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Y&R Recap for Jan 2: Sally’s Pregnancy Test is Positive, Stark Isn’t Convinced That Diane Is On His Side, and Phyllis Is Hurt Summer Spent Christmas With Diane & Not Her

Mariah is overcome with excitement and Tessa grins

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, Jan 2, 2023. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! In this episode, Jack and Diane set the wheels in motion to trap Stark, Sally takes a pregnancy test, and Mariah & Tessa get news about the baby. This Young and The Restless (Y&R) recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, CBS pre-empted the program, and aired a rerun episode from 1991. At a Masquerade Ball, David Kimble shoots Danny Romalotti, and Victoria tries to hide her new beau from her father.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer, Kyle, and Diane are in the Abbott living room talking.

Summer asks if Diane’s plan for Jeremy Stark is in motion.

Summer, Kyle, and Diane are standing in the Abbott living room - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

Diane says that things are going well, that she’s got it under control, and that Jeremy believes her.

Kyle says that it must be taking a toll on her, and asks her if she slept at all last night.

She says she did sleep… A little.

Kyle talks to Diane in the Abbott living room

Her phone pings, it’s a text from Jeremy. She says that he wants to meet with her right now.

She messages Jeremy and tells him she’ll be there soon, and then messages Jack to tell him she’s meeting with Jeremy.

Diane gets a message on her phone from Jeremy Stark, while Kyle looks on

As she’s leaving to meet with Jeremy, she looks through the door, and says that Kyle and Summer have a visitor. She opens the door. It’s Phyllis.

Phyllis looks shocked to see her, and says, “Did you ever leave?”

Diane brushes by Phyllis, saying that she doesn’t have time for her.

Phyllis stands in the Abbott doorway, shocked to see Diane answer the door

Phyllis comes in and asks what’s going on, have they been hiding Diane?

Kyle says it’s not her business.

Phyllis says it is her business, but she came there because she didn’t like the way she left things with Summer the last time they saw each other.

Phyllis comes into the Abbott house and talks with Summer and Kyle

Summer says that she doesn’t like it either.

Phyllis tears up and says that she’s come to terms with being fired from Marchetti.

Summer says that she’ll do great working with Daniel.

Phyllis talks with Summer

Phyllis says that she had her doubts and suspicions about Diane, but she wasn’t the only one.

Kyle says that Diane left out bits and pieces of information.

Phyllis says that’s an interesting way of saying it. She says that she was tired of being the lone voice against Diane, and she felt good about not being at Marchetti anymore.

Summer reacts to her mother, Phyllis

She says that she felt good about it until she walked into the room just now and saw Diane there.

She says it was a punch to the gut, and that Kyle and Summer didn’t deny hiding Diane.

Kyle says that everyone involved is hiding things.

Kyle talks with Phyllis

Summer says that Phyllis doesn’t know the whole story.

Phyllis says she knows, and asks why she didn’t see her at Christmas, that she said she was having an Abbott Family Christmas.

Phyllis goes on to ask whether they were with Diane, and Summer and Kyle don’t deny it.

Phyllis and Summer talk

Crimson Lights

Jack and Adam are talking as they have a coffee.

Jack says that Adam has really made a positive impact at Jabot.

Adam Newman and Jack Abbott talk while at a table in the coffee shop. Adam's arms are crossed. - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

Adam thanks him for giving him the opportunity, and Jack says it was an easy decision to make, though some people at the company have their doubts about Adam.

Adam says that maybe his haters are waiting to see how the McTavish deal goes.

Jeremy Stark comes into the shop, and walks by Jack and Adam at their table.

Jeremy Stark comes into Crimson Lights, and Adam looks around to see who Jack is looking at

Jack and Jeremy exchange glances, but no words are said.

Adam notices Jack’s gaze and expression, and asks Jack if he knows him.

Jack tells Adam who Jeremy is, and explains that Diane is trying to build a new life for herself.

Adam is curious, and asks Jack how Diane got him to forgive her.

Adam looks at Jack as they talk. An espresso machine is in the background.

Jack wonders why he’s asking. He says that she admitted her sins and regrets, and did her penance.

Adam says that he’s a forgiving person, and that he worries about Jack.

Jack says, “Worry? Why?”

Adam says that he doesn’t want to see Jack get hurt, like he did with Phyllis.

Jack and Adam talk while drinking coffee

Jack says that it’s a different situation, that Phyllis was a “one-way ticket to disappointment”.

He says that he’s seen Diane change, and she needs someone to back her up.

Sitting with Adam at a table in the coffee shop, Jack looks at his phone. It's a message from Diane

Jack’s phone pings. It’s Diane, telling him that she’s going to meet with Jeremy at the coffee shop.

Jack wraps things up with Adam, shaking his hand and telling him that the McTavish deal with go great.

Jack goes to shake Adam's hand as Adam leaves

Adam leaves, and Jack gets a text message from Diane, saying she’s going to meet Jeremy at the coffee shop.

Jack goes to see Jeremy Stark at his table.

Jack reads a text message from Diane saying, "It's on. Meeting him at Crimson Lights."

Jack sits down at Jeremy’s table, and Jeremy says he didn’t want to bother Jack and the person who he was with. Stark then asks him when the second payment will be ready.

Jack says it’s the holidays, it’s taking more time to get it together than he expected, but Jeremy should know he’s good for the money.

Jack sits at Jeremy Stark's table with him

Jeremy says that he knows, but he’s not interested in the agreement anymore.

Jack get angry, and asks Jeremy what changed.

Jeremy Stark talks with Jack Abbott while drinking coffee

Diane walks in, and puts her hand on Jeremy’s shoulder.

She says, “I’ve changed, Jack. I’m back with Jeremy.”

Diane puts her hand on Jeremy's shoulder. Jack stands up in disbelief

Jack gets up and says, “When did you get to town?”

Diane says that she just got back, and says that she heard that he had made Jeremy an offer.

Jack acts shocked at Diane's revelation that she's with Jeremy

She says that they have a complex history, and it’s her life, and her decision, and she wants Jack to stay out of it.

Jack asks if Jeremy ‘s forcing her to do this, and tells them that if anything happens to his family, he’ll come after them both.

Diane says Jeremy’s not forcing her to do anything, and Jeremy asks if he’s threatening them.

Jack tells Diane and Jeremy they'd better not hurt his family

Jack sputters in disbelief and stalks off, leaving Jeremy and Diane to talk.

Jeremy says to Diane that she’s very convincing, but he needs to put her to the test to make sure that she’s really on his side.

Jack points threateningly at Jeremy and Diane

The Abbott Mansion

As Phyllis goes to leave after speaking with Summer and Kyle, Jack and Diane come back and walk in.

Phyllis, upon seeing them, says to Summer, “Oh, this is the icing on the cake. You’ll regret this.”

Summer talks to Phyllis as Jack and Diane look on - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

Phyllis leaves, upset, and Summer, Kyle, and Jack and Diane are left in the living room.

Kyle asks how things went with Jeremy Stark.

Diane says that Stark is going to give her some kind of loyalty test, but she doesn’t know what it is yet.

Summer looks upset as Jack and Diane come home

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Y&R Spoilers – Updated

Y&R Comings and Goings

Y&R News

Sally’s Hotel Suite

Chloe shows up, because Sally had asked her to get a pregnancy test.

She gives the test to Sally, and Sally heads into the washroom.

Chloe gives Sally a pregnancy test - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

There’s a knock at the front door. Chloe answers it, and it’s Nick.

He comes into the living room, saying that he hopes that Sally’s feeling better. He asks where she is.

Chloe loudly says that “She’ll be out in a minute, Nick!”

Nick comes to see Sally, and Chloe lets him into Sally's suite

Sally comes out and asks what’s up. Nick asks her if she would like to go out later.

She says that she’s really busy because her upset stomach has made her miss some work, so she can’t talk about it right now.

Chloe interrupts and says they’re really busy right now trying to work on their business plans.

Nick talks with Sally

Nick says he’ll call her later and they can talk about it then.

Nick leaves, and Chloe and Sally talk about whether they think the test will be positive or not.

Chloe says there’s only one way to find out… It’s time to check the results.

Sally brings out the pregnancy test from the washroom

Sally goes to the washroom and brings out the test.

Chloe asks, “Well? What is it?”

Sally says there’s a plus sign… It’s positive.

Sally reads the positive pregnancy test results to Chloe

Chloe says that she’s amazed she’s so calm, and says that if she needs to talk, to let her know.

Sally says that the tests aren’t 100% accurate, and that maybe she’s just late. She says Chloe can go, that she needs to get some work done.

Chloe leaves, and Sally throws the pharmacy bag in the trash along with the pregnancy test. She sighs, deep in thought.

Sally sits at her desk, looking glum


Sharon comes in to the restaurant and meets with Tessa and Mariah for breakfast.

Mariah says that she’s surprised that Sharon wanted to eat there.

Sharon says, “Because of Rey?”

Tessa, Mariah, and Sharon meet in Society restaurant - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

Mariah nods. Sharon says, “I only have happy memories of him here, and I’m glad you girls are here to share these memories with me.”

Sharon shares some memories of Rey enjoying her attempts at baking cookies.

They toast to Rey, lifting their coffee cups.

Sharon raises her cup with Tessa and Mariah in a toast to Rey

Mariah’s phone pings, and she looks at it, saying to Tessa that “it’s not her”.

Sharon asks what they’re talking about, and Mariah says they haven’t heard from Delphine yet, though she said they were going to meet to talk about the baby.

Tessa says that they’re keeping their hopes up, maybe she’ll call soon.

Mariah gets a text message while she sits with Tessa and Sharon at a table in Society

Nick comes in, and sees them there, saying they’re his favorite people, but he doesn’t want to intrude.

Sharon asks how 2023 is treating him so far, and he says that they’re off to a great start.

Nick says to Mariah and Tessa that they’ll be great mothers.

Nick joins Mariah, Tessa, and Sharon at their table

Mariah’s phone pings. It’s Delphine!

Mariah says that it could be their baby, they’ll book a plane ticket right away.

Mariah is overcome with excitement and Tessa grins

Newman Enterprises

Nick walks into Victoria’s office, and sees Victor there.

Nick asks where Victoria is, and Victor says that she’s out.

Nick walks into Newman Enterprises and sees Victor sitting at Victoria's desk - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

Nick says he’ll come back later, but Victor stops him.

Victor says he had a lot to say about Sally Spectra the other day.

Nick apologizes for losing his temper.

Nick Newman talks with his father in the Newman Enterprises office

Victor thanks him for his apology, and makes his own apology for making a dossier on Sally.

Nick asks his father to stay out of his personal life, and if he’s going to make mistakes, then let him make them so he can learn.

Victor says that he can’t help but care for Nick, he’s his father.

Victor Newman sits at a desk and crosses his arms while talking to Nick

Jabot Cosmetics

Adam is in Jack’s office looking through the McTavish file. He sits down on the couch and starts thumbing through it.

Victor shows up, comes into the office, and closes the door behind him.

Victor Newman comes through the door to see Adam at the Jabot Cosmetics office - Young and The Restless recap for Jan 2, 2023

He says he wants to speak about Connor, and asks if he will grant Nikki and Victor visitation with his grandson.

Adam says he’ll talk with Chelsea and work out a schedule to see the boy.

Adam Newman sits on the sofa in Jabot's offices and speaks with his father, Victor Newman

Victor says that Adam seems to be protective of Chelsea, and asks if Adam is trying to rekindle a relationship with her.

Adam deflects, and says that he’s sure Victor would be happier if he was still with Sally, as right now, she’s with “the golden boy”, referring to Nick.

Victor says that he wishes that neither of his sons were involved with Sally, as she’s trouble.

Victor stands in Jack's office at Jabot, while Adam sits on the sofa as they talk