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Y&R Recap – Feb 13: Ashley Refuses to Leave the Abbott House, Jack Declares His Love for Diane, and Audra Shocks Nate by Revealing Newman Secrets

Ashley is angry and leaves the house

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, February 13 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Adam Says Goodbye to Jabot, Daniel Fires Phyllis, and Audra Reunites With Tucker.

The Newman Ranch

Victoria and Victor sit in the living room. Victoria says that they had a lovely dinner.

Victor and Victoria Newman talk in the living room

Victor says that if her mother knew that they were discussing taking over McCall Unlimited, she’d be happy.

Victoria says they should move quickly to take it over.

Victor says to tell Tucker it’s inevitable and he’ll fold.

Victoria says they need to get him to sell a controlling amount of shares to Newman Enterprises.

Victoria and Victor Newman sit in the living room and talk

Victor says that he’s wondering what Tucker will do with his back up against the wall. He says to tell him that they’re coming just before they make the deal.

Victoria says he’ll drop his guard. They toast to their devious plan.

Victor and Victoria clink glasses in a toast

Victoria asks what they should do to move things along quickly.

Victor says that they just go after him directly, but he wants to talk about Johnny and Chelsea. He asks what’s happening with them.

Victoria says that Johnny seems to enjoy having a brother in Connor.

Victoria and Victor sit and talk in the living room of the Newman Ranch

Victor asks how Victoria is handling it. He wants her to remember how important family is, and how important it is to maintain a connection.

Victoria says it sounds like he’s talking about Adam.

She goes on to say that Victor has to be realistic about bringing Adam back, there’s no place for him other than a CEO position, or he’d be insulted.

Victoria sits and talks with Victor

Victor says that she hasn’t put it together, he wants Adam to run Tucker’s company when they take it over.

Victoria says she can’t believe that she didn’t see it coming. She should have known. She asks if Adam will report to her or if will he be in a separate division.

Victor says they will discuss the hierarchy later, but Adam coming back won’t affect her at all.

Victor sits with his arms crossed as he speaks with Victoria

Victoria says that it sounds like Victor just wants Adam to feel better about himself.

Victor says that he wants to bring the family together.

Victoria says that they have to deal with two wildcards, Adam and Tucker.

Victor says that he will deal with them.

Victoria looks worried as she speaks with Victor

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Y&R News


Audra comes into the restaurant, and Tucker comes in behind her.

Tucker asks if she’s waiting for someone.

Tucker meets Audra in the Society lobby

Audra says that Brad Pitt can’t make it, so he’ll have to do.

They talk about how it feels nice, two “friends” having dinner together.

Audra says it’s what normal people would do.

Audra and Tucker talk as they wait for a table

Tucker says she looks beautiful, and that he always finds their interactions stimulating. He says that he’s suspicious of her motives.

Audra asks if she needs to have a motive to have dinner with him.

Tucker says that she asked about his debt and that Newman Enterprises would be interested in that, so he wonders if this meeting is about gathering information for them.

Tucker smiles as he speaks with Audra

Tucker asks if she’s there to get info for the Newmans.

She says that he’s getting to the point before they have a drink.

Vino veritas and all that he says. He says he’ll be respectful.

Audra and Tucker sit and talk

He says he wouldn’t put up a facade, and if she’s working for the Newmans, he respects that.

Audra wonders if he’d be hurt if she tried to put one over on him.

He says that he’d be disappointed, but wants honesty.

Tucker and Audra talk

Audra says that there’s nothing but the truth between them. She says she’ll be straight with him, and that the Newmans know about his debt and want to buy it out.

Tucker says that he’s not surprised, since he figures someone would want to come after him, that they weren’t happy just scooping up Omega Sphere.

He says it’s very “Victor”.

Audra smiles as she talks with Tucker

Audra says there’s no dissension amongst the ranks at the Newmans.

Tucker asks how long he has.

Audra says she doesn’t know, but she figures it’ll be soon.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Audra

He wonders why she’s telling him… Is she an agent of chaos?

She says that she’ll let him think whatever he wants.

Tucker says he’d do the same, but he’s a little annoyed about it.

Audra talks with Tucker

Audra asks him what he’s going to do about the Newmans’ plans.

Tucker says he can’t say.

Audra says they’re supposed to be honest with each other. She says, “I scratch your back… And you scratch mine.”

Audra smiles as she talks with Tucker

Tucker says it’s supposed to be a platonic dinner, but that sounds like more fun. He says they can be platonic upstairs in his hotel room.

She says, “We’re friends without benefits.”

He laughs and whispers that he thought that was just lip service.

Audra gets up and puts on her coat to leave

She gets up, and he says that he thinks she’s playing him.

She asks how he likes that.

He says he’s so turned on.

Tucker dreamily looks at Audra as they say goodbye

Audra says thanks for dinner.

He says, “Until we meet again!”

He kisses her cheek.

Tucker kisses Audra as they part ways

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle meets with Summer in Jabot’s lobby and says they didn’t get a chance to talk about things.

Kyle meets Summer in the lobby of Jabot

Summer says that she didn’t want to talk before, but they need to talk now.

They go into the office to talk privately.

Summer speaks animatedly to Kyle in the Jabot offices

Summer says that she can’t believe that he was lying to her and to his father about his deal with Victor.

Kyle says that he stands behind Victor and that he would never hurt Jabot.

Summer says that he didn’t think about any of the consequences.

Summer speaks angrily with Kyle

Kyle says that he feels that Jabot is better without Adam, and so does Summer.

Summer says that he violated her trust.

Kyle says he’s sorry, and that he was going to explain to her in private. He asks what he can do.

Kyle and Summer argue in the Jabot offices

Summer says that he doesn’t get it, that she said she doesn’t want secrets between them.

Kyle says that Summer was talking about Diane.

She says that she didn’t want any lies in their relationship. He’s being like his mom.

Summer and Kyle argue as they sit in the Jabot offices

Kyle says that comparing him to his mother isn’t fair. It was a one-off, helping Victor with Adam.

Summer says that he continued lying to her, and that’s what hurts the most.

He says he thought he was doing the right thing.

Summer is upset as she talks with Kyle

She says that he knew it was wrong, and he wanted to do it anyway.

Kyle says that he hates that he hurt her, but working with Victor was a business move.

Summer asks him to spare her that justification, and that he shouldn’t be like Victor or Diane. She tells him to just be himself, the person she loves.

Summer gets up and leaves Kyle alone in the office

Kyle says they can get past it, that he’ll be better.

Summer says that she needs to think about things and that it’s going to take some time. She needs to work through it alone.

She gets up and leaves Kyle alone in the office.

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley comes home and calls out to see who’s home.

Ashley comes home to find Diane there

Diane comes downstairs and says it’s just her.

Ashley hopes she’s there visiting Harrison, but Diane says that Ashley should get used to seeing her there.

Ashley wonders why, when Jack walks in and gives Ashley a kiss and a hug, telling her that he didn’t know she’d be back that night.

Jack welcomes Ashley home while Diane watches

He tells Ashley that he and Diane are together.

He asks what “that look” means.

She says he’s sleeping with a scam artist.

Diane and Jack smile as they talk with Ashley

Diane says that she can excuse herself if she needs privacy.

Jack says that she can stay.

Diane says that she’s hoping that they can meet in the middle.

Ashley makes a face as she talks with Diane and Jack

Ashley says they have different ideas about what the middle really is and doesn’t want to build a relationship with Diane.

Jack says it’s not a Diane problem, it’s an Ashley problem.

Jack says that everyone else but Ashley trusts Jack to do what’s best in his own life. He says that Ashley is blinded by her hatred for Diane.

Jack and Ashley argue as Diane watches

Ashley says that she loves him and wants what’s best for him, and Diane is just pain and endless trouble. She says that she knows Jack says that Diane has changed, but Jack is going to regret this.

She says that she’s embarrassed for Jack.

Jack yells that’s it, he’s had enough.

Ashley and Jack argue

He says he’s done, Ashley has only offered negativity. She can take her attitude out the door with her.

Ashley says he can’t kick her out.

He asks how much to buy her out so she’ll leave the house.

She says that’ll happen when hell freezes over. She grabs her purse and leaves Jack fuming.

Ashley is angry and leaves the house

Jack pours himself a drink and says he’s sorry Diane had to see that.

Diane says that she was partially to blame, that she goaded Ashley. She says that it bothers her that she’s driving a wedge between Jack and his sister.

Jack says he and Ashley just need time, they’ve gone through worse things than this.

Jack pours a drink as Diane looks on. She looks sad and upset.

Diane says she doesn’t want to be a disruptive influence.

Jack says she can disrupt all she wants. He kisses her.

She asks how his conversation went with Kyle.

Jack and Diane talk

Jack says that Kyle had hidden his relationship with Victor, and it ended up that Adam was agreeable enough, but he’s no longer an employee of Jabot.

He says he let Kyle know that he was disappointed he gave away company information to Victor Newman of all people.

Diane says that she thinks Kyle was just trying to protect Jack.

Jack looks earnestly at Diane as they talk

Jack says that he hates the timing of this. He just wants everyone to be happy.

Diane asks if Jack’s worried about how Kyle feels about them being in a relationship.

Jack says that they just need to be close and loving and that Kyle will understand that they’re in it for the long haul. He says that Diane has changed in the most remarkable ways.

Diane smiles as she talks with Jack

He says he’s falling in love with the woman she’s becoming, and he loves her.

He talks about how happy he is, and how everyone is lucky to have her in their lives.

Diane is overwhelmed and says that Jack is her joy and her safe place. He’s proof that she’s done right in her life, and she loves him. She says it feels so good to say that.

Diane and Jack kiss

They kiss.

Jack, smiling, says she should stay there, he’ll be right back.

Jack comes back and presents her with a key ring with keys to the house on it.

He says he doesn’t want to spend another night apart, he wants it to be her home too.

Jack presents Diane with a set of keys to the house

Newman Media

Nate is on the phone with Elena and says that he has 15-20 mins of work left and they can have dinner when he’s home.

Nate is sitting behind his desk on a phone call with Elena

He hangs up, and Audra comes in and she tells him that she had dinner with Tucker, who tried to get her to drink too much wine.

She says that Tucker is aware that “certain parties” have an interest in acquiring his company.

Nate asks if she denied any knowledge about it.

Audra speaks with Nate in his office

Audra says she went in another direction and told him that Newman was looking to buy his debt.

Nate gets up and asks her why she’d do that.

She says it’s the best plan, he’s rattled now, though he tried not to show it.

Nate is shocked as he speaks with Audra

Nate says he wishes she had told him that was how she’d handle it.

She says that she needed to get him to trust her, so she told him that to gain his confidence. Now that he knows that Newman wants to buy his debt, he’ll have to take action.

Nate asks what action he’s going to take.

Audra talks animatedly with Nate

She says she doesn’t know yet, but she says that he’ll be forced into a corner, and they’ll be there to pick up the pieces. Newman will win.

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Tucker is on the phone asking for information on people looking into his debt.

He says he doesn’t want to hear from his bankers before learning anything.

Tucker talks on the phone in his hotel room

There’s a knock at the door, he hangs up the phone and answers the door.

It’s Ashley. No words are exchanged as she smiles and eyes him up and down.

Ashley gives Tucker a sultry look as she eyes him up and down