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Y&R Recap – Feb 10: Adam Says Goodbye to Jabot, Daniel Fires Phyllis, and Audra Reunites With Tucker

Adam talks with Jack as Kyle and Summer listen and watch

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, February 10, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Jack intercepted Victor’s text message to Kyle, and Victoria & Victor talked about Adam’s return to Newman Enterprises.

Jabot Cosmetics

Adam is listening at Jack’s office door as Kyle and Jack talk inside.

Adam listens at Jack's office door

Jack asks Kyle what’s going on with his collusion with Victor.

Kyle admits he’s working with Victor to get Adam out of Jabot.

Jack and Kyle talk in the Jabot offices

Summer comes into the lobby and sees Adam listening at the door. She asks him what he thinks he’s doing.

Adam reacts as Summer confronts him listening at Jack's office door

Adam says he’s obviously eavesdropping.

Summer says to get away from the door, it’s a private conversation.

Adam says that he was going to go in and talk to them anyhow since they’re talking about him. He says Summer should be in there since Kyle is working with Victor, and Jack just found out.

Summer talks with Adam in the Jabot lobby

In the office, Jack asks what exactly Kyle did with Victor.

Kyle says he took great pains to not hurt the company, he just gave Victor information on Adam’s performance.

Jack says that Kyle lied to him and that he went behind his back and sabotaged his co-CEO.

Kyle goes to sit down while he talks to Jack

Kyle says he was doing his best for the company.

Jack says that it’s his decision to make, not Kyle’s.

Jack, upset, talks with Kyle

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The Newman Ranch

Michael comes to see Victor.

Michael comes to talk with Victor

Victor says that he made a deal to buy Victor’s loan at a reduced rate and that Victoria thinks that they should get the company at the current rate to expedite the process, and he thinks that’s a good idea.

Michael nods, and Victor continues that he thinks Victoria is right to expedite things.

Victor talks with Michael

Michael says taking Tucker’s debt will be easy, but he thinks that Tucker has some sort of backup plan.

Victor says that he has a backup plan too.

Michael talks with Victor

Micahel says that Tucker won’t go down without a fight.

Victor makes a fist and says, “You know me, I don’t have a problem with a fight either.”

Victor holds up a fist as he talks with Michael

The Grand Phoenix Hotel Lobby

Phyllis comes into the Grand Phoenix lobby and says hello to Tucker.

Tucker says he’d say hello back, but doesn’t know how to speak Portuguese.

She says that she has a lot to say to him, but to translate it would be obscene.

Tucker and Phyllis talk outside the elevator in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix Hotel

Phyllis says that she’s in a foul mood because Tucker told Daniel that she was in Portugal.

Tucker says, “You didn’t expect me to keep that info to myself, did you?”

She tells him to go to hell and gets on the elevator and goes up to her room.

Phyllis gets into the elevator

Audra is sitting in the hotel lobby and says that she sees that Tucker is still getting himself in trouble.

He laughs and says it’s nice to see that he and Audra still have a spark.

She says there’s no spark anymore.

Tucker goes to talk to Audra who's sitting in a chair in the lobby


Lily meets with Daniel at Society, they’re happy and talking about Omega Sphere.

Lily smiles at she sits at a table in Society with Daniel

Lily asks if Phyllis is ready to get things going with Omega Sphere.

Daniel says he’s probably going to fire Phyllis.

Lily asks if Daniel is sure he wants to fire his mother.

Lily and Daniel talk as they look at the menus

Daniel says that Phyllis hasn’t listened to him at all, tried to shop his project around and it hasn’t even started yet.

Lily asks if he can find a replacement on such short notice.

He says he thinks he can, and he says that he feels bad about the whole mess with Devon, he’s sorry to lay this on her too.

Daniel and Lily talk while sitting at a table in Society

They talk about her children, and she apologizes for bringing it up and says that she really has hopes he’ll get together with Heather and Lucy soon.

His phone rings, it’s Phyllis.

Daniel gets a call from Phyllis

He asks where she’s calling from.

Phyllis says she’s at the hotel. She says she’s sorry that he had to hear about her going to Portugal from Tucker, and asks if she can meet face-to-face to explain.

Daniel says that she didn’t want him to get in the way of what she was up to. He says he’d love to meet her. When and where?

Phyllis speaks on the phone with Daniel

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle says that Victor wants Adam back with his family.

Jack says that Kyle decided to step away from the big job, and tells him that he should leave him to lead the company. He asks what’s next for Victor’s plan.

Adam comes into Jack's office with Summer following

Adam comes into the room. Jack tells him to get the hell out, they’re busy.

Adam says he knows what they’re talking about, and he’s there to help.

Newman Media

Victoria comes into Nate’s office and asks if everything’s good with the Tucker deal. She asked if he’s talked with Audra.

He says he’s testing her but has to wait to see if she passes the test.

Nate talks with Victoria in his office

Nate says Tucker and Audra had a falling out, but he asked her to get more info from him.

Victoria says she’s impressed with how he’s handling things.

Nater says thanks for having him in the meeting with Victor and Michael.

Nate and Victoria talk

She says that she had to make sure that they accepted him. She says that they make a good team.

He agrees. He thinks they make an excellent team.

The Hotel Lobby

Tucker talks with Audra and asks if they can take a step back, that he’s not leaving town, and wants to fix what’s broken between them.

She asks how they can fix things.

He says she overreacted earlier and that he was in a bad mood. He says that even though there’s friction between them, they can still be friendly.

Tucker and Audra talk in the hotel lobby

She says he’s facing rejection again and they’ve gone separate ways, but there’s no need for animosity. Maybe they can be friends without benefits.

Tucker says why not give it a shot. He asks how they see it working.

She says lunch, dinners, coffee… Doesn’t he have any friends? She laughs and says, “Oh. Guess not.”

She says that a platonic dinner between friends would be nice.

Audra and Tucker talk

Tucker asks if she’s ok being seen in town with him.

Audra says that if he’s comfortable with her, she’s good with it too.

He laughs and says, “And no sex at dinner. Ok!”

Tucker talks with Audra

Phyllis’s Hotel Room

Daniel arrives at his mom’s door. He comes in and asks her immediately why she flew to Portugal.

Daniel comes to see Phyllis

Phyllis stammers out something, and Daniel says that he wouldn’t have wanted her to go if he’d known.

She says that she went and saw Lucy and Heather.

He stops, surprised that she saw them. He asks her to tell him what happened.

Daniel talks with Phyllis in her hotel room

Daniel says that Heather must have been surprised to see Phyllis at her door.

Phyllis says that she was, but invited her in right away. They talked about Omega Sphere.

Daniel asks what Heather said.

Phyllis and Daniel talk in her hotel room

Phyllis says that Heather seemed genuinely happy, but needed a minute to process everything.

He asks about Lucy.

She says that she didn’t see her right away, but she seemed uncomfortable, she’s probably just going through a teenage thing.

Daniel sits and talks with Phyllis

Daniel says it sounds like she’s trying to spare his feelings.

Phyllis says he’s right, it wasn’t a success. She just wanted to help.

Daniel says maybe she did want to help, but she never does help.

Phyllis talks with Daniel

Phyllis says that she went to Portugal as an act of love, and he’s in the same place with Heather as before she’d gone.

Daniel says she’s infuriating.

Phyllis says that they should table it before they say something they both regret.

Phyllis talks with Daniel

Daniel says she needs to stay out of his business, he can’t have her running around screwing things up, and that she is self-involved.

She says she wants to make it up to him.

He says when he said to stay out of his business, he means his actual business.

She asks if he’s really firing her, and he says yes, consider this your final termination notice. He storms out.

Daniel storms out of Phyllis's hotel room

Jabot Cosmetics

Jack says that they’re in the middle of a conversation.

Adam says that he knows, but they should be thanking Victor and Kyle instead.

Summer looks at Kyle in disbelief

Summer goes to say something, and Kyle says that he’ll talk with Summer about it later.

Summer says that Kyle sold out to Victor in exchange for textile mills.

Jack says, “You sold me out for that?” He tells Kyle to tell him what Victor’s next moves will be.

Jack gesticulates as he talks

Kyle says that Victor probably doesn’t have anything planned and that if he has anything up his sleeves, he didn’t tell him.

Jack says he knows Victor and he can’t be trusted.

Kyle says he’d protect Jabot no matter what.

Adam talks with Jack as Kyle and Summer listen and watch

Adam says hopefully he’ll make things a bit less stressful by what he’s about to say.

Adam goes on to say that Kyle was just looking out for Jabot and that he knows that his work went to hell, he’s lost drive and focus for a while as co-CEO of Jabot.

Jack says he appreciates his honesty, but he’d like to put the setbacks behind him so that he can make adjustments and get Adam back into the swing of things.

Jack looks shocked as Adam says he's leaving Jabot

Adam says he’s thought about it, and he doesn’t think things will change, so he has an announcement to make.

He says that he wants to thank them for everything, but his work didn’t measure up, so Jack can fire him, or he’ll resign. Either way, he’s leaving Jabot.

Newman Media

Victoria tells Nate that McCall Unlimited is so big that Newman needs to move money around to take things over.

Nate says that he’d like to hear more, that he loves how her mind works, and he finds it intoxicating.

Victoria smiles at Nate, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Audra.

Audra comes into Nate's office and Victoria leaves

She says she hopes she’s not interrupting anything.

Victoria says they were just finishing, to come in. Victoria says she has to go and leaves Audra and Nate to talk.

Nate closes the door behind Victoria and asks Audra if she was able to mend fences with Tucker.

Nate closes the office door as he speaks with Audra

Audra says that she was able to arrange an “accidental” meeting with Tucker and that they’re having dinner that night.

Nate says good work.

She says that the Newmans are up to something.

Audra smiles as she talks with Nate

The Newman Ranch

Victoria comes in and gives Victor a hug and a kiss on the head. She tells him that there’s good news.

She says that the money is in place and they’re ready to make a move on Tucker’s company.

Victoria hugs her father, Victor Newman

Crimson Lights

Lily is sitting at a table having a coffee and working on her tablet when Daniel comes in and joins her.

Daniel and Lily talk in the coffee shop

He says that he fired Phyllis.

Lily says she understands, but figures that Phyllis meant well.

Daniel says she won’t admit she was wrong and has a blatant disregard for everyone and everything.

Lily is at a table in the coffee shop when Daniel comes in

Lily asks if Daniel thinks that Phyllis did any good by going to Portugal.

Daniel doesn’t really answer the question, but he says that she never really told him how things went when she was there.

Lily says she hopes that Heather knew that Phyllis acted on her own.

Lily talks with Daniel

Daniel says he thinks that Phyllis ruined his chances to reconcile with his family.

Lily says that Daniel’s a fighter.

He says he doesn’t feel like it right now.

Lily speaks with Daniel

She tells him that he’ll get things back on track, she knows how devoted he is when he’s in love, and he loves his family.

She says that no one can resist Daniel when he’s firing on all cylinders.

Daniel looks at Lily as they talk

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