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Y&R Recap – Apr 13: Diane Is Arrested for Phyllis’s Murder, Audra Overhears Nate & Victoria Fooling Around, and Abby Moves in With Devon

Diane pleads for Michael to be her lawyer

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Thursday, April 13 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

Last Episode

Diane looks smug as Chance looks at her

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis attended her own memorial, Stark is kicked out, and Adam & Sally felt the baby move.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Daniel tells Lucy that he’s proud of her, and her grandmother would be proud too.

Chance receives a text message telling him that Diane bought the strychnine.

Summer talks about her mother, and Chance asks for a search warrant… ASAP.

Summer says that someone knows the truth, and that’s all she wants… She wants answers.

Kyle says it’s time to focus on the celebration.

Summer talks with Diane

Summer says that not everyone has spoken. She asks if Diane has anything she’d like to say about Phyllis.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby comes to Devon’s house with a bunch of luggage. She says that they need more storage now to keep all her stuff there.

Devon shows Abby the flowers and champagne he bought them.

Devon has bought flowers and champagne and shows Abby. They kiss, happy.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria is in her office and thinks about making out with Nate.

Audra comes into Victoria's office

Audra comes into the office.

Genoa City Athletic Club

Summer says that Diane and her mom have a history together and she’d like to hear it.

Diane talks with Summer as Kyle and Jack look on

Diane says that it’s time for people who knew Phyllis best to talk.

Jack says that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for Diane to talk, perhaps Victor could say something.

Victor says he’ll talk to Summer in private later.

Victor addresses the room as Nikki and Nick look on

Devon’s Apartment

Abby says that she really needed the flowers, and she’s so happy. She says she doesn’t want to leave.

Abby and Devon sit on the couch and talk

Devon says she can let the movers handle the rest.

He hands her a sparkly box. She opens it and finds a set of keys to the apartment inside.

Abby says he’s spoiling her.

Abby opens a sparkly box to find keys inside

Devon says he won’t ever stop trying to surprise her.

Abby tells him that she loves him for this. They kiss.

Abby and Devon kiss

The Athletic Club

Diane says fine and gets up. She says she’s not sure what to say.

She says that she and Phyllis weren’t friends, but she knows that Phyllis loved her children and that Summer and Daniel meant everything to her.

Summer talks to the attendees

Daniel stands up and says that it’s his cue to speak. Diane sits down.

Daniel says that he can’t sum up Phyllis in mere words. He says that a friend described her as fearless. He says that’s an understatement.

He says that when he was a kid, he thought that she was the most beautiful person in the world.

Daniel speaks to the room

He looks over at the portrait as he talks. He says that Phyllis crackled and dazzled, and at her center was laser-focused love, and that intensity touched everything she did, for better or worse.

Daniel goes on to say that with her horrible, senseless death, she’s still trying to teach him how to love better and to fight harder for family and truth.

He says that he has to protect those he loves with everything he has.

Daniel looks sad as he looks at the portrait of his mother

Daniel goes on to say he’s sorry he didn’t understand and that they fought.

He says he’s sorry that they won’t have any time together. He says he loves her and always will.

Newman Enterprises

Victoria says that her mind was on a new venture.

Audra talks with Victoria in her office

Audra asks if there’s anything she can do to help.

Victoria says there’s not, and Audra gives her some documents.

Audra says that she wants to be thorough.

Victoria smiles as she talks with Audra

Victoria says that she’s providing a good backup for Nate.

Audra says that she’s there to make Nate look good.

Victoria says that it’s been a while since they had a CEO of his talents.

Audra stands and talks with Victoria

Audra says that it wouldn’t surprise her if he shoots up the ladder and that she’s familiar with all his projects.

Victoria asks if Audra wants to take his place if he’s promoted.

The Athletic Club

Summer hugs Daniel.

Summer and Daniel hug.

Danny stands up and says that when he looks at his son, he sees Phyllis’s heart.

He says she was generous, and that will live on in Summer, Daniel, and Lucy. He says that speeches were never his thing, but he’d like to honor Phyllis with a song.

Everyone applauds as he goes on stage and sits at the piano.

Danny stands up and talks to the room

Danny sits down at the piano and starts playing and singing a song.

The song is “There’ll Never Be Another You”.

The nanny lets the police into the Abbott mansion

As he sings, police officers show up to the Abbott mansion and are let in by the nanny.

Danny finishes his song, and everyone applauds.

Danny sings a song for Phyllis

Newman Enterprises

Audra says that she doesn’t know what the future will bring.

Victoria says she’s a recent hire.

Audra talks with Victoria

Audra says that she wants to make herself as useful as possible, and looks forward to proving herself to Newman Media and to Victoria.

Devon’s Apartment

Abby says that she’s nervous but in a good way. She says she’s excited and happy and is looking forward to what’s ahead for them in the future.

Abby smiles as she talks with Devon

Devon says he knows what she means, he’s made some bad choices over the last few months, and getting back to the people he loves is helping. He wants to make a life with her and Dominic, and he’s never been more excited about his future.

Abby kisses him and starts taking off her clothes. Devon follows suit, and they end up on the couch in each other’s arms.

Devon and Abby have most of their clothes off as they make out on the couch

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Y&R News

The Athletic Club

Daniel thanks everyone for coming out to the memorial, and that it meant everything to have them there. He invites them to have another drink and share some stories.

Diane gets up and Jack asks her if she’s ok.

Daniel thanks everyone for attending the memorial as he stands beside Summer

Diane says that Summer shouldn’t have forced her to say anything.

Victor hugs Summer and tells her that she has her mother’s heart and courage.

Nikki says the service was beautiful.

Victor talks with Summer as Nikki looks on

Summer thanks Nikki for letting her do it her way.

Nikki says her mother would be proud.

Lauren tells Danny that the song was beautiful.

Danny talks with Lauren and Michael

Michael says that despite everything, Danny was a huge part of her life.

Lily tells Daniel that his speech was really nice.

Danny comes over with Lucy and asks Daniel and Lily if they’d like to have a bite to eat.

Lily talks with Daniel as Lucy looks on

Daniel says he wants to say goodbye to Summer first.

He tells her that the memorial was wonderful and that Phyllis would have loved it.

Summer says that she’s happy he spoke.

They hug, and Daniel says that he loves her.

Summer and Daniel hug in front of Phyllis's portrait

The Abbott Mansion

The policewoman comes down the stairs and is looking through a letter from Phyllis.

The letter says, “You think you’ve won, Diane, don’t you? I’ll do anything to protect my family and will expose you for the lying, cheating psychopath that you are. And your marriage… That’ll never happen as long as I’m alive.”

The police officer bags the letter from Phyllis as evidence

The police officer bags the note as evidence.

Newman Enterprises

Nate comes into the office and says he’s sorry he’s late.

Nate and Victoria smile as Nate walks into Victoria's office

Victoria laughs and says it’s ok, Audra brought a financial analysis for them to look through.

Nate looks the reports over and says that’s what he was looking for.

Victoria says that Audra’s after Nate’s job.

Victoria smiles and puts her hand on her hip as she talks with Nate

Nate says that Audra is very helpful, and it doesn’t surprise him.

Victoria says that she hopes that Nate isn’t going to be leaving soon.

Nate says that she’s stuck with him.

Victoria smiles as Nate and her talk


Danny says it’s time they decompressed. He begins to tell Lucy a story about how Daniel was a banana in his past, and Lily was a strawberry.

He tells Lucy that they spirited themselves away to the west coast.

Danny jokes around as Lucy, Daniel, and Lily watch

Daniel says that they needed jobs, and the only thing they could find was to… Be fruit!

Danny says that he’s so proud of them, and so was Phyllis.

Lily takes Daniel’s hand.

Lily holds Daniel's hand

The Athletic Club

Diane says that every time she turns around, Chance is staring at her.

She asks why he’s there.

Diane talks with Jack as Chance looks on

Jack says that he’s there to make sure Stark isn’t causing problems.

Kyle asks Summer how she’s holding up.

Summer says that she can’t believe Phyllis is gone.

Kyle talks with Summer

Kyle says that Phyllis would have really liked when Summer put Diane on the spot. He asks why she did that.

Summer is distracted when the police officers arrive.

Chance asks to speak with Diane outside.

Jack and Diane look shocked

Jack says that he can’t.

Chance says he was trying to be discreet, but… Diane is under arrest for the murder of Phyllis Summers.

Newman Enterprises

Nate and Victoria are sitting and going over the reports and talking business.

Victoria and Nate sit very close to one another as they look over the reports

Victoria says Newman is all about power, and she’ll call tomorrow and make the offer.

She says that work is over now, and she’s bought some bourbon for them to share.

Nate says she knows what he likes.

Victoria gets up and gets Nate a drink


Lily and Daniel joke about Lily’s bad cooking.

Danny says that it looks like Lucy could use some rest.

Danny and Lucy talk with Daniel and Lily

Daniel asks when she last slept.

Lucy says that Daniel and Lily should stay.

Danny says he’ll take Lucy back to the hotel.

Lily smiles as she and Daniel listen to Danny

He hugs Daniel and tells him he loves him.

Daniel tells him he loves him too.

Hugs are exchanged all around, and Danny and Lucy leave.

Daniel says he thinks that they’re trying to set them up.

Danny smiles as he hugs Daniel, and Lucy goes to hug Lily

The Athletic Club

The police cuff Diane, and Jack asks if the cuffs are necessary.

Chance says that Phyllis was poisoned.

Diane is handcuffed and arrested

Diane says that Jeremy must have done it.

Chance says he’s following the evidence.

Jack asks what possible evidence he has.

Diane pleads for Michael to be her lawyer

Chance says that he doesn’t have to tell Jack anything.

As she’s getting hauled out, Diane asks Michael to please help her, she needs to speak to a lawyer.

Michael reacts as Diane asks for him to be her lawyer


Outside the restaurant, Daniel asks if he can walk Lily to her car, and she says it’s right over there, so no need.

He thanks her for being there at the memorial.

She kisses his cheek and tells him to let her know if she needs anything.

Lily kisses Daniel's cheek

Newman Enterprises

Nate says that the bourbon doesn’t get much better than this… A 20-year-old single-malt.

Victoria says that it’s spicy and leathery.

Victoria and Nate laugh as they have a drink together

Nate says that when he’s intrigued by something, he wants to know everything about it.

Victoria says he’s a man of passion.

Nate says he has an empty glass. He says that she has something he wants, and resistance is futile.

Nate and Victoria make out on her desk

They push books off of Victoria’s desk and start to make out.

Audra is in the hallway and hears them kissing and moaning.

Audra listens outside the door to Victoria's office

Lauren tells Michael that he can’t possibly help Diane.

Michael says that he’s sorry but he can’t be her lawyer.

Michael talks with Diane as Lauren watches with folded arms

He tells Diane to have Jack call an attorney, and not to say a word unless they’re present.

Diane is perp-walked out of the club.

Phyllis smiles as she observes from the shadows.

Phyllis stands in the shadows and smiles as Diane is arrested

Nick asks if Summer’s ok.

Summer says she guesses she got what she’s been looking for… The truth.

She says that Diane killed her mom, and Phyllis said she was dangerous, and she should have believed her.

Summer talks with Nick

Everyone leaves the memorial service except Phyllis. She sighs and looks after Summer and Nick.

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