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Y&R Recap for Tues, November 22 – Daniel & Lily Reminisce About Old Times, and Adam Thinks Sally & Nick Are Using Each Other

Nick Newman tells Adam to let go of Sally after he proposes to her - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, November 22, 2022. In this episode, Jack goes after Tucker, Lily and Daniel catch up, while Adam tries his best to convince Sally they’re made for each other. This recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Adam gets drunk and proposes to Sally, Billy and Lily argue about his involvement with Chelsea, and Nate and Victoria seem to be getting closer, while Elena’s left hanging.

Crimson Lights

Billy shows up at the coffee shop to meet Chelsea, and he asks how it went with Connor. He says it must have been hard with Adam there.

Chelsea says that Connor thought he was the cause of her problems. She says that Adam told Connor that it wasn’t his fault, and it ended up going well.

Chelsea meets Billy at Crimson Lights to talk about her meeting with Connor - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

She lets Billy know that Connor figured out that she’d wanted to commit suicide, but they got past that, and they had a good talk.

Chelsea takes Billy’s hand and says it’s going to be a great Thanksgiving.


Daniel comes into the restaurant and sits down with Lily after a warm greeting. He says that he’s come to spend Thanksgiving with his parents.

Lily asks whether his daughter, Lucy and his wife, Heather, are with him, and he says they’re in Portugal, as they both have jobs there.

Daniel and Lily see each other for the first time in a while! - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

They have some drinks together and start reminiscing about old times. They’re having fun talking about their past as they share laughs.

Daniel congratulates her on her position at Chancellor-Winters, and she returns the compliment about how he’s a great artist.

Daniel Romalotti and Lily talk over drinks - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

They have some good chemistry, and Lily is smiling more than she has in a while. He asks about Billy and her, that he’d heard about their relationship.

She tells him that Jill made her Billy’s boss, and she says that “we were a good combination, and it worked.”

Daniel notices that she is speaking in past tense. He says, “Until it didn’t.”

Daniel and Lily continue talking - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

She asks why he thinks that. He says that he had looked into what had happened while he was gone, and read about Billy’s retraction that he’d had to make.

Billy shows up, and seems happy to see Daniel. They shake hands, and Daniel says that he should leave and let them finish their dinner.

Billy returns and sees Daniel Romalotti talking with Lily - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Billy apologizes that it took him so long with Chelsea, but Lily says it was fine, she was happy to see Daniel.

Billy says he wants to run something by her, and she asks if it involves Chelsea. She doesn’t look impressed.

He says that Chelsea is looking to spend Thanksgiving with Connor, but he thinks that maybe Adam will do something to get in the way of that.

Billy says that Chelsea should have Thanksgiving dinner with him and Lily - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

He says that he’d like her to have Thanksgiving dinner with them if things go sideways. Lily says she thinks that Billy should just stay out of it.

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The Glam Club

Adam says that he feels like he pushed Sally into Nick’s arms, and that they belong together. He again asks her to marry him.

Sally says that he’s drunk. Adam says that marriage is what they both want, that they should be together.

Sally reacts to Adam asking her to marry him - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Adam thinks that their connection can’t be broken, that he’s not joking about this.

Sally says that she refuses to stay there another minute with him.

She goes to leave, and Adam grabs her arm, pulling her back. Nick takes notice and comes over and tells Adam to “get your damned hands off her!”

Nick Newman tells Adam to let go of Sally after he proposes to her - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Adam tells Nick that he thinks that Nick just can’t stand to see Sally with him. Sally tells Adam off, and stalks away.

Nick tells Adam to back off, and they head off to Sally’s suite.

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Sally tells Nick that Adam proposed to her. Nick apologizes for his brother’s behavior.

They hug, and Sally says that she likes them together. Nick says, “I like us too.”

Sally Spectra hugs Nick Newman - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

They kiss, and Nick says he’ll think about her all night. He heads home.

Adam shows up a few minutes later, and barges into Sally’s room.

Adam Newman barges into Sally Spectra's hotel suite - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

He immediately goes for a drink in her liquor cabinet, and she says that he doesn’t need any more, he’s had too much to drink already.

She asks him what he was thinking when he proposed to her, while she was out on a date with his brother.

Again, he says that they’re meant for each other.

Adam tells Sally that they're meant to be together - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Adam says he’s never had more clarity about anything, that he’s never felt so in sync with anyone in his entire life. Sally says that was before he dumped her.

Adam says that she’s perfect, though she’s not without her flaws. He says she’s a beautiful mess, and that he loves her in spite of it.

Adam declares his undying love for Sally  - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

He says that she’s with Nick just for the sex.

She asks how any of that is supposed to be flattering. He says that he’s just there to offer sincere, hopeful love, and that he doesn’t want to her to fall for Nick.

Sally can't believe her ears when Adam tries to woo her - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

He says that Nick only wants to turn her into Sharon. Adam then starts talking about Chelsea, and how she’s going through a lot.

Sally asks what Chelsea has to do with anything. He deflects, and says that his being drunk doesn’t matter.

Adam gets up and leaves, and as he’s going out the door, he tells her to think about his proposal, and to know that he loves her.

A drunk Adam tells Sally they should be together - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Jack knocks on the door and confronts Tucker, saying that he knows that he’s coming after Jabot, and that Ashley is just a means to an end.

Jack Abbott shows up at Tucker McCall's hotel suite - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Tucker says it’s going to be a 2-drink minimum talk, so he gets a refill.

Jack says he wants to hear what Tucker has to say, and he says that Tucker is delusional to think that Ashley will ever fall in love with him.

Tucker gets the door... It's Jack Abbott - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Tucker says that Ashley and he had already talked about his intentions, and says that Jack is there just hoping that Tucker will confirm his suspicions, but he is no match for him.

Jack says, “Wouldn’t it be easier to say that you’re not coming after my company?”

Tucker McCall laughs as Jack Abbott tries to dig for information - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Tucker says he won’t say that, because he wants to keep Jack wondering, and is having too much fun watching him sweat.

Abbott Mansion

Diane walks in, calling for Kyle.

Ashley is sitting there drinking some wine, and she says, “Oh, you just come in without knocking now?”

Diane says that she’s there looking for Kyle, and Ashley and Diane start arguing about Tucker.

Diane Jenkins walks into the Abbott Mansion, calling for Kyle - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Diane thinks that Ashley’s colluding with Tucker, and says that she’s told Jack everything about Tucker and her.

Ashley laughs, and says that she can’t wait for Kyle to find out what Diane’s all about.

She says that she keeps promising him a big happy family future, but as soon as Jeremy Stark is released, he’ll find out what she’s really all about.

Diane Jenkins and Ashley Abbott argue about Tucker McCall - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Diane says that Ashley will be in danger from Jeremy Stark when he’s released.

Ashley scoffs and says that Diane is deflecting. She tells her that she should run before it’s too late.

Ashley says that there are a lot of people who would be happy if Tucker sent Diane back to California.

Ashley doesn't believe a word that Diane is saying - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

They’re in a shouting match, and Diane says that the reason that Tucker is against her is that she wouldn’t give him any information about Jabot’s financials, and that Tucker is using Ashley.

Jack bursts in and tells them that they can’t be sniping at each other with Harrison upstairs.

Jack Abbott tells Ashley and Diane Jenkins that they need to stop fighting with Harrison upstairs - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

Jack says that he just came from an unpleasant meeting with Tucker, and that Diane’s right, Tucker is coming after Jabot.

Diane says that they need an ally like her, because there’s nobody that knows Tucker better than her.

Crimson Lights

Nick comes into Crimson Lights and sees Chelsea there. He asks what she’s doing for Thanksgiving, and she says that she’s not sure, but it’ll be good to spend it with Connor.

Nick sees Chelsea in Crimson Lights - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022

He agrees, and says he’s there to pick up some treats to take home with him. Chelsea heads upstairs while Nick goes to get the treats.

As Nick is leaving, Daniel walks in, and Nick greets him warmly.

Nick sees Daniel at Crimson Lights - Y&R Recap for November 22, 2022