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Y&R Recap – April 20, 2023: Victor Blows Up at Nick Over Sally, Lily & Daniel Share a Kiss, and Lucy Leaves for Portugal

Lily kisses Daniel

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, April 20 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Tucker and Victor shake on the sale of McCall Unlimited

On the last episode of Y&R, Tucker ended things with Ashley & agreed to sell McCall Unlimited to Victor, while Nate tries to make amends with Elena.


Devon comes into the office for the first time in a while and is greeted by Esther.

Lily hugs Devon as Esther watches

She says she was worried that he wouldn’t be back, and says that Katherine would be so happy to see her.

Lily walks in and gives Devon a hug.

Crimson Lights

Lucy and Daniel sit in the coffee shop and discuss her upcoming flight.

Lucy sits and talks with Daniel

She says he worries too much, and Daniel says that he appreciates her making the trip.

Lucy says he needed her and she really loved Phyllis.

Daniel plays with the bracelet that Lucy gave him.

Daniel fidgets with his bracelet as he speaks with Lucy

Lucy notices him fidgeting and asks if she should stay longer to make sure he’s ok.

Newman Enterprises

Victor walks in and sees Nikki working. She says that she’s just finishing up sending an email.

Nikki finishes and gives Victor a hug.

Victor smiles as he hugs Nikki

Victor says that Sally is pregnant with Adam’s child while she’s with Nick. He asks if Nikki knows about this.

Crimson Lights

Adam comes into the cafe and he sees Sharon preparing a gift.

He banters with Sharon and asks who the gift is for.

Adam comes into the coffee shop and sees Sharon wrapping a gift

Sharon tells him that it’s for Mariah and Tessa’s baby shower.

Adam smiles and says it’s a good reason to celebrate her being a new grandmother, and says that Aria is a lucky girl.

He says that he has some exciting baby news of his own.

Sharon and Adam talk

Sally’s Suite at the GCAC

Sally comes out of the washroom and asks Nick how he slept.

Nick says it wasn’t so great.

Nick sits and looks pensive as Sally talks with him

Sally wonders if it’s because she invited Adam to join them today.

She says that she just wanted to make sure that it’s not too much for Nick.

Nick says he’s fine with Adam coming to the appointment, he’s the father after all.

He says that he’ll have to share the baby when the time comes, but he won’t share Sally.

Nick and Sally stand and talk

Sally says she’s all his.

Nick asks what time her appointment is.

Sally asks if he’s looking to do something first.

Nick says that she shouldn’t tempt him, but he has to work.

They kiss and look each other in the eyes.

Nick and Sally kiss

Nick leaves.

Crimson Lights

Sharon asks why Adam is beaming, what’s the good news?

Adam says that he finds out whether his baby is a boy or a girl.

Adam smiles as he talks with Sharon

Sharon says that’s really exciting.

Adam says he’s meeting Nick and Sally before they go.

Sharon says they’re a modern family, and asks if there’s any resentment.

Sharon talks with Adam

Adam says they’re doing the best they can, and Nick’s surprised him… In a good way.

He says that seeing Mariah and Tessa with Aria made him remember that children are a great thing.

Newman Enterprises

Nikki says that Summer told her about Sally’s pregnancy in confidence, and she knew Victor wouldn’t take the news well.

Nikki stands and talks with Victor

Victor says it’s an outrage.

Nikki says that having a baby is hard enough without having Victor Newman on her case.

Victor asks if she’s defending Sally.

Nikki says no matter what, the baby will be a Newman.

Nikki looks at Victor questioningly

Crimson Lights

Daniel says Lucy doesn’t let him get away with anything.

He says she can’t stay, but she was right, he’s having a tough time.

Daniel and Lucy sit and talk at the cafe

Lucy says she’s sorry.

Daniel says he thought he had a lot of time left with Phyllis, but it’s gone now.


Lily and Devon talk about how they’re both going to be autonomous within their own divisions in the company.

Devon and Lily sit in the offices at CW, talking

Devon says that he agrees to maintain boundaries professionally, but wants to maintain communication with her.

Lily says that she’ll have his back if she thinks he’s right.

Devon asks what happens if she thinks he’s wrong.

Lily smiles as she talks with Devon

Lily laughs and says she’ll respectfully tell him how he’s wrong.

They laugh and talk about getting to work.

Crimson Lights

Lucy says she never thought of not him dying, and now he’s going through it… How does he handle it?

Lucy and Daniel sit and talk

Daniel says he’ll be ok.

Lucy says sometimes he just forgets to take care of himself.

Daniel says he will this time, he won’t spiral back to the place he was in before.

Lucy says they both know he needs more in his life than just her.

Daniel talks with Lucy

Crimson Lights

Sharon says he’s handling a delicate situation with grace.

Adam laughs and says he could still make a disaster of it by dinnertime.

Adam crosses his arms as he talks with Sharon

Sharon asks if he’s given up his feelings for Sally.

Adam says he still loves her and wishes they could be a family, but the feelings are separate from the baby on the way.

Sharon says he’s great with Connor, and he’s a good parent, so doesn’t expect anything less from him with the new baby.

Sharon laughs as she talks with Adam

Adam says he’s going to help Sally through the first few weeks, and he’ll be a 50/50 parent after that.

Sharon asks if he’s hoping for a girl or a boy.

Sally comes in, and Adam tells Sharon he’ll tell her later.

Adam talks with Sharon

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Newman Enterprises

Victor tells Nikki that “that Spectra woman” cannot be trusted. He asks why everyone wanted to keep this from him.

Nikki says that everything will play out on his own, and Nick will realize that Sally isn’t the right one for him, and will break up with him.

Victor is upset as he talks with Nikki

Victor says he’s tired of the whole charade.

Nick walks in and asks what charade they’re talking about.

Victor says the one with Sally Spectra. He asks if Nick is mad, or if he’s doing it to torment his brother.

Nick comes into the office and speaks with Victor and Nikki

Crimson Lights

Daniel says Lucy doesn’t need to worry about him.

Lucy says she’ll always worry, and he needs friends like Lily to rely on.

Daniel sips from a Crimson Lights mug as he speaks with Lucy

Daniel asks if she’s trying to play matchmaker, she’s not that subtle.

Lucy says that subtlety is for losers.

Daniel says that if you blow trying for a relationship, you can lose a friend forever.

Daniel and Lucy talk

Lucy says that it’s very “Ross & Rachel”, and says that he doesn’t need to fall in love with someone else, but he’s lost people in his life and hates thinking of him being alone.

Daniel says he has other friends than Lily.

Lucy says to not lock out people from his life, and it’s how you blow something with a person like Lily.

Daniel and Lucy talk

Sally paces and wonders where Nick could be.

Sharon’s phone rings, it’s Mariah. She goes to take the call.

Adam says that Nick should be there any minute.

Sally looks unimpressed as she waits for Nick with Adam

Sally says that he was on the way to Newman, maybe he got held up.

Adam says that they’ll wait for him at the doctor’s if needed.

Newman Enterprises

Nick says his personal life is not Victor’s concern.

Victor yells and pounds the table as he talks to Nick

Victor yells and slams the table saying that it is his concern, and that Sally’s playing Nick.

He asks if Nick realizes how this is making him look to everyone.


Devon says he saw what she was dealing with from the sidelines, and apologizes for not being there to help her through it.

Devon and Lily sit in their offices talking

Lily says she’s just glad he’s back.

Devon says that Daniel stepped in to support Lily, and he’s thankful for that.

He asks how he’s doing with Phyllis’s passing.

Lily says Daniel isn’t doing well and she’s worried about him.

Lily and Devon talk

Newman Enterprises

Victor says that it’s bad enough that Nick and Victoria have tried to keep Adam out of the family business.

Nick says he’s not doing anything to prevent Adam from being involved.

Victor and Nick talk

Nikki says that Victor’s being a hypocrite by being ok with Adam being involved with Sally, but not Nick.

Victor says he’s not ok with any of this.

Nick says that Adam pushed Sally away and has blown up his own family multiple times.

Nikki looks unimpressed as Victor talks

Victor asks how long he intends to carry on like this. Does he want to marry her and raise the child?

He says that should be Adam’s thing to do.

Crimson Lights

Adam says that if Sally drinks any more tea, they’ll have to name the baby “Earl Gray”.

Sally smirks as she talks with Adam over coffee

Sally says if it’s a girl, they can name it “Chamomile”. She asks if he has any other ideas for a name.

Adam says he has some ideas but doesn’t want to share them right now. He says they should name the child together.

Sharon says that no matter what, Newman will be part of the legacy.

Adam says that hopefully, the baby will find a new way to breathe life into the Newman name.

Adam sits and talks with Sally

Daniel asks when Lucy got so wise.

Lucy jokes and says that it runs in the family.

Daniel says he needs to get her to the airport.

Daniel and Lucy stand and talk

Lucy says she wouldn’t mind one more day with him.

Daniel says that he’d like that too, but her mom would kill him.

He says she’s probably too old to hold her dad’s hand.

Lucy laughs and takes his hand as they leave the coffee shop.

Daniel and Lucy leave the coffee shop holding hands

Sally says she overheard the last bit of Adam’s conversation with Sharon and asks him if he has a preference… Boy or girl?

Adam says that if they have a daughter, she’ll be as smart as her mother, and if it’s a boy, he’ll be welcomed with love.

Sally says that she was worried about the father, and now she realizes that it doesn’t matter whether the child is a boy or a girl, it’ll be loved no matter what.

Sally talks with Adam

Newman Enterprises

Nick says that he, Sally, and Adam are handling the situation just fine, there’s no need for Victor’s opinion.

Victor says he’s offended by the lack of respect and loyalty that Nick and Adam give to him.

Victor yells and points at Nick

Nick says he came to see Victoria, and he’s leaving. On his way out he tells Victor to leave Sally alone, she doesn’t deserve this.

Daniel’s Suite at the GCAC

Daniel comes home to his hotel suite and opens his laptop. He tries to work, but slams the lid shut and paces around the room.

Daniel tries to work on his laptop but can't concentrate

There’s a knock at the door, and he answers it to find Lily there.

He says that he thought she had work.

Lily says that she’s pretty close with the boss and could use a break.

She gives him a hug and asks him if he’s ok.

Lily hugs Daniel


Devon asks Esther where Lily is.

Esther says she’s not there. She says that when Mrs. Chancellor found out Devon was her grandson, she was determined to connect with him.

Esther talks with Devon

Devon says he was young and stupid at the time. He says that Katherine learned sign language to talk with him.

Esther says she went out of her way to get closer to him. She says it’s her long winded-way of saying, “Welcome home” to him.

She gives him a hug and they tell each other they love each other.

Devon hugs Esther

Daniel’s Suite

Lily asks if he had time to spend with Lucy before she left.

Daniel looks down as he speaks with Lily

Daniel says he did, but he misses her already and feels alone now.

He says that he promised Lucy he’ll take care of himself.

Lily says that Lucy sent her a text before she left.

Lily kisses Daniel

Daniel says that’s embarrassing, she shouldn’t have to feel like she needs to take care of him.

Lily says that she’s showing love and that he’s not alone.

She leans in and kisses him, and he responds with tender kisses back.

Daniel and Lily kiss

Newman Enterprises

Nikki says that Victor has to find a way to accept things with Nick, Adam, and Sally.

Victor says it’s madness and he doesn’t have to accept anything.

Nikki talks with Victor

Nikki says she doesn’t like Sally, but they have to approach the situation carefully.

She says that if Victor continues criticizing, he’s going to be their common enemy.

Victor says he doesn’t give a damn.

Nikki hugs Victor and he hugs her back

Nikki says if they band together, they could block his access to the child. She says it’d kill Victor not to be part of the child’s life. She hugs him tightly.

Crimson Lights

Sally says that Nick’s not there yet, they should just leave and she will text him to let him know to meet at the doctor’s office.

Nick comes in, apologizes that he’s late, and asks if they’re ready to go.

He says they’ll meet Adam at the appointment.

Nick talks with Adam and Sally

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