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Y&R Recap – Fri May 5: Devon’s Mom Surprises Him at Neil’s Tribute, Connor Learns About His New Sister, and Abby & Ashley Argue About Tucker Moving In

Connor looks at Adam with concern.

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, May 5 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last Episode

Elena talks passionately with Nate.

On the last episode of Y&R, Elena tossed a drink in Nate’s face after confronting him in L.A., Daniel threatened to go to the cops, and Diane was released on bail.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily walks in and smiles at the pictures of Neil around the lounge.

Lily smiles as she looks over the photographs of Neil.

She thinks back to a time when she talked with Neil about how busy their lives were.

In a flashback, Neil asked for her to spend the day with her.

Daniel walks in and Lily asks why he’s there… She says he shouldn’t be there.

Daniel looks confused as he talks with Lily.

Devon & Abby’s Apartment

Abby comes into the apartment and says she’s spent the day getting Neil’s celebration ready.

She asks if Devon’s ready for it.

Abby smiles as she talks with Devon.

Devon says he’s ready, and tells her about Tucker’s tribute that he wanted to make.

Abby asks what it was about, and Devon says that it’s a Jazz Festival, but he told Tucker that it was too much to drop at the celebration, and could overshadow it.

Devon says he invited Tucker to come anyhow, even though he won’t make the announcement.

Devon talks with Abby.


Ashley says she hopes that Devon realizes that Tucker wants to reconnect with him.

Ashley and Tucker sit at a table in the restaurant and talk.

Tucker says that they’ll have to wait and see how Devon handles it, but he thinks it’s worth a chance.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea meets with Adam, and she asks him what he wanted to meet about.

Adam says he wants to talk to her about the baby… He’s having a little girl.

Adam brings Chelsea a coffee as they talk.

Chelsea is happy to hear he’s having a daughter.

Adam says he thinks it’s time they tell Connor about the baby.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Sally rubs her tummy and says “Hello to you too, baby girl!”

Sally rubs her tummy.

She flashes back to Victor telling her that he wants the baby to grow up at the Newman Ranch, but doesn’t want Sally to stay in town.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nick.

He comes in and gives Sally a kiss.

Nick kisses Sally as he comes into her room.

He asks how she’s doing after meeting with Victor.

Sally says that it wasn’t what she expected.

Nick wants to hear everything they discussed.

Nick talks with Sally.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Lily says that Daniel should leave, she didn’t think he’d come tonight.

Daniel is confused and asks why.

Lily looks uncomfortable as she talks with Daniel.

Lily says that his mother collapsed there.

Daniel says he’s happy to be there.

Devon & Abby’s Apartment

Abby tells Devon that it was generous of him to invite Tucker to the tribute.

Abby smiles as she talks with Devon.

Devon says that it sounds like Tucker is sticking around town.

Abby says that Victor is probably pleased with taking over Tucker’s company.

Devon says it sounds like it.

Devon talks with Abby in the living room.

Abby hopes that Tucker will step up and be a father figure, maybe he deserves a second chance.

Devon says that’d be nice and she’s not the only one who thinks Tucker is redeemable.

Abby asks who else thinks that.

Devon says that Ashley asked Tucker to move in, and she should talk to her mom to find out all the details.

Abby reacts to Devon as he tells her about Tucker moving in with Ashley.


Ashley says that she’s really proud of Tucker for taking the steps to reunite with Devon.

Tucker asks if she’s heard anything from Abby.

Ashley and Tucker sit and talk.

At that moment, Ashley’s phone pings. It’s Abby, asking her to come over ASAP.

Tucker says that Abby knows about Ashley asking him to move in.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Sally asks how Nick found out about her and Victor’s heart-to-heart.

Sally sits and talks with Nick in her hotel room.

Nick says that Adam let him know what was going on, and that they’re both concerned for her.

Sally laughs and says that she’s surprised he didn’t come storming down to Society to confront Victor.

Nick says that he wanted to, but Adam stopped him.

He asks if Victor threatened her.

Nick sits on the couch arm and talks with Sally.

Sally says he was friendly at first, and it didn’t take long for him to drop the act.

She says that eventually, Victor laid out his real agenda… Victor will do whatever it takes to keep her away from Nick, Adam, and the rest of his “precious” family.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea asks Adam if Sally is on board with Connor learning about his new sister.

Adam sits and talks with Chelsea.

Adam says that Sally was the one who brought it up.

Chelsea asks how they should approach it with Connor.

Adam says that he remembers Chelsea telling him that Connor will be an amazing big brother.

Chelsea talks with Adam.

Chelsea says that they need to make sure that Connor knows that they won’t love him any less.

Adam asks when they should approach Connor about it.

Chelsea says that Connor will be back from soccer practice, and there’s no time like the present.

Adam smiles as he talks with Chelsea.

Devon & Abby’s Apartment

Ashley comes into the apartment, and Abby asks her what she could possibly be thinking by moving Tucker in with her.

Abby gives Ashley a piece of her mind.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Devon comes into the lounge and hugs Lily.

Lily asks him if he’s ready for the tribute.

Devon hugs Lily tightly.

Devon says he is, though he might be emotional. He can’t believe how much time has gone by since Neil passed away.

Lily says it feels like it just happened yesterday.

Devon says he wants to tell Neil some things.

Lily says he can tell him tonight, she’s sure he’s listening.

Daniel looks on as Lily talks with Devon.

Devon & Abby’s Apartment

Ashley tells Abby that she wasn’t ready to see Tucker go and that’s why she asked him to move in with her.

Abby says she thinks it’s ridiculous that Ashley asked Tucker to stay.

Ashley and Abby talk.

Ashley says that Tucker tries to do the right thing, but always does the wrong thing.

Abby says that it’s ridiculous. She can’t believe Ashley has asked Tucker to move into their family’s home.

She says that Ashley is doing it because of Jack.

Abby talks with her mother.

Ashley says it’s not because of Jack.

Abby says she thinks Ashley is going to regret it.

Ashley says that she hopes not, but wants to make sure it doesn’t come between them.

Ashley closes her eyes in frustration as she talks with Abby.

They hug, and Abby agrees it won’t.

Ashley leaves and says she’ll see Abby at the tribute.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Mariah shows up to the tribute, and Lily congratulates her on her new baby.

Mariah talks with Lily and Daniel.

Mariah meets Daniel for the first time and says it must be weird that she looks exactly like Cassie.

Daniel says it’s not too weird. He asks if either of them would like a drink.

Mariah defers, and Lily says she’ll have a glass of wine. Daniel leaves to get her a drink.

Sharon talks with Mariah and Lily.

Sharon says that neither Faith nor Moses can make it to the tribute.

Victor and Nikki talk about how Neil was a true friend.

Devon says the feeling was mutual, and gives Nikki a kiss on the cheek.

Nikki and Victor talk with Devon.

He thanks them for making the lounge what it is.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Sally says she’s ok telling him about Victor, but wonders if Nick will be ok with listening to it.

Sally sits and talks with Nick.

Nick says he’s cool, please continue.

Sally tells Nick that Victor was sweet and happy at first, and seemed happy to have a new granddaughter on the way.

She says that Victor asked her about her past, and how she wanted more for her child than she had growing up.

Nick shakes his head and mutters. He says that would be comforting coming from anyone else.

Sally and Nick sit and talk.

Sally says he apologized for tanking her prospects with Jill and then said he’d make it up to her.

Nick asks what the catch was.

Sally says that Victor offered to set her up with a business anywhere in the world, but the baby would stay in Genoa City with the “real Newmans”.

Nick closes his eyes and sighs.

Nick reacts as he talks with Sally.

Crimson Lights

Connor comes in and asks if they’re doing “family stuff”.

Adam says they’re having a family meeting.

Connor talks with Adam and Chelsea.

Connor hopes that it’s not about school.

Chelsea says it’s not… It’s about family.

Adam says that they’re adding a new member to “the club” soon.

Connor looks at Adam with concern.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Nick says that it’s typical Victor Newman.

Sally thinks that Victor sees her as someone who is stuck in her past, not someone who’s changed and grown.

Nick and Sally stand and talk in her room.

She says that Victor’s got zero foresight and she’s glad that Victor has shown his hand so she knows what she and her daughter will be up against.

Nick says he’s sorry that Victor disrespected her, and that Nick and Adam both have her back.

Sally thanks him for listening but says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Sally crosses her arms as she talks with Nick.

Nick says he’ll have some room service sent up to her, and she can have some rest.

Sally says if he’s leaving to confront his father, she won’t let him go.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Abby talks to Victor for a minute and then goes to talk to Devon at the bar.

Abby puts her hand on Victor's shoulder as she talks to him.

Devon says that Jack just sent him a message that he won’t be able to make it to the tribute.

Abby says she talked with Ashley about Tucker and doesn’t want to complain about the differences in opinion that she’s having with her mom.

She says that the only person she wants to focus on is Devon.

Abby talks with Devon.

Crimson Lights

Connor asks who’s joining the family.

Adam tells him that Sally is having a little girl.

Connor talks with Adam and Chelsea.

Connor says that he can’t wait to have another cousin.

Adam says that he’s the baby’s father.

Connor looks a bit confused and asks Chelsea how she is with all of this.

Chelsea talks with Connor and Adam.

Chelsea says she’s happy that there’s another baby coming.

Connor seems satisfied with that. He asks if that’s it and if he can go upstairs now.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Mariah comes over to see Devon at the bar and says she was moved by the photos they have of Neil.

Mariah and Devon talk at the bar in the lounge.

She says that Tessa sends her love. She’s at home with the baby right now.

Devon says that when the baby is older, their schedules will match up better.

Mariah laughs and says he’s scaring her.

Mariah smiles as she talks with Devon.

Devon says that the babies will be best friends.

Daniel talks with Abby. He asks to skip the part where she asks him how he’s doing and he says he’s fine.

Abby laughs and says that it’s nice to see Lily and Devon getting along together.

Daniel and Abby talk.

She asks if she’ll be seeing him more often.

Daniel says he works with Lily, and he’ll probably see more of Abby because of that.

Sharon says that the memories that people leave behind are the most important.

Tucker and Ashley show up to the tribute.

Ashley and Tucker walk in, and Victor turns to look.

Crimson Lights

Chelsea asks Connor if he has any questions.

Chelsea gestures as she talks with Adam.

Connor says he doesn’t, he needs to go finish his homework.

Adam says that he just wants Connor to know that the new baby will never take over Connor’s place in his heart.

Connor says he loves them both and heads upstairs.

Adam talks with Connor and Chelsea.

Adam says he isn’t sure if that went well.

Chelsea says that they’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

She says that it’ll be one big happy family.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Adam.

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Nick asks Sally how she was going to stop him from going to talk to his father.

Sally says she’d have to use her feminine wiles on him.

Nick and Sally stand and talk in her room.

Nick laughs.

Sally says she’s going to insist he spoons her so she can lie down for a bit.

Nick smiles, defeated, and says he can do that.

Nick and Sally get into bed, clothed.

They crawl into bed together and snuggle.

Nick runs his hands over Sally and she says that everything’s better when he’s around.

He says that he feels the same about her.

Nick and Sally snuggle in bed together.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Nikki says that if Victor has any questions about Ashley & Tucker, it’s not the time to bring them up.

Victor says he’ll keep his silence.

Devon and Lily applaud.

Lily and Devon thank everyone for coming to the event. Lily says that Lester Thomas will be playing Neil’s favorite songs on the piano.

Everyone applauds.

Yolanda, Devon’s biological mother appears and says that she’s so glad she made it in time.

Yolanda appears on the steps in the lounge, smiling.

Next Week’s Y&R Sneak Previews

Tucker talks with Diane and tells her there’s a way out.

Daniel asks Summer how she can look Kyle in the eye and lie to him about Diane.

Summer looks upset as she speaks with Daniel.

Adam tells Sally that he’s not offering her cash, but he will offer her a job.

Adam talks with Sally.

Malcolm arrives at Neil’s tribute, to everyone’s surprise.

Malcolm arrives to the tribute.

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