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Y&R Recap – Feb 6: Sally Arranges a Paternity Test, Jill Agrees to Omega Sphere, and Tessa & Mariah Get News That Delphine Is in Labor

Lily laughs and smiles as she and Daniel hug

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, February 6, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Sally Tells Nick the Baby Might Be Adam’s, Victoria & Nate Kiss, and Billy & Chelsea Go on a Non-Date

Sally’s Hotel Suite – Nick and Sally talk paternity

Nick and Sally sit in bed and talk

Sally asks Nick to say something after she tells him that Adam could be the father of her child.

Nick says he knew and was wondering who was going to bring it up first.

Sally looks at Nick as he tells her he knew that Adam could be the father

Sally says, “You knew there was a chance?”

Nick laughs and says he figured she’d bring it up when she was ready.

Sally apologizes for not telling him sooner, and that she’s sorry she didn’t tell him she was pregnant sooner either.

Nick and Sally talk in bed

Nick says he gets it, he did the math, and figures that Adam probably has too. He says that Adam asked her what was wrong, and why she wasn’t acting herself.

Sally says there’s no reason for Adam to jump to any conclusions about her pregnancy. She tells Nick that it was only that once with Adam, and they hadn’t been together since. She says that she hopes fate isn’t so cruel as to make Adam the father.

Sally looks reassured as she talks with Nick

Nick says that fate isn’t always fair and that it’s not easy for anyone.

Sally asks what they have to do.

Nick says, “Just strap on our seatbelts, and see where this ride takes us.” He gets up out of bed.

Sally looks on as Nick gets out of bed

Sally says, “You’re just leaving?”

He says he has to get home to Christian. They get dressed.

Sally asks if she remembers what he told her about looking for monsters under the bed with Christian.

Nick and Sally get dressed and talk about "Monster Spray"

Nick says that he had a magic spray to get rid of monsters.

Sally says that she’ll need some of that magic spray to get rid of her monsters.

They joke around, and Nick tells her to just rest and take it easy.

Nick tucks Sally into bed as he prepares to leave

She says the bed looks really inviting, frankly.

Nick tucks her in.

Sally thanks him for being who he is.

Sally gently touches Nick's face

He says that he’ll leave her a whole case of monster spray. They kiss, and he asks if she feels better.

She says, “Much!”

Sally and Nick kiss

Sally asks Nick if she should tell Adam that there’s a chance the baby is hers.

Nick says that she should tell him, that it doesn’t do her any good to keep secrets, they always come to light.

Sally reluctantly agrees. She says she should find out the truth, she’ll get a paternity test done.

Sally tells Nick she'll get a paternity test done

Nick leaves, and Sally phones to make an appointment for a paternity test.

Sally calls to get a paternity test arranged

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Y&R News

Crimson Lights – Adam & Tucker discuss Adam’s problems

Adam comes into the coffee shop and sees Tucker there.

Adam enters the cafe, and sees Tucker there

Tucker says he can’t make up his mind on the menu, and Adam tells him that everything’s good.

Tucker asks why he’s there, Adam tells him he’s there for a coffee, and Tucker tells him that he’ll buy him a coffee and a brownie.

Adam smiles as he talks with Tucker in the coffee shop

Adam says look at us, GC’s villains get their just desserts.

Tucker says, “A peaceful man is frequently alone, but never lonely.” He says that Adam probably hasn’t had a peaceful night in ages.

Adam asks if he’s supposed to learn from Tucker about inner peace.

Tucker looks at the ceiling as he speaks with Adam in the coffee shop

Tucker says that he’s trying to become the man he should be, but he misjudges situations and has hindered himself. He says that his subterfuge has bit him in the ass.

Adam says that he remembers that Tucker was supposed to be with Ashley by now, and that she’s in Paris, so obviously it didn’t work out for him.

Tucker says that his arrogance cost him a lot.

Adam looks at his brownie as he speaks to Tucker

Tucker asks what’s going on with Adam lately.

Adam says that Tucker really seems to want to dig into his life. He says that he lost someone very special to him, and the person who he lost her to is what is causing the real problems.

Tucker says that Adam shouldn’t think in absolutes, and spouts some platitudes about how he shouldn’t step in the same river twice, and hope springs eternal.

Tucker gestures as he talks with Adam

Tucker gets up and jokes that they should never meet again.

Nick comes in, and Tucker says goodnight.

Adam says he’s happy that Nick came by.

Nick comes into the coffee shop and sees Adam and Tucker

He says that he spoke to Jack, and thanks Nick for telling him about the situation at Jabot.

Adam asks him to sit, and says that since they’re getting along, he wants to know what’s going on with Sally.

Nick says he has nothing to worry about.

Nick stands as he talks to Adam in the cafe

Adam says that it seems that Sally had something more to say.

Nick says that she’s going through a lot starting her new business, and he doesn’t know when that’s going to change. He leaves Adam and goes to order a coffee.

Adam doesn’t look satisfied with Nick’s answer.

Adam looks unsatisfied as he drinks a coffee. Nick is in the background ordering a coffee

Chancellor-Winters – Jill and Lily discuss Devon and Omega Sphere

Lily is on a video call with Jill.

Lily sits at her desk while she is on a video call with Jill

Jill says that if she lets Devon buy back his part of the company, it’ll devalue Chancellor-Winters. She says that she knows it’s hard on Lily because Devon is so ego-centric.

She says that Devon signed contracts, so he’s on the hook.

Lily says that she wants to maintain the connection to Neil’s legacy, but she’s sad that she can’t keep the family together.

Jill appears on a monitor on Lily's office wall as she video conferences with Lily

Jill says that she knows what regrets are like, and recalls how she made difficult decisions when she was working with Jack in the past.

Lily says that she’s not proud of the fact she can’t get Devon to stick around.

Jill says that she’s postive that Lily will lead the company to greater heights once they go public.

Lily looks upset as she speaks with Jill

She says that the companies are intwined and that Devon has no legal standing.

Lily says that Devon feels that the IPO is underhanded.

Jill says that he’s been around long enough to know that nothing remains static in the business world and that Devon just doesn’t like the plan… He wants to take his ball and go home.

Jill speaks with Lily over a video call

Lily says that it’s just another day in the office.

Jill says that if Lily feels like she needs to recuse herself from the court case, she will take it on by herself.

Lily says she will do everything to protect the company. She says that they should move ahead with Omega Sphere.

Lily looks down as she speaks to Jill

Jill snorts and says, “The video game.”

Lily says it’s more than just a video game, she really believes in it, and she hopes that Jill will approve it by the end of the day.

Jill speaks with Lily

Society – Daniel tells Devon he’s causing problems with Chancellor-Winters

Daniel comes into the restaurant and meets Devon at the bar. He sits down, and Devon asks if he’d like to talk about what’s on his mind.

Daniel comes into Society and sits at the bar with Devon

Daniel says that the gaming platform has been taking up his time, but it feels like it’s in limbo lately.

Devon asks if Daniel thinks that he’s responsible for everything being put on hold.

Daniel agrees. He definitely thinks that Devon is responsible for the delay.

Daniel sits at the bar and talks with Devon

Devon says that he’s probably the main reason that the project is delayed, but there are a lot of moving parts, a lot of factors.

Daniel says that he really needs the project to move ahead.

Devon says that if Chancellor-Winters can’t take the project ahead, there are other companies who would be more than happy to. He says that he understands that Daniel brought it to Chancellor-Winters because he wanted to work with Lily.

Devon sits at the bar and speaks with Daniel

Devon says that he thinks there’s no reason they can’t move forward once the dust settles at Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel says that Lily is going through hell because of what Devon’s doing.

Devon says he’s not trying to hurt Lily.

Devon and Daniel talk about Omega Sphere and Lily

Daniel says that Devon doesn’t seem to be having a problem breaking her heart right now.

Devon says that he just wants to reclaim the company that he created with Neil, and he doesn’t want to break her heart.

Daniel says it’s a surefire way to lose someone he loves.

Lily comes up to Devon and Daniel at the bar

Lily comes in and sees them, and she comes over, and says that she was eavesdropping for a minute.

Devon says that she keeps saying that it’s about keeping him aboard and carrying on their family legacy.

He says that she should come to Hamilton Winters and they can run their company together.

Lily half-smiles as she speaks with Devon and Daniel

Lily looks confused and asks if this is a loyalty test.

Devon says that her response shows that it’s not just about family, obviously, and he gets up and leaves Lily and Daniel at the bar.

Daniel says that was brutal.

Lily sits at the bar with Daniel after Devon leaves

Lily says “All part of the job description.” She says that every time she tries to make things better with Devon, it always ends the same, and she can’t change his mind.

Daniel says that he’s sorry she has to deal with this.

Lily says that she has some news for him, that she spoke with Jill about the future of Omega Sphere, and Jill said that she wants to move forward with it!

Lily smiles as she tells Daniel that Jill wants to move ahead with Omega Sphere

Daniel asks if she’s serious.

Lily says that she’s totally serious.

Daniel gets up and hugs her and tells her that he can’t believe she did it, he’s so happy.

Lily laughs and smiles as she and Daniel hug

Chancellor Park – Tessa & Mariah talk baby names and get some great news

Mariah and Tessa walk into the park, holding hands.

Tessa speaks to Mariah as they stand in the cold, dark park

They kiss and joke that it’s the “coolest” spot in town. It’s cold out, and there is snow everywhere.

They talk about how the birth of their possible adoption is getting closer, and how they’ll handle it as parents.

Tessa says the baby will be the luckiest girl in the world and will change their life forever… For the better.

Mariah and Tessa sit on a park bench with a blanket as they talk

They sit down, and Tessa says they should go through the list.

Mariah says, “Bottle, santizer, wipes, formula.”

They go over their list of items they’ll need for the baby’s arrival.

Tessa gestures as she speaks with Mariah in the park

Tessa says that there is one thing they need that wasn’t on the list, and hopes they see eye to eye on it.

Mariah asks what more the baby will need.

Tessa says, “A name.”

Mariah laughs and says that finding a name makes it “real”, and that’s hard to deal with.

Mariah looks concerned when Tessa talks about seeing eye-to-eye

They start looking for baby names on Tessa’s phone.

Mariah suggests “Hyacinth.”

Tessa says, “Anushka.”

Mariah laughs and Tessa chastises her, saying it was supposed to be a safe space.

Tessa and Mariah sit on a park bench and talk

Tessa says, “How about Adele?”

Mariah says, “I can think of something better. Something ageless.” She ponders for a moment.

Tessa says that she wants something that’s one-of-a-kind, and suggests Emily.

Mariah likes that suggestion, and they banter back and forth.

Mariah smiles at Tessa as they talk

Tessa says that Tuesday would be an interesting name.

Mariah laughs and says that it’s a good one. She says that she can’t wait to hold her in her arms and know she’s theirs.

They can’t decide on it yet, and Mariah says they have to get to know her a bit before they make a decision on the name.

Tessa says that maybe Delphine will be late, and they’ll have to wait for their daughter.

Tessa and Mariah smile and snuggle in a blanket

They cuddle up on the bench and Tessa asks if it’s normal to be terrified.

Mariah says it’s completely normal.

Tessa yawns and rests her head on Mariah’s shoulder.

Tessa rests her head on Mariah's shoulder as they talk in the park

Mariah says that she’s happy that her voice can put someone to sleep, so obviously, she’ll be the one to put the baby to bed.

Tessa laughs and asks if that means she’s going to have to be the tough mom.

Mariah’s phone rings, it’s Delphine.

Mariah gets a phone call from Delphine

Mariah gets up, and answers the phone. Delphine is in labor!

Mariah says, frantically, that they’ll be there, and talks Delphine through her breathing exercises.

She gets off the phone and Tessa and Mariah kiss, excited that their baby is on the way.

Mariah is SUPER excited at the news of the baby's pending birth