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Y&R Recap – Feb 1: Sally’s Anxiety Spikes After Hearing Her Doctor’s Concerns, Abby Defends Devon to Lily, and Daniel’s Suspicious of Phyllis’s Trip

Abby talks with Lily as she sits at a table in Society

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, February 1, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nick warned Adam of Victor’s machinations, and Victoria & Victor planned to buy Tucker’s debt to own him.

Society – Lily asks Abby to speak to Devon

Abby comes into the restaurant and sees Lily sitting at a table waiting for take-out.

Abby talks with Lily as she sits at a table in Society

Abby asks how Lily is feeling about Chancellor-Winters.

Lily says she wants to know what Abby thinks about it, since she knows she’s close with Devon.

Lily says that Devon would keep the name, and they would get to move ahead with the IPO, but he’s not happy with that. She asks if Abby thinks Devon is making the right decision.

Abby speaks with Lily

Abby says that she was trying to get Devon to accept the buyout, but after talking to him, she understands his point where.

Abby says that Jill and Lily should just sell the company back and that it really shows what Lily’s priorities are because it means so much to Devon.

Lily looks taken aback as she speaks with Abby

Lily says that she can’t believe that Abby thinks that she values her company more than the family. She says she’s trying to get Devon to stay at Chancellor-Winters, that she lost Nate, and she feels like she’s losing Devon.

She says that it could damage Hamilton-Winters if they go to court. She says that she’d never ask Abby to go against her instincts but to please talk to Devon.

Abby looks upset as she speaks with Lily

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Crimson Lights – Victoria seems very interested in Devon’s thoughts about Tucker

Devon is getting a coffee gets a coffee and sees Victoria in the shop.

Devon meets Victoria as he gets a coffee in Crimson Lights

Victoria asks him how he’s doing, and how the IPO is going.

Devon says that he doesn’t want to talk to her about that, since she tried to take over the company. He says that he hopes she’s doing well with traitors like Audra and Nate.

Victoria asks how things are going with Tucker.

Devon speaks with Victoria

Devon says that he never trusted Tucker, and says that she probably learned about Tucker’s true motives from Audra.

Victoria says she talked to him herself.

Devon says that she doesn’t do anything casually, to just come clean about what she wants.

Devon and Victoria talk in the coffee shop

Victoria says she doesn’t have anything to come clean about.

Devon says that he’ll leave, as she doesn’t have anything to say.

Victoria says that she still sees him as a friend, and wants to find a way to separate business and personal.

Devon scoffs, and Victoria orders a coffee as Devon leaves.

Victoria orders a coffee while Devon leaves the shop

The Grand Phoenix Hotel – Tucker lets slip that Phyllis is going to Portugal

Daniel sits down with Tucker.

Tucker asks about the IPO.

Daniel says that Lily is a dear and trusted friend, and that he still hopes things will carry on with Omega Sphere.

Daniel sits in the hotel lobby and speaks with Tucker

Tucker asks if Daniel’s been involved in anything this big before.

Daniel says it’s uncharted waters and wants to align with someone he trusts completely.

Tucker laughs and says, “Someone unlike me.”

Tucker speaks with Daniel in the hotel lobby

Tucker says that he wishes he could convince Daniel that they share a common vision.

Daniel says that he thinks they do share some commonalities and that he spoke to Phyllis about Tucker.

Tucker laughs and says that Phyllis must have really taken that well.

Daniel smiles as he speaks with Tucker

Daniel says that he won’t turn his back on Lily without cause and that Tucker should just back off.

Tucker says that his company is the best place for Omega Sphere and that he doesn’t give up that easily.

He says that he believes things will work out and to trust the universe.

Tucker and Daniel talk as they sit in the hotel lobby

Daniel says that “Trust the universe” is the same thing that Heather would say to him.

Tucker says that it sounds like Daniel misses Heather a lot.

Daniel says he does, and that he’s on the path to bringing Heather and Lucy back to him.

Tucker speaks with Daniel

Tucker says that Phyllis is going to Portugal, and he assumes it’s to talk to Heather and Lucy.

Daniel says he didn’t know about that but appreciates the information. He says he’s not a big fan of surprises, especially when it’s his mother.

Tucker says he has to go, and leaves. Daniel pulls out his phone and phones his mother. He leaves her a voicemail asking her to stop and not get on the plane.

Daniel calls Phyllis and leaves a voicemail

Jabot Cosmetics – Diane arranges a meeting with Kyle

Diane says that she needs to talk to Kyle alone without worrying about what Jack’s reaction will be.

Jack said he’d defend her to Kyle.

Jack and Diane talk about Kyle

Diane says it’s not a conversation for the office.

She calls Kyle and asks if they can talk and whether he can meet her at the house.

Diane calls Kyle as Jack looks on

Society – Nick and Sally leave to talk about her phone call

Nick and Adam are talking, and Nick says that he’s interested in why Victor wants to bring Adam back into the fold.

Adam and Nick talk at the bar in Society

Sally walks in and Nick asks how she is.

She says she’s more interested in what Adam and Nick were talking about.

Nick says that they’re just trying to keep their father from causing trouble.

Sally talks to Nick and Adam in the restaurant

Adam says that Sally’s not acting like herself… What’s wrong?

Sally says she’s working on getting her company going, and needs to go.

Nick and her leave Adam at the bar.

As they get their coats, Nick asks her what the call was. She says it was her OB.

Nick and Sally get their coats as they leave Society

The Abbott Mansion – Kyle and Diane try to work things out

Kyle comes into the Abbott family living room and Diane is waiting for him.

She says that she spoke with Summer about her relationship with Jack and that Summer wasn’t too happy about it.

Kyle says that he hasn’t spoken with Summer, so he can’t answer to that.

Kyle comes into the Abbott mansion and speaks with Diane

Diane says that she knows he spoke with Jack.

Kyle says that he spoke in confidence with Jack, and asks if that’s how it’s going to be… If he talks to one of them, it’s automatically shared with the other.

Diane says it’s not like that, but she wants to talk to him herself.

Kyle says that he’s conflicted about Jack and Diane being together.

Diane talks with Kyle in the living room

Diane asks why.

He says that he’s worried that things won’t work out between them.

Diane says that she loves Jack, and won’t break his heart.

Kyle says that she broke it before, and she left them.

Kyle stands in the living room and speaks with Diane

Diane says that she understands, but can’t let the fear of what may happen stop her now. She says she’s taking a leap of faith, as she and Jack have a lot at stake and have gone into it cautiously.

Kyle says that he thought she was gone forever, he thought she’d purposely abandoned him, and she can’t imagine what it was like for him when she came back into his life.

He says she’s filled the hole she left, but it’s hard to quiet the lingering doubts he has.

Diane and Kyle sit and talk

Diane says she doesn’t know if she can ever heal the wound she created, but he needs to believe that he and Harrison are the reasons she came back.

Kyle says that because of her, Stark came back and Jack became a jewel thief, and he has reservations about where their relationship could lead.

Diane says she understands.

Kyle paces in the living room as he speaks with Diane

Kyle asks what will happen if the relationship doesn’t work out, what will she do then?

Diane says that she doesn’t know what the future holds for her and Jack, but no matter what happens, she will never leave Kyle again.

Diane smiles as she talks with Kyle

Kyle says he wants to give her the benefit of the doubt but in his heart, he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Diane says there are no more secrets or surprises from her past.

Kyle looks upset as he speaks with Diane

Sally’s Hotel Suite – Sally tells Nick what’s bothering her

They arrive, and Nick asks what the doctor said.

Nick and Sally arrive at her hotel room

She says that she went for tests, and everything was fine, but her blood pressure was high, and they want her for some more tests.

Nick says it sounds like the doctor’s being cautious.

Sally says it just frazzled her, and it got her thinking about how she’s going to navigate it.

Sally and Nick speak as they sit in Sally's hotel room

Nick says not to worry, it’s not going to do her blood pressure any good. He says that it must be overwhelming for her.

Sally says she’s sorry, but she really is overwhelmed.

Nick reassures her that he’s there with her.

Sally speaks with Nick

Sally says that she’s worried that it’s putting a lot of pressure on him.

Nick says that they only need to look ahead as far as her next doctor’s appointment.

Sally thanks him for understanding.

Sally looks upset as she speaks with Nick

Devon’s Penthouse Apartment – Abby tells Devon she spoke with Lily

Abby comes down the stairs when Devon comes into the apartment. She asks how things are.

Abby comes downstairs and sees Devon in his apartment

Devon says he ran into Victoria and has a feeling that she’s doing something with Tucker.

Abby says that she had a run-in with Lily, and they had an interesting talk. She said that Lily painted a very different picture of what was happening at the company than Devon did.

He asks what she said.

Devon speaks with Abby in his living room

Abby says that Lily said that she wants to work with Devon, not break the company apart.

Devon wonders how Lily thinks that’s going to work… She wants to put the company public but wants to hang onto the dream of working together with Devon.

Abby speaks with Devon in the living room

Chancellor-Winters – Devon shows up to speak with Lily

Esther brings Lily a cup of tea and says that she hasn’t seen Devon today. She asks if he’s working from home.

Ester brings Lily a tea in her office

Lily says she doesn’t know where he is.

Esther says if she needs anything, she’s there for her.

Lily thanks her for the tea and opens her takeout.

Lily smiles at Ester as she opens a box of takeout

Devon shows up at the Chancellor-Winters office and sees Esther.

Devon talks with Ester in the Chancellor-Winters offices

Esther says that she misses Devon so much. She says that she hopes that he and his sister work things out.

Devon says that they’ll be fine, and he’s glad that Esther is the same person she’s always been. Ester gives him a big hug.

Ester and Devon hug

Devon walks into Lily’s office.

Devon says that Abby told him that the real reason she wants to hang onto Hamilton-Winters is that she wants to keep working with him. He says that he didn’t expect her to use Abby to get to him.

Devon comes into Lily's office

She says she’s sad and scared and doesn’t want what they created to fall apart.

Devon says that it’s going to fall apart because of what she and Jill are doing.

Devon talks with Lily in her office

He says that she cares more about profits rather than him.

He says it hurts him, and he walks out.

Devon leaves the office as Ester watches

Devon’s Penthouse – Abby tells Tucker off

The doorbell rings and Abby opens the door to see Tucker there.

Tucker smiles as he shows up to Devon's apartment and Abby opens the door

Tucker says he wasn’t expecting to see her.

She says she’s co-parenting, so it should be no surprise.

Tucker asks if he can come in, as he has a present for Dominic.

Abby stands at the door and talks to Tucker

She says that there’s no need for civility, as she knows why he’s in town.

He asks for a minute so he can explain.

Abby invites him in and says that she can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

Abby stands with her arms crossed as she speaks with Tucker in Devon's living room

Tucker says that he handled things wrong between him and Devon.

Abby laughs and says that he didn’t even mention how he’d screwed up with her mother, Ashley.

Tucker says that he’s not going to give up on Devon or his grandson.

Tucker looks upset as he talks with Abby

Abby says he should, he’s just bringing pain and turmoil into their lives. She asks him to leave. Now.

Tucker leaves a gift bag on the counter and says she hasn’t seen the last of him.

Abby tells him that he should know not to cross her.

Abby holds the door for Tucker as he leaves Devon's apartment

Jabot Cosmetics – Adam tells Jack his concerns about Kyle and Victor

Adam knocks on Jack’s door and sits down with him.

Adam comes into Jack's office at Jabot Cosmetics

Adam says that things may get tumultuous at Jabot, as Victor is trying to pull the rug out from under him to get him out of the company.

Jack says he’s not surprised, and that he knows how Victor works.

Adam has a seat and talks with Jack

Jack says that they can handle Victor, they both know how he works.

Adam says that he thinks that Kyle is involved.

Jack says he can’t believe it.

Jack sits at his desk and speaks with Adam

Adam says that he saw Victor and Kyle together, and they were trying to play it off, but he knows how Victor operates.

Jack says he knows how he operates too.

Adam says that he thinks that Kyle is conspiring with Victor to take him down.

Jack looks pained as he speaks with Adam