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Y&R Recap – Apr 14: Stark Threatens to Kill Phyllis Unless She Leaves Town, Nick Catches Nate & Victoria in the Act, and Mariah & Tessa Introduce Their Baby

Phyllis looks frightened as she talks with Stark

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, April 14 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Diane pleads for Michael to be her lawyer

On the last episode of Y&R, Diane was arrested for Phyllis’s murder, Audra overheard Nate & Victoria fooling around, and Abby moves in with Devon.

Crimson Lights

Mariah hugs Sharon tightly, and they squeal over the new baby.

Mariah hugs Sharon

The Abbott Mansion

Nick and Summer come into the living room and Nick offers to get her something to eat.

Nick and Summer talk in the living room

Summer declines, and says that just having Nick there is nice.

She says she doesn’t know when she’s going to hear from Kyle. She says that Diane is his top priority now.

Kyle comes down the stairs and says that’s not true, Summer has to know that.

Kyle comes downstairs and talks with Summer and Nick


Jack sits down with Christine and says that arresting Diane was a miscarriage of justice.

Christine sits down with Jack in Society

Christine says she can’t say anything about it.

Jack asks where the evidence is, does Christine honestly think she’s capable of killing someone?

Jack sits and talks with Christine

Phyllis’s Motel Room

Phyllis looks at her memorial pamphlet and says, “Oh my God. What have I done?”

Phyllis closes her eyes and puts her hand on her head.


Christine says it’s not as simple as that, and that a judge would not have signed off on a search warrant if they didn’t think there was merit to it.

Jack asks if she knows what evidence the police bought to the judge.

Christine sits and talks with Jack

Christine says that she can’t say anything due to her position, even though they’re friends.

Jack begs her to try to slow down the case, to do anything.

Christine says that she knows it’s hard, but there’s nothing she can do other than follow protocol.

Jack talks with Christine

Jack says that Stark is behind it, he must have set up Diane.

Christine says that she promises that the case is not over and she’ll look at the loose ends, but she can’t offer him anything else.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer says that she never expected to see Kyle home that soon.

Kyle stands and talks with Summer

Kyle says that he wanted to be with Summer and Harrison.

Summer asks what happened at the police station.

Kyle said that he didn’t get to see much, but Diane looked really afraid.

Summer looks unhappy as she looks at Kyle

He thanks Nick for bringing Summer home.

Nick says he’ll leave them be, but if Summer needs him, to call him.

He hugs Summer and shakes Kyle’s hand and leaves.

Summer and Nick hug


Sharon asks where Tessa and the baby are.

Mariah says she didn’t think that Sharon wanted to see them tonight and sent them to the tack house.

Sharon laughs and says she’s obviously joking.

Sharon and Mariah talk

Mariah admits it and says Tessa will be there in a minute or so.

Tessa comes in with a carriage in hand.

She says, “Meet Aria Porter Copeland!”

The baby, Aria

Sharon says she’s perfect.

Sally smiles as the comes to the door of the coffee shop and sees the ladies fawning over the baby.

Sally looks at the ladies and the baby

Newman Enterprises

Audra is standing outside Victoria’s office when Nick comes by.

She offers her condolences about Phyllis.

Nick talks with Audra

Nick says he was wondering where Victoria was.

Audra says she’s in her office.

Nick says he’ll swing by in a few minutes.

Victoria smiles as she makes out with Nate

Crimson Lights

Sharon picks up the baby and says that she’s so cute.

Adam walks up behind Sally and says it’s pretty cool.

Sharon, Tessa, and Mariah fawn over the baby

Sally says that they look like they got a new present.

Adam talks about how a baby makes a room light up, and that it won’t be long before Sally will experience that for herself.

Sally and Adam come in and say hello.

Adam and Sally talk

Sally asks if she can touch the baby.

Tessa says they’re all about sharing the joy.

Mariah says their greatest dream has come true.

Tessa and Mariah fawn over the baby while Sharon watches

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle asks how Summer is feeling.

Summer says she’s exhausted, but it was worth it, the service was lovely.

Kyle stands with crossed arms as he talks with Summer

Kyle agrees, he can’t believe she did it all on her own.

Summer says that she got to say what she should have said in the days before.

She says that she’ll rest easier knowing they honored her and that she was smiling down on them.

Summer thanks Kyle for being a loving husband and that he must have been blindsided by his mother’s arrest.

Summer and Kyle talk

Kyle says that he hates that she’s locked up for something she didn’t do, she’s not a murderer.

Summer is aghast. She asks him if he really believes that.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy comes into his motel room and sees Phyllis there.

He asks what happened to Phyllis leaving town as they discussed, and wants to know why she’s still there.

Jeremy comes into his motel room and talks with Phyllis


Jack says since Diane came back to town and started her new life, she wouldn’t jeopardize it by killing Phyllis.

Christine says that tomorrow’s her arraignment, and there’s a chance that she won’t get bail.

Christine talks with Jack

She says that if Stark is responsible, he’ll be found.

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Phyllis says she had to see how her children were.

Phyllis and Jeremy argue loudly

Jeremy and Phyllis argue loudly for a minute and he tells her that she shouldn’t have gone to the memorial.

Phyllis says that she had to do it.

Jeremy can’t believe she let them see her. She says nobody knew.

Jeremy and Phyllis fight

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The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says he’ll never stop believing that Diane is innocent and that he believes that Jeremy Stark is the only one who is responsible for Phyllis’s death.

Summer says the police have strong evidence against Diane.

Summer looks up at Kyle

Kyle says it’s evidence that was planted by Stark.

Summer says she believes Diane is the reason her mom is dead.

Newman Enterprises

Nick knocks on Victoria’s door and tries to open it, but it’s locked.

Nate and Victoria are making out when Nick knocks on the door

Nate and Victoria quickly get dressed, and Victoria opens the door, saying she didn’t know the door was locked.

She says Nate and her were having some drinks.

Nate tells Nick that he must need some time to talk with Victoria. He leaves the office.

Victoria, her hair all messed up, talks with Nick`

Victoria asks how the memorial service was.

Nick says he doesn’t want to talk about that right now.

He asks what she’s thinking with what’s happening between her and Nate.

Nick and Victoria talk in her office

Crimson Lights

Elena comes in and sees Aria. She comes over and smiles and coos at the baby.

She says that she’s so perfect and comments on how her mothers are glowing.

Elena kneels down and talks to the baby

Tessa says she couldn’t have done it without her, she’s thankful for her advice.

She says now Aria’s here, and she will do anything for her family.

Tessa gets up and hugs her.

Tessa hugs Elena while Mariah holds the baby

Newman Enterprises

Victoria says Nick caught her.

Nick reminds Victoria that Nate is in a relationship with Elena.

Victoria finishes buttoning up her blouse while talking to her brother

Victoria says she knows.

Nick says that Nate works there, and could have ulterior motives.

Victoria says she’s not worried about Nick’s opinion.

Victoria gestures at Nick as they talk

She says he’s a hypocrite who had a relationship with Newman Media’s CEO previously.

Victoria goes on to say that she wants to keep her private life private and that she has stuff to finish.

Nick tells her that she should start by brushing her hair. He leaves.

Nick throws Victoria's stuff onto her desk that was brushed off earlier

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says that his mother wouldn’t poison Phyllis just to get them out of the way.

Summer reminds him that Diane burned down the poolhouse and blamed it on Phyllis.

Summer and Kyle sit and talk

She says that Diane was pushed past her limits and she snapped.

Kyle tries to say something, but Summer won’t let him get in a word.

Summer says that Diane did it the night of the gala and that Diane said she was going to kill her.

She says that she knows it’s painful, but Kyle needs to open his eyes.

Summer and Kyle talk

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Jeremy says Phyllis can’t think that she can ever go back.

Phyllis says they’d forgive her, after all, they forgave Diane, didn’t they?

Jeremy says she’s forgetting the point of all of this… They did this to have Diane rot in prison.

Jeremy fights with Phyllis

He says they’re in it together. They made a commitment, and he won’t let her reveal her involvement, as that would reveal his involvement.

He says if she’s having second thoughts, she should get it out of her pretty little head before something happens to her.

Phyllis tells him that she’s not scared of him.

Jeremy and Phyllis face each other down as they argue

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle says that he knows his mother didn’t do it, but they have no idea what evidence the police have.

He says there’s no way she could have done it, she didn’t like Phyllis, but she’s not capable of murder.

Kyle speaks with Summer

Kyle asks her to keep an open mind, for him and for Harrison.

Summer says for Harrison’s sake, she’ll protect him from knowing what happened.

She says she has no idea when Diane will be home, if ever.

Summer looks upset as she talks with Kyle


Nate is sitting at the bar in Society when Nick walks in and comes up to him.

Nick says that Nate is going to have to figure out what to say to Elena.

Nate is having a drink when Nick comes to talk with him at the bar

Nate says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Nick says he doesn’t know if what’s between him and Victoria is a fling or what it is.

Nate protests and says it’s not like that.

Nick sits and talks with Nate

Nick says he doesn’t care, but his credibility is shot with him.

Nate says that if he came there to put him on notice, the message has been received. He says that his personal time is his own business.

Nick says until it’s his business.

Elena comes in and kisses Nate. She asks what they’re talking about.

Elena kisses Nate on the cheek while he's speaking to Nick

Crimson Lights

The ladies talk and fawn over the baby.

Mariah says she can’t believe the news about Phyllis.

Tessa, Mariah, and Sharon smile as they look at baby Aria

Sharon says that everyone who cared about Phyllis is dealing with their pain right now.

Mariah says that it feels weird to be so happy right now when others are so sad.

Sharon says everyone wants her to be happy. She says it’s a special time, and it goes by quickly.

Mariah kisses Tessa’s hand.

Mariah kisses Tessa's hand

Crimson Lights

Sally and Adam sit and talk over coffee.

Sally says that the baby is so cute.

Sally and Adam sit and talk over coffee

Adam says that it sounds like Sally wants to have a daughter.

Sally says that they’ll find out soon.


Nate says that he and Nick were talking about how Nick thinks Nate is consumed by power.

Nate, Elena, and Nick talk

Nick says the truth hurts. He says Elena’s looking beautiful, and Nate’s a very lucky guy. He leaves them in the restaurant.

Elena asks what that was all about.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack comes home, and Kyle asks him how his meeting with Christine was.

Jack says there’s not much news… They have to wait for the arraignment.

Jack arrives home and talks with Kyle

Kyle says that he feels like he’s caught between his wife and his mother.

Jack says he’s in a tough spot.

Kyle says he has to convince Summer that his mother didn’t kill Phyllis.

Jack says he’s doing everything in his power to prove her innocence.

Kyle sits and talks with Jack

Jeremy’s Motel Room

Phyllis says she’s not an amateur and isn’t easily manipulated.

She says she’s spent very little time behind bars, so who’s the smart one now?

She says if he’s smart, he’ll get out of her way.

Phyllis holds up a finger as she and Jeremy talk face to face

Stark says that he’s not going back to prison. He grabs Phyllis threateningly.

Phyllis says that she doesn’t take orders from anyone.

Stark says she has no life, and he’ll kill her himself if she doesn’t listen and get out of town.

Phyllis looks frightened as she talks with Stark

Next week on The Young and The Restless

Tucker and Ashley are talking, and Tucker says he’ll sell his company and leave town.

Tucker talks with Ashley

Adam tells Victor that he’s still in love with Sally and she’s having his baby.

Adam talks with Victor

Nikki tells Michael that he can’t defend the woman who killed one of his best friends.

Michael talks with Nikki

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