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Y&R Recap – Feb 14: Victoria’s Shocked by Sally’s Pregnancy, Victor & Nikki Reminisce, and Heather Arrives in Genoa City

Victoria almost chokes on her drink as Nick tells her that Sally is pregnant

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, February 14 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley refused to leave the Abbott house, Jack declared his love for Diane, and Audra shocked Nate by revealing Chancellor-Winters secrets.

Crimson Lights

Nick and Sharon are talking in the coffee shop, which has been decorated for Valentine’s Day with hearts all over.

They’re talking about Moses when Sally walks in and sees them talking.

Neither Sharon nor Nick notice Sally, as they’re facing the other way. Sally goes oto the indoor patio without saying a word.

Nick gets a text message from Victoria asking him to go for a drink at Society. She wants to talk about Victor.

Nick gets a text message from Victoria asking to talk about their dad

Nick says he has to go because meet his sister. He takes his coffee and leaves.

After seeing Nick leave, Sally comes out and talks to Sharon, who tells her she just missed Nick.

Sally says she’s there to talk to Sharon.

Sally comes into the coffee shop

Sally says that it’s nice to see that Nick and Sharon are still friends. She asks what Nick and Sharon’s relationship was like.

Sharon says that she’s made peace with their history and doesn’t mind talking about it.

She says that she was Nick’s first true love, and he was her first, and they struggled through a lot of their relationship. And they had to learn patience and understanding, and that’s why their bond is so close today.

Sharon talks with Sally

Sharon asks Sally what has her mind on edge.

Sally says that Nick helped Jill with some concerns, and says she’s turned over a new learf

Sharon says that Nick deserves love and happiness

Sally gestures as she talks with Sharon

Sharon tells Sally about how she and Nick went through a lot together. She explains that Nick is a good person and relates some times when they were there for each other.

Sally says she didn’t know that Sharon and Nick’s relationship was so deep and that Sharon must think that Nick is too good for Sally.

Sharon says that she is very protective of Nick and she looks at Sally and sees someone who’s learned from her mistakes.

Sharon sits and talks with Sally at a table in the coffee shop

Sharon says that finding and bringing out the strengths in someone is one of Nick’s strong suits, though he can be impulsive when it comes to romance, it’s just something for her to consider.

Sally asks if Sharon and Nick had reunited in the past.

Sharon says they did, but they’re not in the same place now, so Sally doesn’t have to worry about anything between them.

Sally talks with Sharon in the Crimson Lights cafe

Sharon says that Nick, Faith, and others really helped her through her cancer scare. Sally looks upset.

Sharon asks Sally what she’s really here to talk about, and wonders if Sally is facing any kind of medical problems.

Sally says she’s not sick… She’s pregnant. She says it’s early in the pregnancy, but she’s terrified.

Sharon gestures as she talks with Sally

Sharon says that’s a normal reaction, especially for a first-time mom.

Sally says she’s not sure she can do it, she doesn’t want Nick to feel trapped.

Sharon says that Nick always does the right thing, and he loves being a father. She says that regardless of their romantic future, Nick will always be a good father.

Sally and Sharon talk

She asks if there’s a chance that the father isn’t Nick’s, but Adam’s.

Sally says that Adam could be the father, but they’ll find out soon. She asks Sharon to keep it between them.

Sharon says no judgment; Sally can trust her.

Sharon talks with Sally

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Chancellor Park

Lily comes to the park and sees Daniel sitting on the bench. Lily asks Daniel if he’s pre-emptively stalking her because he’s there at the same time she is. He laughs.

She gives him a peppermint and says, “Happy Valentines Day!”

Daniel raises the mint in a faux toast and says, “To all the lucky lovers in the world!” He pops the mint in his mouth and crunches it thoughtfully.

Lily says that she hopes her pep talk helped him when they last spoke.

Daniel says it did help, and he’s no longer angry at his mother.

Lily hands Daniel a mint while they talk on a park bench

Lily says he should take a step back, he’s too lost in his emotions.

Daniel asks how he should do that.

She tells him to think about times in the past when people supported him.

Daniel flashes back to him and Lily talking

He flashes back to the two of them years ago when they were much younger.

In the flashback, his face is scraped and bruised. He and Lily are talking about how much they care for each other.

Lily tells Daniel that she wants to help him through these rough times.

He says she got him through the darkest times. They kiss.


Daniel says that they had some tough times together.

Lily says it wasn’t all that tough.

She reminisces about them playing and laughing on the beach when they were younger.

A young Lily and a young Daniel kiss and snuggle on the beach

Daniel says they had some good times together.

Lily says that their love was strong and unrelenting.

They talk about what a major impact they had on each other’s lives. Lily says that he is a large part of who she is today.

Daniel and Lily hold hands in the park as they talk

Lily says that Daniel is a great dad and has many years of love and happiness to look forward to with his family.

She says she’s there for Daniel to get his family back, she wants him to be happy.

Daniel says it means a lot to him. He shivers and says that they should get back inside where it’s warm.

Daniel and Lily hug in the park

He thanks her for being there for him, and gives her a big hug.

He goes to leave, and Lily stares off, lost in her own thoughts. He asks her if she’s coming, and she says she’s right behind him.

They leave the park together.

Daniel and Lily leave the park together

The Abbott Ranch

Nikki and Victor are on the couch talking.

Nikki is talking about the bicentennial celebration and asks Victor what’s on his mind… He’s distracted.

Victor says that Victoria doesn’t know how to handle Adam’s return.

Nikki and Victor talk as they sit on their couch

Nikki says that Victoria is worried about Adam creating chaos and drama.

Victor says he’s putting a stop to that.

Nikki says that Victoria is doing a great job at Newman Enterprises and that it’s up to Adam to show Victoria that he can put the company’s needs over their personal grievances… But she doesn’t see it happening.

Victor Newman and Nikki talk on the sofa

Nikki says they’ve had a good marriage and she says that she needs to show him something. She gets up and gives him a card. She says it’s one of the first Valentine’s Day cards that he ever gave her.

Victor says he remembers the card, and that he gave her the card because he wanted her to know he loved her.

Nikki says it stood the test of time. They kiss, and Nikki says this is where they always belonged… Together.

There’s a flashback to a time when they were much younger.

Victor tells Nikki that she has to leave him, but she tells him that she loves him and is never leaving again.

They talk about how they’re meant for each other.

Another flashback, this time to their vow renewal.

Victor says they’ve always found their way back to each other. They kiss.

He gives her a red envelope and tells Nikki how much he adores her.

She opens the envelope. Inside is a card, which she reads aloud.

Nikki reads the card in the red envelope

“To my darling, you are much more than my wife, you are the light of my life. What would I do without you by my side? After all these years you still manage to take my breath away. I love you.”

She looks up and gasps, asking what he’s done.

He presents her with a huge diamond necklace.

Victor pulls out a huge diamond necklace and presents it to Nikki

He puts it around her neck and says it’s to replace the one that was stolen in Chicago.

She says they’ll get that back, he shouldn’t have!

He says the other necklace is to stay in Chicago, this is for her to wear in Genoa City.

Nikki touches the diamond necklace as she looks deep into Victor's eyes


Nick and Victoria meet up in the restaurant. Victoria asks him about how things are with Sally.

Nick and Victoria sit in Society

Nick stands up, angry, and says they aren’t talking about Sally.

Victoria tells him to stay and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day. She says she’s one to talk about relationships after her latest romantic entanglement.

She says that Nick had her back during her last relationship, and she wants to support him in his relationship now.

Nick and Victoria talk

He thanks her and says he needs her support right now, as everyone else seems to be against the relationship.

Victoria says she’s worried that bringing Adam back has taken over Victor’s mind and that Victor is planning to give control of McCall Unlimited to Adam.

Nick says that he’s not giving away Victoria’s job, and it doesn’t affect them whatsoever.

Nick and Victoria sit and talk

Victoria says something about family, and Nick looks worried.

Victoria notices his look and says that if he needs to, he can tell her anything.

Nick doesn’t hesitate and blurts out, “Sally’s pregnant.”

Victoria almost chokes on her drink.

Victoria almost chokes on her drink as Nick tells her that Sally is pregnant

Victoria asks if he’s going to be a father again.

He says, “Or an uncle.”

Victoria figures out that it was Adam, and Nick explains that she wasn’t cheating on him.

He tells Victoria that Sally was perfectly honest with him about the possibility of it being Adam’s.

Victoria and Nick talk

She asks if he’s ok with this.

Nick says he’s not, he doesn’t want the baby to be Adam’s. He talks about how he went through this with Christian and wants it to be uncomplicated.

She asks how he really feels about Sally.

Nick and Victoria talk

Nick says that he really likes Sally and feels deeply for her. He says that with a baby on the way, he can’t help but be more invested in their relationship.

Victoria asks if he’ll still feel that way if the baby’s not his.

Nick says he doesn’t know, but his feelings for Sally haven’t changed.

Victoria and Nick talk

Victoria says that Sally is lucky to have a person like Nick for a father. She asks if he’s really happy.

Nick says even with all the questions about the pregnancy situation, he’s happier than he’s been in a long time.

He says that only a few people know about Sally’s pregnancy and asks that Victoria keeps it to herself.

Victoria agrees.

Nick and Victoria talk

The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Daniel comes into the hotel corridor outside his room and looks sadly at the food carts against the wall.

Daniel opens the door of his hotel suite

He opens his hotel suite door and steps inside. He looks up to find Heather seated on the sofa. “Heather?!”

Heather sits on the sofa in Daniel's hotel suite