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Y&R Recap for Dec 27: Danny Explains How His Marriage Fell Apart, Devon and Chance Give Each Other The Silent Treatment, and Victor Tries to Bring Adam Back Into The Fold at Newman Enterprises

Adam looks troubled as he takes a drink of eggnog at the bar with his father, Victor Newman

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, December 27, 2022. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Danny spills the beans on his failed marriage, Victor tells Adam he cares for him deeply, and Christine (Cricket) relives some painful memories. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley and Tucker break in to Society, Abby makes plans behind Devon’s back with Nate, and Diane learns that Jeremy hasn’t left town.


Adam and Victor sit at a table in the restaurant, talking about Christmas dinner at the ranch.

Adam says that he’s glad that his dad behaved for dinner.

Adam and Victor talk while sitting at a table in Society

Adam says that Chelsea was doing much better. Victor says that she could be faking it, like she faked her illness.

Victor tells Adam that he should spend more time at the ranch with the family.

Victor and Adm sit at a table in the restaurant and talk

Adam says he only went to dinner for Johnny’s sake.

Victor says he thinks that Adam misses his connection with the family, otherwise he would have just dropped Johnny off.

Billy laughs as he talks with Victor

Adam scoffs at the idea. He says that there’s nothing he misses about his family.

Victor asks him what it would take to bring him back to the family. He says that Adam doesn’t belong at Jabot.

Adam says that if Victor had provided him with loyalty and love, that would have helped.

Adam looks upset at his father, Victor Newman, as they sit at the bar

Victor says that he cares about Adam deeply.

Adam says, “Just tell me one time you’ve treated me like a priority.”

Victor says, “Right now. I offered you a chance to reconcile with your father and work for the company.”

Victor tells Adam that he should come back to the company

Adam says that he doesn’t want to just come back and be a subordinate working for Victoria.

Victor says that right now, he has nothing, and it’s his own damn fault.

Adam looks troubled and has a drink of his eggnog.

Adam looks troubled as he takes a drink of eggnog at the bar with his father, Victor Newman

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Glam Club

Danny, Daniel, and Phyllis all visit together at the Glam Club. They take a selfie, and Phyllis posts it to Instagram.

Phyllis, Daniel, and Danny take a selfie

Phyllis asks if Daniel has talked to Heather and Lucy. He says he hasn’t yet.

Danny asks his son what’s going on with his family. Phyllis says that something’s obviously going on, and asks that Daniel talk to them about it.

He says that he’s trying to come to grips with failing as a father and a partner.

Danny reacts to Phyllis asking about his wife and daughter

Danny leans in closer and asks what happened.

Daniel says that his painting career was petering out, and he was resentful of Heather’s success.

He says he saw himself as less of a contributor, and got really angry at everyone and everything at that time.

Danny Romalotti talks to his son as they sit in the club

He says that he made Heather and Lucy’s lives so miserable that they couldn’t take it anymore, and they left him.

Phyllis and Danny ask him why he didn’t tell them.

Phyllis asks Danny why he didn't talk to her about his marriage

Daniel says he was feeling lost and lonely, and explains that he was going through a box of some of Lucy’s games, and it inspired him, and was a turning point to create a game platform.

“Finding Princess Luisa” where the gamer will travel through a fantastic platform to find the missing princess.

Daniel says that he has to focus on himself.

Daniel explains to Phyllis and his father how he got the idea for the game

Danny says that he’s proud of him. He says that you have to find your way forward by making mistakes. He says that if there’s any way that he can help, he’d be happy to!

Daniel says that he’d love his father to write a musical score for the game.

Danny jokes that he wouldn’t be able to afford him.

Danny jokes with Daniel. A Christmas tree is in the background.

They laugh, and Phyllis says, “Don’t you dare charge him a cent!”

Daniel asks his mother to come work with him at Chancellor-Winters, and says that Marchetti isn’t a good fit for her.

Phyllis breaks down and says that Diane pushed her to the edge, and wormed her way into her daughter’s life, which got her fired from Jabot.

Phyllis reacts to Daniel's proposal for her to work with him

She says she can’t figure out why they don’t see how duplicitous Diane is.

She says that she’s uncovered lies about Diane and that she did horrendous things in L.A., and yet, she lost her job even though she was only trying to protect her family.

Danny takes Phyllis's hands in his

Danny takes her hands and says that she deserves better. Daniel agrees, and says that she’d be perfect for the job with him, and it’d be so nice to work with family.

Lily comes into the club, and says, “What a cute family!” She hugs Danny.

Daniel tells Lily that Danny will be scoring the game’s music.

Lily comes into the club and sees Phyllis, Danny, and Daniel there

Phyllis and Danny leave the club together, leaving Lily and Daniel to talk.

In the lobby, Phyllis says to Danny that as much as she hated and resented him for taking Daniel as a baby, that he laid down a great foundation for his life.

Phyllis Summers and Danny Romalotti talk in the lobby of the Glam Club, which is decorated for Christmas

Danny says that he should have never kept him away for so long, and he’s sorry for that.

Phyllis thanks him for apologizing, and they leave the club for the night.

Daniel and Lily sit together, talking.

Lily asks Daniel if it’s a good idea to bring Phyllis on for the game.

Lily talks with Daniel about Phyllis coming on board

Danny says that he thinks it will work out. Lily says that it’s his game, and he knows what’s best.

Christine’s Apartment

Christine/Cricket sits in her apartment, and sees an Instagram post from Phyllis showing herself, Danny, and Daniel.

Christine sits alone in her apartment on the couch, looking at her phone

She thinks back to better days when she and Danny were married.

Christine (Cricket) and Danny Romalotti - in a flashback - are beside a Christmas tree

Christine then flashes back to the time when Danny had an affair, and they fought about it, and when Danny asked her for a divorce, she told him that their life together was over.

Danny Romalotti and Christine (Cricket) Blair fight about his affair

In the flashback, she asks him if the product of the affair was a boy or a girl. He says that it’s a boy.

Another scene comes back to her, where she’s with Danny, and he says that he always wanted to be with her. In the flashback, they hug, a sweet parting.

Flashback - Christine (Cricket) and Danny hug and kiss before parting

Christine sighs at the memories and looks sad, like she’s torn up inside about Danny’s return.

Christine Blair (Cricket) looks sad as she thinks about her time with Danny Romalotti

Devon’s Apartment

Lily comes to visit, and asks where Donovan is. He’s sleeping in his crib, and Lily looks down at him, cooing.

Lily looks down into the crib where Dominic is sleeping while Devon looks on

Lily asks who he spent Christmas with.

Devon tells Lily that he spent Christmas with Nate, of all people. He says it was nice to spend time with him without getting in a fight, and relates how Abby and Elena got them together.

Lily looks concerned when Devon mentions talking to Tucker

Lily and Devon talk about the IPO, and Devon says that he was talking to Tucker about it.

Lily says, “Whoa, whoa whoa… Tucker?”

Devon says that he didn’t tell anything private to Tucker, that he just mentioned it in passing.

Devon sits with Lily and talks to her in his living room

Lily says that Jill wants to take the company public, and there’s no room for discussion.

Devon says that he’s not sure it’s the best idea to proceed with the IPO.

Chancellor Park

Abby comes into the park, and sees Chance sitting there.

She tells him that she got the divorce papers earlier that morning.

Abby talks with Chance in Chancellor Park about their divorce

Chance tells her that he asked for the papers to be delivered after the holidays. He asks how Dominic was, and she says he’s good.

Chance says that she obviously saw Devon over the holidays, and asks if he can see Dominic.

Abby says that Dominic is still at Devon’s.

Chance sits on a bench in the park, and asks Abby to see Dominic

Chance says that’s alright, they have to get used to seeing each other in the future.

Abby phones Devon and asks if it’s OK if Chance comes over and sees Dominic.

Devon says that he’d be uncomfortable being there, and that he’ll leave Dominic with the nanny so Chance can visit.

Chance and Abby talk in the park

Chelsea’s Apartment

Chelsea phones Billy and asks him if he has time to get together.

He agrees, and they make plans to meet downstairs at the coffee shop.

Chelsea calls Billy and leaves a voicemail - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 27

Crimson Lights

Billy meets with Chelsea at the coffee shop, and Chelsea says that it’s nice to have the coffee shop downstairs so that she can run back up if she gets too uncomfortable being out.

She goes on to explain that she had a really nice time at the Newman’s for Christmas dinner, and it was really nice to see Johnny and Connor together having a good time.

Chelsea sits in a booth with Billy at Crimson Lights

Billy says that she seems to be glossing over the elephant in the room… Victor Newman.

Chelsea says that Victor obviously didn’t trust her, but he was on his best behaviour.

Billy says that he’s grateful to Adam for looking out for her.

Billy talks with Chelsea at Crimson Lights. They have cute Christmas-themed mugs.

Chelsea laughs and says that’s a first.

Billy asks her not to tell anyone he said that.

Chelsea says that she started having racing thoughts, and Billy says that Victor can have that effect on people.

At Crimson Lights, sitting in a booth, Billy and Chelsea talk about what they should do

Billy asks what they should do that day, go for a walk, see a movie, or… ?

Chelsea says she has an idea.

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy and Chelsea come back to Chelsea’s place, carrying a bunch of shopping bags.

Sitting on the couch in her apartment, Chelsea tells Billy what they're going to do with the supplies they've bought

Chelsea tells him about Connor needing an egg-drop device, which are to protect an egg when it drops, and Billy says, “Let’s get to building!”

They unpack the bags and get ready to start making the egg-drop device.

Billy and Chelsea sit on the sofa in Chelsea's apartment and unpack shopping bags

Devon and Nate’s Apartment Lobby

Chance picks up Dominic from Devon’s apartment.

Chance bends over the stroller with Dominic in it, while Abby watches over

Abby and Chance are in the lobby of the apartment when the elevator opens.

Devon steps out of the elevator, and he sees Chance there.

Chance gets on the elevator with Dominic in a stroller, while Devon looks at him

They don’t say anything to each other, but they exchange looks. Chance gets on the elevator.

Abby looks upset, and Devon gives her a hug.

Devon gives Abby a hug in his apartment's lobby