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Y&R Recap – April 18: Michael Makes a Tough Decision, Nikki’s Accountant Returns With His Heart on His Sleeve, and Summer Taunts Diane

Michael and Jack speak

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, April 18 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Phyllis holds a pair of bloody scissors

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis killed Jeremy Stark, Adam told Victor that Sally’s baby is his and he’s still in love with her, and Jack looked for a lawyer for Diane.

The Genoa City Police Department

Jack waits in a room at the police station and meets with Diane.

Jack and Diane sit in an interrogation room at the police station

He says it’s so good to meet her, and asks if there’s anything he can get her.

Diane says they took her ring, and Jack says they’ll get that back.

She says that she’d love to feel his arms around her, and she’s pretending that everything isn’t happening.

Jack says it’s time to face some difficult truths.

Diane cries and looks frazzled as she talks with Jack

The Abbott Mansion

Summer pours herself some tea and tells Kyle that she fell asleep when she was checking on Harrison.

Summer pours tea and talks with Kyle

Kyle says he couldn’t sleep well and spent a lot of time online checking things out.

Summer says she kept replaying Phyllis’s last moments. She asks what Kyle was researching online.

Kyle says he was looking for lawyers.

Noah and Allie come in, and Summer hugs Noah tightly.

Allie and Noah come into the Abbott house

Crimson Lights

Chance asks Christine if she filed the charges, and she says she’d done it earlier that day.

Christine and Chance sit and talk at Crimson Lights

He explains how the poison was traced to Diane.

Christine says she talked to Jack and they’re going to plead guilty, but Diane will probably be classified as a flight risk and won’t get bail.


Nikki comes up to Michael and says that he restored her faith in lawyers.

Nikki comes into Society and sees Michael

Michael asks why she’d say that.

Nikki says that he obviously thinks Diane is guilty, and won’t touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Michael invites her to have a seat and says that the Constitution requires that they think of everyone as innocent.

Nikki and Michael talk

Nikki says that the founding fathers never met Diane Jenkins.

Michael says that he got a call from Jack asking him to represent Diane.

Nikki tells him that he can’t possibly defend the woman who killed one of his best friends.

Michael speaks with Nikki

The Abbott Mansion

Noah and Allie say they flew right back from London.

Summer says Phyllis was murdered, and all the evidence points to Diane.

Allie and Noah talk with Summer

Allie says maybe there’s something that’s been overlooked.

Summer says that everyone is capable of murder under the right circumstances.

The Genoa City Police Station

Jack says he wants to get Diane out.

Jack and Diane talk

Diane says that she’ll talk to the judge, they’ll set bail, and she can hope to get out.

She says that due to her past history, she probably won’t get bail, though.

Jack says that he’s trying to convince Michael to be her attorney.

Jack and Diane talk

Diane says she doesn’t want a lawyer who knows about her past, because everyone else wants her dead.

She says that everything is stacked against her, and she doesn’t have a chance in hell.

Jack says she has him and they’ll get through this together.

Diane and Jack speak


Nikki says that Michael can’t take her case, he works for Victor.

Michael talks with Nikki

Michael asks if she really believes that Diane is a murderer.

Nikki says that Diane hated Phyllis for years, and there are multiple people who saw her threaten Phyllis.

Victor walks in and asks what’s happening.

Nikki speaks with Michael

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says it’s a complicated and stressful situation, and the guilty party hasn’t been arrested yet.

Summer gets angry at Kyle and says that he can’t accept that Diane is the killer.

Summer gets angry at Kyle

She says she’ll be a witness, and that she heard Diane threaten Phyllis.

Noah says he’s feeling a little stir-crazy. He invites Summer to go out and have some one-on-one time with him.

Kyle says he’s waiting to hear if Michael was retained as Diane’s lawyer.

Summer talks with Noah and Allie

Summer sneers and tells Noah to get her out of here… Now!

Kyle sits down and asks Allie what he’s supposed to do.


Diane says that Michael won’t take her case.

Diane looks upset as she talks with Jack

Jack asks if she wants a stranger to look after her.

Diane says it’s a nightmare, and she doesn’t know if she’s going to get through it. She tells Jack that he proposed to her, and she thought they could have a life together, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Jack says they’ll prove that Jeremy is the guilty party.

Jack and Diane talk

Diane says that Stark always has a scapegoat, and this time, it’s her.

Jack says he won’t let her pay for a crime she didn’t commit.

A buzzer sounds to say their visit is over.

Jack runs his hands through his hair

Diane is escorted out.

Jack runs his hands through his hair, frustrated.

Crimson Lights

Christine talks with Chance and asks what Stark’s motive would be for murder.

Christine and Chance talk over coffee

Chance says that Stark got half of Phyllis’s money and that he said that Phyllis was being protected by her.

Christine says that the Phyllis she knew wouldn’t run, she would stick around.

Chance says that maybe Stark wanted revenge for being set up for the necklace.

He says that maybe Jeremy killed Phyllis and blamed Diane.

Christine talks with Chance


Nikki tells Victor that Michael is going to defend Diane.

Victor asks why he’d do that.

Nikki talks with Victor and Michael

Michael sees Jack come in and says that he’s got a meeting with him.

Victor tells Jack not to keep Michael too long, he’s on Victor’s payroll.

Michael asks him if he’s seen Diane, and asks how she’s holding up.

Jack says not well, she needs an attorney, and her future is in his hands.

Jack sits down with Michael

Crimson Lights

Christine says that without strong evidence tying Stark to the crime, all they have is suspicion.

Chance asks if he should talk to Stark, and says that he’s tracking Stark’s finances right now.

Christine closes her eyes and purses her lips as she talks with Chance

He says he’s not sure he has the whole story.

Chance’s phone rings. He finishes the call and tells Christine that Stark’s not at the Grand Phoenix, and nobody knows where he is now.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says that Stark came back after Diane.

Allie sits and talks with Kyle

He tells the story of why Stark is back in town, and how he’s looking for vengeance.

Allie asks why Stark didn’t just kill Diane.

Kyle says that Stark thinks it’s more fun to watch Diane suffer, and that Phyllis was just collateral damage.

Kyle talks with Allie

Allie asks what Summer thinks.

Kyle says the only way out for him is to prove his mother’s innocence… Otherwise, he’s worried about his future with Summer.

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Michael says he’s convinced that Diane is being framed by Stark.

Jack gestures as he talks with Michael

Jack says that he’s happy to hear he thinks that.

Michael says he still can’t take the case, and that Phyllis’s spirit would haunt him forever and Lauren would be worse.

Jack says he’s the last resort.

Michael talks with Jack

Nikki and Victor are sitting at a table a little ways away from Jack and Michael. Nikki says Victor is staring at them.

Victor says he wants them to know he’s watching.

Michael tells Jack that he works for Victor.

Nikki and Victor talk as Victor watches Jack and Michael

Jack says that Diane made mistakes, but she’s changed. He asks why she’d jeopardize their marriage and future life just to get back at Phyllis.

He says that if she goes to jail, then the real murderer will still be on the streets. He begs for Michael’s help.

Michael says that it’s an interesting case, but once he finds the right attorney…

Jack says that without him, they’re lost.

Michael and Jack speak

Crimson Lights

Noah and Summer come into the cafe, and Sharon hugs Noah, expressing her surprise at seeing him.

Noah smiles as he hugs Sharon

They have a seat in a quiet area.

Summer wishes that she could hear her mother say that she forgives her.

Noah holds her hand.

Noah holds Summer's hands while they talk


Nikki says that Jack must have been feeding Michael nonsense.

Nikki talks to Michael and Victor

Victor says that Michael would have to ask for a leave of absence to take care of the case, and if he did, he’d have to fire Michael.

Michael tells them their faith in him is humbling and leaves, telling Victor and Nikki to have a good day.


Outside the restaurant, Jack is on the phone. He talks with Kyle and says a quick hello to Allie.

Kyle and Allie talk on the phone with Jack

Michael comes out of the restaurant.

Jack quickly hangs up the call and asks Michael if he found them a defense attorney.

Outside Society, Michael talks with Jack


Nikki is on the phone with Victoria. She finishes her conversation with her, and a voice calls out to Nikki.

She turns around and sees a familiar face.

Nikki speaks with Milton, her accountant

It’s Milton, her long-time accountant. He says that everything seems to be adding up.

He apologizes for his accounting joke.

Nikki is surprised to see him. She asks about his wife.

Milton says he’s divorced now, and that if there’s ever a chance for him and Nikki, now is the time.

Nikki says that he can’t talk like that anymore.

Milton asks if it’s because of Victor.

Nikki looks upset as she and Milton talk

Nikki says that things just aren’t done that way anymore.

Milton talks about how they should travel the country and look at the stars together.

She leaves, and Milton looks after her longingly, saying she’s a golden goddess.

Milton looks longingly after Nikki as she leaves

Crimson Lights

Noah says he wishes he could have been at the memorial service. He asks why Summer had to have the memorial service so quickly.

Summer says there were reasons that she did it that way, and she promises to do something special to honor Phyllis’s memory with him.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Noah

Noah says he’s worried about her.

Summer says she’s fine, she’s keeping busy.

Noah says it’s nearly time for Diane’s arraignment.

Noah talks with Summer

Summer says she has to go, but she’ll catch up with him soon. She leaves.

Kyle comes into the coffee shop, looking for Summer.

Sharon tells him that she saw her on the other side of the cafe with Noah.

Kyle heads over and asks where Summer is.

Kyle comes into the cafe and talks with Sharon and Chance

Noah tells him that she just left. He asks if Kyle is sure that his mother’s not the killer, as Summer sure seemed to think she killed her.

Kyle says he is, but he’s worried about his relationship with Summer suffering because he’s supporting Diane.

Noah says that Summer won’t forgive Diane for being the trigger, even if Stark is ultimately found to be responsible.

Noah talks with Kyle

The Genoa City Police Department

Diane is escorted into the interrogation room and sees Michael there as the police close the door behind her.

Diane is ushered into the visiting room by a police officer

Diane asks if Michael is there to see a client.

Michael asks her to have a seat and says he is there to see a client, but she shouldn’t celebrate quite yet.

He says he just lost his best friend a few days ago.

Michael sits and talks with Diane

Diane says she knows.

Michael says she doesn’t know, but they have a lot of work ahead of them. He requires one thing of her. The truth, at all times.

Diane says he has her word, and thanks him for taking her case.

She says she feels like she might have a fighting chance to go home.

Diane talks with Michael

Crimson Lights

Chance asks if it’d kill them to phone him and let him know what the judge is thinking.

Sharon says that she thinks it’s fascinating listening to him.

Sharon talks with Chance

Chance says he trusts her.

Sharon says she’s a vault, and that she doesn’t serve up GCPD secrets with her croissants.

Chance says that she’s a good listener, too.

Chance laughs as he talks with Sharon

Sharon jokes that she also makes a good cup of coffee.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack, Kyle, and Michael all talk about Diane’s arraignment in the living room.

Michael says that he’s sorry, but he couldn’t get Diane bail… It just wasn’t happening.

Jack says they need to do whatever is necessary to clear Diasne’s name.

The Genoa City Police Department

Diane comes into the visitor’s room and sees Summer there.

Summer is sitting at the table when Diane is escorted into the visiting room

She says that she didn’t see Summer at the arraignment.

She says that she’s glad to see Summer there.

Summer says that she’s not there for herself, she’s there for Diane.

Summer talks passionately to Diane

Summer tells Diane that she’s stuck there, she’ll be found guilty of killing her mother, and she will miss all family celebrations and her own marriage.

She says that Summer is going to move on with her life, but Diane will be stuck behind four walls, tortured by a world that doesn’t want her.

Summer gets up and leaves the room, leaving Diane miserable and alone.

Diane listens to Summer

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