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Y&R Recap – Thu May 16: Phyllis Tells Devon to Suck an Egg and Resigns in Solidarity With Daniel; Abby Shuts Down a Vote Against Billy

Abby, Devon, and Phyllis.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Thursday, May 16, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Tucker, Ashley, Sally, Audra, Devon, and Tucker.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley (Ms. Abbott) plotted Tucker’s downfall, Sally asked Audra for advice about her business, and Tucker’s deal with Devon was revealed.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

Daniel runs into Abby in the lobby and jokes that they shouldn’t even say hello without a lawyer present. They’ve been friends forever… Who would have thought they’d end up on the opposite sides of a lawsuit? He asks if she could tell him who voted against the lawsuit.

Daniel Romalotti and Abby Newman.

Abby stammers… She can’t really say anything about it.

Daniel says he’s not trying to get insider information from her… Knowing that someone is on his side at Chancellor-Winters would mean a lot.

Abby says they have been friends for a long time, and she can’t lie to him.

Abby Newman talks to Daniel Romalotti.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra asks Tucker why he’s so sure his relationship with Devon will be repaired if he does him this favor.

Audra Charles talks to Tucker McCall.

Tucker says he’s not completely sure it’ll happen, but he thinks it’ll at least open the door a crack.

Audra thinks it’s out of character for Devon to make a deal like this… And all Tucker has to do is get Billy out of Chancellor-Winters? Devon has been adamant about keeping Tucker out of his life, but suddenly, there’s a chance?

Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

Tucker says Devon didn’t actually say he’d forgive him if Tucker helped him, but Tucker thinks it was implied.

Audra nods. The truth comes out! She says Tucker could help Devon get rid of Billy and not get anything in return. She says it’s not right, and Tucker shouldn’t do it. Did Devon actually ask for his help?

Tucker says Devon is butting heads with Billy and is willing to do something underhanded to get him out… He’s come to the right guy, because Tucker’s specialty is being underhanded!

Audra reacts to Tucker.


Devon tells Nate and Lily that if they pull it off, they can stop Billy’s rise of power, but they have to do it quickly before he causes any damage.

Nate says it sounds good; count him in!

Nate talks to Lily as Devon looks on.

Devon asks Lily what her thoughts are; he knows she’s a lot closer to Jill.

Lily says she’s in. She’s been loyal to Jill, but this is a betrayal, and they have to respond accordingly.

Nate says Jill will explode when they do this.

Devon doesn’t care. Jill dropped a bomb on them, and they’re going to return the favor!

Lily Winters sits at her desk.


Daniel says they can’t lie to each other, but that’s just how a friendship works… What’s she talking about?

Abby says she can’t tell him about what happened in the board meeting except for one thing, and she thought he should hear it from her. When the board voted to settle the lawsuit with him or fight it in court, she voted to fight the lawsuit.

Abby talks to Daniel.

Daniel is surprised that she chose to fight him.

Abby shakes her head. She voted to fight for Chancellor-Winters’ intellectual property, not to fight Daniel.

Daniel asks about some of the board members being willing to settle… They were willing to offer something to make this whole thing go away? He figures if the offer was good enough, he could be getting on with his life instead of gearing up to go to court.

Daniel and Abby.

Abby reiterates that she can’t talk about what happened in the meeting, but she didn’t want any misunderstandings.

Daniel laughs. They wouldn’t want any misunderstandings between them like if Daniel thanked her for having his back!

Abby says she didn’t mean to hurt him; she had to put her personal feelings aside and do what’s best for the company!

Abby and Daniel.

Daniel nods. She put aside their years of friendship so she could do what’s best for the company. It’s not like Chancellor-Winters could survive without his games!

Abby says that’s why she was put on the board.

Daniel says Devon put her on the board… Maybe he put her there so she’d vote the way he wanted her to vote! To hell with morality or decency!

Daniel looks upset.

Abby gets upset and says that everyone voted to put her on the board so she could support the company’s financial stability and their status in the marketplace. How Devon feels doesn’t enter her mind when she votes!

Daniel asks how she could feel it was right to vote against him.

Abby says she has to get back to the office. If he wants to discuss it further, he should reach out. She leaves the club.

Abby talks to Daniel.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra laughs and tells Tucker that she knows he’s the underhanded master, but will Devon really respond well to Tucker getting blackmail material on Billy?

Tucker thinks so… Devon needs his help, whether or not he wants to admit it.

Tucker and Audra.

Audra says she doesn’t want to see him let down; he deserves better. She doesn’t want to argue with him about it, though, because she has exciting news… She managed to move their flight up, and they can leave for the airport now since they’re both packed. He can deal with the Billy situation when he’s back!

Tucker says it’ll be too late to deal with the situation when they’re back… He says that if she lets him handle this right now, he’ll be all hers after.

Audra asks if he’s serious… He’s canceling their trip again?!

Audra Charles.

Crimson Lights

Phyllis sits at a table listening to some music through earbuds when she shakes her head. “NOPE!” She pulls out her earbuds as Daniel walks into the cafe.

Daniel Romalotti.

Daniel asks if she didn’t like what she was listening to.

Phyllis shakes her head. She says that she was listening to some music when one of his dad’s songs came on, and… Her ears! She’s not a fan at all.

Phyllis Summers.


Nate tells Devon that everything seems to be set; he hopes it goes off without a hitch!

Abby walks into the office and asks what’s going on.

Devon talks to Abby as Nate sends a text in the background.

Devon kisses her in greeting and says he’s sorry to spring it on her, but they didn’t have time to waste… They need to have a board meeting.

Abby is surprised… A board meeting? Billy’s not there; he’s out visiting their other offices.

Devon nods. That’s the point.

Devon and Lily.

Abby doesn’t like where this is headed. She asks if Devon thinks it’s fair to pull off “whatever this is” behind Billy’s back.

Devon says it’s not, but Billy was given power behind their backs, so this is on Jill and Billy… They’re trying to fix it, and they’re going to have a vote.

Abby asks what this is all about.

Jill appears on the television as she answers their video call. “What now?”

Nate looks at the screen where Jill appears.

Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Tucker tells Audra they need to take a beat to talk about things.

Tucker talks to Audra.

Audra shakes her head. She’s sick and tired of being runner-up to everyone else in Tucker’s life… These people don’t even care about Tucker!

Tucker says she’s not a runner-up to anyone else; they can still take their trip… He just needs to do one thing quickly first!

Audra says something or someone else always comes first. He’s already canceled their trip once when he wanted to stay and save Ashley from herself… And she thinks his excuse that the business partners weren’t available was pathetic. They could have gone without meeting them, and they could have had a vacation anywhere in the world!

Audra talks to Tucker.

Tucker says they can still take a vacation.

Audra scoffs. He said that last time, and she’s still waiting! For all she knows, Devon is a cover story, and this is all about Ashley!

Tucker says he has an opportunity to prove himself to his son… Does she expect him to blow his chance with him? If Audra knows Tucker at all, she’d know he couldn’t!

Tucker and Audra argue.


Devon thanks Jill for joining them on such short notice.

Nate, Abby, Devon, and Lily.

Nate excuses himself and leaves the office since he’s not a board member.

Jill asks what’s going on… Why are they calling a secret, last-minute meeting?

Abby says she’d like to know that, too. She’s as much in the dark as Jill is!

Abby Newman.

Jill says she told Lily about it when they last spoke… She gave Billy her complete authority and voting rights so she could step back, yet here they are, calling a meeting without him! She says this is the type of situation she was trying to avoid.

Lily says Jill made herself clear, but this is an emergency, and they can’t reach Billy.

Jill laughs. Of course they can’t, because they know full well he’s traveling!

Jill Abbott.

Devon says Jill should recall that they entered into this merger between his company and Jill’s company in good faith and as a full partnership.

Jill agrees. They all know how they got here; what’s his point?

Devon says Jill brought Chancellor Industries to the deal. Lily and Devon signed an agreement with Jill, not with Billy Abbott. In light of that, Devon wants to make a motion to clearly define Billy’s power within the company. He won’t get veto power or the ability to make unilateral decisions, and they expect all decisions and ideas to pass through Lily and Devon first. If it’s a no from them, then it’s a no from across the board. He says this is happening because Billy isn’t Jill, and he never will be.

Devon Hamilton-Winters.

Crimson Lights

Phyllis tells Daniel that she thinks it’s disgusting that his dad is touring with Christine all over the world. She doesn’t understand why he’d pick Christine over having a real, adult relationship with a real woman.

Daniel says that Danny and Christine seem pretty happy, and he thinks their relationship is very mature and adult.

Daniel talks to his mom.

Phyllis says Daniel must not be paying attention; it’s clear they’re trying to go after some “sparkly version” of the past. She thinks Danny must be losing his mind.

Daniel doesn’t say anything, he just gives his mother a look.

Phyllis asks what’s going on with him… She’s talking disparagingly about his dad, and he’s not defending him!

Phyllis talks to her son.

Daniel laughs.

Phyllis asks why he’s laughing… Is he mocking her?

Daniel says maybe he is… It’s amazing how self-absorbed and involved Phyllis is whenever Daniel’s life is falling apart; he can always count on her to be herself!

Daniel laughs as he takes a drink.

Phyllis asks if he’s upset.

Daniel says he’s not sure… He’s a little numb because of everything that’s going on right now. He asks her if she thinks he’s a jerk.

Phyllis is surprised by the question. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Phyllis leans in as she talks to Daniel.

Daniel says he wants her honest opinion. He seems to be infuriating everyone around him lately… He angered Lily so much that she fired him and took away the games he created, even though she knows that one of them basically saved his life.

Phyllis says she knows Lily is upset, but it’s not Daniel’s fault that he followed his heart. She thinks Lily will come around.

Daniel says he just found out that Abby, his long-time friend, voted against a possible settlement against the lawsuit he’s bringing against Chancellor-Winters. Why would Abby turn on him like that? When did he become the guy everyone wants to hate?

Daniel Romalotti.

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Y&R Spoilers

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Tucker’s GCAC Suite

Audra tells Tucker she doesn’t want to be overlooked by him, and that doesn’t equate to her not caring about him.

Tucker says he didn’t ask for Devon to come to him with this right before they left for Pairs, and if he could put it off, he would! Devon is in trouble and needs Tucker’s help right now. If he helps him out, there’s a chance that Devon will let him back into his life and his grandson’s life, and that’s important to him… They’re the only family he has.

Tucker and Audra argue.

Audra scoffs. There it is! She’s not family to him! Their relationship isn’t as meaningful to him as it is to people who don’t want anything to do with him! She says if she’d accepted Tucker’s proposal, he’d consider her as family, too… He’s just punishing her for not accepting!

Tucker disagrees. That’s not how it is!

Audra says if she doesn’t bow to his commands, he can’t be bothered showing her any respect, and she’s tired of it! She’s done with his little games!

Tucker yells as Audra looks away.

Tucker says it’s not a game to him; every time Devon sees him, he tells him he’s a pathological liar who can’t be trusted. He says he has a shot at having a future with his son.

Audra asks about their future. Every time, Tucker cancels because he can’t keep his word! Deep down, Tucker doesn’t want them.

Audra shakes her finger as she talks to Tucker.

Tucker says he does want them, but he wants to salvage his relationship with his son!

Audra says if Tucker doesn’t want to go to Paris with her, she’ll go without him! She rushes out the door without a backward glance.

Tucker kicks his luggage in frustration.

Tucker kicks his luggage and looks upset.


Jill tells Devon and Lily she can’t believe the two of them… This is nothing less than an ambush!

Devon says they’re just following her lead.

Devon talks to Jill.

Abby says Devon could have at least given her a heads-up.

Devon says he’s sorry… There wasn’t time.

Jill says it’s outrageous that they’d try to pull something over on her and Billy.

Jill Abbott.

Lily says this isn’t against Jill… This is what’s fair. If Billy has voting power, his votes and vetoes shouldn’t override theirs; when Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters joined forces, it was on equal footing, and now that Billy’s involved, the power has shifted. They should all have equal voices!

Jill laughs. Equal… Yet Lily and Devon have already made up their little voting block! This move practically neutralizes Billy and anything he would put forward!

Lily says she wanted to discuss Billy’s role and boundaries in their meeting the other day, but the meeting got sidetracked, and they never got back on track.

Lily Winters.

Devon says Billy hasn’t been back long and is already causing instability in the company. They’re spending more time in board meetings than focusing on the work at hand; they need to get back on solid ground!

Jill asks Devon if this is how they get back on solid ground… By stripping Billy of all his power, which in effect strips Jill’s power!

Devon says Jill stripped herself of power when she handed it to Billy without telling anybody… This is how they rectify that, and it’s time to vote.


Jill asks why they’re even bothering to take a vote… They all know how it’ll turn out! It’ll be Devon and Lily against Jill and Billy, and there’s no doubt about how Abby will vote… Are they done here? Jill wants to call her lawyer and figure out a way to fight this.

Abby says there’s no reason to call her lawyers.

Jill says she’s not going to just roll over and accept the ambush.

Abby glares at Devon.

Abby says there’s no need for that… She’s voting with Jill and Billy!

Jill thanks Abby for making a wise choice. She tells Devon and Lily that it was a nice try, but they’re stuck with Billy, and they shouldn’t try this again… There will be no more board votes without Billy present. She’s sorry they feel this way, but this is how she wants it. They need to make it work. She disconnects the call.

Lily says she should have voted for Nate to join the board.

Devon talks to Abby as Lily rubs her eyes.

Abby says she’s sorry, but now she knows what it’s like to have no warning about a consequential decision.

Devon says he’s sorry he sprung it on her, but why would she vote against him?

Abby asks why he’d assume she’d vote with him; he didn’t even discuss it with her first… He took her vote for granted!

Abby talks to Devon.

Devon says he didn’t mean to take her vote for granted, but he thought she understood the situation, and she agreed that Billy’s power needed to be neutralized!

Abby says even though she may have agreed with him about that, she didn’t think his solution would meet that goal. She did what she thought was right!

Devon asks how anybody could think that Billy being forced down their throats was right.

Abby says that she’s been forced to choose between people she loves her whole life… The Newmans and the Abbotts. The last person she thought that would put her in this position is Devon!

Devon listens to Abby.


Audra meets Sally in the restaurant, and they sit at the bar together.

Sally asks Audra why she’s not on the way to the airport.

Sally Spectra sits and talks with Audra.

Audra orders a whiskey and says that Tucker is a complete jackass.

Sally asks what happened.

Audra says it’s nothing new… Tucker has chosen to put someone else’s concerns over hers!

Audra talks to Sally.

Sally asks if it’s Ashley that’s behind it.

Audra shakes her head. It’s Devon this time. She says Tucker has chosen to take on a “doomed mission” for his son instead of honoring his promise to her.

Sally asks her to walk her through what happened.

Sally talks to Audra.

Audra says they were ready to go to Paris, but Tucker, the “entitled egomaniac,” managed to wriggle out of it again, claiming that there was an opportunity to get back into Devon’s good graces. She can’t believe Tucker would think he can put everyone else first, and she’d stick around for it… She’s not a toy to be played with; she won’t stand for it anymore!

Sally doesn’t say anything.

Audra asks her if she can’t see what a thoughtless bastard Tucker is being.

Sally says she gets her frustration, but she can also see Tucker’s point of view on this.

Audra looks at Sally.

Crimson Lights

Phyllis asks Daniel if he’s questioning himself because of something that Abby did; she’s not a friend! She’s a Newman and an Abbott; a spoiled little rich girl who’s never had to really work like the rest of them! She says Abby was raised by Victor and Ashley, who would have made sure she knew that the family business always comes first.

Daniel can’t believe that Abby didn’t support him.

Daniel and Phyllis.

Phyllis shrugs and says that Lily will come around… She’s not the type to hold a grudge.

Daniel says he can’t just wait for Lily to “come around.” He’s not sure what he’ll do if he doesn’t get his games back; he came back to Genoa City because of the games, thinking he could start over with people he loved and loved him, but it feels different now.

Phyllis says it’s not different… Everyone loves him!

Phyllis talks with Daniel.

Daniel says he barely sees Kevin anymore, and he loves being with Heather and Lucy, but they live in the same building as his ex, and his breakup has affected Heather and Lucy. It alienated them and isolated them, and something is off and he can’t fix it!

Phyllis says he’s going through a rough patch. He’ll go home and do something nice with his family and realize that he has a good life.

Daniel says maybe she’s right… But what if this is as good as it gets for him and he has to accept that he has to start his career from scratch and his ex owns the game that helped him put his life together… He’s supposed to just sit back and accept that?

Daniel talks to his mom.

Phyllis says he doesn’t have to accept it.

Daniel thinks he should go paint or sketch or something… Maybe he could come up with a new game; that’d show everyone, right? He wants something to make him feel normal and make him feel that this, too, will pass! He gets up to leave.

Tucker walks into the coffee shop and overhears them talking.

Phyllis says he needs to believe in himself… He’s talented!

Phyllis Summers.

Daniel laughs and leaves the shop.

Tucker asks Phyllis what happened to the good old days when people listened to their parents.

Phyllis says she never listened to her parents and doubts Tucker ever did either.

Tucker stands beside Phyllis watching Daniel leave.

Tucker has a seat at the table with Phyllis. He says that normally they trade insults, but he could really use a parent-to-parent bonding moment right now.

Phyllis says that she’s not the right person for that.

Tucker shrugs. He says he’s trying to reconnect with Devon, who’s preoccupied with work.

Tucker McCall sits with Phyllis and talks.

Phyllis doesn’t care. “Is he? Wow.” She says Devon is probably trying to find a replacement for her genius son, whom he unceremoniously fired.

Tucker says he forgot that Phyllis works with Chancellor-Winters… And Daniel was fired? He didn’t know that! He says it’s too bad that Daniel didn’t take him up on the offer to market his video games; he’d be sitting pretty right now!

Phyllis says that wasn’t an option, and Tucker knows it. She says she believes in Billy and thinks he’ll convince the powers-that-be to re-hire her son.

Phyllis talks to Tucker.

Tucker is intrigued… Billy has that much influence?

Phyllis says he does… Jill transferred all her power to Billy, so Lily and Devon don’t get to do what they please anymore.

Tucker looks surprised.


Devon tells Abby that she’s right… He shouldn’t have just dropped her in the middle of it, but they were running out of time. He corrects himself and says that’s not an excuse… He should have taken the time and talked to her first. He’s sorry.

Abby thanks him for seeing her point, but Devon and Lily should know that she had legitimate reasons for voting against them.

Abby and Devon talk.

Lily sighs. “Let’s hear it.”

Abby says there’s enough tension in the company, and putting handcuffs on Billy will only create more! She says that denying Jill autonomy in her own role is a “fire starter.”

Devon says that Jill lit the match when she gave Billy her power without telling them.

Devon talks to Abby.

Abby says that Jill brought a more established company into the partnership, which was a better endowed entity than Hamilton-Winters was… Devon and Lily have clearly benefitted from the deal, so putting limits on Billy only puts limits on Jill… Is that really how Devon wants to treat his partner?

Devon says he and Lily thought about that before they went ahead with their plan; they thought it made the most sense.

Lily says that maybe there’s a silver lining to the motion not passing… Weakening Billy’s power might have made him more dangerous!

Lily Winters.


Audra can’t believe Sally is siding with Tucker.

Sally tells Audra that she supports her, but she also understands Tucker’s perspective. She says this to make Audra feel valued and not like she’s always second to Tucker.

Sally and Audra talk.

Audra says she is an afterthought; this isn’t the last time he’s canceled on her at the last minute!

Sally says the fact is that Tucker is desperate to reconnect with his son and grandson, and this seems like a golden opportunity. She says her parents ignored her when she was little and she’s a bit jealous of Devon who has a devoted parent who wants to go out on a limb to show him how much he cares.

Audra says that “devoted” is a bit of a stretch when it comes to Tucker, but she gets it. She has her own share of family sob stories, and it’s still not an excuse for how Tucker treats her.


Sally says Tucker loves her and has faith in her feelings for him. He’s not taking her for granted… He trusts her.

Audra says Tucker may trust her, but he’s taking advantage of her because he assumes she’ll always stay with him. She says Devon cut Tucker out of his life because he was sick of Tucker’s methods always crossing the line, and now Tucker’s willing to cross the line again, claiming it’s on Devon’s behalf. He’s willing to throw away everything he has with Audra just so he can make things worse with his son! This is the second time he’s canceled their trip since he canceled the first one for Ashley! She says that Tucker might assume she’s desperate, but she’s not having it anymore!

Sally nods. Okay; what’s Audra going to do?

Sally talks to Audra.

Audra says maybe she’ll use the tickets to go to Paris and then turn Glissade’s board of directors against Tucker and convince them to appoint her as his replacement!

Sally is surprised… Audra would actually go there?

Audra shrugs. It’s not the first time she’s considered taking Tucker’s company away from him!

Audra takes a drink.

Nate walks into the restaurant and overhears them talking.

Audra tells Sally that Tucker thinks he has all the power in their relationship, but she refuses to live with that; she’s done.


Abby knocks on Lily’s door and asks if they can talk. Lily invites her in, and Abby says she wants Lily to understand why she voted the way she did.

Lily says she understands why, and she appreciates that Abby brings her own perspective to the table, even if they disagree.

Lily talks to Abby.

Abby says she wishes everyone felt that way, and she’s not talking about Devon. She says she ran into Daniel and told him that she voted against settling the lawsuit with him.

Lily says that must have been hard, but Abby shouldn’t discuss board business with people who aren’t on the board, especially since they’re in a legal battle with him.

Abby says she understands, but she only told him how she’d voted; nothing more.

Abby Newman.

Lily says it’s still confidential, but she’s going to share something with her as well… She says Daniel came to see her and was pleading his case, and it kind of got to her. She says there will be a lot of bad publicity following the trial, which is what they should avoid.

Abby agrees. It could get really ugly before it’s finished.

Lily says she’s trying to find a way to reach a middle ground and avoid the entire legal battle.

Lily Winters.

Abby asks what she’s thinking.

Lily says maybe they should give him one of the games and keep a portion of the revenue, or they could hire him as an outside consultant and give him a cut of the profits. The platform is performing well, and it’d be a good deal for him.

Abby says it sounds like a good compromise. They have enough to deal with right now!

Lily thinks it’ll only get worse from here, too.

Abby smiles at Lily.


Nate walks up and says hello to Sally and Audra. He asks if Sally would mind if he talked to Audra for a minute.

Sally says she has to take off anyhow. She wishes Audra good luck, picks up her bag of takeout, and leaves the restaurant.

Nate smiles as he watches Sally leave.

Audra asks Nate how much he heard of their conversation.

Nate says he heard enough to know he’s not surprised; he’d warned her that Tucker would always put himself and his interests first.

Audra says the last thing she needs is an “I told you so.”

Audra talks to Nate.

Nate says he’s not there to say that. He says she’s one of the smartest people he knows… What is she going to do now?

Audra says she’s considering whether to use their reservations to fly to Paris without Tucker.

Nate has a better idea; she should skip the trip and stay and have dinner with him.

Nate smiles at Audra.

Crimson Lights

Tucker tells Phyllis he’s surprised that Jill would hand over power of the company to Billy. He laughs. Billy must be wielding his new-found power all over the place!

Phyllis says Billy’s wielding it all over the country; he’s on a national tour of Chancellor-Winters’s divisions.

Phyllis Summers.

Devon walks in and orders a coffee.

Tucker excuses himself and approaches Devon. He says that Billy is out of town, so it’d be a perfect time to deal with him… They can stop whatever trouble he’s planning to do to Jill’s share of the company.

Devon asks how Tucker knows that Billy is out of town… That’s not public information.

Devon talks to Tucker.

Tucker says he always has his ear to the ground.

Devon nods and looks at Phyllis suspiciously. He walks over to her table and says hello. He figures she had just told Tucker about Billy’s new position and that he’d left town… Where’d she find out about it?

Phyllis says she heard it from Billy.

Phyllis laughs as she talks to Devon.

Devon says she knowingly violated her confidentiality clause at Chancellor-Winters.

Phyllis says she did, and since they’re breaking the rules, she’s really upset that the head of her division was fired, and to add insult to injury, they stole his creations… Who does that?

Devon says it’s funny that she’d bring that up… Devon was wondering how she’d still want to work at the company!

Devon grins and licks his lips.

Phyllis says she was wondering, too. She’ll save him the trouble; she quits! They don’t have to fire her. She says that his business is toxic.

Devon grins. He says that’s good to know, and he accepts her resignation. Thanks for making his job easier! He leaves the coffee shop, forgetting that he’d ordered a coffee.

Phyllis looks at Devon.

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