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Y&R Recap — Jan 13: Victor Asks Kyle to Sabotage Adam’s Job, Nate Finds Out About Audra’s Lies, and Tucker Comes Begging at Ashley’s Door

Tucker brushes by Nate as he leaves Audra's

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, Jan 13, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Ashley tells Tucker she’s leaving for Paris, Audra’s lies are exposed to Nate, and Victor asks Kyle about Adam’s job at Jabot. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chelsea & Billy got closer after his split with Lily, Chloe left a surprise for Nick to find in Sally’s Suite, and Lily told Daniel she’s got his back.


Nick and Sally sit at a table, and Sally says that she’s gonna pass on the drinks, she wants to get a good night’s rest and wants to wake up refreshed for her meeting with Jill.

Nick says she seems nervous, but she looks great. He says it’s probably his fault that she’s nervous, that he came and asked her out to dinner and interrupted her with Chloe.

Sally looks concerned as she speaks with Nick while sitting at a table in Society

Sally takes his hand and tells him that she’s really happy, and there’s no one else she’d rather spend the night with than him.

At that moment, Adam shows up and sees them holding hands.

Adam comes into the restaurant and sees Sally and Nick holding hands

Adam smiles and nods at them, and heads to sit down at the bar.

Sally says that that was surprisingly non-confrontational, and continues to look over the menu. She asks what Nick’s interested in to eat.

He says he wants to go somewhere else, he saw how she looked when Adam came in.

Sally looks at Adam as she sits at the table with Nick

Sally says that they should stay, and just ignore him.

She asks Nick for some ideas on how to impress Jill.

Nick says that Jill doesn’t take BS, so don’t try to lie. If she asks something that Sally can’t answer, just let her know that she doesn’t know, but knows how to get the answer.

Adam sits at the bar and watches Sally and Nick talk

Nick’s phone pings, it’s Christian’s nanny. He sends a response, and while he’s doing that, Adam and Sally share a look.

Nick says that he expects Jill and Sally’s meeting will go over really well, that Jill probably sees herself in Sally.

Nick compliments Sally and tells her how good she looks.

Sally says that she’s changed her mind… Maybe they should go, she has an urgent desire to get him alone.

Sally and Nick smile as they talk

Kyle walks into the restaurant as Sally and Nick are leaving. He sees Adam and comes up to say hi.

Adam asks why he’s there.

Kyle says that he knows why Adam’s upset, that Sally’s chosen the “superior brother”.

Victor comes in, and says hello to Kyle and Adam, and asks Kyle if he’s ready to talk.

Victor comes into the restaurant and sees Kyle speaking with Adam

Adam, surprised, asks if they’re meeting.

Kyle says yes, and he and Victor get a table together.

Victor asks how things are at Marchetti.

Kyle says things are good there.

Kyle and Victor sit at a table in Society and talk

Victor asks about Harrison and Summer.

Kyle says they’re good, but he doubts that’s what Victor is there to talk about.

Victor agrees and says that he has more important things to talk about… He asks how Adam is doing at Jabot.

Victor Newman talks with Kyle Abbott

Kyle says that Adam is doing alright at Jabot, but he doesn’t look too sure about it.

Victor says that neither Kyle nor his father are happy with Adam is working Jabot. He asks if Kyle would like to do something about that.

Sitting at the bar in Society, Adam watches Kyle and Victor talk  at a table

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Audra’s Hotel Suite

Audra is on the phone, and says to the person on the other end that she’s happy to come onboard with Newman Media.

Audra is on the phone in her hotel suite

There’s a knock at the door, and she excuses herself from the phone.

It’s Tucker, and he comes in, telling her that she’s failed him, and that she’s screwed up her relationship with Devon.

Audra says that sounds like a threat.

Tucker stands with his hands behind his back as he talks with Audra in her hotel suite

Audra says that Tucker’s phone notification sound was the same, and that’s what set Devon off, it wasn’t her fault.

She says that Devon knew when he came to town that Tucker was coming after his company. She says that this time, Devon was smarter than Tucker.

Tucker sits in an armchair, looking upset as he talks with Audra

Tucker says that Devon won’t return his calls and he’s been cut off from his grandson.

He says that he just wants to work side-by-side with him, that he didn’t want to steal anything from him, and that it went sideways, just like it did with Ashley.

Audra says, “Do you want me to beg you to not be angry with you? I’m through with you too.”

Nate shows up at Audra's door and sees her with Tucker

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nate. Audra lets him in.

Nate comes in and sees Tucker. He asks if there’s a problem.

Tucker says he was just leaving, and heads out the door.

Tucker brushes by Nate as he leaves Audra's

Nate says that he never knew that Audra knew Tucker McCall… What did he just walk into?

Audra says she’s sorry he had to see any of that.

Nate says that if they’re going to be working together, that he wants her to tell him about her relationship with Devon’s father, Tucker.

Nate looks concerned as he talks with Audra in her hotel suite

She says that Tucker was there to berate her. She comes clean and says that she was supposed to help him take over Chancellor-Winters when it went public.

Nate asks when she forged an alliance with Tucker. She says it was a long time ago, that he paid off her student loans, and that she had come to Genoa City as his Trojan horse.

She says that Devon found out about her relation with Tucker and let her go from Chancellor-Winters.

Audra and Nate sit in her living room and talk

Nate says that she should have told him that when she said her job was finished, that it was because she was let go from Chancellor-Winters.

She says it was a lie of omission.

Nate says it’s still a lie.

She says that she’s sorry, it was foolish of her, but she wanted to land on her feet and prove her worth.

Audra speaks with Tucker in her hotel suite

Nate says he hired her without knowing all the facts, and that doesn’t make him look good.

She says that she’s finished with Tucker, and that her business acumen should speak for itself. She says she would understand if he rescinds the offer of the position at Newman Media.

Nate sits and talks with Audra in her hotel suite

Nate says that if he’d stayed his course at Chancellor-Winters, that it would have ruined Tucker’s plan.

Audra says that you play to win, or you’ve already lost.

Nate says that his offer still stands for her to be his COO.

Crimson Lights

Diane and Kyle are sitting having a coffee, and they’re discussing Summer going to Paris.

Diane tells Kyle that Jack should be on his way to Nikki’s place, and will have Nikki’s expensive jewellery in hand soon.

Kyle and Diane talk while having a coffee at Crimson Lights

She explains that she’ll give it to Jeremy, and they’ll be able to move on to the next stage of their plan.

Kyle asks if she thinks Jeremy will go for it, and says that he hates every part of the plan, and hates that Diane seems to be getting a kick out of it.

Diane says that she’s not excited about it, she used to thrill to the game, but she’s not getting sucked into Jeremy’s mindset. She says it’s just about shutting him down once and for all.

Kyle talks with Diane in the coffee shop

Kyle says that he’s happy to hear that.

Diane says she has to go, she’s meeting Jeremy for drinks.

Kyle tells her to be careful, and she reassures him that she’s got it under control.

Diane puts on her coat with Kyle's help as she gets ready to meet Jeremy Stark

Kyle takes a quick phone call, and Tucker walks into the coffee shop. Kyle asks if Tucker is leaving town anytime soon.

Tucker says that he abandoned any interest he had in Jabot, but he hasn’t given up on Ashley yet.

Kyle says too bad, that she’s heading to Paris tonight.

Tucker and Kyle talk in the coffee shop

The Glam Club

Jeremy is sitting waiting in the club when Diane comes in.

They kiss, and Jeremy asks how things are going, that it’s time for her to share details.

Diane meets Jeremy at the Glam Club

She sits down, and Phyllis walks in behind them and sees them talking together.

Phyllis takes a video on her phone as she watches them from afar.

Jeremy says that he is impatient, and detests being left in suspense. He asks for more information.

Phyllis sees Diane and Jeremy at the Glam Club

Diane says that she will indulge him. She says she’s headed to Chicago tonight, and will present him tomorrow with some expensive, stolen jewellery.

He asks who she’s stealing from.

She says Nikki Newman. She explains that they dug into her life and tried to frame her. She says a little payback would be nice.

Diane speaks with Jeremy Stark as they sit in the Glam Club

Phyllis is too far away to hear what they’re saying, but she has video of them together. She leaves the club without Diane or Jeremy seeing her.

Jeremy tells Diane that if she can deliver, he’ll be very impressed. He says that a heist like that will be difficult to take on her own.

She says that it’s difficult, but not impossible.

Diane and Jeremy talk at the Glam Club

He says that he wants to know how she plans to pull it off.

Diane tells him not to underestimate her.

She says that no one is more of an insider than her. She asks him to give her a little credit.

Diane smiles as she looks at Jeremy

He says she’s intoxicating as ever, but he’s not sure if he can trust her.

She says that he’ll find out tomorrow.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley is packing up when Tucker knocks at the door.

She answers the door and says that he’s wasting his time, she’s leaving for Paris.

He says that he wants her to hear him out, that he hates the way things ended between them. He asks that she just listen to what he has to say.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Ashley in the foyer of the Abbott mansion

Tucker comes in and she tells him to make it quick, she’s got to leave for the airport soon.

Tucker says that he meant to make everything better for her, he never meant anything bad to happen.

She says she didn’t hear an apology.

He says that he didn’t mean to hurt her, and he’s sorry. He says that he desperately wants her happiness.

Ashley walks into the living room, away from Tucker, as they talk

Ashley says, “That’s it?”

He says that he never planned to take Jabot away from her or her family, and that he just wanted to make her the star of her own company.

He says that she didn’t deserve to be in Jack’s shadow.

Ashley gestures as she speaks with Tucker in the living room

She asks if he was making decisions for her then? She’s perfectly capable of making them on her own.

Tucker says there’s more between them, and he knows that she thinks he’s playing her, but the connection they have can’t be faked.

He says that his feelings for her are profound, and asks that if she feels anything for him at all, shouldn’t they try to find their way back to each other?

Tucker looks concerned as he speaks with Ashley

He asks her to stay in town and give them a chance.

Ashley says that it’s complicated, that she does still have feelings for him.

She says that even though she was feeling a connection between them, her instincts told her not to trust him, and her instincts were dead right.

Ashley and Tucker talk in her living room. Ashley is very upset with him.

He says everything’s out in the open now, things have changed.

Ashley says that he chose not to be straight with her, and she can’t wait to get on the plane so she doesn’t have to look at him again.

Tucker asks how long she’ll be gone, and Ashley tells him that’s none of his business. She says it’ll be nice not to think about him.

Ashley holds the door as Tucker leaves

He says he’ll be thinking about her.

She says her car will be there any minute, and says that if he has any respect for her, that he should just leave now.

Tucker stands outside the Abbott mansion, thinking

Crimson Lights

Phyllis comes into the coffee shop and sits down with Nikki.

Nikki asks her why she wanted to meet, is it about Diane?

Phyllis sits with Nikki at a table in Crimson Lights while they talk

Phyllis says that it is indeed about Diane. She saw her making out with Jack and cozying up with him.

Nikki says that one of these days, Jack will realize that he’s being duped, and will regret it.

Nikki talks with Phyllis while they have a coffee

Phyllis says that’s not all… She just saw him with Jeremy Stark, and she was looking “way less than terrified with him.”

She shows Nikki the video of Jeremy and Diane talking and laughing, and asks Nikki how they can get rid of Diane once and for all.

Nikki looks at the video that Phyllis took of Diane and Jeremy

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Nick and Sally arrive back at Sally’s room. Sally says they should have never left in the first place, and Nick laughs, agreeing.

Sally and Nick talk closely, smiling at each other while she takes off his jacket

She takes off Nick’s coat, and says that she’s going to keep going, piece by piece, until everything he’s wearing is on the floor.

Nick says he likes how her mind works, and begins kissing her neck.

Sally smiles as Nick kisses her neck

Sally smiles while Nick is kissing her neck, until she notices the neonatal vitamins that Chloe left on the coffee table. Her smile drops off her face.

Sally says that they should have a shower together. She tells him to go turn on the water, and she’ll be there in a minute.

She quickly grabs the vitamins and shoves them in her bag.

Sally hides the neonatal vitamins in her purse

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