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Y&R Recap – April 7: Devon Tells Lily He Wants to Work Together, Abby Seeks Chance’s Approval, and Adam is Hurt by Victor’s Decision.

Devon and Lily raise their cups in a toast

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, April 7 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jeremy hands the EMT a bundle of cash

On the last episode of Y&R, Stark paid off the EMT to keep him quiet, Phyllis planned her next move, and Summer declared she’s finished grieving for her mom.


Sally looks uncomfortable as she sits at a table in the restaurant, rubbing her stomach and grimacing.

Sally looks uncomfortable as she eats

Nate walks in and asks how she is.

Sally says she’s not great.

She says she’s not feeling well and thinks something might be wrong with her baby.

Nate talks with Sally

Crimson Lights

Chance comes into the coffee shop as he’s on the phone asking for an update from the lab about the blood.

Abby walks in behind him and says hello after he’s finished his call.

Chance is on the phone as Abby walks in the door behind him

Adam walks up to the counter and asks for a coffee from a distracted Sharon.

She says she’s still processing what happened last night, and says that Adam doesn’t know about it.

Sharon talks with Adam

Adam asks, “What don’t I know anything about?”

She tells him that Phyllis passed away last night.

Adam is surprised as Sharon tells him about Phyllis's death

Devon’s Apartment

Lily comes to Devon’s place and brings him a coffee.

Lily talks with Devon over a coffee

She says that she was with Daniel last night, and she really loved her kids, and they loved her too.

Devon says that nothing prepares anyone to lose a parent.

Lily says she wishes she didn’t know how that felt.

Devon sits and talks with Lily

Devon says that when you deal with loss, it gives you a new perspective to right the wrongs in your life.

He says he wants to talk about Chancellor-Winters.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria brings Victor and Nikki a coffee. She says that her heart goes out to Summer.

Victoria brings a coffee to Victor and Nikki

Nikki says that Summer is planning Phyllis’s memorial and doesn’t want help.

Victoria thinks that she’s in no shape to take that all on by herself.

Nikki says that Summer needs space.

Nikki talks with Victoria and Victor

Victor asks about Victoria’s meeting with Tucker.

Victoria says that she withdrew the offer to buy the company, she’s no longer interested in McCall Unlimited.

Victor asks why she’d withdraw the offer.

Victor reacts to Victoria

Victoria says it’d be a headache, and the pitfalls outweigh the upsides.

She says she told Tucker last night.

Victor says that she shouldn’t have done that by herself.

Nikki looks at Victoria, surprised

Victoria says that she’s the CEO, and Victor reminds her who put her in that seat.

She says that there’s no room for potential growth, and she’d be happy to show him her numbers.

Victor says that she’d cook the numbers.

Victoria says she’s looking out for the company.

Victoria speaks to Victor and Nikki

Victor asks why she’s so against Adam’s success.

Victoria says that Newman should have no part in Adam’s success.

Crimson Lights

Adam sits with Sharon and is shocked by the news of Phyllis’s death.

Adam sits and talks with Sharon

He asks if she’s spoken with Nick, and she says she hasn’t had a chance.

Sharon says that Nick helped her through Rey’s death.

Adam says that Nick will reach out, and she’ll be a great comfort to him, but she has to take care of herself.

Sharon talks with Adam

Sharon says she will if Adam will.

Adam receives a text from Victor to come over to Society.

Adam gets a text from Victor: "Society ASAP. We need to discuss McCall."

Abby says that the news about Phyllis is sickening, and thanks Chance for his hard work.

Chance says he’s just doing his job.

Abby says that she’s been looking for him, and they need to discuss something.

Abby talks to Chance

Devon’s Apartment

Devon says that everything changed for him when the lounge was dedicated to Neil.

Devon and Lily sit and talk

Lily says it was like Neil was with them.

Devon says that it made him realize that you have to keep your family close.

Lily says time is valuable and she doesn’t want to waste it.

Devon says he wants to give their partnership at CW a second chance.

Lily and Devon talk


Nate says he thought Sally looked “different” at the gala, but didn’t want to say anything.

Sally laughs and says that sometimes after she eats, she gets flutters in her stomach.

Nate asks who her obstetrician is, and he says that he thinks he knows what’s going on.

Nate and Sally sit at a table in Society as they talk

He confirms her symptoms, she’s feeling mild nausea after eating.

She agrees, those are her symptoms.

Nate says the baby is probably moving, and that’s what she’s feeling.

Sally talks with Nate

Sally says something about how the food feeds the baby, and Nate says that she didn’t pay attention during biology class.

Nate goes on to explain how walking around soothes the baby, and that’s why she feels better afterward.

He gets up to get his food and gives her some advice.

Nate smiles as he talks with Sally

He says that she needs to eat more often, but less at a time, and to drink chamomile tea.

Sally asks what else.

Nate says she needs to cherish the moment, it won’t last forever.

Sally talks with Nate

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Y&R News

Devon’s Apartment

Lily asks him if his change of mind has anything to do with what happened with Phyllis.

Devon says it’s a logical reaction, not an emotional reaction. He says she’s his sister and they need to stay close to one another.

Devon sits and talks with Lily

Lily asks what happens if they don’t get along.

Devon says they will, they have to have open communication and be honest with each other.

Lily says they did have problems before being honest with each other, and maybe this will work.

Lily smiles as she talks with Devon

Devon says that he doesn’t want to lose his sister because they’re all each other has.

He wants to make something out of Chancellor-Winters that Katherine and Neil would be proud of.

Lily says she has to take yes for an answer and they toast.

Devon and Lily raise their cups in a toast

Crimson Lights

Chance asks Abby if Dominic’s ok.

Abby says he is, but she wants to be transparent with him. She says that Devon asked her and Dominic to move in with him.

Abby and Chance talk in the cafe

Chance asks what she wants him to say.

Abby says she hasn’t made a decision but wanted to talk with him first.

She says that she doesn’t want things to be uncomfortable and didn’t want people to talk.

Chance speaks with Abby

Chance says that people in town have other things to talk about right now.

Abby says she wanted his opinion on the move, and Chance is surprised she wanted his input.

Abby talks with Chance


Adam walks into Society and has a seat with Victor.

He says he just found out about Phylllis from Sharon, but he doesn’t feel the loss that others do.

Adam sits with Victor as they talk

Victor tells him that Victoria doesn’t want to acquire McCall Unlimited anymore.

Adam says that Victor still owns Newman Enterprises and that he should override Victoria.

Victor says that he put Victoria in charge for a reason, and he won’t quash her decision.

Adam is upset as he talks with Victor

He says that he will change the approach to McCall.

Adam gets angry and stands up, saying that things will never change, Victor always favors Victoria, and it’s better if they go their separate ways.

He leaves the restaurant, upset.

Adam stands up and prepares to leave as he talks with Victor

Devon’s Apartment

Devon asks Lily how Daniel was taking the news.

Lily says that Daniel kept wondering about the different ways he could have saved Phyllis and how he kept beating himself up over it.

Lily sits and talks with Devon

Devon says that he likes to think he’s at peace with losing Neil and Hilary, and says that the hole in your heart never goes away. He says that he’s embracing life because of it and is ready to move on to something better.

Lily asks him what else is happening with him.

Devon says he asked Abby to move in with him, and Lily is shocked.

Lily is surprised as she speaks with Devon

Crimson Lights

Chance says he’s fine with Abby moving in with Devon, she should just do it.

Abby says Chance should move back into his family house when she moves out… She says a Chancellor should always live in the Chancellor house.

Chance talks with Abby

Chance waves it off and says that Dominic will live there.

Abby says that she doesn’t think that Nina wants her there.

Chance says he got the same impression from her.

Abby speaks with Chance

Abby says that she’d like to keep Dominic’s room the same so as not to disturb Dom’s life any more than needed.

Chance agrees.

Abby thanks him and wishes him a good rest of his day. She leaves.

Abby leaves Crimson Lights as Chance stands thinking about their conversation

Newman Enterprises

Nate comes into the office and sits down to talk with Victoria.

Victoria says that she knows that he did everything he could to help Phyllis.

Nate says that he and Elena are trying to figure out what happened with Phyllis before she collapsed, but holding other people’s lives in his hand is no longer his responsibility, and his focus is on Newman.

Nate and Victoria talk

Crimson Lights

Adam comes into the cafe and sees Chance talking with Abby. He looks vaguely uncomfortable and goes to leave the coffee shop.

Adam looks at Chance and Abby talking

Sally comes in as he’s leaving and asks where he’s off to.

She says she’s there for some chamomile tea.

Adam asks if she’s feeling ok.

Sally says she’s fine, but if he has a few minutes, can they talk?

Sally talks with Adam

Newman Enterprises

Victoria tells Nate that she’s no longer pursuing McCall Unlimited.

Nate says that he thought it was her top priority.

Victoria talks with Nate

Victoria tells him that McCall is Victor’s top priority, not hers.

She says that Victor wants to install Adam as CEO of McCall, and she doesn’t see why the company that she runs should just hand Adam an empire.

Nate talks with Victoria

Crimson Lights

Adam asks Sally how Nick’s coping with Phyllis’s death.

Sally says Nick is pretty torn up, and so is Summer.

She says that Nick is struggling to help Summer through her pain.

Adam and Sally stand and talk in Crimson Lights

Adam says that it’s difficult to help your children, and Sally says that she’s going to be experiencing that soon.

Sally says Nick loved Phyllis for a long time, and it’s hard on him to lose her.

Adam asks her if that bothers her.

Sally talks with Adam

She tells him that it was a long time ago, and Nick and Phyllis have a child together, so it doesn’t get to her.

Adam says that Victor was going to buy a company and have him lead it, but Victor pulled the rug out from under him.

He says that for a brief moment, he thought that Victor might choose him over Victoria.

Sally says she’s sorry, but if he ran the company, he’d be in opposition with Victoria, and that’s not what he wants. He doesn’t need Victor to succeed, all he needs is himself.

Adam and Sally talk

Sharon asks Chance what happened in his conversation with Abby.

Chance says he’s doing his best to stay civil with her and that she asked him about moving in with Devon.

He says he didn’t have a choice, so gave her the thumbs-up.

Chance sits and talks with Sharon

Devon’s Apartment

Lily says that Amanda just moved out… Doesn’t Devon think that having Abby move in will cause Amanda more pain?

Devon says he had a good talk with Amanda last night, and she already thought that Abby lived with him.

He says that having Abby and Dominic under the same roof with him makes all the sense in the world.

Devon talks with Lily

Crimson Lights

Sharon says that giving Abby the OK to move in with Devon must have been hard.

Chance says that it wasn’t that hard.

Sharon says that now he can put it all behind him.

Sharon speaks with Chance as they sit at a table

Chance says it’ll never be a clean break because of Dominic.

Sharon says that he should just let go of it, and he’ll feel better.

Chance says that he should either pay her for the therapy session he just had, or he’ll have to take her to dinner.

Sharon smiles as Chance asks her to dinner

Sharon asks if those are her only two options, and he says they are.

She says she’d like dinner.

Chance smiles as he talks with Sharon

Devon’s Apartment

Abby comes to the door and asks Devon if it’s alright if she can come in.

Devon laughs and says she never needs to ask that. They kiss.

Abby says that her biggest concern with moving in was Chance, and she went and talked to him.

Abby talks with Devon

Devon asks her how that went.

Abby says that he wasn’t ecstatic, but he gave them the all-clear.

He asks if she’s saying what he thinks she is.

Devon smiles as he talks with Abby

Abby says she wants to make a home with him.

They kiss tenderly.

Abby and Devon kiss passionately

Newman Enterprises

Nate says he’s happy to hear she’s backing off, and her instincts are always spot on.

Victoria says that being nimble is always a good business asset.

Nate asks if she’s thinking of expanding her inner circle.

Victoria smiles and says, “Just by one person!”

Victoria smiles and leans on her hand as she talks with Nate


Nikki and Victor are sitting at a table in the restaurant, and Nikki asks Victor if things went badly with Adam.

Victor says that Adam wasn’t happy about Victoria’s decision to drop the McCall acquisition.

Nikki says it’s as a good thing because Tucker wants to sell the company to Devon.

Victor and Nikki sit in Society with food on the table

Victor says that Devon is no longer interested in McCall.

Nikki asks what he’s doing instead.

Victor tells her that Devon is staying with Chancellor-Winters and that as far as Victor is concerned, McCall is still on the market.

Victor sits and talks with Nikki

Crimson Lights

Adam says that he’s only had boys so far, but he’d be thrilled if she has a daughter.

Sally jokes about the kid not letting her enjoy her breakfast.

Adam asks if she’s still got morning sickness.

Adam talks with Sally

Sally tells him that she’s just a bit nauseous.

Next Week on The Young and The Restless

Jeremy calls out for Phyllis in their motel room, she’s not there.

Stark looks for Phyllis in the motel room, calling out for her

Lucy returns to Genoa City.

Lucy greets her father, Daniel, as Danny, Nikki, and Victor look on

Summer tells Chance that he’s going to help her expose her mom’s murderer.

Summer talks with Chance

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