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Y&R Recap – Monday April 24: Tucker Signs Away McCall Unlimited, Billy & Chelsea Take a Big Step, and Ashley & Jack Face Off Over Diane

Jack yells at Ashley

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, April 24 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Christine talks with Jack as Michael listens

On the last episode of Y&R, Jack fought to get Diane a new bail hearing, Mariah & Tessa had a surprise baby shower, and Billy & Kyle fought over Jabot & Marchetti.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy is on the phone, he says, “No comment” and hangs up.

Billy is on the phone with reporters while he texts with Chelsea

Kyle comes into the office and asks Billy if he’s having the same problems with the reporters.

Billy says they won’t leave him alone.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack is on the phone and asks the other party if they’ve had luck finding Stark’s money. He gets annoyed and hangs up.

Jack talks on the phone

Ashley comes in and says that she knows who that’s about.

Jack says Michael put him in touch with a financial auditor who can help him find Stark and his money.

Ashley says he’s trying to make Diane not take responsibility for her actions.

Ashley talks with Jack

Daniel’s Suite at the GCAC

Daniel and Lily are in bed when Daniel wakes up.

Lily asks if he’s ok and rubs his arms.

Lily rubs Daniel's arms as they lay in bed

Daniel says it was just a bad dream.

Lily nuzzles him and reassures him he’ll be ok.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Victor meets with Tucker, and Victor talks about what a strange place it was to meet.

Victor sits with Tucker in the lounge as they talk

Tucker says that he’s there for the booze and the atmosphere.

Victor says he’s looked through the contract and signed it. He asks Tucker to sign it.

Tucker says Victor seems to be enjoying this.

Victor says he doesn’t give a damn what Tucker thinks, just sign, and the company will be his.

Tucker talks with Victor

Daniel’s Suite

Lily asks if Daniel remembers his dream.

Daniel says he could see his mother outside of the coffee shop and ran after her, but then he found himself in his house in Savannah, and it was empty. No Lucy, no Heather, it was really lonely.

Lilly and Daniel lie in bed and talk

Lily says she had the same thing happen when her dad died, and says she’d wake up and think he was still alive. She says that she saw someone who she thought was him.

Daniel says he saw someone at the memorial that really reminded him of Phyllis. He says it gave him hope for a minute until he came back to reality.

Lily reassures him and tells him that he’ll be reminded of his mom all the time.

Daniel and Lily lie in bed talking

Daniel says he’s happy she’s with him, she really gets it. He says if she wants to pretend that what happened between them didn’t happen, he’d understand.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy pours a drink for Kyle and himself. He says they need it after a hard day, and they clink glasses in a toast.

Billy gives Kyle a drink and they toast

Billy says that he’s been busy as hell lately, and Kyle agrees.

Kyle says he’s been going through a lot with his mother being in jail.

Billy says that it’s good that he’s supporting her, but he can’t neglect his own life in the process.

He says that he can’t lose Summer, he’s got to fix that right away.

Kyle holds a drink as he speaks with Billy`

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says it’s not a good day to dump on Diane, she was wrongly accused.

Ashley says she was wrongly accused once too… Because of Diane.

Jack and Ashley talk

Jack says Diane is innocent and suffering, and she doesn’t want to see Jack because she was denied bail.

He gets angry and says that Diane was framed.

Ashley says that Diane got exactly what she came back for… Kyle and Jack’s ring on her finger.

Jack is angry as he talks with Ashley

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker says he has no reservations about selling the company. He’s done with the town and done with McCall Unlimited.

Victor scoffs and asks if he’s expecting his sympathy.

Victor and Tucker sit and talk

Victor says the company will continue to thrive, but he may change the name.

Tucker says he doesn’t care, he just wants to sell it.

Victor asks him to sign it.

Tucker says he wants to look it over one more time before he signs.

Tucker sits and looks at Victor as they speak

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle says that Summer is sleeping in a guest room.

Billy says that’s not a good sign.

Kyle sits and talks with Billy

Kyle says that Summer told him that she didn’t want to keep him awake. He says he has to clear his mother’s name to get Summer back.

Billy says Kyle’s dead wrong.

Kyle wonders why he even started this conversation.

Billy says that there’s a better way to help Summer.

Billy sits and talks with Kyle over a drink

The Abbott Mansion

Jack says that Diane isn’t capable of committing what she is accused of.

Ashley says she thinks she’s completely capable.

Jack and Ashley argue about Diane

Jack yells and says that he didn’t choose Diane over Phyllis and that he’s mourning Phyllis right now.

He says that Diane never stole Nikki’s necklace, and he believes that Diane is in jail because of what Jeremy Stark did.

Ashley scoffs at that.

Ashley points at Jack as they argue

Jack says he believes that Diane has changed and is incapable of murder, and he’ll defend the woman he loves and intends to marry.

Ashley tells him that he’s reckless and is willing to tie the Abbot clan to a woman who will drag everyone down with her.

Daniel’s Suite

Lily says they’re still in bed, so he can’t pretend it didn’t happen. She says they have a history together and they don’t have to make it more than what it was.

Lily smiles as she lies in bed with Daniel

Daniel says that when he looks at her, the loneliness in his dream feels far away.

Lily says that grief transforms a person, and there will be times when it feels like it just happened, but he needs to take care of himself.

Daniel says that’s what he’s trying to do.

Daniel lies in bed and talks with Lily

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle says that Summer doesn’t want to be around him, so pushing her won’t work.

Billy says he needs to push, or they’ll just get further from one another.

Kyle gestures as he talks with Billy

He says he has to talk to Summer and let her know how much he loves her. He says Kyle has to not talk about Diane or Phyllis, and to let her know that he’s there for her.

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Audra comes up to Tucker sitting at the bar.

Audra approaches Tucker at the bar

She asks if he’s drinking alone.

He says he’s drinking with all his friends.

Audra laughs and asks what he’s drinking and thinking about.

Audra talks to Tucker as he sips from his drink at the bar

Tucker says he was thinking about the difference between being alone and being lonely.

He says he was alone in the ashram for months but he never felt as alone as he does now.

Audra says she’s sorry things didn’t work out for him and Ashley.

Tucker is mopey as he talks with Audra

Tucker says he never felt lonely when he was young and starting out.

Audra says of course a young Tucker McCall was never alone then.

Tucker says he loved signing artists to labels.

Audra looks unconvinced as she talks with Tucker

Audra says he liked scamming artists into signing bad contracts.

Tucker laughs and says he’s going back up to his room and asks if she’d join him.


Billy picks up some takeout and sees Lily and Daniel in the restaurant.

Billy gets takeout from Society

He asks how Daniel’s holding up.

Daniel says he’s alright.

Billy says that the media frenzy around Leanna’s article is going crazy right now.

Lily and Daniel look uncomfortable as they talk with Billy

Lily says that she’ll get the lawyers to handle things and keep Daniel out of it.

Daniel says she’s hard to say no to.

Billy says he’s familiar with that. He excuses himself.

Billy talks with Lily and Daniel

Tucker’s Suite at the GCAC

Audra follows Tucker into his room. She spies the contract for McCall’s sale to Victor.

She takes a quick look at the contract and says that it looks like it could be rewarding to Tucker.

Audra talks with Tucker as she looks over the contract

Tucker says the big news is that he stole Victor’s pen.

Audra laughs and Tucker has a seat.

Audra says the contract is his ticket out.

Tucker smirks as he shows Audra that he stole Victor's pen

Tucker says that whatever happens next isn’t going to be in Genoa City.

Audra says it sounds like he’s really planning to leave town.

Tucker says he could start over with the money from the sale of McCall. He asks Audra if she wants to be his right hand and leave town with him.

Audra looks at Tucker as they talk

Crimson Lights

Billy sits down with Chelsea and shows her the bag of takeout from Society. He says he has all her favorites.

Billy sits down with Chelsea at a table in the cafe

Chelsea asks if they’re going to eat again… Twice on the same day!

Billy says they are, and he’s feeling lucky.

Chelsea asks what he’s talking about.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Billy

Billy says that he ran into Lily and Daniel at Society.

He mentions that Chelsea had the right idea to give Daniel some space and that he felt something romantic between Daniel and Lily.

Chelsea asks how he feels about that.

Billy smiles as he talks with Chelsea

The Abbott Mansion

Ashley says Jack wants to marry a murderer.

Jack gets angrier at Ashley and says that Diane isn’t a murderer.

Ashley gestures as she argues with Jack

Ashley says that his family and the business will take a big hit when everyone finds out he’s defending her.

She reminds him that Diane faked her death and had innocent people take the rap for it.

Kyle comes in and says he could hear them arguing from outside.

Kyle comes into the house as Jack and Ashley argue about Diane

Kyle goes upstairs and Jack tells Ashley that if she can’t keep her rage for Diane in check, she should move the hell out.

Tucker’s Suite

Audra says that Tucker’s moving awfully fast.

Audra sits beside Tucker on the sofa as they talk

Tucker asks if that’s a yes.

Audra says she’s a high-ranking exec at Newman Media, and she’s not going to leave her job and town to be with him.

Tucker says he should have known that she has something better, just like Ashley and Devon. He says she’s going for the greener pastures, which don’t include him.

Tucker is dejected as he talks with Audra

Audra says that his problem is that he craves to be the center of people’s lives, and he gets bitter when he isn’t.

She says Ashley’s right… He hasn’t changed.

Tucker says he’s sorry he asked her to his room and says she should leave.

Audra gets up and stands in the doorway. She tells him not to wallow in his misery as she leaves.

Audra talks with Tucker


Daniel asks Lily if running into Billy was awkward.

Lily says it was, but they broke up months ago, and she’s entitled to her own personal life.

Lily talks with Daniel as they sit at a table in Society

Daniel says she was avoiding eye contact with Billy.

Lily says the timing wasn’t ideal.

Daniel says she listened to him and his problems with Heather and Lucy, and he wants to repay the favor by listening to whatever she wants to say about Billy.

Daniel sits and talks with Lily

Lily asks how long they’ve known each other and how often she’s complained about a failed relationship.

Daniel says he can’t think of a time.

Lily says that’s because she doesn’t like looking back, and says that being a cancer survivor showed her that she shouldn’t worry about past relationships, she only wants to look forward.

Lily laughs as she talks with Daniel

Daniel asks if she can do him a favor. He asks if she can wallow just a bit for him.

Lily laughs.

Crimson Lights

Billy says he’s relieved that Lily is moving on with Daniel, that he’s giving her what he couldn’t.

Billy smiles as he sits and talks with Chelsea in the coffee shop

Chelsea says he’s so grown up, and says she went through some rough patches in her life too.

Billy says she had a stroke, so he can’t fault her.

Chelsea says that Billy makes her happy.

Billy stands up and leans over the table to kiss Chelsea

Billy says she makes him happy too, and he leans over and kisses her.

Chelsea says Connor is spending the night at the ranch, and she can’t believe she just said that out loud.

Billy laughs and says she can take it back if she wants.

Chelsea smiles up at Billy after they kiss

Chelsea says she’s having strong feelings and doesn’t want to take it back.

They kiss again, smiling.


Lily says she doesn’t think about Billy, they had a moment, but she’s here with Daniel now, in the present.

Lily and Daniel sit at a table and talk

Daniel asks if she has regrets about what happened between them.

Lily says that what happened between them was nice and organic. She says that if she’s meant to be friends with Billy, then they will be, otherwise… They won’t.

Daniel says that she’s very Zen.

Lily says she’s going to surprise him.

Daniel smiles as he talks with Lily

Chelsea’s Apartment

Billy and Chelsea are in her apartment kissing.

Billy says he forgot the food downstairs, maybe he should go get it.

Billy and Chelsea look into one another's eyes as they hug and kiss

Chelsea says he wouldn’t dare to leave.

Billy asks if she’s sure she wants to do this, and she says she wants nothing more.

They fall onto the bed and Billy begins kissing her neck.

Billy and Chelsea make out on the bed

Tucker’s Suite

Tucker takes a long drink from his glass. He looks over at the desk and gets up.

He walks over to the desk, picks up Victor’s pen, and signs the contract.

Tucker signs the contract

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle goes up to a guest room and knocks on the door, calling for Summer.

He says she doesn’t need to open the door or say anything, he knows she can hear him.

Kyle walks up to a guest suite in the Abbott mansion

He talks through the door and says he loves her and that he’s not going anywhere, and will keep trying until something works.

He says his latest idea is to be together with her and not talk. He promises that he just wants to hold her. If she opens the door, they don’t have to say a word.

He begs her to open the door.

Kyle talks to Summer through the door

Ashley says she’s sick and tired of Jack trying to kick her out of her own home. She says he’s been trying to get her to leave ever since Diane came into his life.

Jack says that the minute Diane is released, she’s coming back to the house.

Ashley says the house is her birthright just as much as it is his.

Ashley has her hands on her hips as she talks with Jack

She says Jack should move out and find a house next to whatever prison Diane is going to be spending her life in.

She says that Diane will end up costing him everything that’s ever meant anything to him.

Jack yells at Ashley

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