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Y&R Recap – Feb 20: Tucker’s Shocked by Ashley’s Huge Reveal, Adam Gives Victor 24 Hours to Make a Decision, and Devon Moves Ahead With the Lawsuit

Ashley sits in an armchair and talks with Tucker

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, February 20 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Stark made demands on Jack, Adam gave Victor an ultimatum, and Daniel & Lucy caught up.


Chloe catches up to Sally outside the restaurant, and they talk about how Jill seems interested in their prospect.

Chloe and Sally talk outside of Society

Chloe says they’re closer to working with Chancellor-Winters, it’s time to celebrate!

Sally says she’s not sure that she’s up for a full-scale celebration.

She goes on to say she’s anxiously awaiting the results of the paternity test, and it has her on edge.

Chloe and Sally sit on a sofa in Society and talk

They sit down in the restaurant. Chloe says that the law of averages says it’s probably Nick’s baby, and she thinks Sally is going to be an incredible mom.

Sally says that’d be a dream come true, and that Chloe has been a really good friend to her.

Chloe says that Sally can always count on her. They laugh and hug.

Sally and Chloe hug

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Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel and Lucy are sitting on the couch talking.

Daniel says thank you for the bracelet, that it means a lot to him.

He says that there’s no way he could ever forget about Lucy and that even when he was at his lowest he loved her and he always will.

Daniel and Lucy sit on the couch in his room and talk

He says that Lucy was the light that brought him out of the darkness.

Lucy asks if he really means it, and he reassures her that it’s true. He promises to be there for whatever she needs and is completely committed to being an involved father.

Daniel says that even with an ocean between them, he’s still her dad.

Lucy hugs Daniel

Lucy hugs him spontaneously and apologizes.

He says no need to be sorry, it’s the best hug he’s gotten all day.

There’s a knock at the door, it’s Heather who tells Lucy to get her backpack and phone.

Heather comes to Daniel's hotel room door

Daniel and Heather talk, and he thanks her for giving him and Lucy some time alone.

Heather says she needs to say a few things to him. She sees that Lucy gave Daniel the bracelet.

Daniel says that he’s happy that Lucy opened up to him, and that he’d fully committed to being a better father. He explains that he’s in a better place now.

Heather and Daniel talk in his hotel room

Heather says that she saw that there was a lack of tension between him and Lucy. She says that she hopes that Daniel proceeds with caution.

She says that Lucy has been hurting for a long time and that she’s really been confused. She begs that Daniel doesn’t push too hard, as that could backfire on him.

There’s a knock, Lucy is back.

Lucy comes back to Daniel's hotel room

Heather says that they should get going and that Paul and Christine are probably counting the minutes until they arrive.

Lucy says goodbye to her father and leaves with her mother.

Daniel’s phone rings. It’s Lily, who wants to chat about Omega Sphere.

Daniel gets a phone call from Lily

Daniel asks if she’s free now, he could use a friendly shoulder.

She agrees to come to talk with him.

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment

Christine comes in and sees Devon and Abby there. Abby excuses herself to go check on Dominic upstairs.

Cricket comes to Devon's door while Abby looks on

Christine tells Devon she has a question for him that she hopes he’ll consider before moving forward.

Christine asks if he’s sure that he wants to go ahead with the lawsuit against Chancellor-Winters. She wants to make sure that there’s no other way besides a lawsuit, as this is a big move.

Devon says he’s tried everything to get them to sell him Hamilton Winters back, and this lawsuit is his last resort.

Christine talks with Devon as they sit on his sofa

Christine says she has all the information she needs but needs Devon to send her some signed paperwork.

Abby comes down and says that Dominic is still asleep, and is sorry to interrupt.

Devon says that she’s not interrupting, they’re finished talking business.

Christine gets ready to leave Devon's

Christine says she’ll talk to Devon later, and leaves Devon’s place.

As she’s waiting for the elevator, it opens and Nate steps out.

Nate’s happy to see her and says that he assumes she was visiting Devon. He asks if it was a personal or professional visit.

Christine smiles at Nate as she gets in the elevator

Christine doesn’t acknowledge this, and Nate says that it must have been professional. She excuses herself and gets in the elevator to leave.

Crimson Lights

Adam and Victor are talking, and Victor tries to convince Adam to come work with him again.

Adam says that Victor needs to install him as CEO of Newman Enterprises instead of Victoria.

Victor and Adam talk in the coffee shop

Victor says that’s a brazen request, and that he can’t do that.

Adam says that Victor needs to show him how far he’ll go to get him back.

Victor says that removing Victoria as CEO is out of the question.

Victor sits and talks with Adam in Crimson Lights

Adam says that they’re done, then.

Victor tells him to sit down, that they’re not done.

Adam says he doesn’t want to be Victoria’s lackey.

Adam stands up in frustration while he talks to Victor

Victor says that he’ll be asked to run McCall as a division of Newman Enterprises, and it’ll be better than Adam can imagine.

Adam says he doubts it, but he’ll give Victor 24 hours to consider his proposal, and after that, it won’t matter what he offers.

Adam gets up and leaves Victor alone at the coffee shop.

Victor and Adam finish talking

Newman Enterprises

In the boardroom, Victoria tells Nick and Nate that Tucker wants to sell the business to her.

Nick, Victoria, and Nate sit around a table and have a meeting about Tucker

Nick figures that Tucker just doesn’t want to run the company anymore.

Nate says he can shed some light on Tucker’s motivations. After he enlisted Audra to find out what Tucker knew, she decided to tell Tucker about their plans to take on his debt.

Nate pours himself a drink and talks with Victoria and Nick

He says that Audra was certain it was the right move.

Victoria says that Victor thought it was the way to go as well.

Nate says that Tucker’s making this move to get ahead of them so that he can get more money for his company before they buy his debt.

Nick gestures as he talks with Nate and Victoria

Nick asks what the next move should be.

Victoria says they should stick with their original plan, to take over his debt and they’ll have control over him.

Nick is worried that Tucker will retaliate if they do that.

Victoria speaks with Nate and Nick

Victoria says that Victor will agree with her that they should take on his debt instead of buying the company outright.

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker shows up at the door to the Abbott house and Ashley invites him in.

Tucker arrives at the Abbott mansion and meets Ashley

Tucker says that he’s promised to show Ashley that he’s a changed man.

Ashley asks how he’s going to show her that.

Tucker says that he’s wiping the slate clean and selling McCall Unlimited. He says he wants to prove himself to her.

Tucker sits on the sofa in the living room of the Abbott mansion and talks with Ashley

Ashley says she didn’t see that one coming. She’s surprised he’s actually selling the company.

Tucker says he reached out to Victoria and asked her to make an offer.

Ashley says that maybe he’s ready to face the future without McCall. She says his back is against the wall.

Ashley sits in an armchair and talks with Tucker

She asks if it was a strategic move to sell to them before they bought his debt. Ashley says that she’s skeptical about his motivations, that he didn’t get his reputation for his altruism.

Tucker says that life without her and without his son and grandson is empty.

He says that he’s willing to part with the business legacy he’s built, and asks her if it matters to her. He asks why she isn’t showing any emotions when he comes to her like this.

Tucker is exasperated as he speaks with Ashley

She says maybe she just wants to see him squirm.

He looks dejected and says that he can’t expect her to expect him to change overnight.

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Lily comes to Daniel’s room and he tells her that Heather and Lucy showed up last night.

Lily comes to visit Daniel in his hotel room

Lily is confused, she thought they were in Portugal.

Daniel explains that Phyllis went to visit them, and they ended up showing up in Genoa City. He says that Heather told him it’s over between them and that Lucy told him how badly he hurt her.

He tells Lily that he told Lucy about the game, but he’s not sure that he’ll be able to mend the fences between Lucy and himself.

Daniel sits in a chair and talks to Lily

Lily says that Omega Sphere has given him new meaning, that even though things may be over with Heather, that he’s made peace with Lucy.

Daniel says that he’ll keep his promise to Lucy to keep talking to her, but he’s upset that she’s going back to Portugal.

He says that he’s not sure he has the energy or the will to keep moving forward with the project.

Lily talks with Daniel

Lily says that he’s going to help a lot of people with the game and that he’s showing Lucy how to turn a dream into a reality. She says he can’t give up on that.

Daniel thanks her for that perspective, but he needs time to process things and figure out where he is emotionally.

Lily tells him to take all the time he needs, but if he needs a friendly ear, she’s there for him.

She leaves Daniel to ponder.

Daniel sits and thinks after Lily leaves his room


Nick comes into Society and sees Chloe and Sally there.

He comes and sits with them and asks them if they’ve heard back from Jill.

Nick sits with Chloe and Sally in Society

Sally says that they’re going to have a follow-up meeting and that she’s thankful for his help after Victor sabotaged their initial meeting.

Chloe says she has to go but to make sure that Sally follows up on the meeting with Jill.

Chloe leaves Nick and Sally to talk.

Nick and Sally sit beside each other and talk. Nick has his arm around her.

Nick sits beside Sally and says that he’s sure he can tell what’s on her mind.

She says that every second until she gets the paternity results feels like an hour.

Adam steps in and sees them there together. He watches for a minute.

Adam watches Nick and Sally talk

Adam comes over and asks how they’re doing.

Sally says they’re taking a break together.

Nick says they were just leaving.

Nick and Sally stand up to leave as Adam comes and talks to them

Adam says he won’t hold them up, he’s sure they’ll cross paths again.

Nick and Sally leave Adam in the restaurant.

Adam looks at Sally and Nick as they leave Society

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker gets a phone call while he’s talking with Ashley. He hangs up and tells Ashley that someone has already assumed his debt, and it wasn’t Newman Enterprises.

Tucker gets a phone call while he talks with Ashley

He says he hates being caught off guard, and wonders who it could be.

Ashley says it could be a long list, that when sharks smell blood in the water, they won’t hesitate to attack.

Tucker says that he usually sees things coming, but he never saw this happening.

Ashley smiles as she talks with Tucker


Christine comes to the restaurant and meets with Lily. She asks to speak to Lily both as a friend and an attorney.

She asks if Lily and Jill will change their stance before the lawsuit comes into play.

Lily says that she tried to get Devon to change his mind, and there’s no turning back now.

Christine talks with Lily in Society about Devon

Newman Enterprises

Victoria and Victor are talking in their offices.

Victor and Victoria talk in their offices

Victoria tells Victor that Audra told Tucker about their plans to buy his debt and that he came to her earlier in the day asking Newman Enterprises to buy his company.

Victor says that he thought he’d act irrationally but didn’t expect this.

Victoria gets a call. She asks the caller if they’re sure they have the right information.

Victoria takes a call while Victor listens to her end of the conversation

She hangs up and says that they don’t have a chance to make a move on Tucker’s company, somebody beat them to the punch.

Victoria wonders if Devon might be responsible, as he’s the only one she thinks could get that amount of money together that quickly.

Victor doesn’t think that Devon would buy the company out from under his father. He wonders who else could have done it.

Victoria looks upset as she talks with her father, Victor Newman

Devon’s Apartment

Abby and Devon are speaking in the living room.

Abby and Devon sit in his living room and talk

Abby says that Christine is an excellent lawyer, it’s too bad that Devon has to resort to getting her involved.

Devon agrees, but says he’s going to get his company back, he doesn’t have a choice.

Abby asks if he’s going to be content, as it may drive a wedge between him and Lily.

Devon says he’s fighting for Dominic and his family.

Devon talks with Abby


Lily sits at the bar and talks on the phone with Amanda. She says that she needs a strong attorney to help her win the case against Devon.

She asks Amanda to come back to defend the company.

Lily sits at the bar in Society and talks on the phone with Amanda

Crimson Lights

Nick and Sally come into Crimson lights after leaving the restaurant.

Sally and Nick talk in Crimson Lights

Sally thanks Nick for getting her out of Society, that she didn’t want to deal with Adam.

Nick apologizes for not getting the empanadas that she so desperately wanted, but he’s sure they can get a nick snack at the coffee shop.

Her phone rings. It’s the doctor’s office, and her paternity test results are in.

Nick and Sally talk in Crimson Lights

The Abbott Mansion

Tucker looks upset as he processes the fact that someone bought out his debt.

Tucker talks with Ashley

Ashley is smiling, and Tucker asks if she’s enjoying his discomfort.

She says she is. She tells him that she’s the one who bought his debt. Now she owns him, and she’s not going to make it easy on him.

Ashley loopks calm as she tells Tucker she's the one who bought his debt