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Y&R Recap – Feb 17: Stark Makes Demands on Jack, Adam Gives Victor an Ultimatum, and Daniel & Lucy Catch Up

Jeremy leaves the restaurant after taunting Jack and Diane

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, February 17 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker stunned Victoria with his news, Stark made Phyllis a shady offer, and Nate kept secrets from Elena.


Daniel, Heather, and Lucy are having a bite to eat in the restaurant.

Lucy, Heather, and Daniel sit at a table in the restaurant and eat.

Lucy’s busy on her phone while Daniel and Heather eat.

Phyllis comes in and sees them all together, and says that it’s a surprise to see them all together.

Phyllis comes up to Heather, Daniel, and Lucy at the restaurant

Lucy turns away from her phone and says hello to her.

Phyllis says it’s nice to see them and asks why they didn’t tell her they’d be coming to Genoa City. Heather seems uncomfortable.

Daniel tells Phyllis to stop.

Phyllis talks with Daniel, Heather, and Lucy

Daniel tells Phyllis to take a second and read the room. He says she needs to face what’s painfully obvious.

Phyllis asks how long they’ll be in town.

Heather says that’s a decision for her and Daniel to make, that they have to meet with Christine and others first and get back to Lucy’s school and Heather’s job.

Heather tells Phyllis they have to leave

Phyllis can’t believe they set up a meeting with Christine and not her.

Heather says they have to go. Daniel, Lucy and Heather leave the restaurant together.

Phyllis is left standing there, stunned.

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Y&R News

Crimson Lights

Jeremy comes into the coffee shop and sees Victor. Jeremy says hello to him.

Victor Newman is sitting in the coffee shop in front of a laptop as he talks with Jeremy Stark

Victor doesn’t recognize him at first, but then he looks him over and says, “You’re the slimeball who was involved in stealing my wife’s necklace!”

Victor asks Jeremy how he dares to show his face in town after that.

Jeremy says that Diane and Jack set him up for the theft of the necklace. He says that he and Victor have mutual enemies.

Jeremy Stark talks to Victor Newman in Crimson Lights

Victor says that he despises Jack and Diane, but having the same enemies doesn’t make him and Jeremy friends.

Victor says that he doesn’t care if Jeremy’s in town. He goes on to warn Jeremy to not use anyone in his family as a pawn.

He says that if Jeremy comes anywhere near them, he’ll come after him.

Victor sits with his arms crossed as he speaks to Jeremy

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane are sitting on the couch in the Abbott living room, talking.

Jack and Diane sit on the sofa talking

Jack laughingly asks if she’s ok with her side of the bed.

She says she is, and they hug.

Summer comes down and says hello. She says that Diane has certainly made herself at home.

Summer comes downstairs and sees Jack and Diane talking on the couch

Jack wonders about Summer’s tone, and Summer apologizes, she wasn’t aware that she sounded hostile, but she’s furious with Kyle.

Jack says it’s understandable that she’s angry with Kyle. He says that Kyle is repentant, and they should just move forward.

Summer says she really wants to forgive him, but she’s not there yet.

Summer sits and talks with Jack and Diane


Jack and Diane come into the restaurant and see Phyllis.

Phyllis gets up and speaks to Jack and Diane

Phyllis says that she’s surprised to see them together.

Diane says that she and Jack are together and that Jack asked her to move in with her.

Phyllis says that the whole relationship is built on manipulation.

Jack and Diane speak with Phyllis in the restaurant

Jack says that Diane didn’t use their relationship to manipulate anything.

Phyllis scoffs and leaves the restaurant.

Diane and Jack sit down at a table.

Phyllis passes Jeremy on his way into the restaurant. He's distracted as he sees Diane and Jack inside

Outside, Phyllis passes Jeremy as he goes into the restaurant. He’s looking through the window at Jack and Diane and doesn’t seem to notice Phyllis.

Jeremy comes in and comes up to Jack and Diane’s table. He says that he’s happy to see them together.

Jack gets up and asks him what he’s doing there in town and asks how he got out of custody.

Jeremy comes up to Jack and Diane's table

Jeremy says he has good lawyers and Diane and Jack didn’t do a good enough job of setting him up. He asks if he can join them.

Jack tells him that he absolutely cannot join them. He asks what he wants.

Jeremy says that Jack’s a knight in shining armor. He says that he’s in town for money.

Jeremy speaks with Jack and Diane

Jack asks how much he wants.

Jeremy waves the question aside and tells Jack that he’s making a mistake by trusting Diane.

He says he has to leave but he’ll be sticking around Genoa City for a long while.

Jeremy leaves the restaurant after taunting Jack and Diane

He heads outside and sees Phyllis, who was watching him interact with Diane and Jack.

He asks how it looked from the outside.

Phyllis wonders what he’s up to.

Phyllis looks skeptical as she speaks with Jeremy

Jeremy says she doesn’t have to watch from the outside, she can get in on the fun.

Phyllis tells him he’s deranged and leaves.

Jeremy looks after her and smiles.

Jeremy watches Phyllis leave

Inside, Diane asks if that really happened, or if they’re having a collective nightmare.

Jack says he thought Jeremy would take his lumps and just let it go.

Diane says that Jeremy can still hurt them, he’s not the type to let bygones be bygones.

Diane looks upset as she talks with Jack inside the restaurant

Jack says they got rid of him once, they’ll get rid of him again.

He says that he’s devoted to getting Jeremy out of their lives for good.

Jabot Cosmetics

In the Jabot lobby, Adam and Kyle are talking.

Kyle and Adam talk in the Jabot lobby

Adam says that he didn’t lose his job, he resigned, and he says there are no hard feelings on his part. He tells Kyle that he should forgive Jack, he’s a good guy. He also says not to team up with Victor.

Kyle says that he’ll take that under advisement.

Adam says that he admires Kyle’s willingness to go to extremes to protect his family.

Kyle says that’ll never change, and Adam leaves to clear out his belongings from his old office.

Kyle and Adam talk in the Jabot lobby

Summer comes into the lobby and says hello to Kyle.

Kyle says it’s nice that she’s talking to him again.

Adam comes out with a box and says that he’s leaving for good. He tells Summer that Kyle’s intentions were pure and that he wishes them success professionally and personally.

Adam carries a box and talks to Kyle and Summer in the lobby of Jabot

Adam takes his box of belongings and leaves Kyle and Summer to talk.

Kyle says that Adam forgave him and wonders why Summer can’t forgive him as well.

She says that Adam’s isn’t married to him, it’s a bit different.

Kyle looks upset as he talks with Summer

Kyle and Summer go into his office to talk, and Kyle apologizes again for misleading her.

Summer thanks him for apologizing.

Kyle asks if they can move on.

Summer and Kyle talk in his office

Summer wonders if he’d regret this if he hadn’t been caught. She says that he treated her and Jack as obstacles to overcome. She says that it hurts to know that he didn’t trust her.

Kyle says he knows that he can trust her and he made a mistake.

Summer isn’t sure it was a mistake. She says that there’s been distance growing between them ever since she asked him to stay out of the middle of Diane and Jack’s relationship.

Kyle and Summer talk

Kyle says that he was trying to do the best for his family.

Summer says that he hid his bad decisions from her because he knew that she wouldn’t be ok with it.

Kyle says he knows but feels awful about it.

Summer looks sad as she talks to Kyle

Summer says she doesn’t want to fight and knows that he wants things to get better, and so does she, but sweeping it under the rug will make room for it all to happen again in the future.

Kyle says he was selfish, and he begs her forgiveness.

Summer says she wants to forgive him, but it’s going to take time to get over it.

Summer talks as Kyle sits in his office

Kyle promises he’ll handle things different in the future.

Summer asks that he be patient and give her time.

Kyle says he loves her, and she says she loves him too. They kiss, and Summer leaves the office.

Summer and Kyle kiss

Crimson Lights

Adam comes into the coffee shop and sees Victor there. He says hello, and Victor asks him to have a seat.

Adam comes into the coffee shop and sees Victor there

Adam says that he wants to congratulate him.

Victor asks what he’s congratulating him for.

Adam says that he resigned from Jabot and that Victor’s interference played a big part.

Adam sits and talks with Victor in the coffee shop

Victor smiles and says, “I’ll be damned.”

He says he doesn’t know what Adam means by “interference”.

Adam says that Kyle told him all about Victor’s influence. He’s curious why Victor wanted him gone from Jabot and asks what the next part of Victor’s plan is.

Victor smiles as he talks with Adam

Victor asks why Adam thinks there’s a phase two.

Adam says that Victor would never leave a loose end.

Victor says that’s a good observation, that Adam always thinks two steps ahead.

Adam sits and talks with Victor

Adam says that Victor is patronizing him and that he knows that Victor wanted him to leave Jabot.

Victor says he knows his full potential could only be realized at Newman.

Adam asks what he was planning.

Victor leans in and talks with Adam

Victor says that he hates that Adam sees things so cynically.

Adam says that’s a Newman trait, and it’s a survival trait.

Victor says that Adam only worked at Jabot to piss him off.

Adam and Victor talk at a table in Crimson Lights

Adam says it had nothing to do with Victor.

Victor says he wants Adam to work with him, and he’s always welcome in the family, and in the company.

Adam says that he’s happy there’s a spot for him and that he’ll accept the generous offer on one condition… He wants Victor to give him Victoria’s job, and he’ll happily work for Victor.

Victor looks concerned as he speaks with Adam

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

In the hallway outside his hotel room, Daniel asks Lucy how she likes her new school.

Lucy, Heather, and Daniel are in the hall outside of his hotel room. Lucy is absorbed in her phone

Lucy, distracted by her phone, says it’s cool.

Heather says she’s going to go back to her room to get some stuff and will leave Lucy and Daniel to talk.

Heather asks Lucy to hand over her phone so that she can talk with her father without being glued to the phone.

Heather asks Lucy to give her the phone

Lucy protests a bit but gives Heather the phone. Heather takes it and heads to her room.

Daniel opens the door, and Lucy goes in and sits down on the sofa.

Daniel asks if he can get her anything to drink.

Lucy and Daniel talk as they sit in his hotel room

Lucy says that she had something at the restaurant, and doesn’t need anything.

He asks if she’s ok, and she says she’s fine.

He says she doesn’t seem fine and he compliments her bracelet. He says it’s a pretty color and asks if that’s her favorite color.

Daniel and Lucy talk

She says her favorite color is sage green.

He asks why she chose a blue bracelet if her favorite color is sage green.

Lucy says that blue was his favorite color, and asks if it still is.

Lucy and Daniel talk

He says it is and says that he’s happy she remembered it.

Lucy says that when they first moved to Portugal, she missed him a lot. She says that when she went to boarding school she couldn’t talk about her father with the other kids.

She says that the bracelet made her think of him, and she bought it so she wouldn’t forget that once upon a time, she had a dad who loved her.

Daniel comes and sits next to Lucy on the couch as they talk

Daniel comes and sits down beside her and says that he’s sorry that he wasn’t there for her. He says that his new life in Genoa City is about making her proud.

She asks why he couldn’t do that in Savannah.

Daniel says that he was wrapped up in his own problems and that he could feel his old self slipping away.

Lucy is tearful as she speaks with her father

Lucy asks if he knew that what he was doing was hurting her.

Daniel says that it was hard for him to think about anything but himself.

He says he lost sight of how much Heather and Lucy meant to him, and he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

Daniel looks sad as he speaks with Lucy

Lucy says that she never forgot about him, even when she wanted to.

She takes off her bracelet and gives it to him.

She says that maybe if he has the bracelet, the next time things get tough, he won’t forget that he has a daughter.

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