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Y&R Recap – Mon Apr 1: Ashley Intrudes on Tucker & Audra, Jordan Has a New Disguise, and Diane Suggests a Role Swap

Tucker, Audra, Ashley, and Jordan.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Monday, April 1, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Nick, Victor, Nikki, Kyle, and Claire.

On the last episode of Y&R, Nick helped Adam through some tough times, Victor suggests a trip with Nikki to get away from the madness, and Claire told Kyle about her life with Jordan.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack tells Traci he ran into Tucker at the Athletic Club, and he wanted to discuss Ashley.

Traci’s not surprised. She wonders why Tucker cares about Ashley after all he’s put her through.

Traci Abbott smiles as she talks to Jack.

Jack says Tucker claims to be concerned about Ashley and her “erratic” behavior; he explains that Tucker had told him that Ashley wants to be his partner again in business and romance.

Traci laughs and says that doesn’t sound like Ashley.

Jack says it’s not Ashley. She’s made it clear to him and Traci that she wants nothing to do with Tucker. Jack thinks Tucker is trying to stir up trouble for their family.

Jack Abbott talks to Traci.

The Neil Winters Jazz Lounge

Tucker walks down the stairs into the club and runs into Audra, who’s getting up from her table. He says hello and asks if she could talk for “five minutes.”

Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

Audra tells him she can’t spare five seconds.

Tucker says he was wrong and begs her. “Please.”

Audra sighs and gives him two minutes. They sit down at the bar.

Tucker says she’s right to be angry with him; whether Ashley is having a breakdown or faking it isn’t his concern. Audra is everything to him.

Tucker talks to Audra.

The Newman Ranch House

Victor is on the phone, berating the person on the other end of the line for allowing Jordan to escape. He tells them to find her and call him immediately. He ends the call.

Adam walks in and asks Victor how Jordan is such an “unstoppable threat.”

Victor says whatever she is, he’s going to find her and put an end to her.

Victor Newman.

A Seedy Motel

Jordan shows up to a dingy motel room and opens the door, saying she’s seen worse.

She says the Newmans thought they could take her down, but it’s time for a reckoning.

"Aunt" Jordan Howard.

Newman Ranch

Victor tells Adam that Jordan will be brought to justice if it’s the last thing he does.

Victor Newman.

Adam says Jordan must really be insane if she doesn’t have the sense to stay out of Victor’s way.

Victor asks Adam why he’s there; is something happening at Newman that he needs to be worried about?

Adam says he’s heading to the East Coast that evening with Chelsea and Connor and assures his father that his work will be taken care of while he’s gone. He says that Connor has OCD, and they’re doing whatever they can to help him through it.

Adam Newman.

The GCAC Jazz Lounge

Audra asks Tucker why he’s agreeing with her now about Ashley pretending to be crazy.

Tucker says he’s thought about it and concluded Audra was right.

Tucker and Audra sit and talk.

Audra thinks Tucker might be saying what she wants to hear.

Tucker says Audra is all he wants… She’s the one.

Audra says she’s heard it a million times.

Audra waves her hand at Tucker as they talk.

Tucker says he just spoke to Jack and told him that Ashley’s problems are for his family to deal with… Not Tucker.

Audra doesn’t believe him.

Tucker says Audra accused him of wanting to play “Hero” for Ashley, but he only wants to be a hero for Audra.

Tucker holds up his hand as he talks to Audra.

Audra says she doesn’t need saving.

Tucker says he’s desperate… He can’t lose her. He asks what they can do to get back to where they were.

The Abbott Mansion

Jack asks Traci if she’d like to join him and Diane at the club for a drink.

Traci Abbott talks to Jack Abbott.

Traci says she’s got some reading to do; she’s going to stay home.

Jack wishes her a good evening and leaves.

Traci starts reading but is distracted by thoughts of Ashley. Ashley had told her and Jack that she didn’t need them to watch her for any signs of weakness; she was stable, and they should back off!

Ashley Abbott and Traci Abbott.

Ashley (Ms. Abbott) walks in and interrupts Traci’s reverie. She hopes Traci’s concerned look doesn’t have anything to do with her.

Traci says that, unfortunately, it does.

Ashley sighs in resignation and says she shouldn’t need to say it again, but she will… She’s over Tucker, and they don’t have to worry about her.

Traci looks up at Ashley.

Traci says that may be, but it seems Tucker isn’t over Ashley.

Ashley’s interested… What does that mean?

Traci says Jack told her that Tucker was concerned about Ashley and said her behavior was erratic.

Ashley holds a glass and talks to Traci.

Ashley says Tucker thinks that since she misremembered the incident in Paris, she’s “falling apart” and is trying to make her doubt herself. She says Traci doesn’t need to believe Tucker’s “garbage.”

Traci asks if Ashley thinks Tucker is just trying to manipulate her more by making his claims against her.

Ashley nods. Exactly.

Traci Abbott.

Traci says Ashley has to admit her mood has been off and not acting like herself since they returned from Paris… Maybe that’s why Tucker is jumping to conclusions about what’s going on with her.

Ashley says Traci won’t let her forget that she was wrong about what happened in that “stupid cafe” in Paris.

Traci says she’s not trying to upset her.

Ashley says she’s upset because Traci believes Tucker over her sister.

Ashley looks angry as she talks to her sister.

Newman Ranch

Victor tells Adam he’s heard of the term “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” applying to adults, but he thought it was rare in children.

Adam says he didn’t know it either. He says when Connor first started having problems at school, they thought it was a “learning difference,” but a doctor made a diagnosis of OCD.

Adam Newman talks to his father.

Victor asks what the cure is.

Adam says there isn’t a cure and explains that Connor will learn ways to manage the disorder through Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP). He says Chelsea found the best residential program in the country, but it’s their last opening, which means they have to leave that evening.

Victor tells him to take the jet; he’ll make the arrangements.

Victor Newman talks to his son.

Adam says Nick already arranged for it; he’s glad they also have Victor’s blessing.

Victor says they can always rely on him if Adam, Connor, or Chelsea needs anything.

Adam says that means more than he knows.

Adam Newman.

Victor says he understands the pain a parent feels when their child is suffering and they are powerless to help.

Adam says he knows it’s the right move but doesn’t want to let Connor go. He says Connor told him he hates himself; how does Adam help him?

Victor says it breaks his heart to hear that, but Adam needs to continue with what he and Chelsea are doing. It’s the right thing to do, and Adam needs more confidence in his decisions.

Victor Newman.

Adam says he’s “the screwup” and wonders if he’s the cause of Connor’s problems. He loves his child, but he wasn’t always there for him, especially during his troubled childhood.

Victor says he has a son he loved and couldn’t be around very much who also had a tough childhood… Now he’s proud of the man that boy has become; his boy has become a father.

Victoria walks in and asks if Victor has seen Claire. She’s looked everywhere for her and can’t find her. She asks him to alert the security team and have them let her know as soon as they find her.

Victoria Newman.

Adam says he can vouch for that… Security is so tight, even he could barely make it in.

Victoria says that’s because they don’t like Adam, but it doesn’t mean that Claire wouldn’t have figured out a way to leave.

Victor says Claire wouldn’t leave on her own.

Victoria’s not so sure.

Adam talks to Victoria.

Crimson Lights

Claire is sitting at a table in Crimson Lights having a coffee when Michael Baldwin walks in. She says hello.

Michael says it’s great to see her and asks what she’s doing there.

Michael Baldwin grins at Claire.

Claire says she’s enjoying a mocha latte with extra mocha because she can.

Michael thinks that’s a good reason. He says she looks good.

Claire says she feels good and is celebrating her first time in the “real world” since she was released from the hospital.

Claire Grace smiles at Michael.

Michael sits down and says he’s surprised Victor and her family let her off the ranch since her aunt is no longer in custody.

Claire says they wouldn’t have let her… Which is why she didn’t tell them. They probably won’t be happy, but Jordan doesn’t scare her, and she can’t let fear control her life.

Michael’s glad she’s feeling so strong, but he worries she’s out unprotected since she’s probably one of Jordan’s top targets.

Michael sits and talks with Claire.

Claire says she can’t live her life thinking that her aunt is lurking around every corner; she’s free of her and the hate she poured into her. It’s time for her to live her life like a normal person!

Michael says she’s strong like her mother.

Claire is happy and surprised.

Claire talks to Michael.

Lauren walks into the cafe and picks up a bag of pecan muffins. She comes over, and Michael kisses her hello. She tells Claire she’s obsessed with the muffins.

Michael introduces Claire, and Lauren smiles and says she’s heard a lot about her.

Claire cringes… She can imagine.

Lauren Fenmore talks to Claire as Michael looks on.

Lauren says Claire’s been through a lot, but she made it through the other side. She asks if Claire will be staying in Genoa City.

Claire says she owes a lot to Michael; he could have refused to take her case, but he didn’t, and now… Here she is! She says she has no plans to leave and is still getting to know her family.

Lauren laughs and says getting to know the Newmans is a full-time job.

Claire Grace smiles.

Claire says they’ve been very kind to her.

Lauren asks what Claire’s interested in and what she wants to do.

Claire tells her about Nora, a girl she used to visit with at the hospital.

Summer Newman looks around at Claire, Michael, and Lauren.

Summer walks into the cafe.

Claire says that she and Nora would read and play games together, which was good for them both, and Nikki and her parents thought she might like to work with children. She notices Summer and calls out.

Lauren tells Summer they were just getting to know her cousin and apologizes that they have to go. She and Michael say goodbye and leave the cafe.

 Michael and Lauren say goodbye to Claire.

Claire asks Summer if she’d like to join her.

Summer declines, saying she has to get back to work; this was just a quick coffee break.

Claire nods. Maybe next time. She takes a beat, walks up to Summer, and says she must have learned about her past.

Claire talks to Summer.

Summer says she did, and she can’t wrap her head around what Claire did to her family.

Claire says it makes sense that Summer would be freaked out about it. It was horrible, and she’s ashamed of it, but she’s not that person anymore. She’s gotten help and will keep getting help, and she’ll spend the rest of her life trying to prove herself to everyone.

Summer says Claire tried to kill her mother, her uncle, her father, and her grandparents… What makes her think she’d ever be qualified to work with children?

Summer Newman.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The Jazz Lounge

Tucker admits that Audra is justified in wanting to leave him because of Ashley. He says he wasn’t honest despite Audra being patient and supportive when she didn’t need to be. He realizes he failed to make her his top priority, calling himself foolish for it. He says he’s a liar and a fool, and she should probably walk away, but he can’t think about his life without her; he’s lucky to have her in his life. He says she’s his best friend, and he’s sorry.

Tucker McCall.

Audra says she needs him to look in her eyes and say the words he can’t say without meaning them.

Tucker says, “I love you, Audra.”

Audra takes his hand, and they kiss. She says she loves him, too.

Audra and Tucker kiss.

The GCAC Dining Room

Diane proposes a toast to Jack. They both need to take a break from their busy schedules and have a little “us” time. They clink glasses.

Jack mentions he needed this break because he’s had a tough day. He explains that Tucker is messing with people’s heads again by claiming he’s worried about Ashley’s mental health and suggesting something is seriously wrong with her.

Jack Abbott and his wife clink glasses in a toast.

Diane says it never stops with Tucker.

Jack mentions he’s unsure of Tucker’s motives but believes that if Ashley behaves strangely, it’s likely due to her being under significant stress. He’s spoken to her, and she’s fine!

Diane asks if Jack believes Ashley.

Jack says he’s been with Ashley through a lot of “emotional issues,” and he knows she’s strong and solid. He believes her.

Diane Abbott.

The Abbott Mansion

Traci tells Ashley (Ms. Abbott) she doesn’t believe a word that Tucker says.

Ashley says she’s glad to hear it; she’s never felt more focused and sure of herself than she does now. She says Tucker seems to be genuinely concerned for her and told her that he feels responsible for their breakup pushing her over the edge. She says she wants him to think she’s crazy.

Ashley talks with her sister, Traci.

Traci asks her why she would want Tucker to think she’s crazy. She’s over him, isn’t she?

Ashley says she’s in control of the situation… She’s not playing into Tucker’s hands, and things are going exactly as she intended!

Traci’s confused… They are?

Traci Abbott.

Ashley says she has a plan.

Traci says plans rarely go the way a person wants them to. She asks if Ashley is going to share her plans with her.

Ashley says she needs to trust her on this.

Ashley Abbott.

Traci says she trusts Ashley, but she’s curious.

Ashley says she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise… Traci will have to wait.

Traci reminds her she was her wingwoman in Paris… Surely, she can bounce her ideas off her.

Traci talks to Ashley.

Ashley thinks Traci will try to talk her out of it.

Traci says everybody needs a sounding board.

Ashley says she has Tucker right where she wants him; he’s worried that “poor Ashley” is weak and vulnerable, which makes him vulnerable. She needs to get Tucker to trust her with his heart and empire, and then she’ll take it, leaving him alone with his “sad, desolate, bankrupt soul.”

Ashley Abbott.

Traci says it might not be wise to get that close to Tucker after everything she’s been through. She asks how she’s going to take Tucker’s company.

Ashley yells that she’s smarter now; she’ll just take his company. Her plan is perfect, and Tucker won’t see her coming. She stalks out of the house.

Traci calls after her, telling her she doesn’t think it’s a good plan and begging her to come back.

Traci looks at Ashley.

The GCAC Dining Room

Diane tells Jack she hates that she got so angry at Kyle and realized she was looking for evidence that he didn’t respect her as his superior. She’s going to stop looking from now on.

Jack thinks that’s generous of her. He says he saw Kyle at the house, and they talked about it. Kyle told him that he does have some resentment.

Jack talks to Diane over drinks.

Diane says it wasn’t her imagination… Kyle resents her, and that’s not okay.

Jack says Kyle knows he needs to work through it on his own.

Diane asks what will happen if Kyle can’t work through it. She says she’s worked hard to have a relationship with her son, and no job in the world is worth sacrificing that. She asks what Jack would say if she suggested that she and Kyle switch roles; she would become the COO, and Kyle would be the co-CEO.

Diane gestures as she talks to Jack.

Newman Ranch

Adam tells Victoria she should consider that Claire might have run off to be with her aunt so they can team up against the Newman family again.

Victoria laughs and says it’s funny that Adam would say that; ever since Adam entered their lives, he’s wanted to be accepted, but he won’t extend that same courtesy to her daughter.

Victoria talks to Adam.

Adam says she’s right; he’s sorry.

Victoria is surprised he apologized… Why’s he being so nice?

Adam says he’s not completely convinced that Claire isn’t a threat, but he knows how protective a parent can be toward their children… He should have kept his mouth shut. He’s learned a few things lately.

Adam and Victoria talk.

Victoria smiles and asks what he’s learned.

Adam says she’s going to hear about it sooner or later… Connor has been diagnosed with OCD.

Victoria asks if Connor is okay.

Victoria Newman.

Adam says Connor is scared, and so is he, but Connor is putting on a brave face. He explains that he’s going with Chelsea to enroll him in a residential program for treatment.

Victoria says she’s sorry for everything they’re going through. She says it’s smart for them to be proactive since early intervention is important with these things.

Victor walks in and says the security team told him that Claire left a while ago, saying she was getting a cup of coffee.

Victor Newman.

Crimson Lights

Claire tells Summer that she saw Kyle earlier and explained to him that she’s working through things in therapy and doing everything she can to get better and build a real life for herself. She says she wants to be productive and give back to society and hopes to work with children. She says maybe it’s because of the terrible things she did or the terrible things that were done to her as a kid.

Claire talks to Summer.

Summer asks if she was a victim.

Claire says she was stolen as a baby, cut off from her family, and was told she was unwanted so that she could be used and manipulated. She did what she was told, and it was awful, but she takes responsibility for what she did, and she’s taking responsibility for her present and future to make a difference in a good way. She hopes Summer can see that and will be able to trust her, and perhaps someday they can have a real relationship as cousins.

Chance walks in, and Summer introduces them.

Chance Chancellor is introduced to Claire by Summer.

Claire says Nikki pointed him out at Diane and Jack’s vow renewal and called him a “genuine hero.”

Chance laughs and says that’s a little too generous.

Summer says he is a hero, even if he no longer wears the uniform.

Claire looks at her phone as Chance and Summer talk.

Claire’s phone pings with a notification. She says her mom is looking for her; she should probably get back to the ranch before they call the security guards.

Summer says it sounds serious.

Claire grins and says at least she got her coffee. She tells Chance it was nice to meet him and tells Summer it was good to see her.

Claire smiles at Summer and Chance as they talk.

Summer says it was good to see her, too.

Claire leaves the coffee shop.

Jordan, dressed up in a beard, mustache, and suit, has disguised herself as a man and watches Claire as she leaves.

Jordan is dressed up as a man.

The GCAC Dining Room

Jack asks Diane if she’s serious about giving up her job as co-CEO for Kyle.

Diane says she loves her job and loves working closely with Jack, but she wants their son to “soar,” and she thinks his resentment of her will get in the way of it. She asks Jack to give it some thought.

Jack says that switching jobs won’t solve the problem… She and Kyle have to find a way to work this out so they can work together effectively. He won’t even consider them switching roles. He believes Diane is where she belongs and where she deserves to be.

Jack Abbott talks to his wife.

Newman Ranch

Claire enters the house, and Victoria rushes over to her and asks where she was. Claire says she’s fine; she just went for a coffee.

Adam asks if she went alone.

Claire Grace, Adam Newman, and Victoria Newman.

Claire asks why he cares.

Adam says people were worried about her.

Victoria tells Claire not to go off alone until Jordan is in custody.

Victoria talks to her daughter.

Victor says that Claire needs to tell her mother where she is when she leaves and have someone from the security team escort her.

Claire says she will, and she’s sorry she worried them. She can’t hide in the house; she needs to get used to living in the real world and going out on her own. She refuses to be afraid of Jordan!

Victor says Claire sounds like her grandmother.

Victor Newman.

Victoria says she’s proud of Claire and wants her to be independent. She asks her to not “take off” like that again.

Claire promises.

Michael walks in and says it looks like a party is in full swing. He shakes Victor’s hand and takes a seat. Michael says that he has a potential lead on Jordan.

Victoria and Michael Baldwin sit on the sofa.

Victor wants to know what it is.

Michael says someone who called themselves “Eve Howard” purchased a train ticket from Chicago to Houston. He surmises that Jordan might be on the run.

Victor says Jordan may want them to think that.

Victor talks to Michael.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra and Tucker enter his suite. Audra exclaims, “What the hell?!” as she sees Ashley (Ms. Abbott) sitting in an armchair, waiting.

Tucker asks Ashley if he should have her thrown out or if she would rather get arrested.

Audra Charles and Tucker McCall are surprised to see Ashley.

Ashley says they have business to discuss.

Tucker shakes his head. No. They don’t.

Ashley says she made the appointment they had talked about.

Ashley Abbott.

Tucker says that’s wonderful… That’s all he wanted. He gestures to the door and says he wishes her the best.

Ashley gets up and says she’s doing it for them.

Tucker says she needs to do it for herself. There is no “us,” and there never will be.

Tucker McCall.

Ashley says he’d have a different answer if they didn’t have an audience.

Tucker says he hopes she gets herself into a better place, but she needs to take that step on her own or with the support of her family because he is out.

Audra tells Ashley she heard what Tucker said. Get out!

Audra talks to Ashley as Tucker looks on.

Ashley asks Tucker if they can speak privately.

Audra tells her she doesn’t know whether Ashley is crazy or sane, but whatever it is, it’s over. She says Ashley chasing Tucker around is embarrassing; does she really want to get rejected over and over again? She tells Ashley to have some self-respect.

Ashley tells Tucker to put a muzzle on the “yappy little bitch.”

Tucker grabs Audra to stop her from attacking Ashley.

Audra almost attacks her, but Tucker stops her. He tells Ashley it’s enough; she needs to go now.

Ashley says all he had to do was ask. She leaves the room.

Tucker asks Audra if he believes him about Ashley now.

Tucker talks to Audra.

In the corridor outside Tucker’s suite, Ashley returns to her “normal” self… She’s no longer “Ms. Abbott,” one of her alter-egos.

Ashley shakes her head in confusion. “Where am I? What’s going on? What am I doing here?” She leaves.

Ashley looks confused.

Crimson Lights

Chance sits with Summer, and they talk over coffee. He says her cousin seemed nice.

Summer says Claire seemed nice when she was working for Nikki, but it turned out that she was plotting with her great-aunt to destroy the Newmans.

Summer Newman talks to Chance.

Chance is confused… Her cousin did this? The one he just met?

Summer nods. She says the short version is that Claire’s aunt lured Victor, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick up to a remote cabin and tried to kill them.

Chance is incredulous and asks why Claire isn’t in prison.

Chance Chancellor looks concerned as he talks with Summer.

Summer says that the family “went to bat” for her and got her treatment for mental issues instead of jail time, and now she’s living on the ranch as the newest member of the Newman clan.

Chance says they must have faith that the treatment’s working.

Summer says she saw Claire in action with her grandmother, and she’s a good actress.

Summer Newman.

Chance asks if Summer doubts Claire has been rehabilitated.

Summer says she doesn’t know what to believe. She says Claire seems to really want to turn her life around, but she can’t see how someone could go from homicidal behavior to being a normal person in a couple of months. She says she gets the concept of second chances, but she’s not ready to trust her cousin.

Newman Ranch

Michael says there’s only one way to find out if Jordan is playing them or whether she’s really skipped town; he’ll have to pursue the train ticket lead.

Victor thanks him for coming by and tells him to let him know the minute he finds anything out.

Michael nods. He’ll be the first to know. He leaves the house.

Adam says he has to leave, too. He thanks his dad for letting him use the jet.

Victor nods. Anytime. He tells Adam to tell Connor that he and Nikki love him and to give him a big hug for them.

Victoria says the same goes for her.

Adam smiles.

Victor tells him to remember that he and Chelsea are exactly the parents Connor needs right now.

Adam nods uncertainly and leaves.

Claire asks what’s happening with Adam’s son.

Victor sighs and says Connor has obsessive-compulsive disorder and is being treated at a facility on the East Coast.

Claire says she spent some time with children at the hospital; they all tried to be brave, but you could tell they were afraid of the treatments and were scared they wouldn’t get better. Her heart goes out to Connor.

Victoria says Connor will be lucky if they have people as empathic as Claire to help him through it.

The GCAC Lobby

Diane thanks Jack for a lovely night out and kisses him.

Ashley walks down the stairs from the guest suites and stops when she sees them. She waits until they leave before descending and stepping outside. She whispers, “What is happening to me?” as she leaves.

Ashley Abbott looks scared.

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