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Jack Makes a Deal With Stark to Bring Him To Diane, Tucker Hides Audra From Ashley, and Sharon & Chance Bond

Jeremy Stark sits on the couch and looks through the money that Jack Abbott has brought him

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, December 21, 2022. In this episode, Tucker tries to convince Ashley to distance herself from Jack, Summer and Kyle make plans to see Diane, and Sharon & Chance get closer. This Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Ashley Accuses Jack of Harbouring Diane, and Tucker Hides Audra When Ashley Shows Up At His Door After They’ve Had Sex.

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Audra listens at the bathroom door while Ashley talks to Tucker.

Tucker says that he was just about to have a shower, and Ashley says, “That’s interesting, you were just saying you were having a shower when I spoke to you earlier on the phone.”

Audra listens at Tucker's washroom door as he speaks to Ashley - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

He says he did have a shower earlier, but he had a workout earlier.

He says that Ashley has a good memory, and he wonders if she remembers having a shower with him years ago, and maybe she’d like to have one with him now?

Tucker speaks with Ashley as Audra listens in - Y&R Recap for Dec 21

Ashley says maybe she should just get going, but Tucker invites her in for a drink, while Audra listens from inside the washroom. Audra doesn’t look too comfortable with where this is going.

Ashley defers, and says that she’ll just wait in the club while he showers.

Tucker smiles and closes the door. He tells Audra to come out.

Tucker and Audra talk in his hotel suite

Audra says that it’s not in her job description to hide in washrooms. She says that it looks like he’s one step closer to getting what he wants in the business front.

Tucker says that if she sticks with him, she’ll get the reward she deserves.

Jabot Cosmetics

Summer and Kyle talk to Jack, and ask what he’s going to do about Stark.

Jack says that he needs to show strength, and he’s hopeful that Jeremy Stark will be out of their lives soon!

Kyle and Summer are in Jack Abbott's office talking about visiting Diane - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

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The Glam Club

Allie talks to Noah at the club, asking what he’s doing with the club.

He says he wants to make sure people have a place to celebrate over the holidays.

Allie and Noah talk at the Glam Club - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

It’s uncomfortable between the two of them. Allie asks if everything’s up to his standards.

At the front reception area, Noah tells Allie that he’s really happy that she’s been there for him, and mentions that if there’s anything she’s worried about, she can talk to him about it.

Allie and Noah are at the reception area in the Glam Club, talking

He says that the last time they talked, she was worried about Audra.

Audra says that she knows that Audra and Noah had an intense history.

Before they can finish talking, Ashley shows up, and tells them that she’s meeting Tucker at the club. Noah leaves to go prepare a table.

Ashley shows up to the reception at the Glam Club, and talks to Allie and Noah - Y&R Recap for Dec 21

Allie expresses surprise about her and Tucker.

Ashley says she’s just there to talk to Tucker, nothing more.

Ashley takes a seat, and Tucker comes in, laughing and asking what she’s drinking.

Tucker comes to see Ashley who's sitting and having a drink

Ashley says it’s a candy-cane-tini. He laughs and asks how it is. She says it’s not bad.

Tucker says that Noah and Allie are really getting along well, and Ashley laughs and agrees, as Noah and Allie kiss.

Tucker asks what’s on her mind. Ashley says that she got into an argument with Jack earlier.

Tucker sits beside Ashley as they talk in the Glam Club

Ashley tells Tucker that Jack isn’t forgiving her, that he thinks that she’s still responsible for bringing Jeremy Stark to town.

Tucker says that Jack has made his loyalty clear, and it’s not to Ashley. He says that maybe she needs to distance herself from Jack.

Noah and Allie sit down and talk. Noah says that they should have a booth with a plaque for the both of them.

Allie laughs and says she doesn’t need a plaque. She says that she has a feeling that Noah is trying to prove something to her.

Allie and Noah talk

She says that even though Audra wants Noah back, that he seems to be making sure that he only has eyes for her.

She says that he doesn’t need to try so hard, that she knows he’s only there for her. They kiss passionately.

Allie and Noah kiss sitting in the Glam Club - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

Allie says she’s having a big Christmas breakfast at the Abbott’s, and then they’ll go to the Newman’s for dinner.

Noah explains that everyone will be expected to sing along with his grandmother at the Newman dinner, and asks if Allie is up for it.

Allie talks with Noah about Christmas day's meals as they sit in the Glam Club

Allie says that she thinks it’s going to be the best Christmas ever.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer and Kyle talk about how they’ll handle things with Harrison, that they’ll tell him they’re going on a trip to visit Santa.

Kyle and Summer are in the Abbott living room talking about their upcoming trip to see Diane - Y&R Recap for Dec 21

They joke about giving gifts, and Kyle says he can’t wait to give Diane gifts, but he wishes that it didn’t have to be in secret.

Summer asks if she’s still worried about his dad.

Kyle and Summer sit on the sofa and talk about Harrison

He says he has the most dangerous job, referring to Jack “taking care” of Jeremy Stark.

Kyle “sneaks” a can of cookies into a bag to take with them, and Summer notices, and jokes about it.

Summer says that he looks worried about his father, and she knows just what he needs… A distraction!

Summer gives Kyle a present as they sit on the couch in the Abbott mansion

She hands him a present and he unwraps it. It’s a make-your-own-ornament kit.

He loves it, it reminds him of what his father used to do. They kiss.

Summer and Kyle kiss on the couch - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

Kyle gives Summer a small gift, it’s a charm that’s in an “H” shape.

Summer loves it, she says that her mother gave her one like it when she was a kid.

Kyle gives Summer a small gold pendant in the shape of an H

She’s bittersweet, and wonders if she’ll be able to make up with her mother, as they’re so angry with each other right now.

Kyle reassures her that things will get better.

He says they’re headed to a cabin in the woods, and that they can have a nice time there.

Kyle and Summer sit facing each other and talk about their upcoming travel

She mentions that she wants a stress-free time.

Kyle says that he’s not sure if leaving town to escape Jeremy Stark will be completely stress-free, but he thinks it will be a nice change for them both.

Jeremy Stark’s Hotel Suite

Jack shows up to Jeremy Stark’s door, and is invited in by Jeremy.

Jack Abbott knocks on the door to Jeremy Stark's hotel room - Y&R Recap for Dec 21

Jeremy asks him if he’s heard anything about Diane’s whereabouts, and Jack says he hasn’t.

Jack says that he thinks he can help Jeremy out, and he sets down a briefcase. Jeremy asks Jack what’s in the briefcase… Duelling pistols?

Jack opens the briefcase, and says, “You said that Diane had $250,000 of your money. This is $500,000.”

Jack sets down a briefcase full of money on the coffee table in Jeremy Stark's hotel room

Jeremy says that he would have made a lot more money than that if he wasn’t in prison.

Jack says, “This is a one-time offer. You take that money, you pack your bags, you get on that plane, and you don’t look back.”

Jeremy looks through the cash, and says, “I don’t think this compensation is as valid as you think it is.”

Jeremy Stark sits on the couch and looks through the money that Jack Abbott has brought him

Jeremy says that his time is worth much more than that.

Jack says, “Fine. Name your price.”

Jeremy looks thoughtful. He asks Jack if he is involved with Diane.

Jeremy asks Jack if he's involved with Diane - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

Jack says that he’s not involved with Diane, that he’s sick of her lies, but they have a child together, and he just wants to protect his family.

Jeremy says that he wants to negotiate, but he’ll only negotiate with Diane, because she took his money. He says that if Jack won’t take him to see her, then Jack will just need to take the briefcase and leave.

Jack and Jeremy negotiate terms to see Diane - Y&R Recap for Dec 21, 2022

Jack says that he just wants things to be over.

He says that he knows where Diane is, and he’ll take Jeremy to see her, but once he does, Jeremy will take the money and leave town.

Jeremy says that’s exactly what he wants… To talk to Diane, take the money, and leave.

Jeremy makes a deal with Jack to see Diane

Crimson Lights

Audra comes into the coffee shop, and introduces herself to Sharon. Sharon says she knows who she is, that she heard that Audra was in the other day speaking to her barista and asking about Noah.

Audra comes into the coffee shop and introduces herself to Sharon at the counter - Young and Restless Recap for Dec 21, 2022

Audra says that the town and the coffee shop are very charming.

Sharon says she doesn’t need to butter her up, and asks about Audra’s job at Chancellor-Winters.

Audra asks if it’s a clever way of asking how long she’ll be in town. Sharon says, “Exactly!”

Audra says that she doesn’t have solid plans, and that her work at Chancellor-Winters isn’t done.

Sharon, behind the coffee shop counter, tells Audra that she knows who she is - Young and The Restless recap for Dec 21, 2022

Sharon says that she’s worried about Noah, that when he came back from London, he seemed very sad and different. She says that when he met Allie, he’s back to the happy person that he used to be.

Audra says that she knows that Noah doesn’t want anything to do with her, he made that very clear. She says that she doesn’t want to get in the way of Noah and Allie.

Chance Chancellor comes into the coffee shop and enthusiastically talks to Sharon while Audra watches

Chance comes in, looking very happy, and says, “Sharon! I did it!”

Audra takes a seat elsewhere, listening in while Chance and Sharon talk.

Chance says that he busted a Christmas mall-theft ring, and explains how he caught a person who worked as an elf at the mall. He laughs and says the criminal’s “elf name” was Merry McJingles.

Chance and Sharon talk as Audra sits at a table and listens to them

Sharon asks how everything is going, and how he feels about Christmas, with the divorce and all.

Chance says that he’s happy, and that he’s wrapped Dominic’s gifts and put them under the tree.

Sharon asks how he’s going to deal with the aftermath, and Chance says he’s going to throw himself into work.

Sharon gives Chance a snowman-shaped coffee mug full of some holiday drink

Sharon gives Chance a Christmas drink in a snowman mug.

Chance takes a drink and shakes his head, grimacing.

Chance grimaces as he tastes the too-sweet drink

Audra asks him if it’s too sweet for him.

He laughs and says it’s too much, it tastes like gingerbread mixed with candy canes.

Chance sits down with Audra, and they talk about his latest case. Sharon comes by and asks if they need a refill.

Sharon comes by Chance and Audra sitting at a table talking, and asks if they need a refill

Chance says they don’t, and excuses himself from Audra for a minute and goes to speak to Sharon.

Sharon tells him that maybe next year, he’ll be able to be with his son.

Chance says that’d be nice.

Sharon talks to Chance at the coffee counter

Sharon says there’s a lot of pain and loss in the world, but that they can take that pain and learn to love even deeper.