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Y&R Recap – Feb 15: Jeremy Surprises a Vulnerable Phyllis, Tucker Makes a Big Reveal to Ashley, and Heather Drops a Bombshell on Daniel

Jeremy Stark stands beside Phyllis at the bar, smiling

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, February 15 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Victoria’s shocked by Sally’s pregnancy, Victor & Nikki reminisce, and Heather arrives in Genoa City.


Summer meets her mother in the restaurant. They hug in greeting and sit down at a table.

Summer and Phyllis hug as they meet in Society

Phyllis says that it’s nice to see one of her kids that don’t hate her.

Phyllis says they’re going to drink some champagne and toast Daniel… Before he does something that he’ll deeply regret.

Phyllis sits and talks with Summer

Summer asks if she means that Daniel fired her.

Phyllis is surprised that Summer knows about it.

Summer says that she warned Phyllis not to go to Portugal, and that Daniel firing her was because she interfered.

Summer tells Phyllis that she was out of line

Phyllis says that she did it out of love and that Daniel fired her because of misplaced anger at Heather.

Summer doesn’t think so. She reaches for the champagne, and Phyllis says that the champagne is for someone who cares instead of someone who is attacking her.

Summer says that Daniel had his own plan for getting Heather back, and Phyllis went behind his back and sabotaged his plans, so she doesn’t blame him for being mad.

Summer and Phyllis talk as they sit with a bottle of champagne between them

Phyllis says she pushed Heather in the right direction.

Summer says it should have been Daniel’s choice.

Phyllis says that Daniel couldn’t make the choice, because he was stressed out, and people do strange things under stress.

Summer looks unimpressed as she speaks with Phyllis

Summer says that Phyllis has been under a lot of stress lately, so maybe that explains her actions.

Phyllis wonders what she’s done to make her kids hate her so much.

Summer says that if something in their lives is broken, let them fix it themselves. She says she should have told Daniel what Phyllis had planned.

Phyllis gestures as she speaks with Summer

Phyllis says she’s raised two pessimists… Negative Nellies, Doomsayers.

She says that she went to Heather to enlighten her about the man that Daniel has become. She explains that when Heather takes Daniel back, she expects an apology.

Phyllis points at Summer as they argue

Summer says they don’t want Phyllis interfering in their lives.

Phyllis says that this is what motherhood is like, she walks through fire for her children, but she’s tired of being made out to be the villain.

She grabs the bottle of champagne and leaves Summer at the table.

Summer looks incredulous as Phyllis leaves

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Daniel’s Hotel Room

Daniel walks into his room and sees Heather on the couch. He’s stunned and happy to see her.

Daniel is surprised to see Heather in his hotel room

Heather says that she got the front desk clerk to let her in.

Daniel says it’s so good to see her, and they hug.

Heather and Daniel hug

Daniel asks where Lucy is, and Heather says she’s good, but they need to talk.

Daniel says that he wants to apologize for his mother coming to see her in Portugal, but Heather says he doesn’t need to.

Heather says it was a surprise to see her, but Phyllis couldn’t stop talking about how proud she was of him.

Heather and Daniel talk as they sit in his room

Daniel laughs and says he’s sorry for that.

Heather says she was happy to hear how he was doing, and that the new venture seems to have reinvigorated him.

Daniel says it’s been a healing journey.

Heather says he seems happier, focused, and looks really good.

Daniel smiles as he speaks with Heather

Daniel says that his time alone was hard, but he learned a lot about himself. He thought about the ones who love him, who he’s supposed to protect and cherish.

He apologizes for what he did to Heather and Lucy. Heather gets tears in her eyes, and Daniel scoots over to sit beside her.

He asks what’s wrong.

Daniel sits beside Heather and talks with her

Heather looks him in the eye. “I’ve met someone.”

Daniel says he must have misunderstood.

Heather says that she’s sorry she’s hurt him, but she didn’t see things getting better, that the wounds were too deep and left lasting scars.

Heather and Daniel talk

Daniel says that he knows he hurt her and Lucy, but says they deserve another chance.

Heather says that even if she forgives him, she can’t forget. She says that she wishes the best for him.

Daniel says that he loves her.

Heather says that she moved on, and she’s fallen in love with this new person. She says that he’ll realize it’s best if he moves on too.

Daniel looks crestfallen as he speaks with Heather

The Abbott Mansion

Diane is having a hard time unlocking the door. Jack laughs as he sees her struggle, and goes to open the door just as she unlocks it. They kiss and hug in greeting.

Jack greets Diane as she unlocks the Abbott Mansion door

Jack says welcome home, and Diane says she’s happy to hear those words.

Jack worries that she had second thoughts about moving in, but Diane says he’s stuck with her. He offers some wine.

Diane says that this is nice to be his new roommate. She toasts to him, herself, the future, and coming home again.

Jack and Diane hold each other as they talk

Kyle walks in as they’re kissing. He says he doesn’t want to interrupt, but Diane says he’s not.

Diane asks how Kyle is.

Kyle says he’s having problems with Summer.

Kyle yells at his father, Jack Abbott, as Diane watches

Jack says perhaps his partner, Victor, has some advice for him.

Kyle gets upset and says that he had things under control, he kept Jabot safe. He says that Victor’s only goal was to get Adam fired, which happened. He says he’ll turn Victor down if he asks for anything else.

Jack says that he lied to him, and turned to Victor instead of his own father.

Jack angrily talks to Kyle

Kyle says that he made a mistake, and he shouldn’t have trusted Victor.

Jack is upset and says he needs some air, he’ll be back. He grabs his keys and heads out the door.

Diane says that Jack hates that Kyle did Victor’s bidding because of the rocky past that Jack and Victor have.

Jack angrily leaves Kyle and Diane to talk

Kyle says he never meant anything harmful, and asks if Jack will ever forgive him.

Diane says she’s living proof that Jack is a forgiving kind of guy.

Kyle looks over and sees Diane’s bags and asks if she’s going out of town.

Diane says that Jack asked her to move in.

Diane smiles and clutches at her neck as she talks with Kyle

Kyle’s surprised, but he’s apprehensive.

Diane says they’ve grown and changed, and they’re different people now, and it’s been decades in the making.

Kyle says he guesses they can look at it that way.

Diane and Kyle sit and talk

Diane says that she can be closer to Harrison and Kyle this way.

Kyle agrees and says Harrison will love having Dee-Dee in the house.

Diane asks if he’s ok with it.

Summer comes in and asks what else went wrong today.

Summer comes into the Abbott Mansion and talks with Diane and Kyle

Diane says that nothing went wrong, it’s a great day.

Kyle says that Diane is moving in.

Summer just says, “Ok.” with a blank look on her face. She leaves to go check on Harrison.

Summer looks unimpressed as she listens to Diane

Diane says that didn’t go well and wonders what she can do.

Kyle says she’ll have to figure that out on her own, he has to go work things out with his wife.

Kyle goes after Summer

Tucker’s Hotel Room

Ashley comes into Tucker’s room, and he gets a glass of wine for her.

Tucker and Ashley talk in his hotel room

He asks if she texted him to not come to Paris because she was coming to see him.

Ashley says not to flatter himself.

Tucker asks what she’s doing there.

Ashley holds a glass of wine and speaks with Tucker

Ashley says that she’s there to find out what his voicemail was about.

Tucker wonders why she’s willing to listen and why she seems upset.

Ashley says that it’s her brother and Diane and she doesn’t want to get into it. She says she hopes he doesn’t expect a repeat of the last time they saw each other.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Tucker says that he can give her a hell of an encore.

Ashley says that last time, he had plans to take over Jabot.

He says that he didn’t and had changed his mind. He says he’s trying to turn over a new leaf, so he wants to be honest with her.

Tucker rubs his face as he talks with Ashley

He says that he’s in deep financial trouble, deeper than he wants to admit to anyone, including himself.

Tucker says that his debt was growing exponentially, but though he found peace at the ashram, he let the business get away from him.

He explains that after the car wreck, he took out massive loans and sold off divisions and assets, but he couldn’t keep up with the growing debt, so he looked for powerhouses he could acquire to get capital.

Tucker and Ashley sit on the sofa in his hotel room

Ashley asks why he offered to fund a company for her when he didn’t have the money to back it up.

Tucker says he’d do anything for her, he would have found the money to open a company for her, even if it meant selling off parts of his own company.

Ashley thinks he wanted her to invest her own cash.

Tucker says he never wanted that. He says that Ashley must feel a connection between them and that their passion doesn’t go away, even when they’re arguing.

Tucker and Ashley talk on the sofa

Asgket moves closer to Tucker and kisses him.

She says, “Nope, nothing there.” She says she can’t figure out what she was feeling before.

She asks him if he’s sticking around Genoa City.

Tucker says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Ashley kisses Tucker

He says he’s running out of options, and Newman Enterprises is going to buy his debt to take over his company.

Ashley asks why he’s not rattled about losing it all.

Tucker says maybe it’s time for it to happen. He came to town with a dream to work with his family, but when his dream fell apart, the only part of the plan that mattered to him was the people involved.

He says his karma is catching up to him.

Tucker looks depressed as he speaks with Ashley

Ashley says she’s not sure she believes in karma, but she doesn’t see Tucker moving on without a fight, she liked that guy who fought for what he believed in.

Tucker chuckles wryly and says, “As the Buddha said, love with an open hand.”

He says he has to stop clinging to things, and if he hadn’t spent that time in the ashram, he’d still be after the mighty dollar and looking for revenge.

Tucker and Ashley talk

Ashley asks what he’s going to do now.

He says he’d let it all go if he could only be with Ashley.

Ashley asks how he could hold on to a shred of hope.

Tucker says it’s because he loves her. Forever. And not even karma can change that.

Tucker slams back a drink as he and Ashley talk

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Jack comes into the hotel lobby and sees Phyllis sitting at the bar.

Jack comes and sits next to Phyllis at the bar in the hotel lobby

He comes over and sits beside her. Phyllis says she’s emancipating her kids, and cutting the apron strings.

Jack laughs and says he can’t imagine her in an apron. He also can’t believe she’s cutting her kids out of her life, but he knows exactly how she feels.

Jack and Phyllis talk at the bar in the hotel

Jack says she’s preaching to the choir, that someone he deeply cared for has betrayed him.

Phyllis says he must be talking about Diane.

Jack says it’s not Diane, it’s Kyle. He says Diane and him are fine. He gets upset and says that Phyllis is truly her own worst enemy.

Jack angrily gets up and leaves without even having a drink.

Jack talks with Phyllis

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes home and gives Diane a hug.

Diane smiles as she drapes her arms around Jack

He says that he’s sorry he left so abruptly, and they should be celebrating her moving in.

Diane says that she didn’t mean to, but she complicated things more by telling Kyle that she had moved in.

Jack asks how he took it.

Jack and Diane hug and talk

Diane says he seemed to take it well, but Summer didn’t respond as well.

Jack says that Kyle will soon accept it and that nothing can stop them, the worst is behind them.

They kiss and hug.

Jack and Diane kiss and hug in the living room of the Abbott Mansion

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

At the bar, Phyllis is sitting and thinking, when suddenly, Jeremy Stark shows up.

Phyllis sits at the bar alone, thinking

Jeremy says, “Looks like you could use a friend!”

Jeremy Stark stands beside Phyllis at the bar, smiling

Phyllis is stunned.

Phyllis is stunned when she sees Jeremy Stark