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Y&R Recap for Mon, November 21 – Adam Proposes to Sally, Nate & Victoria Get Closer, and Daniel Romalotti Comes To Town

Sally reacts to Adam's proposal - Y&R Recaps

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, November 21, 2022. In this episode, Adam gets drunk and proposes to Sally, Billy and Lily argue about his involvement with Chelsea, and Nate and Victoria seem to be getting closer, while Elena’s left hanging. This recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Chelsea tells Connor about her depression, Sally and Nick discuss their future, and Diane lets Jack know what happened with Tucker and Jeremy Stark.

Crimson Lights

Billy and Lily come in, and Billy asks Sharon how Chelsea’s doing. She tells them that Connor and Adam are upstairs with her.

Billy and Lily arrive at Crimson Lights and greet Sharon - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Adam walks in, and Billy says that he’s happy that he brought Connor to see her. Adam says it went well, and he says that Chelsea is strong enough to handle things on her own, and that Billy should just leave them alone.

Adam confronts Billy and tells him to leave Chelsea alone

Billy really wants to go up or call Chelsea to see how she’s doing, but Lily and Sharon tell him he should just leave them alone to enjoy their time together.

Lily and Billy leave, and they pass Noah on the way. Sharon says that they’ve been dealing with someone who’s had some issues, and she asks Noah how he felt when she was going through her bipolar episodes.

Sharon asks Noah how he felt when she was having mental health issues - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Noah says that it was hard, but she came back stronger and better for it. Noah says that it was harder for Faith. Sharon says that he’ll understand one day when he has his own kids.

Nick looks upset, and Sharon asks him what’s going on. He hesitates, and tells her that it turns out he almost was a parent.

Noah reveals that he was almost a father to Sharon - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

They sit down, and he tells her how Audra had told him about it lately. He’s having a hard time adjusting to it, and has a lot of “what-ifs” going through his head.

He says it feels like a big loss. Sharon says she knows how it is to mourn a child that never was, and how long it can stick with you.

Noah talks about what could have been with his mother - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

He lets his mom know that the only other who knows about this is Allie, and she’s taken it well.

Sharon asks if he was trying to have a baby, and he says he wasn’t. He’s upset how he broke things off with Audra, and says he understands why she never told him.

He says that she lost the baby the day he moved out. Sharon tells him to stop beating himself up.

Nate’s Office – Newman Media

Nate is working late at the office, when Elena walks in. They kiss, and he says that his first day has gone well.

Elena brings him a small box as a gift. It’s a picture of them together. She says that it’s nice to see him happy and enjoying his work again.

Elena gives Nate a first-day-at-work gift - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Sally’s Suite

Sally comes out in a bright party dress, and Nick sees her and says they have to go out to celebrate! She says that her ideas about work

Sally in a bright party dress with Nick - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Nick says that it’s not about work… It’s all about them!

The Glam Club

Nick and Sally walk in and sit down. Nick says that since his son’s not there, there’s no need to keep it PG, and they kiss passionately.

Adam walks into the club and sees them making out on a couch.

Nick and Sally make out while Adam watches - Y&R Recap for November 21, 2022

A bottle gets delivered to their table, and they say that they didn’t order it. The waitress indicates it came from another table… Adam raises a glass to them.

Nick and Sally wonder who ordered them a bottle of champagne - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Nick says that he didn’t want to leave just because Adam is getting in their way, so they decide they’re just going to drink and have a good time. They fill their glasses with the wine that Adam sent over.

They drink a bit, and decide to leave. Adam sees them get up, and comes over. He says he needs to talk to Sally alone. They go into another room to talk.

Sally asks how much Billy has had to drink - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

She asks him how much he had to drink, and he says that it doesn’t matter, that seeing her with his brother is eating him alive.

“We belong together. Marry me, Sally!”

Sally reacts to Billy's proposal


Devon is sitting alone at the bar having a beer when Elena walks in. She notices him and comes over to talk.

Devon sits alone drinking a beer in Society - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

She sees he was deep in thought and asks if she can help him through what’s bothering him. He says that it’s something he has to work through himself.

Elena talks with Devon - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

She says that Nate and Devon should have a drink. Devon says that he doesn’t like Nate, and that Nate was working with Victoria to steal Chancellor-Winters from them.

She says they’ll just have to agree to disagree. She asks how Amanda is, that she heard she’s back from Virginia.

Devon says that Amanda is leaving to head back to Virginia, when Billy and Lily come into the restaurant.

Lilly and Billy show up to Society - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

They say hello to Elena, and get a table by themselves. Elena leaves Devon to get a drink for herself while she waits for Nate.

Lily asks Billy why he never told her about Chelsea. She says that it’s causing problems between them, and is upset that he never told her how serious things were with Chelsea.

Billy says that it all happened since he found Chelsea on the roof. Lily says he just needs to take a step back, and that there are others who are better equipped to help her.

Billy and Lily talk about Chelsea - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

He gets a text from Chelsea who says she’s going to Crimson Lights and wants to talk. Lily tells him he should go, but does not look impressed.

He says he’ll be back before their food arrives. She tells him not to make promises he can’t keep.

Elena sends Nate a message asking where he is - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Elena sends Nate a message telling him that champagne is here, where is he?

He messages her back telling her that his meeting is a bit late, he’ll be there soon.

Elena receives Nate's message that he'll be late - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

Lily comes over to Devon and he asks what’s up, that something is obviously bothering her. She says she’ll take a cue from him and she’ll just keep it to herself.

At that moment, a familiar face walks into the restaurant… It’s Daniel Romalotti! Lily can’t believe her eyes.

Victoria’s Office – Newman Enterprises

Nate comes into Victoria’s office, where she was waiting to talk about how his first day went.

Nate comes to Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises

He lets her know that he found out that Sally had a lot going on, that every time he brought something up, that people would tell him that “Sally was doing that”.

He mentions that he is grateful for the opportunity, but isn’t sure why Victoria brought him on to take Sally’s place, when she was doing so well.

Victoria says that she was doing good work, but there were many dynamics in play. Nate asks her if there was anything personal that made her get rid of Sally.

Victoria advises that Nate has more to offer than what Sally ever did, and that they should focus on that instead. She asks how he’s going to put Newman Media on top.

Nate says that he needs to get more familiar with things before he answers that, and outlines some ways that he’s working to get more structure in place.

Victoria and Nate talk about Newman Media - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

He doesn’t want Newman Media to be full of clickbait, he wants to make sure that they put out quality content.

Victoria tells him to put together a wishlist of what he needs, and they’ll see where it goes.

Nate and Victoria discuss the future of Newman Media - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022

They talk about how Nate wants to work with Victoria, because he feels like he can thrive with her guidance. Victoria says that she won’t always agree with him, and they’ll butt heads from time to time.

Nate says it doesn’t matter, he wants to work with her and see where it goes.

Victoria asks why he’s still there, doesn’t he have dinner with Elena?

He says that Elena can wait, this is more important.

Victoria and Nate get closer as they discuss work - Y&R Recap for Nov 21, 2022