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Y&R Recap — Jan 17: Diane Plants a Kiss on Stark and Then Plants Evidence, Daniel Tells Phyllis to Get Anger Management, and Kyle & Summer Fight About Diane

Jeremy puts the necklace on Diane's neck

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, Jan 17, 2023 in the U.S. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Daniel tells his mom to get anger management, Sharon helps Chance with some soul-searching, and Kyle & Summer fight about Diane. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor gives Adam a warning, Tucker tries to reconcile with Devon, and Summer discovers Jack’s theft of Nikki’s necklace.

The Abbott Mansion

Diane comes downstairs and says that Jack looks like he got as much sleep as she did.

Diane and Jack talk while sitting on his couch

Jack says that he was up all night working on how to bring the Stark saga to a conclusion, and it’s taken a toll on him.

Diane says that she’s going to give the necklace to Jeremy, and then their plan will come into effect, ultimately leading to Jeremy going back to prison.

Jack takes her hand and tells her he knows how to speed things up.

Diane and Jack sit on the sofa in his living room, talking

Off-screen, Jack explains his plan to Diane. After, he asks her whether she thinks his plan will work, and she thinks it will.

Diane phones Jeremy, and after the call, Jack says that part one of the plan is complete, now it’s time for him to take care of his part.

In the Abbott living room, Diane talks on the phone with Jeremy while Jack watches in the background

Kyle and Summer come into the room, and Summer and him have a petty fight about a banana, of all things. He says he’ll catch

Summer notices that Diane is wearing the same clothes as she was wearing yesterday… Did she stay the night?

Summer talks with Diane and Jack while Kyle listens

Jack says that she did stay the night, in a guest room. He explains that Stark needed to believe she was in Chicago, so she stayed out of sight there.

Summer says, sarcastically, that they sure didn’t want anyone to find out that Jack was the one who actually stole the Nikki’s necklace.

Jack says that they were going to combine some steps of the plan to move things along.

Diane and Jack talk with Kyle and Summer in the Abbott living room

Kyle says that he’ll help any way he can.

Summer says that she doesn’t want to be a wet blanket, but Kyle and her can’t be part of any plans or schemes, and doesn’t want to know what laws they’re going to break next.

Diane reassures her that it’ll be fine, and apologizes for the disruption to their lives, but hopefully it’ll be over soon.

Summer and Kyle talk with Jack and Diane

Kyle asks how dangerous it is.

Jack say that everyone will escape unscathed except Jeremy.

Summer says that’s more than enough information, and says she has to get to work. She leaves, and Kyle throws up his hands and leaves after her. He picks up the banana and heads out.

Diane tells Jack that she wishes they could fix it.

Kyle takes his banana and leaves

Jack says that the way to solve it is to get Jeremy out of town.

Diane says, “Let’s do it. Let’s take him down.”


Phyllis comes into the restaurant to find Jeremy Stark sitting at a table having breakfast.

Jeremy Stark is sitting at a table in Society when Phyllis Summers walks in and sees him there

She asks him what type of game he’s playing, and he professes that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Phyllis says that he’s either playing Diane or… ?

Phyllis confronts Jeremy in the restaurant

Jeremy says, “Do you know what I find fun about you?”

Phyllis asks what?

Jeremy says, “Everything.”

Jeremy smiles at Phyllis as they sit across from each other.

Jeremy says that he was impressed with Phyllis from their first phone call about Diane’s whereabouts.

Phyllis scoffs.

He says he’ll have proof of Diane’s loyalty by the end of the day.

Phyllis asks what he means by that.

Phyllis sits at the table with Jeremy and talks with him

She says that she’d seen him and Diane together, and they looked really cozy.

Jeremy says that they’re getting close, but she needs to stop directing her anger at him.

She says that he’s not her target, it’s Diane. She says that she wants to drive Diane out of town.

Jeremy sardonically says, “You’re such an angel.”

Jeremy looks at his phone as he sits at the table with Phyllis

He says he’s impressed that Phyllis isn’t afraid of him, when his phone rings. It’s Diane.

Diane says she wants to tell him all about Chicago. Jeremy says he’s at Society, she can come and see him there.

Diane says she’d rather be somewhere less public, and they agree to meet in Jeremy’s hotel suite.

Jeremy hangs up the phone and says that as entertaining as Phyllis is, he has better places to be. He gets up to leave.

Phyllis talks to Jeremy

Phyllis says some snide remarks about how he’s going to see Diane, the one who is so afraid that he’s going to hurt her family?

He says it was a “slight misunderstanding” between him and Diane.

Phyllis says, “What do I have to say to you to make you tell me what Diane is up to?”

He says not to push it, he’s a better friend than an enemy. He leaves, and passes Daniel on the way out.

Jeremy leaves Phyllis at the table and passes Daniel, who's on his way in to see Phyllis

Phyllis says hello to Daniel and asks if he saw the guy who just left.

Daniel asks if she meant the guy in the suit that he just passed.

She tells him that Jeremy is a criminal who’s involved in Diane’s past. She says that first Diane was in fear of her life, and now she’s having a great time with Jeremy in the Glam Club.

Daniel Romalotti speaks with his mother, Phyllis, as they sit in Society at a table

Phyllis takes a drink and says, “And now something big is going to happen today!”

Daniel says that she’s got to stop with this constant hate-on she has for Diane.

She says that Diane is setting up some scheme, and she just can’t let it go.

Phyllis reacts to Daniel as they speak in Society

Phyllis says she used to be together with Jack, and they’d still be together, but Diane showed up. She explains that Diane is poisoning Jack’s mind toward her. She says she wants her gone. Really, really gone.

Daniel says that he knows that Phyllis will do everything to protect someone, and the ball’s in Jack’s court if Phyllis has warned him already.

Phyllis says that she can find the straw to break the camel’s back.

Daniel talks with Phyllis

Daniel says that he thinks he’s made a mistake.

Phyllis says “What do you mean by that?”

He says that he’s talking about the job at Omega Sphere. He says the job is supposed to be positive.

She gasps and asks if he’s accusing her of having negative energy, and is he firing her before the project starts?

Daniel animatedly talks with Phyllis

Daniel doesn’t say that she’s fired, but he says that she needs to tame her anger, and to ask herself, “Where are these feelings coming from, and are they making me a better person?

He leaves Phyllis alone in the restaurant. She’s stewing.

Tucker comes into the restaurant. He comes over to Phyllis and says, “What’s on your mind, sunshine?”

Tucker comes into Society and starts talking to Phyllis

She says, “You’ll do.”

He laughs and says that’s the strangest invitation he’s ever heard, but he sits down.

Phyllis launches into a diatribe. She asks what he thinks would happen to her if if she blackmailed and threatened the whole town and faked her death, but it turned out that in the end, she was alive and returned to town.

Phyllis talks to Tucker in Society

Then she says that “What if I then said that I had atoned for my sins, but really, I had a whole new batch of sins, and brought my whole criminal enterprise to town? Do you think I would be welcome back to this quaint little town?”

Tucker says that she’s not giving herself enough credit. That she’s charming, adept at making friends and influencing people.

Phyllis scoffs and says that nobody would give her the time of day, that she’d be tarred and feathered and ran out of town.

Tucker listens as Phyllis unloads on him

He says that her friends woulds support her.

Phyllis laughs and says that Diane has even conned the smartest men… Including him. She says he was using Diane to get to Ashley, and how’d that work out?

She says she doesn’t know who to trust. She says that Tucker, of all people, is the enlightened one.

He asks if she’s finished.

Phyllis talks with Tucker as they sit at a table in Society

She says no, she was taking a break because she was tired of talking.

He says he’ll remind her that the more at peace she is with life, the more things will go her way.

She says that doesn’t compute.

Tucker talks with Phyllis

He says her anger is going to eat her alive.

She asks him what happened to they guy who said, “I want to burn it all down.”

Crimson Lights

Sharon comes up to Chance who’s sitting at a table… “More Coffee?”

Sharon holds a pot of coffee while she talks to Chance, who's sitting at a table in the coffee shop

They joke and flirt a bit. Chance says he’s been soul searching and she wonders what he’s come up with.

She sits down, and they talk about his job. Chance asks about how much he’ll have to pay for her advice.

Sharon laughs and says that her friendly advice is free. She advises him to think deeper about his career.

Chance and Sharon sit at a table in the coffee shop, talking

He says that he didn’t always want to be a cop, that it came naturally after being in the army.

She asks what he liked about being in the army.

He says he liked the structure, and when he came back it just felt natural to join the Genoa City Police Department.

Sharon talks with Chance

Sharon asks what he likes about being a cop. Chance says he likes being “someone else for a while.”

She goes on to ask how much time he’s spent being himself and doing what he truly wants to do?

Sharon brings Chance a croissant. He laughs and said he didn’t ask for that.

Sharon brings Chance a croissant

She says it’s on the house, and they talk about his past a bit.

Chance says, “I wonder if I chose my life, or did my life choose me?”

He says he needs to think if he’s doing the things that make him happy.

Chance and Sharon talk

She asks what he thinks about going back to therapy.

He says he might consider it.

She says he might want to take a break from the police department.

Jack Abbott comes into Crimson Lights and talks with Sharon and Chance.

Jack comes in and Sharon greets him.

Jack asks for his usual, and while she goes to get it, Chance’s phone rings.

Chance says that it’s odd, it’s the Chicago Police Department. He answers the phone, while Jack looks on, concerned.

Chance is on the phone as he walks past Jack Abbott sitting at a table. Jack looks at him, worried.

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Y&R Comings and Goings

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Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle and Summer arrive at Jabot, and Kyle asks if they can talk about what happened at home.

Summer is thankful that he wants to talk about Jack and Diane, and she tells Kyle that they can’t be part of it anymore. She says that when she heard that Jack broke into Nikki’s house and stole her necklace, that was the last straw.

Kyle is upset, and asks Summer to acknowledge that she’s a part of his stress.

Kyle and Summer fight in Jabot's lobby

Kyle says they were a team, that it was them against the world, and now he feels like he’s in a tug-of-war with his parents on one side and her on the other.

Summer says that she’s bent over backward for Diane, invited her into her home and workplace, but won’t back down when she wants to make Kyle an accomplice to her criminal activities.

She tells him that things with his mother are going to blow up, and if he can’t see it, he’s blind, or he’s fooling himself.

Summer and Kyle argue in Jabot's lobby

Daniel walks in, and sees them fighting.

He asks if a bomb went off, and Kyle walks off, saying he’ll leave her to talk to Daniel.

Daniel asks Summer if she wants to talk about what he just interrupted.

Daniel comes to the lobby of Jabot and talks with Summer and Kyle

Summer says that it’s about Kyle’s mom, Diane… That’s all they fight about these days.

He says that he wants to talk about their mom, Phyllis. He tells Summer that he told Phyllis to take her anger down a couple of notches, or they couldn’t work together.

Summer says that’s why she fired her, that Phyllis was spinning out of control. She says that she wishes she knew how to help their mother.

Summer and Kyle talk in Jack's office at Jabot

She says that they just have to hope that Phyllis doesn’t pull everyone into the path of her whirling tornado.

Kyle is pacing in the lobby while she’s talking with Daniel.

Daniel says he hopes she’ll figure it out. He says that he’ll call her later, and leaves. He says goodbye to Kyle as he goes by.

Summer talks with Daniel

Kyle says that her comment about someone pulling everyone into the path of their tornado… Was that about his mother, or theirs?

Summer says she was talking about her and Daniel’s mother, Phyllis, but the same could apply to Diane.

Kyle says it’s not a fair comparison. His phone pings, it’s Victor.

Kyle holds his phone as he talks to Summer

He says it’s her grandfather, who wants him to drop by the ranch so he can follow up on the conversation he had with him about Adam.

Kyle says the last thing he wants to do is to cause problems for Adam at Jabot, he just wants his mother to get through the plan unharmed.

Jeremy’s Apartment

Diane comes in and gives Jeremy the diamond necklace.

He says it’s perfect, but wants to know how he can be sure it’s really Nikki’s.

Diane and Jeremy look at the necklace while they stand in his hotel suite

She says there are many pictures of her wearing it to the opening gala of a museum, as well as other parties where she was wearing it. She shows Jeremy the tag on it, which has Nikki’s initials.

Jeremy asks her to tell him the entire thing… How she stole it.

Diane says that she needed the combination to the safe, and after long hard thought, she decided to use their first wedding anniversary… And that’s how she got into the safe.

Jeremy and Diane talk in his hotel room

Jeremy says “and now it’s here”. He says he’s impressed, and she’s far exceeded his wildest expectations. He says that it’s the beginning something new for the two of them.

He says that they have to branch out, and they should start stealing from the rich people all around them. He says that they should start with Phyllis… Rob her blind.

She says that the police would suspect her if everyone around her started losing jewellery.

Diane and Jeremy look at the necklace

He says that Abbotts have lots of goodies, they should focus on them.

She says she won’t steal from her family.

He sighs, and says for her to turn around. She hesitates.

He asks if she doesn’t trust him, that he just wants to repay her for a job well done.

Jeremy puts the necklace on Diane's neck

She turns around, nervously.

He puts the necklace around her neck and says she should think of him whenever she wears it. He says that she’s done everything he wants, except for one thing. They should seal their new partnership with a kiss.

Diane kisses Jeremy and says she forgot how much she missed that.

Diane kisses Jeremy

Jeremy says I wouldn’t mind having a glass or two… Afterwards. He starts undoing his shirt and tie, and Diane starts taking off the necklace and dress.

Jeremy says to let him help her, and kisses her neck.

She starts coughing and says she’s allergic to his cologne.

Diane feigns an allergy to Jeremy's cologne, coughing when he kisses her neck.

He says he’ll take a quick shower.

She says she’ll make it worth his while, and Jeremy heads into the washroom, and the sound of the shower comes on.

Diane gets something out of her purse while Jeremy has left the room

Diane starts pulling items out of her bag, and puts something in the bottom drawer of his dresser, as well as tucking an envelope under his mattress.

Diane tucks a document under the mattress in Jeremy's hotel suite

Crimson Lights

Back at the coffee shop, Jack’s phone pings. It’s a text from Diane.

“It’s all set.”

Jack, sitting at Crimson Lights, gets a text message from Diane. "All set."