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Y&R Recap – April 12: Phyllis Attends Her Own Memorial, Stark Is Kicked Out, and Adam & Sally Feel The Baby Move

Diane looks smug as Chance looks at her

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, April 12 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Chance gestures as he talks with Summer

On the last episode of Y&R, Summer finds out from Chance that Phyllis was poisoned, and Christine tearfully told Lauren that her marriage with Paul is over.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack and Diane look at Summer’s memorial pamphlet for Phyllis when Kyle walks in.

Jack and Diane look at the memorial pamphlet

They talk about the memorial taking place at the jazz lounge, and they wonder why Summer wanted it to happen there.

Kyle thinks it’s a bad idea, as that’s where Phyllis collapsed.

The Jazz Lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer is at the lounge and talks to a portrait of her mom, promising she’ll make it right.

Summer talks to a portrait of Phyllis

Daniel’s Suite at the GCAC

Lily comes up to Daniel’s room. She asks him how he’s doing.

Daniel says he’s coping but has to fake it for Summer’s sake.

Lily pours some water as she talks with Daniel

He says he’s proud and worried for Summer.

Lily says that they’re going to suspend work on Omega Sphere.

Lily talks with Daniel

Sally’s Room at the GCAC

Nick comes into Sally’s suite.

He tells Sally that Summer’s still in pain and has been working on the memorial all by herself.

Sally talks with Nick

He says that he’s not feeling good about the location, and wonders why Summer set the celebration of life there.

Crimson Lights

Jeremy is looking at the memorial page on his phone when his cell rings.

The person on the other end tells him that Phyllis was a no-show and she didn’t get on the flight.

Jeremy Stark takes a call as he sits at a table in the coffee shop

Phyllis’s Motel Room

Phyllis enters her room at the motel and pulls out some heels, scissors, a dress, and a wig from a duffel bag.

Phyllis looks upset

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says he couldn’t stop Summer from holding the memorial service at the jazz lounge.

Jack says she’s keeping herself busy to mute the pain.

Diane talks with Kyle and Jack

Diane says that she’s trying to give Summer space, and thinks that she should maybe stay home.

Kyle says that Summer specifically asked for all of them to be there.

Kyle talks with Diane and Jack

Crimson Lights

Sally and Nick come into the cafe and run into Summer. Nick goes to the counter to order a coffee.

Sally tells Summer that she’s sorry for the loss of her mother.

Summer talks with Sally

Summer says that Sally doesn’t belong at the memorial, especially now that she’s with Nick, and that she should be with Adam.

Nick comes over and tells Sally that the barista had a question about her order, and Sally goes over to talk.

Nick says that if Summer needs someone to take anything out on, it should be him.

Nick talks with Summer

Summer says she was just going to get a coffee, but she’s going to go back to the memorial and have it there.

She leaves, and Sally says that she’s going to stay away, but Nick should go.

They kiss, and Nick leaves the coffee shop.

Sally and Nick kiss

Daniel’s Room at the GCAC

Daniel asks why they’re pausing Omega Sphere’s development.

Lily says that his mother just died and he doesn’t need to focus on work.

Lily talks with Daniel in his room

Daniel says that he needs to focus on work, it will help him not think about his mother.

Lily says that if he feels that he needs to work, then that’s fine. She tells him that he just can’t work on it today.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy comes back to his motel room and looks around, calling Phyllis’s name. She’s not there.

Jeremy looks around his hotel room for Phyllis

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Summer and Kyle are talking at the memorial, and Kyle says that it must feel odd to be back there.

Chance steps in and Kyle asks Summer why he’s there.

Kyle and Summer talk in front of Phyllis's portrait

Summer says that she invited him and excuses herself to go talk to Chance.

Kyle walks off, and Summer talks with Chance about how she chose the venue to make Diane feel guilty, and she won’t be able to hide it.

Summer talks with Chance

Crimson Lights

Adam comes into the coffee shop and asks Sally why she’s not at the memorial.

Sally tells him that Summer didn’t want her there.

Adam talks with Sally

Adam says he understands. He asks if Summer knows that the baby is his.

Sally says Summer definitely knows and asks if Adam would like to join her.

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Victor tells Nick that Summer’s holding up well.

Victor talks with Nick as Nikki listens

Nick says that if she breaks, it’s going to be bad.

Victor asks if she arranged the memorial all on her own.

Nick says she did.

Nikki says they will be there for her when it overwhelms her.

Nick talks with Nikki and Victor

Lauren and Michael tell Daniel that the portrait is amazing, and compliment him on his artistic skills.

Michael says there’s someone he should talk with.

Daniel looks around and sees Lucy standing with his father.

Lucy smiles at Daniel as she stands beside Danny

Daniel gasps and hugs Lucy tightly. He asks what she’s doing there.

Lucy explains that Danny arranged for her to be there.

Daniel hugs Lucy as Danny and Lily look on

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Jeremy comes into the jazz lounge and looks around.

Kyle tells Jack that he’s got a lot of nerve to show up there.

Jack says he’ll handle it.

Jeremy Stark takes a sip of champagne as he looks around the room

Jack goes up and talks with Jeremy.

Summer asks Chance to make sure things don’t get nasty between them.

Kyle tells Stark to just go home, he’s not wanted there.

Jeremy  Stark gestures as he talks with Chance and Kyle

Chance tells Jeremy that he’s going to escort Stark out, as this is a private function held by Summer and Daniel, and he’s not invited.

Crimson Lights

Adam sits down with a coffee, and Sally says she wants to set some ground rules.

Adam puts down his coffee as he sits down with Sally

She says that they can’t talk about Nick and her.

Adam laughs and gives her some advice about having children.

He says that whatever she has planned, it’s all going to go out the window.

Sally laughs and says she’ll have to learn to roll with the punches.

Sally talks with Adam

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Jack says that Diane is as white as a sheet.

Diane says that she can’t believe Stark is trying to stir things up.

Diane talks with Kyle and Jack

Danny excuses himself and goes to talk with Lily. He asks her to keep an eye on Daniel for Lucy’s sake.

She agrees.

Chance comes back in, and Summer asks everyone to have a seat, they’re ready to begin.

Phyllis comes in and stands in the back, disguised in a wig and glasses.

Phyllis, disguised in a wig and glasses, stands in the back of the room observing the memorial service

Crimson Lights

Sally asks Adam if he’s given any thought to her advice on dealing with Victor and Victoria.

Adam says that talking about his family is off-limits if she wants to keep things light.

Sally and Adam sit at a table in the coffee shop and talk

He says he’d like to make a play for McCall Unlimited, but doesn’t have hundreds of millions, maybe she has some spare change?

Sally didn’t know that was the company Newman was after.

Adam talks with Sally

Adam says that Victoria’s no longer interested in it, probably just to spite him.

Sally says that she’s got a proposition for him that will take his mind off it.

She says that she has a doctor’s appointment to get a checkup and find out the baby’s gender, and asks Adam if he’d like to come.

Sally looks at Adam as they talk

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Summer thanks everyone for coming to the memorial service, and says that she wanted to keep it a small gathering.

Summer talks about how she chose the lounge because it was a happy place, and she wants to honor and celebrate Phyllis’s life there.

Summer stands in front of Phyllis's portrait

She says the healing starts now, and that she’s grateful for everyone who offered to help her plan the service.

Summer says that she needed to do it herself to make amends with her mom.

She says that she and Daniel were going through tough times and that Phyllis crossed lines she shouldn’t have crossed, but that she would give anything to have her back.

Summer cries as she talks to her mother's portrait. Phyllis, in disguise, watches from the back.

Summer says that she loves Phyllis and believes her.

Crimson Lights

Adam says he’d love to come to the appointment.

Sally and Adam talk

Sally says that Nick will be there too.

Adam asks if Nick knows that Adam will be there.

Sally says she hasn’t told him yet.

Adam talks with Sally

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Summer asks that everyone raise a glass in a toast to Phyllis.

She makes a speech about how Phyllis is loved and missed.

Kyle, Diane, and Jack raise their glasses in a toast

Everyone clinks their glasses.

Summer asks if Daniel will stand up and say something.

Daniel stands up and says he didn’t have anything prepared.

Daniel smiles uncertainly as he stands

Lucy tells Daniel to just speak from the heart.

Daniel says he can’t talk right now. He’s sorry. He sits down.

Nick gets up and walks up to Summer. He gives her a hug and says that he and Phyllis were competitive with each other, and what started as a friendship deepened into something more.

Nick hugs Summer as he stands beside her

He says that all relationships have good times and bad, but when someone is taken from you, all the bad memories fade away.

Nick says that Phyllis was unique, complex, and fun-loving. He tears up.

He says when Phyllis told you that she loved you, she made you feel like the most important person in the world.

Summer and Nick smile at each other

He tells Daniel and Sally that Phyllis loved them and that she was one of a kind.

Nick sits down, and Jack says he’s going to say something.

Jack stands up and says that Phyllis was full of life and they tried many times to form a relationship, but they seemed destined to hurt each other.

Jack stands with a drink in his hand in front of Phyllis's portrait

He says she was fiercely loyal and absolutely certain she was right, and God help you if you got in her way.

Jack relates a story about Phyllis being pregnant with Summer when they got stuck in an elevator together.

He says that Phyllis’s water broke, and the next two hours in his life were some of the most important in his life.

Jack stands up and speaks to the room about Phyllis

He says when she didn’t seem to have any fight left in her, she single-handedly willed this beautiful girl into the world. He cries and says that Phyllis loved Summer and her brother more than anything else in the world.

Jack continues to say that Phyllis’s death has forever changed his life.

He raises his glass to her. “Here’s lookin’ at you, Red.”

Summer cries as Jack raises his glass to Phyllis

Crimson Lights

Sally and Adam get some more coffee and Sally groans.

Sally puts Adam's hand on her stomach

Adam asks what’s wrong, and she says that she thinks the baby is moving.

Sally puts Adam’s hand on her belly, and his eyes light up.

Adam says that’s definitely movement. He smiles.

Adam smiles as he feels the baby move

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

Lauren makes a speech, saying that you could call Phyllis for bail money at 3 AM, and she’d show up with no questions asked.

Michael says that Lauren would never need bailing out at 3 AM because she married a lawyer.

Lauren and Michael stand beside Phyllis's portrait

He says that Phyllis was always there for them.

Lauren says that Phyllis was Sheila’s victim as well as her, and that bonded them.

Michael says that Phyllis was a rollercoaster… The highs were amazing, and the lows could be devastating, and he’s sorry that she was taken from them on the downswing.

Lauren talks while Michael listens

Nikki makes a speech, saying that she and Phyllis had their differences, but they had one thing in common… Their love for Summer.

She recounts how they were in business together, and that they recently collaborated on a project that was near and dear to their hearts.

Nikki makes a speech at the memorial

Nikki says that Phyllis could come up with very creative solutions to problems, and no matter what, she’d never give up.

She looks pointedly at Diane as she speaks.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy comes back into the motel and says that Phyllis had better not screw things up for him.

Jeremy stands in his motel room, talking to himself

The Jazz Lounge at the GCAC

While Nikki continues to talk, Chance gets a text message from the GCPD telling him that they know who bought the strychnine.

Chance tells them that he needs a name.

Chance gets a text from Maggie at the GCPD. "We know who bought the strychnine."  He responds "I need a name."

Summer asks if anyone else would like to say anything.

Lucy stands up and says that Phyllis taught her to believe in herself and says that Phyllis flew to Portugal to make things up between her and her father.

She says that Phyllis taught her that love was so important.

Lucy stands up and makes a brief speech

Lucy finishes talking and sits down.

Chance gets a message with a name…

Diane Jenkins was the one who bought the strychnine.

Diane looks smug as Chance looks at her

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