane says that it’s just not the right time.

Jack holds Diane's hands as they sit on the couch

He asks if it’s about Ashley, and she says that it’s not. It’s about Kyle, who warned her to stay away from Jack.

Jack says they’ll be so happy together that they’ll win everyone over that matters. He says that they can both be very persuasive.

She laughs and says she’s not worried about herself, everyone despises her anyhow, but Jack is respected and loved in town, he’s the one with the most at stake.

Jack and Diane talk on the sofa

Jack says that Diane is right, he does have a lot at stake, but he’ll do anything to stay this happy, and doesn’t care what other people think about his personal life.

He says that Kyle will have problems with it, but he has to get over it, Jack wants to move forward with the relationship.

Diane says that maybe they should take things slow, for Kyle’s sake and for hers. She says she wants this time to last as long as possible.

Jack kisses her hand, and says he wants that too.

Diane smiles as she talks to Jack

Jabot Cosmetics – Kyle and Summer argue about Victor’s involvement

Kyle sees Summer in the lobby, and asks if she’s got a chance to talk.

He says that Victor is gone, so they should talk.

Summer says that she hoped that Kyle didn’t agree to work with Victor’s offer.

Summer and Kyle talk in the lobby of Jabot Cosmetics

He says he didn’t… Not exactly.

Summer says that she can’t believe that Victor is pulling Kyle into his machinations.

Kyle says that he’s not sure he’s going to go ahead with it, he’s set some conditions with Victor.

Summer and Kyle talk in the Jabot offices

Summer says that this morning, she had to lie to her grandmother about not knowing about the necklace, and she says she doesn’t want Kyle involved with that type of business.

Kyle says that Victor hasn’t pitched anything criminal.

Summer says, “Not yet!”

Summer and Kyle argue about Victor's plan for Adam

She says that they both know how it gets when Adam and Victor are at war.

Kyle says that Victor only wants to bring Adam back to the family fold.

Summer says that she doesn’t want Kyle involved in that.

Kyle argues with Summer in his office at Jabot

Kyle says that he’d like Adam gone before he causes damage to the company, and wonders how she could possibly disagree with that?

Summer says he shouldn’t be taking such big risks with the company.

Kyle says that he’s taken care of all the risks.

Summer looks upset as she argues with Kyle

She asks him how he could have taken care of them, when he didn’t even agree to it yet.

Kyle says that he put down some stipulations for Victor. He says that he doesn’t want people to know what he’s up to, and that Jack can’t find out that he had anything to do with it.

Summer says that Kyle has to take precautions or it’ll blow up in his face. She says that if Adam finds out that he’s been set up by Kyle, Jack will be the first person he’d tell about it.

Summer and Kyle pace around the room as they argue

She warns him that she doesn’t want Kyle risking trouble with his dad, especially if he found out that Kyle was conspiring with Victor behind his back.

Kyle says that this is about protecting Jabot, he’d understand.

Summer says that Adam will fail on his own, that Kyle just has to wait for him to leave naturally.

Kyle talks with Summer

Kyle says that he’s getting a bigger payoff… It’ll be more than just Adam leaving Jabot.

Summer asks him what Kyle is getting out of it, and Kyle tells her that he wants control some textile manufacturing that Victor was involved in, and Victor agreed to it.

Kyle goes on to say that the resources from the textiles could make Marchetti unstoppable.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Kyle

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Society – Victor meets with Nick to talk about Sally & Adam

Nick has a drink and thinks back to Sally saying she was pregnant, and how she asked him to be “in denial” with her, and how he comforted her afterwards.

Victor comes into Society and sees Nick sitting at the bar

Victor comes in and sees Nick sitting at the bar. He pats him on the back and sits down beside him.

He asks how Nick is, and says he seems to be deep in thought.

Nick doesn’t say anything, just looks at him and takes a drink.

Victor asks why he’s not talking. Nick says there’s nothing to talk about.

Nick takes a drink as his father, Victor Newman, talks to him.

Victor asks, “Does this mood have anything to do with Sally Spectra?”

Nick asks why he’d ask him that.

Victor says I have my suspicions, that’s all. He says that he wants to talk about Nick’s future, and not the past.

Victor goes on to say that something’s about to happen with Adam that may complicate things if Nick stays in a relationship with “that woman.”

Nick asks him what he’s scheming this time.

Victor talks with Nick while they sit at the bar in Society

Victor says that Adam will leave Jabot, and when that happens, he wants Nick and Adam to find common ground, to get along, but having Sally around will make that difficult.

Nick says to leave Sally alone, and says that she’s going through enough.

Victor asks what exactly is worrying Nick about Sally.

Nick says that she’s starting a new business, and she doesn’t need interference from him. That she’s making plans to talk to Chancellor-Winters to help with her startup.

Nick listens as Victor talks

He tells Victor that she’s not hurting anyone, and that Victor should just leave her out of his plans.

Victor says “She’s not hurting anyone… Yet.”

Nick says that he knows that Victor is trying to bring the family together with his plans for Adam, but it’s going to have the opposite effect.

Nick stands up, throws money down on the bar, and leaves.

Nick walks out of Society, passing Elena and Nate as he leaves

Crimson Lights – Audra taunts Sharon by staying in town

Audra comes into the coffee shop and Sharon asks how she can help her.

Sharon is behind the counter at Crimson Lights when Audra walks into the coffee shop

Audra says Sharon’s so polite to her, but she’s sure that Audra is the last one that Sharon wants to see.

Sharon says that Noah seems happy, and that she aims to make all her customers feel welcome.

Audra asks if that would change if she knew she was moving there.

Audra tells Sharon that she is staying in Genoa City

Sharon asks if she’s decided to stay, and Audra tells her that she’s working for Noah’s father’s company.

Sharon asks what capacity she’s working in.

Audra says that Nate hired her as the COO.

Sharon stands with her arms crossed as she speaks with Audra

Sharon says that a big position for someone who was just a temp at Chancellor-Winters.

Audra says she’s happy with the new direction that her life is taking, and that Noah has nothing to worry about. She says that she doesn’t want to move backwards, talking about Noah.

Audra laughs, and says she has to go to the office and make the Newmans richer, if that’s even possible. She leaves the coffee shop.

Audra and Sharon talk

Society – Elena & Nate have a lunch date

At the same time that Nick and Victor are talking, Elena and Nate are sitting in the restaurant at another table.

Elena asks Nate why Audra is working there now.

He says that she’s very qualified, and really knows what she’s doing. He says that she showed up with some bright ideas on her first day, and she’s a shining star. He asks how Elena’s day was.

Elena and Nate talk as they sit at a table in Society

She asks if he remembers her telling him about a patient that nobody expected to make it? She tells him that she performed the patient’s surgery and he made it through with flying colors!

Nate says he’s so proud of her, and the rest of the staff must be too.

She says she got high praise, but the best was the look on the family’s face when they saw how well the patient came through the operation.

Nate looks happily at Elena as she tells him about her day

Nate says he remembers that feeling, it’s like being on top of the world. He says that it’s a very special day, and they’ll have to have dinner, champagne, and the works later that night.

Elena looks very happy.

Elena smiles at Nate as they talk

Newman Media – Audra sets up a meeting

Audra comes into Nate’s office and says she’s set up a meeting with someone from Milwaukee. She’s really excited, and tells him that this contact could really help things take off at Newman Media.

Nate’s surprised she moved so quickly on her first day and got this meeting set up.

Audra says that tonight is the last night that her contact is in town, so they have to move fast. Is it ok that they meet that night?

Audra gestures excitedly as she talks with Nate in his office

Nate says that’s fine, and Audra leaves his office, happy.

Nate sits at his desk for a moment, then realizes something… He needs to talk to Elena!

Nate thinks alone at his desk with a laptop sitting open in front of him

He picks up his cell and gives her a call. He tells her that he has to cancel their plans for the evening, as something important came up at work that he has to deal with.

Elena tells him she understands, but doesn’t look happy.

Elena looks down at her phone after she talks with Nate.

The Ranch – Victor talks to Jill about Sally

Jill is on a video call with Victor. She says that she’s wondering why he’s calling.

Jill is on a screen for a video call with Victor

Victor says that he wants to talk about a call that she’s about to get.

Jill laughs and says it’s pretty telling that Victor knows her schedule before she does.

Victor stands with his arms crossed as he looks down at his video call with Jill

Victor says the meeting is with Sally Spectra, and there’s something that Jill needs to know before she talks with her.