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Y&R Recap – Apr 21: Jack Fights To Get Diane a New Bail Hearing, Mariah & Tessa Have A Surprise Baby Shower, and Billy & Kyle Fight Over Jabot & Marchetti

Mariah and Tessa smile as they hold Aria

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, April 21 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Victor yells and pounds the table as he talks to Nick

On the last episode of Y&R, Victor blew up at Nick over “that damn Spectra woman”, Lily & Daniel shared a kiss, and Lucy left for Portugal.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy is in the office going over some paperwork when Kyle comes in.

Billy is going through some paperwork

Kyle says that his mom’s being charged with murder, and his life and marriage are hanging on by a thread.

He says he needs a distraction.

Billy asks what’s wrong with Marchetti’s numbers for last quarter.

Kyle smiles as he talks with Billy


Abby comes up to Mariah and Tessa outside the restaurant and fawns over the baby.

They head inside and are greeted with a “SURPRISE!” as everyone celebrates with a surprise baby shower.

Mariah and Tessa are surprised by the baby shower

Genoa City Police Department

Diane is escorted into the visiting room in a grey jumpsuit, and Jack asks her how she is.

Diane walks into the visitation room

She says she’s ok, she can take care of herself.

Jack says he’ll use everything at his disposal to make sure she’s good.

Diane tells him that if he wants to help, the only thing he should do is not come back to visit her.

Diane gestures as she talks with Jack

Crimson Lights

Chance tells Christine that he thinks Diane may have poisoned Phyllis, but Jeremy was behind it.

He says Stark’s probably disappeared with the money.

Chance sits and talks with Christine

Christine says that she needs more than his gut feeling to press charges against Jeremy.

Chance says that they need to put pressure on Diane.

Christine says that Diane hasn’t been in contact with Jeremy, her communication has been watched.

Michael smiles as he talks with Christine and Chance

Chance says that if they’re planning to split the money, then Diane knows where Jeremy is.

Michael walks in smiling and asks if someone’s mentioned his client’s name.

Jabot Cosmetics

Kyle says that the operating expenses increased because of getting the textile mills but it’s working out.

Kyle and Billy talk

They talk about the numbers for a minute, and Kyle says he has autonomy over Marchetti, so he doesn’t need Billy’s advice on how to run it.

Billy says he has an idea abouit how to bring Marchetti and Jabot together.


Tessa and Mariah are stunned by the surprise shower.

Mariah and Tessa are the center of attention

Mariah says she’s floored that everyone came together for them.

Sharon says that it’s a celebration of a brand new baby’s life.

Abby says they have games, crafts, and food… But first, a toast to the new mommas!

Everyone raises their glass in a toast.

Mariah and Tessa clink glasses in a toast

Crimson Lights

Michael gets a coffee and asks what he missed.

Chance says they were wondering how Diane is getting along in prison.

Michael smiles as he sits with Christine and Chance

He asks if she had any visitors.

Michael says he wouldn’t violate attorney-client privilege.

Christine says that Diane would save everyone trouble if she just pled guilty. She asks Michael if that’s something they’re considering.

Michael sits and smiles at Christine & Chance


Jack says he’d never stay away.

Diane says she could be there a long time.

Diane speaks with Jack

Jack says she’s innocent and she’ll get out.

He says that they’ll prove Stark framed her.

Diane says she’s not getting out any time soon, and he knows it.

Jack and Diane talk in the visitation room

Jack says however long it takes, he and Kyle will be by her side.

Diane says she loves him, but the only way she can survive is to keep her head down and forget about life “outside”. She says his voice and face don’t bring her comfort, it just reminds her of what she’s lost.

Jack says he loves her.

Diane says if he loves her, he has to stay away.

Diane talks with Jack

Crimson Lights

Michael says Diane won’t cop to a murder she didn’t commit.

He says that Diane has a brilliant attorney, and she’s innocent.

Christine talks with Michael

Christine says that if she takes the deal, she’d propose a shorter sentence.


Jack says it’s too soon to make big decisions, and she needs time to process it.

Jack looks upset as he talks with Diane

Diane says she’s dealing with it more realistically than he is.

Jack says that tomorrow maybe it’ll be different.

Diane says that when she went on the run after faking her death, she just had to cut off from the rest of the world.

Diane looks up at Jack as they talk

Jack says it’s a completely different situation.

Diane says it’s not, she’s got to face spending the rest of her life away from everyone. She knows what she has to do.

Jack says cutting everyone out isn’t the way.

Jack stands up in disbelief as he talks with Diane

Diane says she loves everyone too much, it’s a terrible place and she doesn’t want her family there. She’s not willing to put him and her family through that.

She says that’s what she needs to do to survive.

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy says they should advertise Jabot as a single beauty and fashion entity.

Kyle and Billy talk

Kyle says it’s not going to happen, that Jabot and Marchetti appeal to different demographics.

Billy says it’ll bring more people to both brands.

Kyle is opposed to it and says that Billy’s only been there a few days and wants to upend everything.

Billy talks with Kyle


Sharon says that she made the choice to adopt a while ago, and now it’s come full circle with Mariah and Tessa.

She tells Aria that she should be used to crowds since she now has a huge circle of family and friends.

Mariah and Tessa smile as they hold Aria

Sharon continues to tell Mariah and Tessa that she’s happy that their dreams have come true about having a baby.

She says she’s honored to have them in her life and raises her glass in a toast.

Abby stands up and makes a speech about Aria and how some days will be better than others, but that it’s all part of being a mom.

Abby makes a speech

Tessa says she’s blissed out, but is a bit tired.

Noah gives them a present… It’s a book for the baby.

He says that he remembers Sharon reading them to him when he was a kid, and that he’s thankful for his own wonderful mother.

He says that Aria has the most amazing moms in the world.

Noah smiles as he talks with Mariah and Tessa

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Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Jabot Cosmetics

Billy says it’s not his first stint at Jabot.

Kyle says that’s for sure, everyone fired him before.

Kyle sits and talks with Billy

Billy says that he’s learned from his past and that Marchetti isn’t doing as well as it could be under the Jabot umbrella.

Kyle says that it’s doing fine.

Billy says that he needs to think outside of the box.

Kyle scoffs.

Billy says that he will talk about it with Jack.

Billy and Kyle talk

Kyle leaves and on his way out says that Billy’s trying to distract him with stupid business ideas.

Billy laughs and says thanks.


Diane says that no matter what he does, she will probably be convicted of murder, and leaving her will let him move on quicker.

Jack is in disbelief as he talks with Diane

Jack says he has no intention of living his life without her. She’s being selfish.

Diane says she’s thinking of Kyle. He needs to get used to the idea that she’s not going to be around.

Jack wonders how Harrison will handle not having his dee-dee around.

Jack is frustrated as Diane leaves him in the visitor's room

Diane says she wants to go back to her cell and calls for the guard, who lets her out.

Jack throws a chair in frustration.

An animated gif of Jack throwing a chair

Jabot Cosmetics

Chelsea comes into the office, and Billy asks how she snuck by security.

Chelsea comes into the office with a bag of takeout

She says she bribed them with food. She holds a bag in her hands.

Billy says he can smell it and it smells great.

Billy makes a funny face as he talks with Chelsea

Crimson Lights

Chance says he’s looking for a connection between Stark and Diane.

Michael says that Diane wishes Stark didn’t come to town, there’s no connection.

Chance talks with Michael and Christine

He says that Stark obviously murdered Phyllis and pinned it on Diane.

Christine says he’ll have a hard time convincing a jury of that.

Michael says that Stark’s money-laundering past will convince them.

Christine talks with Michael and Chance

Christine asks if they’re going to trial then.

Michael says yes.

Chance gets up and leaves, saying he’ll let them duke it out.

Chance gets up and leaves the cafe


Elena jokes with Noah about the “designer” baby clothes.

Mariah says that they’re grateful for everyone’s love and support for Aria.

Mariah sits beside Tessa and holds Aria

She says that everyone’s been there through the obstacles they faced, and now they’re finally here with her.

She mentions there was a scare in the delivery, but everything worked out. She says that the magical little girl deserves the world, and Tessa and her want to give her everything she deserves.

Tessa says she’d like to say something too. She says that Sharon mentioned different ways to be a family, and she never had much luck with her biological family, except Crystal.

Tessa talks as Mariah holds Aria

She says she spent years on her own and never tried to connect with her family, but then she moved to Genoa City and met her real family.

She says that she wouldn’t want to celebrate it with anyone else. She says that she feels that her daughter chose them instead of the other way around.

Kyle comes into the restaurant and tells Abby he didn’t know there was a private event.

Kyle talks with Abby

He says he’ll find some other place to have lunch.

Mariah tells Kyle that he’s not getting away without talking to her.

Jabot Cosmetics

Chelsea and Billy sit and talk as they eat, and she asks how his first day went.

Chelsea sits and talks with Billy as they eat

Billy says that he’s really enjoying it and believes he can make a difference.

Chelsea says that it sounds like he’s found his place.

Billy asks how things are going with the game.

Chelsea smiles as she talks with Billy

Chelsea says they’re in a bit of a holding pattern, but she’s enjoying the world design aspect of it.

Billy asks how that makes her feel.

Chelsea laughs and says he’s using therapy words. She says she’s feeling a bit impatient, but she knows that Phyllis’s death was a bit of a bump in the road for Daniel. She says things are moving forward, though.

Chelsea talks and eats with Billy

Billy says he’s in awe of how strong she’s become.

Chelsea says they helped each other through rough times and they’re finally getting their lives together.


Elena and Tessa talk about the baby.

Elena talks with Tessa as she fawns over baby Aria

Tessa says she keeps waking Aria up to make sure she’s breathing.

Elena says everyone does that.

Mariah hugs Kyle and says she’s sorry about his mother.

Kyle and Mariah stand and talk

She asks if he got her calls.

Kyle says he did, but he’s been going through a lot. He says that he can’t wait to meet the newest member of her family.

Mariah says that thanks to his and Summer’s gift of baby clothes, they should be set for the next year.

She says that she promises to be there for Summer and Kyle.

Mariah smiles as she talks with Kyle

Crimson Lights

Michael asks what happened to the “kind” Christine who was there for the underdog.

Michael sits and talks with Christine

Christine says that she now works for the D.A.’s office and is there to stop well-connected convicts from getting off on charges.

Michael says that every person charged with a crime needs a defense.

Christine gets up and says that her door is always open whenever Diane is ready to confess.

Jack yells at Michael

Jack stalks into the room and tells Michael that he needs to get Diane another bail hearing… Now.


Kyle says that Summer is struggling, and needs space to breathe, but things seem off.

Mariah asks if he tried talking to her.

Kyle smiles as he talks with Mariah

Kyle says it’s hard when Summer thinks that his mother killed her mom.

Mariah says that Summer is tough, and she loves him as much as he loves her.

Kyle says that she needs to get back to the shower.

Mariah says he should stay, but he defers, gives her a hug, and leaves.

Kyle and Mariah hug

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Chance looks around the lounge at the GCAC, looking for clues and thinking.

Chance looks around the Jazz Lounge

Crimson Lights

Christine tells Jack that the judge already ruled on Diane’s bail and she was denied.

Jack says Diane is innocent and shouldn’t be in jail.

Christine talks with Jack as Michael listens

Michael says the judge won’t change her decision.

Jack says he’ll pay any bail, and tells Michael to get something done now, Diane has to come home.

Next Week on The Young and The Restless

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Victoria talks with Nate

Ashley asks Tucker to move in with her.

Ashley asks Tucker to move in

Phyllis reveals to Summer that she’s alive.

Phyllis smiles with tears in her eyes as she talks with Summer

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