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Y&R Recap – April 19: Tucker Ends Things With Ashley & Agrees to Sell McCall to Victor, While Nate Tries to Make Amends With Elena.

Tucker and Victor shake on the sale of McCall Unlimited

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, April 19th 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Michael and Jack speak

On the last episode of Y&R, Michael made a tough decision, Nikki’s accountant returned with his heart on his sleeve, and Summer taunts Diane.

Tucker’s Suite at the GCAC

Ashley shows up to Tucker’s room and Tucker offers her a glass of champagne and a rose.

Ashley smiles as she comes through Tucker's door to his suite

She asks if this means that there is good news with Devon and McCall Unlimited.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria reminisces about making out with Nate at her desk.

Audra comes to Victoria’s door, asking if it’s a bad time.

Audra comes to the door of Victoria's office


Nate comes into the restaurant and sits beside Elena.

Nate sits down beside Elena on a sofa at Society. Elena looks uncomfortable.

She’s confused, but Nate says he wants to spend time together.

Elena asks why he was talking with Nick last night. She asks if he’s finally ready to tell her what’s going on.

Crimson Lights

Mariah walks into the cafe and Sharon asks her what she’s doing there.

Sharon and Mariah talk at the coffee shop

Mariah jokes that Sharon’s being blunt and says that she’s there for treats and much-needed coffee.

Sharon asks if she was still on maternal leave at Jabot.

Mariah says with everything going on, she thought it’d be a good idea to do some things at work.

Mariah and Sharon talk

Abby comes in and hugs Mariah. She asks when she can see Aria.

Mariah says she’ll get to soon, and asks how things are with Abby.

Abby tells her there’s something she needs to know.

Abby squeals at Mariah

Tucker’s Suite

Ashley wants to hear everything about Devon.

Tucker says that Devon has chosen to go back to Chancellor-Winters instead of going to McCall.

Tucker and Ashley stand and talk in his room

Ashley asks why they’re drinking champagne if that’s the case.

Tucker says that he wants to move forward.

Ashley says he’s taking rejection in stride.

Ashley holds a rose and a glass of champagne as she talks with Tucker

Tucker says that he was crushed by Devon’s rejection.

He says that he’s happy about Devon and Lily’s relationship mending. He says that he may have inspired Lily to make peace with Devon, and he’s proud of it and asks if Ashley is proud too.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria says that she was going over the details with Nate, and they’ll make the purchase soon.

Audra talks with Victoria in her office

Audra asks when they greenlighted the deal.

Victoria says that they made the decision yesterday evening.

Audra says Victoria stays on top of everything.

Audra stands and speaks with Victoria

She says she hopes she didn’t offend Victoria at the last meeting.

Victoria says there was no offense taken, and that she likes Audra’s loyalty.

Audra says that Nate is working day and night to satisfy her, there’s no doubt where his loyalties lie.

Victoria talks with Audra


Nate says that Nick wasn’t thrilled that he took the job to run Newman.

Elena asks if it was due to Sally being fired.

Nate and Elena sit and talk

Nate says that Nick knows about his past with Chancellor-Winters.

He says he will try to regain Nick’s trust, but he worries that Nick won’t give him a second chance.

Elena asks what happened yesterday.

Elena listens to Nate

Nate says that Nick’s emotions are running high because of Phyllis’s death, and he might have heard something at the office that set him off.

Elena asks if his access to Victoria is setting Nick off.

Nate says he needs to take the lead from his boss.

Elena says that they need to talk about Victoria.

Nate and Elena sit and talk

Crimson Lights

Abby tells Mariah that she moved in with Devon.

Abby talks with Mariah and Sharon

Mariah says she’s going to need a minute to wrap her head around that.

Abby says that Sharon doesn’t seem surprised.

Sharon says that Chance told her already.

Mariah and Abby look at Sharon as they talk

Mariah says that she had no idea that Abby and Devon were so serious, it seems awfully fast.

Abby says that it was quick, but it seems right.

Mariah says that it seems that Dominic is coming first with them, which is nice.

Mariah speaks with Abby


Elena says she has concerns about his relationship with Victoria.

Nate says he only wants to be good at his job.

Elena and Nate sit and talk

Elena says his talk with Nick didn’t make her feel good about his job at Newman.

Nate takes her hand and says that he’s only trying to do his job the best, but he realizes he’s been a bit of a workaholic and it’s taken a toll on their relationship.

He says that business comes up around the clock, and lines get blurred, but he should have said something to her.

Nate holds Elena's hand as they talk

Nate continues and says that Elena is his top priority, and that’s why he took the day off.

He says he wants to work on their relationship, and he misses her.

He says she deserves better and things will be different from now on.

Nate kisses Elena

Tucker’s Suite

Ashley says Tucker failed to hold up his end of the agreement.

Tucker gets up and asks if she doubts his sincerity.

Tucker stands and talks to Ashley

Ashley says his take on Devon’s rejection is a bit too “shiny”.

Tucker says he can’t force Devon to do what he wants and despite his best efforts, Devon doesn’t trust him.

He asks if Ashley trusts him.

Ashley sits with Tucker as they talk

Ashley says she can’t answer that.

Tucker says that he wants to marry her and he saw the look in her eye when he asked, but she pulls away.

Ashley says that it’s hard for her to put her past behind her, but he did crappy despicable things to her.

Tucker and Ashley talk

She says he will always have a wandering eye. She says she knows there’s something going on between him and Audra.

Tucker says that he’s tried everything to let her know he’s changed, and that his love is real.

He says that it’s obviously not good enough for her.

Tucker stands and talks with Ashley

Crimson Lights

Mariah shows Abby pictures of Aria on her phone.

They joke around about how children are absolute rainbows, and they always stay that way.

Mariah shows pictures of Aria to Sharon and Abby

Mariah says she’s become one of those people who always talk about their kids.

Her phone rings, and she excuses herself.

Sharon says she’d like to talk with Abby about something.

Abby smiles as she looks at pictures of Aria on Mariah's phone

She says that she wants to throw a baby shower for Mariah and Tessa.

Abby is enthused about it, she invites her to do it at society.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria tells Audra that good work speaks for itself.

Nate comes into the office as Victoria and Audra are speaking

Audra says she wanted to be honest about her intentions.

Nate comes in and says he’s going to work on a few things.

Audra asks if he had a chance to look at the audiobook idea she sent him.

Audra smiles as she talks with Victoria and Nate

Nate says he was working on other things, but will talk about it with her in a bit.

Audra leaves the office, and Victoria asks why he’s there.

Tucker’s Suite

Ashley says that she’s sorry she can’t tell him what he wants. She says she never made him any promises.

Ashley talks with Tucker

Tucker says he supposes she didn’t. He says he’s been a fool when it’s come to her, and he’s failed at every turn.

He says that his own son wants nothing to do with him and that Ashley is the only one who’s playing games.

He says she’s obviously been using him and he’s done with it.

Tucker and Ashley walk around the room as they talk

Ashley asks what he means.

Tucker says he doesn’t know how she can be so cold, he’s going to sell his company and leave town.

He says she’s getting sick satisfaction out of it and is a sadist.

Ashley and Tucker argue

Ashley says he should do whatever he needs to do. She drops the rose on the floor and leaves his room.

Tucker stomps on the flower.

Crimson Lights

Sharon gives Mariah a takeout bag.

Mariah talks with Elena as Sharon watches

Elena comes in and Mariah says a quick hello before leaving.

Sharon says that they’re throwing a baby shower at Society for Mariah and Tessa, and asks if Elena will be there.

Elena says she will be.

Elena talks with Sharon

Sharon asks if everything’s alright.

Elena says she’s fine.

Sharon doesn’t look convinced.

Sharon talks with Elena

Newman Enterprises

Victoria asks if he was taking the day off because of what happened between them.

Nate says he needed some time to consider the situation.

Nate and Victoria talk in her office at Newman Enterprises

He says they made a mistake.

Nate says he did, and he doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Elena.

She says that Victoria and Nate make a good couple.

Victoria and Nate talk

Nate says it’s about right and wrong, and that they acted impulsively.

Victoria says that Nick is a hypocrite.

Nate says he tracked her down after their dalliance.

Nate and Victoria talk

Tucker’s Suite

Audra shows up at Tucker’s door.

Tucker asks what she wants.

Tucker greets Audra at the door

Audra says he’s not very welcoming. She sees his flower on the floor.

She says that she was going to let him know about JT Hellstrom, but she doesn’t want to be indebted to him.

He asks if that’s all.

Tucker sits and talks with Audra

Audra says he’s in a mood, and thinks it has something to do with his latest attempt to woo Ashley.

Tucker says she’s right, he’s wrong, she’s smart, he’s stupid. He tells her to leave.

Audra leaves.

Audra talks with Tucker


Outside the restaurant, Ashley meets up with Abby. Abby invites her inside to talk.

Abby and Ashley are both surprised to see Victor sitting at a table.

Ashley and Abby talk outside Society

Abby says it looks like she’ll get some father and mother time.

Victor asks them to sit down, they need to discuss something as a family.

He says that Ashley must be interested in Abby’s living situation. He sure is.

Victor sits with Abby and Ashley at a table in the restaurant

Ashley says that she’s interested too.

Victor says that Devon’s no longer interested in McCall and is going back to Chancellor-Winters.

Ashley says that Tucker told her about that.

Abby and Ashley smile as they talk with Victor

Crimson Lights

Audra comes into the cafe and joins Elena who’s already sitting having a coffee.

Audra asks what she’s thinking about.

Audra talks with Elena in the cafe

Elena asks if Nick mentioned anything about being frustrated with Nate.

Audra says she didn’t notice anything.

Elena says that Nate said that Nick has concerns about him.

Audra asks Elena if she has any questions for her.

Audra talks with Elena

Newman Enterprises

Victoria asks Nate whether Nick talked to Elena about her.

Nate brushes off the question and says they have to forget that anything happened between them.

Victoria talks with Nate

Victoria asks if he thinks that’s possible.

Crimson Lights

Elena says that Nate has sworn that work wouldn’t get in the way of their relationship and that Victoria wouldn’t come between them, but neither have actually materialized.

Audra says that there is still “tension” at the office between Nate and Victoria.

Elena talks with Audra

Elena says that JT would be a distraction that Victoria could use.

Audra says that she’s still working on it, and won’t let Elena down.

Elena leaves and says she’s got to get back to work.

Audra talks on the phone

Audra calls an investigative associate of hers.

She says that things are about to get more interesting, she needs a favor and is trying to track down J.T. Hellstrom.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria takes Nate’s hand and says that what’s happening between them is meant to be.

Victoria holds Nate's hand as she talks with him

She says that feelings won’t go away if they ignore them.

Nate says he disagrees, it ends here. He pulls his hand out of her grip.

Victoria says she’ll respect that, but he’ll change his mind.

Nate talks with Victoria

Nate says he won’t. He hopes it won’t affect their business relationship.

Victoria says she knows how to keep the two separate.


Ashley and Abby sit at the bar in the restaurant.

Ashley talks with Abby as they sit at the bar

Abby says that Victor left quickly, and asks Ashley what’s going on with Tucker and McCall.

Ashley says that she wanted Tucker to give the company to Devon, but he’s fine.

Abby says that she needs to check on things in the kitchen and will be back.

Abby talks with Ashley

Tucker’s Suite

Victor comes to Tucker’s room, and Tucker invites him in.

Tucker invites Victor into his room

Tucker asks if he’s still interested in McCall.

Victor says he is, and asks if Tucker would take more money to get the hell out of town.

Tucker says he can take the deal as it is, and Victor agrees.

Tucker and Victor shake on the sale of McCall Unlimited

They shake hands on it.

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