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Y&R Recap — Jan 18: Chance Arrests Stark for Robbery, Kyle & Summer Fight Over Diane, Jill & Lily Make A Decision About Hamilton-Winters

Chance holds Jeremy back as he lunges at Diane and Jack

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Jack and Diane’s plan for Stark causes ripples, Lily & Jill make a decision, and Kyle & Summer hear about Jeremy. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane plants a kiss on Stark and then planted evidence, Daniel told Phyllis to get anger management, and Kyle & Summer fought about Diane.

Crimson Lights

Diane comes to see Jack in the coffee shop, and she says that it’s challenging being that close to Stark, but she’s committed to playing her part.

Jack and Diane talk in Crimson Lights

Jack asks her how committed she is, looking worried, and she laughs nervously and says, “Not that committed.”

Jack says that now they just have to wait for the police to do their job.

Diane talks with Jack on the indoor patio

Jeremy’s Apartment

Jeremy comes out of the shower in a robe to find that Diane is gone and the necklace is sitting on his dresser.

There’s a knock at the door. Stark quickly shoves the necklace into the pocket of his bathrobe.

Jeremy finds the necklace left by Diane. He's in his bathrobe.

He opens the door. It’s Chance, who shows his badge. “How are you doing, Mr. Stark?”

Stark asks what Chance is doing there, he says he’s been a model citizen.

Chance is at Jeremy's door, he shows him his badge

Chance says he got a call from the Chicago Police Department, and he’s there to serve a warrant on behalf of them. Chance says he has to search the premises.

Jeremy asks for a few minutes to change his clothes.

Jeremy gestures in his robe as he talks with Chance

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Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Lily comes to Devon’s apartment and asks him if he still wants to split the companies up.

He says that he needs to stay in control of his own company, so yes, he still wants to break the companies up.

Jill comes to see Devon to speak about the merger


Kyle is sitting at his desk, working. He keeps looking at his phone when Summer comes to the door.

She asks Kyle how many times he’s going to check his phone, and then apologizes for what happened with her and her mother.

Kyle is sitting at his desk working on a laptop, while Summer stands in the doorway to his office

He asks if she’s saying things about her mother on purpose that will resonate with his mother.

Summer says she’s tired of walking on eggshells around him, that he’s sensitive about Diane, and she didn’t mean anything.

Kyle says he can’t blame her for having an opinion, and says that because he doesn’t know what’s going on because of what Summer had done… It’s driving him crazy.

Summer stands with her arms crossed while she talks to Kyle, who's sitting at his desk

Summer says that she might have overstepped, and that she realizes that Phyllis may have put people in danger, but…

Kyle interrupts her, and says that the big difference between them is Diane is dealing with a dangerous criminal and is scared for her life.

Summer looks at Kyle as they argue in his office


Phyllis sits with Tucker at a table in the restaurant while they talk.

Phyllis says that it doesn’t suit Tucker to say that she needs anger management.

She says she’s angry because someone is in town destroying people’s lives.

Tucker listens as Phyllis talks with him

She says that the Tucker she knows would understand where she’s coming from.

Tucker asks what she’s upset about today, and that he’s heard her bitching about Diane and Jack.

Phyllis says that Jack will figure out what Diane’s doing… And that soon, it’ll bite him in the ass.

Phyllis talks with Tucker, leaning her arms on the table

She asks Tucker if he’s seen Jack and Diane around town.

Tucker says he hasn’t. Phyllis says that’s odd, she’s basically been everywhere almost sitting on Jack’s lap since she’s been back.

He asks if Diane is responsible for Summer firing Phyllis.

Tucker speaks with Phyllis as they sit at a table in Society

Phyllis says Diane is completely responsible for Summer firing her. She says that her son, Kyle, says that Phyllis is full of hatred for Diane. She says that’s the truth.

Tucker asks what it’s going to take to make her let go of the crippling disdain she has for Diane?

Phyllis glosses over it, and continues talking with Tucker.

Phyllis and Tucker talk

He says that maybe she should just shift her focus to something more productive.

She asks what he suggests.

He says that Daniel’s project sounds interesting, and asks what it’s about.

She says she won’t give up info to Tucker and won’t hand Daniel’s ideas to him on a platter.

Tucker listens to Phyllis as they talk

Tucker laughs and asks if it’s top secret. He says that he wouldn’t dream of interfering with Daniel’s dreams, and that the more positive vibes he puts out into the universe, the more the universe gives him back.

He says that he’s very zen after the Monte Carlo crash, but either way, he’d like to speak with Daniel sometime.

Phyllis says she’d rather sit in a sealed-shut car with Diane and drive cross country than to let him have a conversation about business with her son.

Phyllis smiles as she talks with Tucker

She says that Daniel is smart, and he’d see Tucker coming a mile away. Phyllis gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Phyllis leaves Tucker at Society

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Lily and Devon are on a video call with Jill.

Jill asks if he understands the damage that will come to both companies if they break apart.

Lily sits with Devon, they're on a video call with Jill, with a laptop on the table in front of them

He says he understands, but he’s willing to take the PR hit, because it’s going to be worse if they stay together.

Jill says it could be a disaster.

Devon says it could be, but it will impact them on a different level.

He says that the point of the merger wasn’t about money for him, and he says it’s his argument as Katherine’s grandson.

Lily says it didn’t take much convincing to get him to bring the companies together.

Jill is on a videoscreen

Devon says that he only brought the two companies together to bring the families closer together, which didn’t happen, as the situation with Nate showed.

He says that he wants autonomy, and that the group vote isn’t the way he wants to run a company. He says that the success of the company is important to him, and he won’t just hand it over to the highest bidder, speaking of the IPO.

Lily reacts as Devon talks to Jill and her

Jill says that his timing is abysmal, and wishes he’d decided 6 months ago that he wanted to break up the company.

Lily says that she’s willing to do everything she can to protect the company.

Devon says that they had two people, family members, try to come after the company previously, and he needs to be the one to protect his own company.

Devon talks with Jill and Lily

Devon goes on to say that he hears Neil’s voice in his head, who wouldn’t want the company to go public, and implores Lily and Jill to please let him take control of his father’s company.

Jill says that she understands Devon’s emotional attachment, and don’t think that she doesn’t hear the old bat’s voice in her head herself (talking about Katherine Chancellor).

Jill says the merger was different, it wasn’t about the numbers, but about family.

Lily talks while Jill and Devon listen

She goes on to say that it will cost a lot for all parties and companies involved to break up… She asks what Lily thinks about this.

Lily says that Jill and her should take time to discuss it between the two of them, and asks Devon to give them a bit.

Devon leaves and goes to Society for a drink while Lily and Jill talk.

Jill talks to Devon and Lily over a video call


Devon comes into the restaurant and asks the bartender for a scotch.

Tucker sees him, and comes over to talk.

Devon comes to Society and sits at the bar, while Tucker sees him and comes over to talk

Devon says that he thought Tucker would leave town since things fell apart with Ashley.

Tucker asks for forgiveness, and hopes that he can talk with Devon.

Devon laughs and says that he won’t forgive Tucker.

Tucker and Devon talk at the bar

Tucker says that he’s there to help, and to listen if Devon needs to talk.

Devon says that if he’s learned anything, it’s to trust his instincts… And his instincts told him not to listen to Tucker’s lies.

Tucker peels off a bill from a billfold and gives it to the bartender. He says that this is to cover anything that Devon wants.

Tucker leans on the bar talking with Devon, who's sitting and having a drink

Tucker then says that he’s sticking around.

Devon downs the rest of his drink and tells the bartender to keep the change. He abruptly gets up and leaves the restaurant, letting Tucker stay behind at the bar.

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Devon comes back in to his apartment after having a drink and talking with Tucker.

Lily says that she and Jill have made a decision on Hamilton Winters.

In his apartment, Lily tells Devon that Jill and her have made up their mind about Hamilton-Winters

Jeremy’s Hotel Suite

Chance searches his suite, while Jeremy asks him what this is all about.

Chance says that his questions are answered in the warrant, and asks Jeremy where he’s been.

Jeremy says that he was in prison for 6 years.

Jeremy is dressed in a suit, and watches as Chance searches Jeremy's hotel suite

Chance asks him what brings him back to Genoa City.

Jeremy answers, saying it was a personal matter.

Chance is searching Jeremy’s bed, when he finds something under Jeremy’s mattress.

Chance finds a document under Stark's mattress

It’s a document, which Chance looks through. Building schematics for Chicago, North Shore.

Jeremy stammers and says that he doesn’t know what that is, maybe it was left there by the previous occupant.

Chance holds the blueprints that were found underneath Jeremy's mattress and confronts Jeremy with them

Chance says that a man his size wearing a black windbreaker was seen on video entering the Newman’s building in Chicago. He asks if Jeremy owns a black windbreaker.

Jeremy, flustered, says that he doesn’t know any Newmans.

Chance says that there were a pair of men’s reading glasses found at the scene of the crime, and they ran a fingerprint analysis on it, and guess what… The prints were Jeremy’s.

Jeremy Stark waves his arms as he talks with Chance Chancellor

Chance asks Jeremy if he minds if he searches him.

Jeremy says that he minds very much.

Chance says he should have read the warrant, he doesn’t have a choice, he’s going to search him anyhow.

Chance bags the evidence while Jeremy watches

Jeremy says he’s been set up, that he didn’t go to Chicago, he was home all night. He tells Chance to ask Diane about the documents, she was the one who must have left it there.

Chance doesn’t believe him.

Jeremy says that he’s there to collect money for a debt someone owes him, and there is no evidence to prove he was in Chicago.

Jeremy goes to open his hotel suite door to usher Chance out

Jeremy says that he’s not letting Chance search him, and he flings open the door, indicating that he wants Chance to leave.

Jack and Diane are standing in front of his door. They look shocked as the door opens in front of them.

Jeremy says that he didn’t buy her act for a minute, that she’s always been a lying snake.

Jeremy opens the door to find Jack and Diane there

Jack and Diane come inside, and while they do, Chance opens the bottom drawer of the dresser and finds a black windbreaker there.

Chance tells Jeremy that this is incriminating evidence, and asks Jack and Diane what they’re doing there.

Jack says they’re here to discuss Diane’s debt with Jeremy.

Chance holds Jeremy back as he lunges at Diane and Jack

Diane says that ever since he’s come to town, Jeremy has been stalking and harassing her.

Jeremy says that it’s all part of a scheme, they just came to his hotel suite to see if things went according to their plan. He lunges at Diane and Jack, and Chance has to hold him back.

Chance tells Jack and Diane that they should leave it to the police department now. He tells Jeremy that he has to search him now.

Jack and Diane, in Stark's hotel room, talk with Chance and Jeremy

Diane says that Jeremy is a menace and he keeps threatening her life.

Jeremy struggles, and as he does, Chance feels something in his inside jacket pocket.

Chance says, “What’s this?” and pulls the necklace out of Jeremy’s inside pocket.

He says, “That looks like evidence to me!”

Chance finds the necklace in Jeremy's pocket

Jeremy says that Diane brought the necklace to him that morning, she’s the thief.

Diane says that’s absurd, she hasn’t been to Chicago in years.

Chance asks where she was last night.

Jack and Diane talk with Chance and Jeremy

She says that she was with Jack all night.

Chance asks what her history with Jeremy is.

Diane says that Jeremy and her dated a while ago, and she found out that he was smuggling money and left him. She said that now he’s coming after her and claiming that she owes him money.

Chance talks to Jeremy while Jack and Diane listen in

Chance asks Jack if he can corroborate her story, and Jack says that as far as he knows, she’s telling the truth.

Jeremy says she’s full of crap, and she’s a filthy liar.

Chance says you’re a paroled ex-con in possession of stolen property, and explains how that’s a 10 year minimum sentence in the state of Wisconsin.

Jeremy says that Jack and Diane are both in on it. As he’s being taken away by Chance, he warns Diane to sleep lightly… She hasn’t seen the last of him!

Diane and Jack hug, glad it’s over.

Diane and Jack hug, looking relieved

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle calls Jack, who tells him that the plan is under way.

Kyle is on his phone with Jack

Kyle asks if he can help, and says that he wants more information on what’s happening.

Jack tells Kyle just to keep Summer calm, and that he can’t talk, but the plan is happening. He says he has to go, and hangs up the call.

Diane listens as Jack speaks on his cell to Kyle

Summer comes into Kyle’s office and asks if that was Jack on the phone.

Kyle says it was.

Summer says that she knows that he wants to protect Diane, but she wants to keep herself and Harrison out of it.

Kyle and Summer argue in Kyle's office

Kyle asks if she expects him to cut Diane out of his life, because he would never ask her to do the same to her mother.

Later on, Summer and Kyle are talking again.

Summer says, “Where does that leave us?”

Kyle says that Phyllis started it, and… He’s interrupted by a phone call. It’s Jack.

Kyle looks at his phone while he and Summer argue

Kyle says that Jack just told him that Stark is in custody. “It’s over.”

Summer turns away from him.

He asks what’s wrong, that now everything can go back to normal.

Summer talks with Kyle in his office

She says she knows.

Kyle asks what that’s supposed to mean.

Summer says that trouble and strife have followed Diane.

Summer turns away from Kyle

Kyle says that everyone’s been after Diane… Nikki, Ashley, Victor, Stark, they’ve all been after her.

Summer says that it’s because of things she’s done in the past. She says that Diane faked her death, left Kyle, and now she has to face those repercussions, and she’s dragging Jack down with her.

Kyle says she isn’t dragging his dad down.

Summer laughs ironically and says that that Jack was forced to steal an expensive necklace for Diane. She says that Kyle needs to see Diane who she is, and take her off a pedestal.

Summer is upset while she argues with Kyle

The Abbott Mansion

Diane and Jack come into the foyer of the Abbott house, smiling and laughing.

Diane and Jack laugh as they enter the Abbott mansion

Diane says that she can’t believe they pulled it off.

Jack is ebullient that Stark’s gone and out of their lives.

He makes a phone call to Nikki, and leaves her a message, saying that he heard about the robbery and has some news, and she should call him right away.

Jack calls Nikki

Diane says that without Jack, none of that would have happened with Jeremy, that Jack came up with a great plan and didn’t lose his cool when Chance was throwing questions at him.

Jack says he couldn’t lose it, because he had to focus on what really matters. Him and Diane.

They kiss.

Jack and Diane kiss in the foyer of the Abbott mansion