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Y&R Recap — Jan 20: Sally Admits Her Pregnancy to Nick, Chance Questions Jack & Diane, and Nikki Is Suspicious About the Robbery

Jack and Diane are in bed, naked and in each other's arms

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, Jan 20, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Chance questions Jack & Diane about the robbery, Sally tells Nick she’s pregnant, and Kyle agrees to work with Victor. Today’s Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Lily tells Devon that she doesn’t want to split the company, Mariah and Tessa have news about the baby, and Billy and Lily talk about their relationship.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer, Kyle, Diane, and Jack talk in the Abbott living room

Summer, Kyle, Diane, and Jack are in the living room talking.

Diane recounts how she and Jack set up Jeremy for a fall, with Jeremy falling for it all.

Jack says that Chance turned Jeremy over to the Chicago PD.

Kyle looks concerned while Diane smiles at Jack as they talk in the Abbott living room

Kyle says that he still isn’t happy how things went down, and that they added a ton of risk by getting Jack involved.

Diane says that Jeremy will go back to prison since he was in possession of stolen property and on parole.

Jack says he had to do it because Diane was in danger, and they’ve protected the family.

Summer talks with Diane, Jack, and Kyle while they sit in the living room

Summer says that they broke laws and lied to police, should they be happy about everything?

The doorbell rings. Jack says that it’s Nikki, and quickly explains that he called her last night, and to let him handle her.

Nikki comes in and sees them all standing staring at her. She asks what’s going on.

Nikki comes into the house to find everyone there

Jack asks if she’s been apprised of what happened in Chicago with her necklace being stolen.

She says of course, the housekeeper told her about it when she found the safe open.

Jack says that it was Jeremy Stark, who had planned to use the stolen necklace to set Diane up.

Kyle and Summer leave, while Jack, Diane, and Nikki talk in the Abbott mansion

Nikki says that she didn’t know the robbery had ties to Jeremy Stark or to Diane.

Kyle and Summer say how they should go, and they leave, uncomfortably.

Nikki asks why Jack knows so much about what the case.

Nikki talks to Jack and Diane in the Abbott mansion foyer

Jack says that Diane and him went to Jeremy’s to confront him, and when they arrived, Chance was arresting him for the stolen necklace.

Nikki says it’s very interesting timing, and asks why they think he’d go all the way to Chicago to steal from her. She says she has some ideas, and looks suspiciously at Jack and Diane.

Jack says that Jeremy was arrested, and that he was found with the necklace on him.

Nikki talks with Jack and Diane

Nikki says she’s relieved that Jeremy is off the street.

Diane says pointedly to Nikki, “Isn’t it ironic that your misfortune saved me?”

Diane talks with Nikki and Jack

Nikki says that she’s surprised that Jeremy was able to get into the apartment so easily, and how it was strange that he knew the code, which wasn’t changed since… Well, since Jack and her were there last. She looks at Jack with a steely look in her eyes.

Jack reacts as Nikki talks

Crimson Lights

Chance sits at a table in the coffee shop, pondering over a cup of coffee.

Sharon asks what he’s thinking about.

Chance says that Victor’s apartment in Chicago was broken into, and a necklace was taken.

Sharon talks with Chance in the coffee shop

Chance tells Sharon how he went to Jeremy Stark’s hotel room on the request of the Chicago PD, and searched his room.

Sharon asks if Jeremy had the necklace.

Chance says that he did. He looks concerned and not convinced.

Chance and Sharon talk as they sit at a table in Crimson Lights

Sharon says that it sounds like a cut and dried case, but it looks like something’s not sitting right with Chance.

Chance shakes his head. “No, it’s not.”

Sharon says that Diane has been trying really hard to get out from under Jeremy’s thumb.

Sharon and Chance talk

Chance, thinking, says that Jeremy is dangerous, he was charged with money laundering, but he hasn’t been charged with robbery before.

He wonders why he would have only taken one piece of jewellery, and why it was from Nikki. Chance says that on his way to the police station, Stark was ranting about Jack and Diane setting him up, and Chance had the feeling there was something to Stark’s claims.

Chance and Sharon talk in Crimson Lights

Chance says that it reminds him of when he investigated the Newmans after Locke’s death, everything was too convenient.

Sharon says he’s sure he handled the arrest by the books.

He wonders if Stark will get a fair trial in front an impartial judge, and just the fact that he’s asking those questions makes him wonder how it’s affecting him, maybe he’s putting his job in front of everything else in his life.

Sharon says he’s worked for the government, and that everything’s not black and white, as much as he’d like, so just carry on doing what he thinks is right, the rest is out of his hands.

Sharon talks with Chance in the coffee shop

Chance nods in agreement.

Sharon says that maybe he’s not in a situation that makes him happy, and that if he considered changing things up, what does he propose he’d do?

Chance says he has no idea, his whole life has been public service, not sure what his life would look like if he did something different.

Chance and Sharon talk

Sharon says maybe she can help him with it. She says that he knows martial arts, and poses with her hands in a “karate chop” pose. Maybe he could be a dancing instructor! She jokes that he could join Cirque de Soleil.

Sharon gesticulates as she talks with Chance

He laughs and says he draws the line at wearing sequins. He thanks Sharon for making him laugh.

She says that it’s nice that he feels comfortable with her.

Chance laughs as he talks with Sharon

His phone pings, it’s the Chicago Police Department. He says he has to follow up on it, and wishes he didn’t have to leave.

She tells him to go take care of business and she’ll be there thinking about his career paths

He leaves, and they smile at each other on his way out.

Sharon laughs as she talks with Chance

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The Abbott Mansion

Chance shows up to the door of Jack’s house, saying he’s s there on official business. Jack lets him in.

Nikki is there talking with Jack and Diane, and thanks Chance for his work on her stolen necklace. She says that Victor and her will be updating the security system at the apartment, and wonders how Stark was able to circumvent it.

Chance stands in the Abbott foyer and talks with Jack and Nikki

Chance says that’s a valid question, and he doesn’t know the answer yet, but Stark is proclaiming his innocence.

Nikki says she’s got to go. As she’s leaving, Chance says he’ll keep her updated.

Chance tells Jack that Stark was arraigned (charged in court) in Chicago, and that he’s considered a flight risk, so has been denied bail.

Chance talks with Jack and Diane

He says that Jeremy is no amateur, and wonders why he broke in, stole a necklace, and was so careless while committing grand larceny… Who does that?

Jack says he doesn’t know how Jeremy’s mind works.

Chance looks at them suspiciously and asks if there’s anything more they need to tell him about the incident.

Chance speaks with Diane and Jack about the robbery

Jack says he doesn’t know how Diane or him can shed any more light on it. He says that Jeremy was threatening Diane ever since he came to Genoa City.

Chance doesn’t look convinced. He says that he’s there to do his job, and that he’s not there to let people with money manipulate things. He says that he’ll see himself out, and leaves the Abbott house.

Diane and Jack talk alone in the Abbott living room

Diane says “Is it finally over?” She says it’s overwhelming, in a good way.

She says she feels like she has a future again, thanks to Jack. She says that the kind words he said to Chance about her made her sound strong and powerful.

Jack says that’s how he sees her, as a strong, formidable woman who didn’t need anyone to save her from the situation, she just needed backup and support, and he was willing to give that to her.

Jack and Diane kiss passionately

She smiles at him, and they kiss passionately.

Soon, they’re in bed together, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Jack and Diane are in bed, naked and in each other's arms

Crimson Lights

Chance comes back to the coffee shop, and Sharon sees the look on his face. She asks him what happened.

Chance says that he had a confrontation that made him realize that he can’t do this anymore… He’s tired of being a detective.

Chance looks frustrated as he comes into Crimson Lights, and Sharon looks over at him

Jabot Cosmetics

Victor comes to the Jabot offices and sees Adam when he enters. He tells Adam that he’s there to meet with Kyle.

Adam asks why.

Victor comes into the lobby at Jabot and sees Adam

Victor says that he’s there to finish talking about Summer and Harrison with Kyle.

Adam feels that Victor needs to level with him, he knows that Victor is there to talk to Kyle about Adam.

Victor and Adam talk in the lobby of Jabot Cosmetics

Victor reiterates that he’s there to speak to Kyle about Harrison.

Adam says that he knows that Victor hates that he’s working at Jabot, and so does Kyle. He figures that Jack gave him the job to stick it to Victor.

Victor says that he agrees with all those points, but he knows that Adam is a great businessman, but he asks if he really wants to be “selling lipstick and perfume”.

Kyle and Summer come into the Jabot offices to find Victor and Adam talking

Adam looks mad at Victor, when Kyle and Summer come into the lobby. They say hello to Victor.

Victor and Kyle go into Kyle’s office and close the door behind them. Adam and Summer are left in the lobby to talk.

Adam says “isn’t this a fine thing.” He says that Summer must be proud that Kyle does whatever Victor wants.

Summer stands with her arms crossed, not looking happy, as she speaks with Adam in the Jabot lobby

Summer is upset and says that’s not how it is.

Adam says he knows that Victor is counting on Kyle’s animosity for him, but Victor is manipulating Kyle, he’s an expert at it, and that even if Adam thinks he sees it coming, he won’t know when he’s being manipulated, that Victor has a way of corrupting people.

Summer says that Adam has a history of ruining things all by himself, without anyone’s help.

Adam and Summer talk in the lobby

Victor asks why Kyle hasn’t answered his calls.

Kyle says sorry for not getting back to him, he’s been going through stuff with his mother the last few days.

Victor Newman talks in the offices of Jabot Cosmetics

Victor says that it probably has something to do with Stark, and wonders why Kyle didn’t just leave when he found out about the connection between Stark and his mother.

Kyle brushes it off, and asks what he’s there for.

Victor says that Adam’s place is with his family, with the Newmans. He says that Kyle must hate the idea of Adam working there as Jack’s second hand man.

Kyle and Victor Newman talk in Kyle's office

Kyle says that he doesn’t report to Adam, and that Adam doesn’t speak for Marchetti, so it doesn’t really affect him. He says that he doesn’t trust Adam, that he thinks he’s arrogant and disrespectful.

Victor says he can only imagine how that must be.

Kyle says that he knows Victor wants him to get rid of Adam, and asks how Victor proposes to get Adam to leave Jabot and go to Newman. He says it’s a tall order.

As they sit down in chairs, Victor talks to Kyle about Adam

Victor says that he wants Adam to take a fall, a big fall, and then he’d present him with an opportunity to make things right, and to join the Newman family again.

He says that it would be good for both companies, and he needs Kyle’s help to facilitate that.

Kyle says that he needs something in return.

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Chloe comes over to Sally's hotel suite

Chloe comes over and says that it looks like the pregnancy is really hitting Sally hard.

Sally says the morning sickness is terrible.

Chloe says she’s brought some home remedies over that will help Sally stop from being so green around the gills.

Nick comes to Sally's door and Chloe answers it

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nick. “Hey Sally, it’s me.”

Chloe answers and Nick comes in. He says he’s there to wish her luck with the presentation for Jill.

She says she’s feeling queasy, and Nick asks if it’s her stomach bug again.

Sally looks uncomfortable in a bathrobe as Nick talks with her

Chloe says it’s probably the Norovirus.

Nick says that his kid’s teacher told him that was going around, and asks what Sally’s symptoms are.

Sally shrugs it off, and says that she needs to get ready, and asks that they both leave her to get prepared.

Chloe says to take the ginger chews she brought and says to Nick, “Why don’t we give the girl some space?”

Chloe gets ready to leave, while Nick stays and talks with Sally

Nick says that she can go ahead, and he needs to talk to Sally.

Chloe leaves, and Nick asks if there’s more to the bug than she’s telling him.

Nick says that he noticed she didn’t want a drink last night.

Nick talks with a housecoat-bound Sally in her hotel suite

She says that she wanted to be clear for the morning, and don’t look at her right now, she looks terrible.

Nick says he’s been through this a few times… He wonders if it’s morning sickness.

Sally says that she gets sick and it won’t quit, and it keeps happening, and it’s tiring her out. She says that she didn’t want to say anything until she was sure.

Sally and Nick talk about her sickness

He asks if she’s sure.

Sally says, “Yes. I’m pregnant.”

She says she was going to tell him, but she didn’t want to say anything.

Nick holds Sally's hands as he talks with her

He asks how she feels. She says she feels stunned, and is still trying to wrap her head around it.

Nick says that he still doesn’t know why she waited, and why she didn’t tell him before.

Sally says that she knows what people think about her and this would just be confirmation.

Nick and Sally speak in her hotel room

Nick says that it’s just between them, it doesn’t matter what people think.

She says that she feels like Nick thinks she might be trying to manipulate him.

He says he doesn’t feel manipulated.

She says she wanted things to go slow and have things be sweet and sexy for just a while longer. She wonders how this will change things.

Nick and Sally talk

Nick says to not assume the worst, she’s getting way ahead of herself.

Sally says she’s in denial, and asks him to be in denial with her right now. She says she’s not ready to deal with everything that comes next.

He says not to stress, they’ll figure it out, and it’ll be fine.

Next Week on The Young and The Restless

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Adam and Victor talk

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Tucker speaks with Phyllis

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Fenmore Baldwin returns to Genoa City and hugs his parents