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Y&R Recap — Jan 19: Victoria & Chelsea Reconcile Their Differences, Mariah & Tessa Return With Wonderful News, and Devon Comes to Terms With Lily’s Decision

Victoria, Johnny, Connor, Chelsea, and Billy are around the dinner table

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, Jan 19, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Lily tells Devon that she doesn’t want to split the company, Mariah and Tessa have news about the baby, and Billy and Lily talk about their relationship. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chance arrests Stark for robbery, Kyle & Summer fight over Diane, Jill & Lily make a decision About Hamilton-Winters.

Devon’s Apartment

Lily and Devon are talking in his apartment. Devon asks what Jill and Lily have decided about Hamilton-Winters.

Lily says that Jill wants to move forward with the IPO. Devon asks what that means for him.

Devon and Lily stand talking in Devon's penthouse

Lily says that their success lies in the partnership of their two companies.

Devon says, “So you’re rejecting what I’m asking for?”

Lily says that’s what it boils down to.

Lily looks down as she speaks with Devon in his apartment

Devon says that she’s going to make it ugly.

Lily says she’s trying to find a way to resolve it amicably. Devon is frustrated by this.

She’s excited, and says they keep the companies together, and then they go public as Chancellor Worldwide, and after they go public, they buy him out, and then he can create a new Hamilton-Winters.

Devon leans on his bar while he speaks with Lily

She asks what he thinks about that.

Devon says he finds it difficult to find the benefits of what they’re offering.

He says that Jill and Lily are not giving up anything, but he’s losing his company.

Lily and Devon argue about the company

Lily says that she’s losing the chance to work with her brother, and that if they go to court over it, it’s going to affect their relationship.

Devon says they’re holding his company hostage.

Lily says that she’s trying to keep them together, and that he’s not trusting her.

Devon and Lily talk in his living room

Devon says that it’s not a matter of trust, it’s a business matter, and she’s trying to make it personal.

Lily says that he wanted the merger in the first place.

Devon says things changed, it looked good on paper. He says that he’s going to have to rebuild an empire from the ground up. It must sound easy to her, because she’s not had to do that.

Lily sits on the sofa and talks with Devon

Lily says she’s trying to end the war before it begins, and that there’s a viable option on the table that would make him happy, if he just considers it.

She says they should do something that would make their dad proud. She says she’ll see herself out, and leaves.

Lily leaves Devon's apartment while he sits in a chair, thinking

Crimson Lights

Abby comes in and sees Sharon. She comes over to speak with her.

Abby and Sharon are in Crimson Lights, talking

Sharon asks what she’d like, and Abby says she’d like a coffee, and that she wants to apologize for the scene she had with Chance the other day.

Sharon says that she understands what the end of a marriage can entail, and says that Abby’s had a rough few years. She says that she won’t pass judgment on her, and she won’t tell anyone else about it.

Sharon and Abby talk in Crimson Lights

Mariah and Tessa come in, and Sharon hugs them in greeting, and asks how things went with the potential birth mother.

Sharon tells Abby that they went to Portland.

Abby hugs Mariah as Tessa and Sharon look on

Tessa and Mariah tell Sharon and Abby about their visit, and describe what Delphine was like.

They said that they decided to get breakfast with her, and they ended up getting to know Delia better, going out to the zoo and other places.

They say that it was scary and exciting being there.

Tessa and Mariah look at one another while they talk

Sharon asks what happened with the baby?

Excitedly, Mariah says that Delphine made up her mind, and she wants Mariah and Tessa to adopt her baby.

Abby tells them she’s very happy for them.

Sharon looks at Mariah and Tessa as they tell her the news

Tessa says that right now, they just want to embrace their good fortune and that nothing’s set in stone.

Mariah says they’re preparing themselves for the worst, but are hoping for the best. No matter what, they’re going to have a child of their own.

Abby says it’s the same maternal feeling that she had when she wanted a family.

Abby smiles as she listens to Tessa and Mariah talk

Mariah says that she would have never known what it was like to want to be a mother if she wasn’t a surrogate.

Mariah notices Abby has tears running down her face which she quickly rubs away, and asks her if she wants to talk.

Mariah asks Abby if she wants to talk

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Chelsea’s Apartment

Johnny and Victoria show up, and the kids start talking about school work.

Connor and Johnny talk in the kitchen at Chelsea's apartment

Chelsea says there’s dinner on the way and tells them to get a drink.

Chelsea thanks Victoria for letting the children hang out, and asks if it’s OK if they watch a movie afterwards.

Victoria says they’ll have to play it by ear, as it’s a school night.

Victoria talks with Chelsea while sitting in an armchair

Chelsea’s phone pings, it’s Billy, who’s hit a snag, and the pizza will be late. The kids laugh and say to get two pizzas.

The boys go into Connor’s room, and Chelsea talks with Victoria alone.

She says that Victoria doesn’t seem happy to have Johnny come for dinner.

Chelsea sits on her sofa while she talks to Victoria

They sit down, and Victoria says that she wanted to refuse the invitation at first.

Chelsea apologizes, and says she’s sorry that Victoria felt she couldn’t refuse.

Victoria said that despite her reservations, she wants to support Johnny and his relationship with Connor, though she still feels uncomfortable with the situation.

Victoria looks pained while she talks with Chelsea

Chelsea says by the situation, you mean me, you don’t want Johnny around me.

Victoria says she has to keep reminding herself that it’s not about her, it’s about Johnny. She says she still feels protective of her son, and Johnny loves the fact that he has a half-brother.

Victoria goes on to say that she feels that things are moving too quickly.

Chelsea speaks with Victoria

Chelsea says she understands, and she forced the issue, and she’s sorry. She says that she blindsided Victoria several times, and that she’s really appreciative that Victoria’s letting her be part of Johnny’s life.

Victoria says he’s a good kid, and Chelsea says that of course he is, she’s a good mom. She says that they’re on the same side.


Lily comes into the restaurant and sees Billy waiting at the bar.

Billy says “It’s only awkward if we want it to be.” He says he’s just there to pick up pizza.

Lily asks when they started serving pizza at Society.

Billy sits at the bar in Society, smiling, as Lily walks over to see him

Billy says it’s for Johnny and Connor, they’re hanging out at Chelsea’s.

He asks what she’s doing. She says it’s just work, and not his problem to solve anymore.

He says that even though things are over between them, that he’s still there for her, and she can lean on him for support.

Lily and Billy sit at the bar in Society, talking

Lily sits down at the bar with him.

She tells Billy that nothing is going right, that Devon and Nate aren’t talking, and that Devon wants to end their partnership… And there was this guy who she liked who left her life.

Billy says, “Oh, you liked him?”

Lily says that she loved him.

Lily and Billy talk at the bar

Billy says that after all that, she’s sitting there with him, so maybe there’s still something between them.

He says that Devon mentioned problems with the IPO, and that Nate must have been right when he said that Devon going off like a lone wolf was causing problems.

Lily says it’s not easy.

Lily smiles as she talks with Billy

Billy asks her if she regrets any of her decisions, like taking over Chancellor-Winters, the merger… He says that she should be proud of everything she’s done.

Lily says she doesn’t regret anything… She’s happy with her decisions.

Billy says that he’s known her for a long time, and loved her for a lot of that time, and tells her that he knows she’ll rise to the occasion and meet her challenges head-on.

She says that’s one way of looking at things.

Billy smiles as he talks with Lily as they sit at the bar in Society

Billy says that Devon will get over things, in time.

Lily says that she hopes so, and thanks Billy for the pep talk. She says that he should probably get going, his food’s going to get cold.

Billy stands up and tells her that if there’s anything he can do to help…

Billy smiles as he talks with Lily

She says she’s got it, and thanks him.

He leaves with the pizza.

Lily sits alone at the bar after Billy leaves

Lily sits at the bar alone drinking a glass of wine.

She pulls out her phone and looks at a picture her with Neil and Devon.

She sighs, looking upset.

Lily's phone with a picture of her, Neil, and Devon. They all look happy.

Crimson Lights

Abby and Mariah sit down at a table on the indoor patio and talk.

Mariah says that she thinks that there’s something going on with Abby, judging by the look on her face, and she doesn’t think that she was crying just because she was happy for Mariah and Tessa.

Abby and Mariah talk as they sit in Crimson Lights

Abby tells her that Chance and her had issues, and things got more complicated than when they last spoke

Mariah says that she knew that things were difficult between Abby and Chance when she last saw her.

Abby tells her that she should hear it from her first… That Chance and her are getting divorced.

Mariah looks shocked when Abby tells her she's getting a divorce from Chance

She says that she remembers when Chance was in Spain, and Mariah gave her the best gift… Her son.

Mariah says that she and Chance are still going to be great co-parents to Dominic.

Mariah and Abby hug goodbye

Abby says that she has to go, but she’s so happy for Tessa and Mariah, and they’ll be amazing moms. They hug.

Abby says goodbye and goes to leave the coffee shop. As she’s leaving, she gets a text from Devon asking if she’s free.

Abby gets a text from Devon as she's leaving the coffee shop. "Are you free?"

Devon’s Apartment

Devon is sitting and looking at a picture of Neil when Abby shows up at his door.

He invites her in and thanks her for coming. Abby comes in and says she has some good news to share.

He says, “There’s still good news in the world?”

Devon greets Abby at his door

She says that Mariah and Tessa have news about the baby, that it’s looking good for their adoption.

He says that’s great.

She asks how things are, and he says that the business isn’t working out the way he wanted.

Devon and Abby sit on the couch talking about Hamilton-Winters

They sit down on the couch, and Devon tells Abby that Jill and Lily won’t let him buy back the company.

He says that they’ll buy out his company, and then he will have to rebuild from scratch.

Abby says that if he takes that deal, he’ll make Lily happy, which is a good thing, and that he can start something brand new.

Abby and Devon sit on his couch and talk

Devon agrees, but he’s wondering how he can just walk away from a company that he built with Neil.

Abby says that Neil will be part of everything that he does, no matter what, and that he’s a part of Devon.

Devon asks what she’s saying.

Devon and Abby talk while sitting on Devon's sofa

Abby tells him to look to the future.

Devon says he doesn’t know what the future looks like.

She asks what he loves about Hamilton Winters, and what he thinks about starting a new company.

Abby takes Devon's hand as they sit on the couch talking

He says that he loves that he would have something to build from if he could take Hamilton-Winters back, and that he worries that he could fail if he has to start over with a new company.

She says, “Or you could soar.” She holds his hand, and tells him that whatever happens, he’s not going through it alone.

He looks at her hand and he asks when she took off her rings. She tells him it was a few days ago, and she’s still filled with uncertainly about it.

Devon looks at Abby's hand and asks when she took off her wedding ring

He says whatever life brings her, she won’t have to face it alone either.

They kiss.

Devon and Abby sit on his couch and kiss

Crimson Lights

Sharon talks with Mariah and Tessa, and they tell her more about Delphine.

Sharon asks what the baby’s father thinks of everything.

Tessa says that he’s on board with the adoption, and will be giving up parental rights.

Sharon speaks with Tessa and Mariah as they sit at a table in Crimson Lights

Sharon asks if they noticed any hesitancy with Delphine.

They said she had some questions, such as what their parenting philosophy is like, how they met, if the baby would have grandparents, cousins, etc.

They said they tried to tell Delphine everything about Genoa City, how it was a wonderful place to grow up.

Sharon talks with Tessa and Mariah while they have coffee

Sharon asks if Delphine asked about their childhoods.

Tessa said she did, and that they said they didn’t have the best childhood, but they’ll make better choices because of their experiences.

Sharon tells them to make sure that Christine, their lawyer, draws up an agreement with all the terms they want. She asks when the baby is due.

Mariah says excitedly that they could be moms by the end of February!

Tessa and Mariah look excited as they talk with Sharon

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy comes by with the pizza, and sees Victoria sitting in a chair in Chelsea’s living room.

Billy comes into Chelsea's apartment with a couple of pizza boxes

There is a bit of an uncomfortable silence, and Billy asks if everything’s OK, that he thought that Victoria was just dropping Johnny off.

Victoria says she should get going and stands up to get ready, but before she can leave, Chelsea asks her to stay for dinner.

Victoria stands up and prepares to leave when Billy arrives at Chelsea's

Victoria says, “Stay?” She looks a bit uncomfortable.

The kids come in and see the pizza. Johnny sees his mother and says, “Oh, you’re staying for dinner?”

Johnny and Connor stand in Chelsea's living room and talk with their parents

They finish having dinner, and Billy asks what the verdict is… How was the pizza?

The consensus is that it was good, and they should do it again.

Connor says that the next time they do this, Katie should come… It’s a family dinner, after all.

Victoria, Johnny, Connor, Chelsea, and Billy are around the dinner table

Johnny asks if Victoria has made a decision on whether he can stay and watch a movie with Connor.

Victoria says that is OK, but she should leave to pick up Katie from her ballet class.

Victoria leaves, and listens to the banter from inside Chelsea’s apartment while she’s putting on her coat.

Victoria listens to the banter from inside Chelsea's as she puts on her coat outside the door