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Y&R Recap — Jan 16, 2023: Victor Gives Adam a Warning, Tucker Tries to Reconcile with Devon, and Summer Discovers Jack’s Theft

Adam and Billy argue, while Abby separates the two of them

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, Jan 16, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Devon makes a painful decision and Victor tries to repair his relationship with Adam. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor asked Kyle about Adam’s job at Jabot, Nate found out that Audra had omitted getting fired from Chancellor-Winters, and Tucker came begging at Ashley’s door .


Victor Newman is sitting alone at a table in the restaurant, and Adam gets up from the bar and comes up to talk to him.

Victor is looking at his phone while sitting at a table in Society, when Adam comes to speak with him

Adam asks Victor what kind of collusion was going on with him and Kyle, as they’d just had a meeting.

Victor says that he was talking about to Kyle about family issues, and asked Kyle how Adam was doing at Jabot.

Adam asks what he’s up to, asking questions like that.

Victor and Adam talk while sitting at a table in the restaurant

Victor says that it hurts him a great deal that Adam is trying to cut ties with his family.

Adam says that he’s different than the rest of the family.

Victor says that he hopes that Adam doesn’t have the same problem with Connor, what would he think if Connor shut him out of his life?

Adam pulls a face while he talks to his father, Victor Newman

Adam says that would never happen.

Victor says that his father was a “bastard”, and look how it made him. He doesn’t want this to happen with Adam, and wants to remain close.

Adam says that he understands that Victor had to overcome a lot to get where he is, but he’s a ruthless business man who doesn’t put family first.

Victor leans in as he listens to Adam

Victor says that he’s always put family first.

Adam says that he doesn’t see that, that he thinks Victor is a hypocrite.

Victor says that he’s tried to protect and educate Adam, to give him the tools to deal with what life throws at him.

Adam says that life only seems to throw Victor at him.

Adam looks at his father, Victor, as they talk in the restaurant

Victor retorts that he only hopes that Adam won’t know what it feels like if his child tells him to go to tell.

Adam says that Victor only thinks about himself.

Victor says that of course it’s about him, it’s about Adam too. He wants to raise Adam, and asks what it will take for Adam to come to his senses.

Victor gets up and leaves Adam at the table.

Victor leaves Adam at the dinner table in Society

Glam Club

Diane and Jeremy are sitting at a table talking.

Diane says that she should get going to Chicago.

Jeremy says that he’s really impressed with her plan to steal a necklace from Nikki Newman.

Diane and Jeremy Stark smile as they talk while sitting in the Glam Club

He says that he wants to see her work in person, and says that he should come with Diane to Chicago to help her.

Diane says that Jeremy doesn’t have to come with her, it’s a one-person job, that he was the one who told her not to throw unknown variables into a pre-set plan.

Jeremy presses to come with her, and Diane asks him what he’s after.

Jeremy Stark and Diane Jenkins talk in the Glam Club

Jeremy says that it sounds like Diane doesn’t trust him.

Diane says that he made a decision to ask her to prove herself, and he needs to wait to see the results.

She says that she can’t wait to give him a tribute to show her loyalty.

Diane talks with Jeremy in the Glam Club

He agrees, and says, “The robbery is yours… But, why don’t we go back for a little nightcap up to my room?”

Diane plants a kiss on his cheek and says she’s on a tight schedule, but will let him know the minute she gets back. She leaves the club.

Diane kisses Jeremy's cheek as she leaves

The Abbott Mansion

Summer comes downstairs from tucking Harrison in, and says that she’s still getting used to the idea of sticking around Genoa City instead of going to Paris. She asks Kyle about his meeting with Victor.

Kyle says that he’s not sure exactly what Victor wants him to do, but he wants Adam to have an “epic failure” that would result in Adam being fired from Jabot.

Summer expresses concern when she talks to Kyle in their living room

Summer says that she can’t believe that Victor would ask him to do something like that.

Kyle says that he thinks that Victor wants to bring Adam back into the fold, and that he didn’t exactly agree, but he didn’t say no to Victor’s “request”.

They talk about Kyle’s father, Jack, and how he should be back soon.

Diane talks with Summer and Kyle in the living room of the Abbott mansion

Diane comes in from outside, and says that Jeremy threw a wrench into her plans, but she handled it.

Summer says that she’s worried about Jeremy, and says that Diane looked like she thought someone was following her. She says that she’s scared for Harrison’s safety.

Diane says that if all goes to plan, she can put that piece of her past behind her.

Diane talks with Kyle and Summer

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Crimson Lights

Lily laughs as she talks with Daniel in the coffee shop

Lily talks with Daniel, apologizing for talking his ear off earlier, even though she initially said she didn’t want to talk.

She says she feels like she can share with him.

He laughs and says he feels the same way.

Lily looks up as Billy and Chelsea walk into the coffee shop

Billy and Chelsea walk into the coffee shop together, smiling, when they see Daniel and Lily laughing and talking.

All four stop talking and look at each other.

Chelsea and Billy look at Daniel and Lily

Billy goes up to the counter and makes an order for coffee, and Chelsea comes over and says hello to Lily and Daniel.

Chelsea asks if Daniel will be around for a while or is just visiting, and he explains that he’s working, so that’ll keep him busy in town.

Chelsea says that it must be exciting for him to switch to video game design.

Chelsea says hello to Lily and Daniel

Daniel says it is, and says that Chloe mentioned that Chelsea and Chloe are no longer partners.

Chelsea says that they’re still good friends, even if they don’t work together. She asks how Lucy is.

Daniel says she’s on a “grand adventure” with her mother.

Chelsea smiles at she talks with Daniel

Billy and Lily both look uncomfortable.

Billy says he’s gonna take off and to enjoy the rest of their night. Billy and Chelsea leave.

Daniel “That was very… Pleasant.”

Daniel talks with Lily after Chelsea and Billy leave

Lily says that Billy probably told Chelsea everything.

Daniel asks if she’s OK. She shakes her head and says she should go. She heads out of the coffee shop, leaving Daniel at the table.

Devon’s Apt

Abby sits at the table while Devon fills a glass of wine.

He comes and sits down at the table, and they joke around and hold hands.

Abby sits at Devon's table while he gets a glass of wine

Devon says that he’s feeling really good having her there, and begins to talk about how things fell apart at the company.

He tells Abby that he wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters, and he doesn’t want the company in strangers’ hands like it would be if it went public.

He’s talking about his conversation with Lily, and says how she compared him to Victor.

Abby says that they were both upset, Lily didn’t mean it.

Abby and Devon hold hands as they sit at the dinner table in his living room

Devon says that it made him rethink everything when he saw the business being pulled in a different direction than he wanted.

Abby says that he has to remember that she’s his sister, and this is nothing like the situation with Tucker.

Devon’s phone pings. It’s Tucker texting him and asking to meet. Devon says that he doesn’t want to see Tucker.

Devon gets a text message from Tucker. "Please give me 10 minutes. That's all I ask."

Abby says she thinks he should meet with him, face to face, and tell him that he wants nothing to do with him, or he’ll never leave Devon alone.

Devon texts back and agrees to meet.

Tucker comes by a few minutes later, and Abby leaves, telling Devon she’s going to the restaurant and to call her.

Devon lets Tucker into his penthouse, and Tucker sees Abby, who is preparing to leave

Tucker says that he knows that Devon is angry and hurt, and he can’t blame him. He says he wants to be perfectly honest with him.

Devon says that he never was honest, that’s the whole problem. Devon says that Audra was in charge of preparing their IPO, and wants to know what Tucker has to say.

Tucker says that he wants to explain what he wanted.

Tucker speaks with Devon while standing in Devon's living room

Tucker says that when Devon first found out about Tucker being his biologic father, he didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Devon says that’s right, but what’s his point?

Tucker says that he wanted to be a positive presence in his life, and to show up when he could. He says that he encouraged Devon to get surgery for his hearing loss.

Tucker and Devon speak while standing in Devon's living room

Tucker says that a relationship started to form between them, and it was a positive step when they produced the song together.

He says that he wants that type of collaboration again, but it doesn’t have to be in a studio, it’d be nice to work with him in a corporate setting.

Tucker goes on to say that he wanted to work with Ashley and Devon, with Ashley running Jabot, while Devon ran Chancellor-Winters. He says that he wants to work side-by-side with the two people who mean the most to him.

Devon listens as Tucker talks

Devon says that he thinks that sounds really nice, but Tucker won’t get any of those things by acting the way he did.

Tucker says, “In my heart…”

Devon interrupts him and says that Tucker wanted to get closer to him, but he’s done the opposite and pushed Devon and Ashley away from him.

Tucker hangs his head as Devon berates him

He says that Tucker wanted everything, but now he’s ended up with nothing.

Tucker drops his head and says that he needs to make some changes.

Devon says that he needs to get out of his house.

Devon tells Tucker off

Tucker says “Tell me how to fix this.”

Devon tells him that he should leave town, he should have never come in the first place.

Tucker leaves, and stands outside the door, running his hands through his hair. He looks frustrated.

Tucker stands in the hallway outside Devon's penthouse, running his hands through his hair and looking frustrated

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes in, and sees Diane, Summer, and Kyle in the living room.

Jack reaches into a case while Diane, Summer, and Kyle look on

Jack reaches into a bag and retrieves the stolen necklace. He holds it up and says that it’s a real piece of art.

Summer says that she recognizes it, her grandfather bought it for her grandmother.

Jack looks surprised as he holds the necklace. He, Diane, and Kyle look at Summer as she recognizes the necklace.

Kyle explains that it’s for Jeremy Stark, and they’re going to use it to manipulate Jeremy Stark.

Summer wonders how Jack got his hands on it, that her grandmother wouldn’t just give it to him.

Jack’s face drops, and Summer says, “YOU STOLE IT?”

Summer is incredulous that Jack stole the necklace

He admits to it, but says that they’ll give it back as soon as they’re done with Stark.

Summer says that she’s worried that they’re going to get caught for it. She gets angry and runs out of the room.

Kyle says that he’ll fix the problem, and he goes after Summer.

Diane says she didn’t want to cause any drama, and didn’t expect this to happen.

Jack looks at Summer as she figures out he stole the necklace


Adam is sitting at the bar, and Billy walks in and sits across from him. Billy asks the bartender for a scotch.

Adam gets up and prepares to leave, but then thinks again and comes over to Billy.

Billy says he doesn’t want to get into it.

Billy sits across the bar from Adam in Society

Adam says that he doesn’t want to engage, but he has to.

Billy asks what he’s talking about.

Adam says that he knows that Billy was instrumental with helping Chelsea get through things, but now he’s getting off on being Chelsea’s saviour, and that Billy should just leave Chelsea alone.

Adam and Billy square off and yell at each other

Adam gets up into Billy’s face, and Billy leaps off his chair and pushes back.

Billy says, “Adam, are you not hearing me? I said BACK OFF!”

Billy questions that Adam is pissed off that he’s supporting Chelsea.

Billy and Adam have a shouting match in the middle of the restaurant

Adam yells back, and they argue loudly.

Abby comes up to them and separates them, telling them to keep it down.

Adam and Billy argue, while Abby separates the two of them

Adam turns around and leaves the restaurant, angry.

Chelsea’s apartment

Chelsea is remembering her time with Billy as she covered him up after the movie.

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Adam.

She sees the look on his face and asks what’s wrong.

Adam shows up at Chelsea's apartment. She answers the door.

He says he’s there to check on her.

She says that he shouldn’t pretend to check on her when something else is on his mind.

She says that if he wants to talk, he needs to make it quick, she wants to go to bed.

Adam talks to Chelsea in her apartment

He looks around and asks if she was watching a movie.

She says yes, but it’s late, and she thinks he should go.

Adam says OK. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and he leaves.

Adam looks thoughtful as he stands in the hallway outside Chelsea's apartment

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane are alone in the living room.

Jack says that to Diane that Kyle can smooth things over with Summer.

Diane thanks him for everything he’s done, and says that she won’t be able to sleep tonight from worry and excitement.

Jack and Diane talk in the living room of the Abbott mansion

Jack says that she has to be utterly convincing, or Stark won’t believe her. He says there’s a level of courage in her that he never expected, and he finds it very attractive.

Diane looks into Jack's eyes as they talk

They kiss deeply, and Diane throws her arms around his neck as they do.

Jack and Diane kiss