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Y&R Recap – April 3: The Tragic News of Phyllis’s Demise Shakes Genoa City, While Victor Seeks Audra’s Perspective on McCall

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, April 3 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Jeremy holds Phyllis's hand as he talks to her

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis’s ambulance crashed, Ashley considered Tucker’s marriage proposal, and Audra asked Tucker to find J.T. Hellstrom.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Traci asks Jack what happened while she was away talking to the caterers.

Traci talks to Jack while Diane listens

Jack fills her in on the situation and mentions that he’s not sure why they haven’t heard anything about Phyllis.

Leanna asks Sharon if Chance gave her any idea of what’s happening with Phyllis.

Sharon says that Chance didn’t say anything, and she wouldn’t give it to Leanna if he did.

Sharon and Leanna talk

Victoria tells Michael that the ambulance hasn’t arrived at the hospital.

Victor, Victoria, and Michael talk

Michael thinks the GCPD should take care of things, and that they shouldn’t worry about it.

Nikki and Lauren talk. Lauren expresses that she can’t smile anymore and wants to know what happened to her friend.

Victoria says they’re waiting for word on Phyllis.

Daniel, Danny, Summer, and Kyle react to Jeremy

Jeremy asks Chance why it’s so hard to find an ambulance and asks why his wife hasn’t been located yet.

Daniel and Summer are both shocked that Jeremy called Phyllis his wife.

Daniel asks why Stark is referring to Phyllis as his spouse.

Daniel holds the marriage certificate while Summer stares at it in horror

Jeremy shows them the marriage certificate.

Jack says that he showed the charade to them before.

Stark he’s sorry that Phyllis didn’t tell them about this, but they blocked her from their lives.

Summer looks upset as she talks to Stark

Daniel says Phyllis would have never married a low-life like Stark.

Summer agrees, and Stark just smiles.


Tucker asks why Audra wants to know where J.T. is, a blast from the past.

Audra and Tucker sit at the bar drinking and talking

Audra says that she finds his case fascinating and that she wants to feature him on a medical podcast with Dr. Elena Dawson.

She says that a brain tumor made J.T. change his personality.

Tucker says that Victoria doesn’t want that part of her life on the internet for perpetuity.

Tucker and Audra talk as they sit at the bar in Society

He asks why she’d jeopardize her future at Newman.

She says she’s got a plan.

Audra talks with Tucker

Genoa City Athletic Club

Nick comes and hugs Summer, and says that it’s crazy that Phyllils and Stark are married.

Summer says that the ambulance that crashed can’t be Phyllis’s.

Nick asks Summer and Daniel if there’s any new information.

Nick comes and hugs Summer as Daniel looks on

Daniel says that nobody’s told them anything yet.

Leanna asks Michael and Lauren for a quote.

Michael says, “Write this down. No comment.”

Michael tells Leanna off while Lauren watches

Kyle asks Diane if she’s ok.

Diane says she’s fine and asks how Summer is.

Kyle says she’s having a rough time.

Diane and Kyle talk

Diane says that everyone is concerned about Phyllis and that she should just leave.

Kyle says she doesn’t need to go home, who cares what people think?

Jeremy watches as Kyle speaks with Diane.

Jeremy watches Kyle speak with Diane

Leanna asks Jack to talk to her about the feud that’s going on between Phyllis and Diane over Jack.

Jack tells her to get out.

Leanna asks why everyone’s so hostile to her, she’s just trying to do her job.

Leanna gets told off by Jack

Jack tells her to get a new job.

Victor says he wants Leanna out, and Nick says he’ll take care of it.

Nikki says she’s tired, but she’d like to stay for Summer’s sake.

Nick looks at Leanna as he stands at the table with Victor, Nikki, and Victoria

Nick says they can all go home, he’ll take care of Summer and keep them updated.

Nikki gives Summer a hug and tells her to phone her if she needs anything at all.

Victor hugs Summer and shakes Daniel’s hand.

Victor shakes Daniel's hand

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Y&R News

Diane thanks Kyle for checking on her and tells him he should go comfort Summer.

Traci says she’ll stay and talk with Diane and Jack.

Diane, Jack, Kyle, and Traci talk

Leanna comes up and introduces herself to Stark.

Jeremy says he knows who she is.

She says she’d like to chat and hear more about his side of the story.

Leanna speaks with Jeremy

To Leanna’s surprise, Jeremy agrees.

Nick comes over and tells her that she should leave, it’s no longer a press event.

Leanna says, “So much for Genoa City for being generous.”

She tells Jeremy that they’ll talk later, and he says there’s no doubt about that.

Leanna shakes Stark's hand as Nick watches


Victoria, Victor, and Nikki sit and talk about the night at the gala.

Nikki says they may all have different feelings about Phyllis, but it was hard to see her on the floor that night.

Nikki says that she wishes she could go back in time and stop Phyllis before anything like this happened.

Victor, Victoria, and Nikki sit at a table in the restaurant and talk

Victoria says that Nikki wasn’t involved in anything that happened with Phyllis.

Tucker says that he doesn’t think that her interest in Hellstrom has anything to do with medical history.

Audra says that she doesn’t know what he means.

Tucker and Audra sit and talk at the bar

Tucker says that he thinks that she has an interest in getting Victoria away from Nate.

Audra says that he’s good at finding people.

Tucker says he’ll find him, but it will cost her.

Audra talks with Tucker

She asks if he wants something in return for delivering J.T.

Tucker says that he won’t deliver him, but he’ll tell her where he is.

She says that’s fair and asks what she would owe him.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Audra

Tucker says that she’d just owe him a future favor.

Audra says she’d rather not, she’ll find J.T. herself.

Victor watches Tucker and Audra talking and says he doesn’t like seeing them with their heads together.

Victor, Victoria, and Nikki talk

Nikki says Tucker and Audra are old friends, but she still can’t forgive Audra for breaking Noah’s heart.

Victoria says that Audra was the one who told Tucker about their plans for McCall, which allowed them to get a foot in the door. She says they should be more appreciative of Audra’s efforts with Tucker.

Victor looks interested. He says he wants to learn more about Audra and her skill set.

Victoria talks with her father

Genoa City Athletic Club

Nick brings Sharon a drink. Sharon asks how he’s doing.

Nick says the only thing that matters right now is Daniel and Summer.

Sharon says that she and Phyllis have a complicated past.

Sharon talks with Nick

She says that there was a time that she wouldn’t have minded seeing her drop dead, and the feeling was mutual between them.

She goes on to say that Phyllis turned around and treated her differently ever since Sharon got cancer, and they’ve been much friendlier ever since.

Sharon and Nick talk

Lauren wonders how the event could have turned into such a tragedy.

She says that she could have stopped it if she’d just made Phyllis understand that her vendetta against Diane could be her downfall.

Michael says that he thinks they’ll hear good news soon.

Michael holds Laurens hands as they sit at a table and talk

Lauren laughs sadly and says that Phyllis never surrenders.

Chance’s phone rings and he answers. The room quiets as everyone listens in, and he quickly finishes the call.

Jeremy asks him if Phyllis is ok.

Chance talks on the phone

Chance says they’re still collecting information.

Summer asks for more details.

Chance says the ambulance was Phyllis’s, and the crash caused an explosion.

Kyle, Summer, and Jack are shocked to hear the news about Phyllis from Chance

Summer says that Phyllis must be ok, that the fire department is on the scene, so there’s a chance for her mother.

Diane tells Jack that the news keeps getting worse and that she’s sorry that she’s been insensitive. She says she knows how much Jack cares about Phyllis.

Danny tells Daniel that nobody is tougher than Phyllis and that she’s a survivor.

Daniel hugs his father after hearing Chance's news

Daniel says a crash, a fire, an explosion… How could anyone beat that?

Danny hugs him and tells him he’s there for him.


Audra asks what type of businesswoman would she be to just hand him over a blank check.

Tucker looks at Audra as she talks with him

Tucker says that his generosity has limits, don’t think too long about it.

Audra says that she’ll get back to him in a timely fashion.

Victor gets off the phone and tells Nikki and Victoria that Phyllis’s ambulance crashed, and there’s a fire and an explosion.

Victor talks with Nikki and Victoria

Nikki says she needs to make a call. She gets up and heads to the lobby to call.

Audra comes over to the Newman’s table and says hello to Victoria and Victor.

Victoria says sarcastically that Audra is lucky Tucker was there to drink and talk with.

Audra talks with Victoria and Victor as Nikki makes a call

Audra says that Tucker invited himself to sit beside her.

Victor asks what she and Tucker were talking about.

She leans in and says she’s just keeping enemies close.

Audra talks with Victor and Victoria

Victor says that he doesn’t think that Tucker’s a difficult opponent.

Audra says that he’ll only sell to Newman if Devon doesn’t buy the company.

Victor says that Devon is dropping the lawsuit, so he thinks he’ll work for Chancellor-Winters.

Audra says she’ll leave them to their strategizing.

Audra leaves the restaurant

Tucker nods to Audra as she leaves.

Traci comes up to Danny and asks him how he’s holding up. She says she thought Phyllis was invincible.

Danny says he knows what she means. He asks how Summer’s doing.

Traci talks with Danny

He says that if the worst happens, she’ll need lots of support.

Traci says she’s having a hard time, and that she’s glad that Daniel has Danny there for him.

Danny holds her hand and tells her she’s a wonderful friend.

Danny holds Traci's hand

Jeremy says that the police keeping them in the dark about his wife doesn’t build confidence.

Daniel gets angry and says that he should stop calling her his wife.

Stark says that he’s legally married to Phyllis and shows Daniel the marriage certificate.

Daniel tears up the marriage certificate and throws the pieces at Stark

Daniel rips up the marriage certificate and throws the pieces at Stark. Daniel tells Stark that he should get the hell out.

Jeremy asks if Daniel is going to make him leave.

Nick comes up and gets in Jeremy’s face and tells him that he will throw him out unless he shuts up and lets Chance do his job.

Nick talks with Jeremy

Chance talks to the EMT, and asks what happened at the scene.

The EMT says that he saw Diane take a ring from Phyllis’s hand and that she showed it to Jack right after she took it.

He says that Phyllis woke up during the ride, and kept whispering “poison”, but was otherwise unresponsive.

Chance questions the EMT

He says that the driver got distracted by an animal on the road. He says the vehicle spun around and he was thrown from the back doors of the ambulance on impact.

Chance asks if the patient was strapped in.

The EMT says that she was. He says after the crash, he ran back to the vehicle and could see the driver, named Young, in the driver’s seat, when suddenly the ambulance was engulfed in flames.

The bloodied EMT talks with Chance


Victoria says that Victor should have told her about Devon dropping the lawsuit before mentioning it to Audra.

She says that she can’t be caught off guard in front of her employee by information, she should always know things first.

Victor says he only found out about it, and couldn’t tell her with everything that happened that evening.

Victor and Victoria talk

Nikki says that Nick is upset, and Victor asks about Summer.

Nikki tells him that Summer is upset, but wants to go home.

Nikki and Victor leave the restaurant. Victoria stays behind.

Victoria’s left at the table, and she goes over to Tucker to talk.

Victoria asks if she can buy Tucker a drink, and he says he’d be delighted.

Tucker smiles up at Victoria as she approaches

Chance comes down the stairs and looks around sombrely.

The room quiets as Chance walks into the center of the ballroom.

He says it’s been confirmed… Phyllis didn’t make it.

Chance tells the room that Phyllis has died

Summer cries and Chance says he’s so sorry for their loss.

Kyle comforts Summer while Daniel hugs his father.

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