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Y&R Recap – Feb 16: Tucker Stuns Victoria With His News, Stark Makes Phyllis a Shady Offer, and Nate Keeps His Secret From Elena

Jeremy and Phyllis talk

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, February 16 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jeremy surprised a vulnerable Phyllis, Tucker made a big reveal to Ashley, and Heather dropped a bombshell on Daniel.

Tucker’s Hotel Room

Ashley tells Tucker that he may love her, but she doesn’t trust him, and she doubts he’ll walk away from the empire he’s built.

Ashley and Tucker speak in his hotel room

Tucker says he won’t defend his past actions, but he’ll prove her wrong. He asks her to give him a few days.

Ashley says that Tucker keeps playing the same old games and it feels like he’s still working an angle to get what he wants.

She says his promises are meaningless to him.

Tucker and Ashley talk

Tucker says that she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t believe in him, even just a bit. He says that he was a failure to put her at the center of his world, and he regrets that. He asks for another opportunity to prove himself.

Ashley says she can’t make any promises. She gathers her coat and leaves.

Ashley gets her coat and leaves Tucker's room

Tucker has a few drinks and thinks about Ashley.

He gathers his things and leaves his room.

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Y&R News

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Sitting at the bar, Phyllis asks Jeremy what he’s doing there, she thought he was in jail.

Phyllis and Jeremy talk as they sit at the bar in the hotel lobby

Jeremy says that he has good lawyers, and it was all circumstantial evidence, so the charges didn’t stick.

Phyllis says she thinks he’s back for revenge.

He says he doesn’t think she’s afraid of him anymore.

Phyllis and Jeremy talk

Phyllis says he’s all bark and no bite.

Jeremy laughs and says he’s got a lot of bite.

He says that when he looks at her, he sees someone who’s looking for vengeance.

Jeremy and Phyllis talk

Jeremy says that she called him about Diane.

Tucker comes into the bar, and shakes Jeremy’s hand, saying it’s nice to finally meet him.

He says that it’s interesting to see Phyllis and Jeremy talking.

Tucker shakes Jeremy's hand as Phyllis watches

Phyllis tells Tucker that she didn’t invite Jeremy to talk with her.

Tucker says it’s nice to meet Jeremy. He leaves the hotel.

Phyllis says she doesn’t want to be seen with the likes of Jeremy. She gets up, and Jeremy follows her.

Phyllis talks with Jeremy

Jeremy says she should redirect her resentment at someone who deserves it, like Diane. He says they should talk about it elsewhere, not in public.

Phyllis says no, that people who get involved with him tend to get in trouble.

Jeremy says that Diane is a problem that needs expertise. She can watch as he takes her down, or she can be involved.


Victoria comes into the restaurant and meets Nate there. He’s waiting for some takeout.

Victoria and Nate talk at the bar in Society

Victoria asks if he’d like to join her while he waits, and Nate orders a couple of “old fashioneds” for them both.

Victoria asks how things are going with Elena. She wonders if Elena has any issues with Nate working closely with Victoria.

Nate smiles as he talks with Victoria

Nate says that Elena is supportive of his new job, but he’s been leaving work at the office when he comes home, so that’s been helpful.

Victoria says that maybe he should keep what happens at the office… In the office. She flashes back to them kissing.

Nate says that Elena had some reservations about him coming to work with Victoria at first, but she’s come to accept it since he’s so happy at Newman Media.

Victoria smiles as she talks with Nate

Victoria says he’s found the sweet spot for his work/life balance.

Nate says that’s not quite true.

Victoria says it sounds like Nate and Elena aren’t quite in sync.

Nate and Victoria talk

Nate agrees but says they’re working on it.

Victoria says that Victor had talked positively about Nate’s abilities and that he is valued in the company.

Nate says that he wants to talk about deploying Audra to take advantage of Tucker.

Nate and Victoria look over to see Tucker enter the restaurant

Victoria says it’s nice that he’s already thinking of how to use their asset to their advantage.

At that moment, Tucker walks in on them, and Nate’s food arrives.

Nate takes the bag and leaves, leaving Tucker and Victoria.

Nate leaves the restaurant with his takeout, leaving Tucker and Victoria there

Tucker says he wants to talk to her, but Victoria says she’s got to leave and get home to her kids.

Tucker tells her that she needs to hear this first.

Tucker talks with Victoria in the restaurant

Tucker says he wants to get out of the game, he wants to sell his entire company, get out of the business, and move on with his life.

Victoria is shocked.

Victoria looks shocked as she speaks with Tucker

Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel is agape that Heather said she met someone.

Daniel speaks with Heather in his hotel room

Heather apologizes that it’s hurting him, but she didn’t see a way back to him. She says that she can’t forget what happened between them.

She says she’s happy for him, but she’s moved on and fallen in love. She says he’ll realize it’s best if he moves on too.

Daniel asks about this new man in her life.

Heather and Daniel speak

Heather says he’s another lawyer, and she met him through work. She says that Phyllis helped her come to the decision to make their separation permanent.

She says that Daniel’s really starting to turn his life around.

Daniel says that the only motivation he had was the hope that it would bring Heather and Lucy back to his life, and now she’s telling him that he’s been replaced, and his hope is gone.

Daniel and Heather talk

He says he refuses to believe that she’s in love with someone she’s barely known.

Heather says that love is love, and there’s no timetable. She says it’s sad that their time together is over, but what’s important now is that they’re both doing better.

Daniel asks if Lucy’s ok with her new guy.

Daniel rubs his eyes as he sits on the couch and talks to Heather

Heather says that it wasn’t easy for Lucy to accept that there is a new man in her life, she misses her father.

Daniel asks if Heather can tell her first-hand that he’s doing better.

Heather says that Lucy is right down the hall, he can tell her himself.

Daniel looks surprised as Heather tells him that Lucy is in the hotel

Heather goes and gets Lucy, and they return to Daniel’s room.

Lucy and Heather come into Daniel's hotel room

Daniel says he’s really glad they came so that he can see them in person and he can apologize for the pain and heartache that he caused them.

Lucy has tears in her eyes and says that she didn’t know why everything changed when he was in Savannah, and how he seemed like a different person.

She says it was like he was mad at the whole world, and when he showed up, he took it out on them.

Daniel speaks with Lucy and Heather

Daniel says he hates the person he turned into, and his career wasn’t going well, and that it clouded his judgment on everything.

He says that he’s so sorry that he pushed them away, but he’s changed, and he’s not that person anymore. He made the changes because he wanted to bring them back into his life.

Daniel hands Lucy a tissue and asks if she knows about his new job.

Lucy tears up as she speaks with Daniel

Lucy asks if he’s finished with art.

Daniel says that there’s still art involved, and starts to explain about the video game. He says that the old video game they used to play together gave him the idea for the game.

He says he threw himself into it, and it was the start of him turning everything around. It gave him a new goal and purpose.

Daniel hands a tablet to Lucy, showing her some sketches of his game ideas

He shows her some sketches on a tablet, and says it’s called “Finding Princess Louisa”. He asks what she thinks.

Lucy says that Louisa looks just like her.

Daniel says that it is her, she’s his princess.

Lucy looks at the tablet that Daniel handed her

Lucy hands him back the tablet and says good luck on his video game.

Daniel asks how long they’ll be staying.

Heather says only a few days, they have a lot to do and get back to.

They agree to meet tomorrow, and Heather and Lucy leave Daniel’s room.

Lucy half-smiles as she speaks with Daniel

Nate’s Penthouse Apartment

Nate and Elena sitting and eating the meal he brought home from Society.

Elena and Nate sit at the table in their apartment and talk

Nate talks with Elena as they eat. He tells her about how he was pulled into a meeting with Victor, and how thrilled he was to have them want to listen to his ideas.

He says that Michael didn’t want to loop him in at first, but Victoria got him to listen.

Elena doesn’t seem too interested in what he’s saying.

Elena looks uninterested in what Nate is talking about

Nate asks how Elena’s day was.

She says it was exhausting, she needs a break and mentions that she’s ready to take a vacation with him.

Nate says they’ll do it soon.

Nate gestures as he speaks with Elena

Elena asks how soon it will be before they can go away together.

He says he just started at Newman Media, so it’s not the right time for him to leave the job, even for a few days.

Elena says that he brought up the vacation and that she just wants to know when, as it takes a long time to find someone to cover her shift in the O.R.

Nate pours some wine as he speaks with Elena

Nate says he can’t really answer her right yet.

Elena says she’s tired and needs to go to bed. She heads upstairs.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley comes home and sees Allie there. They hug in greeting, and Allie asks how long she’ll be staying, or if she’s going right back to Paris.

Ashley comes home and sees Allie there

Ashley says she’s not sure.

Allie asks if there’s something that’s making her indecisive.

Ashley thinks of Tucker.

Ashley and Allie talk in the living room

Allie says that she’s happy about work and that she’s really enjoying being a chemist, but she says that she can tell that Ashley’s eyes are glazing over listening to her.

Ashley says that her progress in the lab hasn’t gone un-noticed.

Allie says that it’s obvious that Ashley is having a bad day, and is a good listener if Ashley needs someone to talk with.

Ashley and Allie sit in the living room and talk

Ashley says that she’s ok and she asks what Allie’s up to.

Allie says that she’s been working on some chemistry and talks about how she can use math to improve their products.

Ashley says it’ll revolutionize their approach to the makeup lines.

Allie talks with Ashley

Allie talks about how she’s been working with some products, but there are instabilities that need to be overcome.

Ashley laughs and asks what blew up.

Allie asks how she knew, and Ashley says that she’s familiar with lab blowups.

Ashley sits on the couch and talks with Allie

Ashley says that it’s like a relationship… When dominance and stability are achieved, then…

Allie wonders if she’s still talking about business, or whether it’s personal.