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Y&R Recap – Fri May 17: Victor Torments Jordan, Nick Talks Phyllis Out of a Bad Idea, and Kyle Asks Harrison if He Wants Claire to be his Nanny

Jordan, Victor, Phyllis, Harrison, and Summer.

Today’s Young and the Restless recap airs in the USA on Friday, May 17, 2024, and airs one day ahead in Canada. We post our Y&R recaps every weekday!

Last Episode

Abby, Devon, and Phyllis.

On the last episode of Y&R, Phyllis told Devon to suck an egg and resigned in solidarity with Daniel, while Abby shut down a vote against Billy.

Crimson Lights

Claire walks into the cafe and orders a coffee from Esther.

Esther Valentine talks to Claire Grace.

Esther recommends a drink with rainbow sprinkles, and Claire thinks that sounds fun, but she’ll just have a regular drip coffee.

Kyle walks in, smiling, and says he’ll have what Claire’s having.

Kyle Abbott and Claire Grace talk to Esther.

The Genoa City Athletic Club (GCAC)

Summer walks in and greets her mom. They talk about Harrison, and Summer mentions that he’s been really tired since the kidnapping and thinks it’ll be a while before he’s back to normal.

Phyllis Summers and her daughter, Summer Newman, sit and talk in the club.

Phyllis says at least Harrison knows they all love him and want him to feel safe.

Summer tells her mom she was great at the park… She showed Claire there are boundaries when it comes to Harrison!

Phyllis says she saw what Summer was talking about, and Harrison does seem to be obsessed with Claire. The fact that Claire isn’t doing anything to deter Harrison bothers her, and even though she knows how Summer feels about her, she practically invited herself to lunch!

Phyllis talks with Summer.

Summer says Kyle is doing nothing to shut it down.

Phyllis saw that, too. She says Diane won’t be of any help… She ran into her and thought she’d want to do something to protect her grandson, but Diane showed no interest.

Summer hopes Claire’s finally gotten the hint and will keep her distance.

Summer Newman.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick enters the living room, where he sees Cole waiting.

Cole says he is looking for Victor, who is apparently home, but nobody seems to know where he is.

Cole Howard talks with Nick Newman.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Victor walks down into the basement and smiles at Jordan through the bars of her cell.

Victor Newman smiles at Jordan Howard through the bars of her cell.

Jordan comes up to the bars and begs for him to let her out… It’s time to let her go!

Victor says she’s in no position to make demands.

Jordan knows he has a plan, and she’ll do whatever he wants. Does he want mayhem? Chaos? Blood? She’s his woman, and nobody does it better!

Jordan Howard holds the bars of her cell as she talks to Victor.

Crimson Lights

Esther brings Kyle and Claire their coffees. No whipped cream, no foam, no chocolate sprinkles, and no fun!

Claire and Kyle laugh. Claire says she’ll order something extra-decadent next time. She tells Kyle that they’re living large now, though he could have ordered something more interesting.

Kyle and Claire laugh.

Kyle says it’s exactly what he needs; would she care to join him? He says if she’s worried about Summer showing up, they could sit at two different tables and yell.

Claire laughs. That sounds loud.

Kyle says they’ll go with one table, then.

Kyle smiles as he talks with Claire.

Claire agrees but wonders why Kyle’s not at work.

Kyle says he can get more work done without the distraction of office drama.

Claire asks what’s going on.

Kyle says it’s nothing that won’t be solved sooner rather than later.

Claire and Kyle stand and talk.

The GCAC Dining Room

Summer asks her mom if she thinks she’s overreacting about Claire.

Phyllis says she’s not. She’s learned that people can’t be trusted to do the right thing; you have to watch out for yourself!

Phyllis and Summer.

Summer agrees and says she’s trying to watch out for Harrison, too.

Phyllis says she’s proud of her; it’s about time that one of her kids took her advice!

Summer asks if that’s a dig about Daniel… Did something happen between them?

Phyllis says nothing really happened, but Daniel didn’t show a lot of sympathy toward her when she told him that Danny broke her heart and rode off to the “rock and roll sunset.” She says Daniel was off; he was unhinged, which she’s seen before, and she’s worried about him.

Phyllis frowns at Summer.

Summer says Lily just fired Daniel, and he’s in the middle of a huge lawsuit, so it makes sense that he’s feeling down.

Phyllis nods and says Daniel’s not the only one who’s feeling down… She’s out of work, too! They didn’t fire her, though; she quit!

Summer is shocked… She quit her job for Daniel?

Summer talks to her mom.

Phyllis says of course she did; she’ll always have her kids’ backs!

Summer asks what she’s going to do now.

Phyllis says she’s going to… Order champagne! She waves to get a server’s attention.

Phyllis calls for a server.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick walks back into the living room and tells Cole that he can’t find Victor; he looked everywhere, and spoke to security, who are convinced Victor didn’t leave the property.

Cole says the same thing happened to him and Victoria the other day… They were told Victor was there, but he wasn’t. When he finally showed up, he said he had gone down to the stables, but he’s not sure he believes it.

Cole talks to Nick.

Nick says Cole’s pretty close to being family, so if there’s something bothering him… Just say it!

Cole nods. He asks Nick if it’s possible that Victor is keeping a secret.

Nick grins. Absolutely!

Nick Newman talks to Cole.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Victor tells Jordan that it’s a beautiful spring day outside; he loves to breathe in the air!

Jordan tells him to stop torturing her.

Jordan pleads with Victor.

Victor sits down and winks at her. He says he’s just discussing the weather!

Jordan says Victor said he had a plan.

Victor chuckles and says he said they might have a plan.

Victor sits and smiles as he talks to Jordan.

Jordan says he should unleash her… Tell her what he wants her to do, she’ll do it, and then she’ll go to prison for “all eternity,” as they agreed.

Victor says they’ve agreed to nothing.

Jordan gets on her knees. Does he want her on her knees? She’s here now! Humble and humiliated! Does he want her to grovel before him? Done!

Jordan is on her knees, begging.

Victor says she tried to kill him and his family. He yells at her to get up!

Jordan says she’s ready to do whatever he wants… She’s willing and can do it better than anyone! She’s the bullet in his chamber; pull the trigger!

Victor loves it… “The bullet in my chamber.” He laughs and says she’s a pathetic creature who does nothing but harm to people before she destroys them. He reminds her that she’s not the one in control.

Victor laughs.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick tells Cole there’s a good chance that Victor is keeping a secret… His father is keeping a secret 99% of the time! He doesn’t have any idea what he might be up to this time, but wonders if Cole has an idea.

Nick talks to Cole.

Cole says he just gets a feeling from Victor. He mentions that Victoria thought Victor was planning something against Jack because of what had happened to Nikki, but there weren’t any details other than that Victor wanted all of the Newmans to stay away from the Abbotts, particularly Jack.

Nick says there’s no surprise there… Victor hates Jack. He asks what else is upsetting Cole.

Cole says he doesn’t want to upset Victoria, and that’s why he’s talking to Nick… It’s about Jordan.

Cole and Nick.

Nick says that Jordan is dead.

Cole shakes his head. He says there’s something off about Victor’s claim that Jordan died in the chase; something doesn’t quite add up.

Nick says it doesn’t matter as long as Jordan is gone and isn’t a threat.

Nick Newman.

Cole says he feels like he needs to protect Victoria and Claire until Jordan’s body is found. He expressed his concerns to Victor, but Victor was confident that Jordan was out of their lives for good. He’d insisted they were safe and there was nothing to worry about, but he wasn’t even bothered that her body hadn’t been found.

Nick says that’s the answer right there.

Cole says it may be the answer, but he’s very concerned.

Cole Howard.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Jordan tells Victor he’s sitting there all smug… Doesn’t the “master of the universe” want to show off what he’s accomplished? Nikki would love this!

Victor tells her not to mention Nikki’s name again.

Victor Newman sits in a leather armchair.

Jordan says Nikki would let her out; Nikki saved her life! She could have stood there and watched her die!

Victor says Nikki is compassionate.

Jordan scoffs and says Nikki is weak. She couldn’t finish the job!

Jordan Howard talks to Victor through her cell bars.

Victor says he’s not compassionate.

Jordan says he can’t keep here there forever.

Victor asks why not.

Victor Newman.

Jordan says people will wonder where she is.

Victor says everything thinks she’s dead.

Jordan laughs. She’s very much alive.

"Aunt" Jordan Howard.

Victor says he had his security team follow her when she went to the alley to make a deal with Nikki, and Jordan got scared and ran across the Galewood River bridge. She slipped and plunged into the dark, cold water hundreds of feet below. By now, they think Jordan’s body is in Lake Michigan!

Jordan curses at him. “You bastard!”

Victor takes out another bottle of vodka and places it on the stool beside her cell.

Victor holds Jordan by the collar.

Jordan looks at the bottle and says Nikki must have drank all of the good stuff.

Victor grabs her collar and shakes her. “For the last time, don’t ever mention Nikki again!” He leaves.

Jordan calls after him, saying she’s sorry. She covers her face in her hands.

Jordan buries her face in her hands.

Crimson Lights

Kyle and Claire sit and talk over their coffee. Kyle explains that his mom was married to Victor at one point, and his dad was married to Nikki.

Claire thinks Kyle has seen a lot of marriages.

Kyle and Claire sit and talk.

Kyle nods… And a lot of divorces and affairs, too!

Claire says Kyle’s parents seem happy.

Kyle says they are, but it took a while to get them there.

Kyle and Claire.

Claire says it’s good to know what love looks like. She says living on the ranch with her mom has been so wonderful; she finally gets to see real love close up, and it’s better than any book she’s ever read.

Kyle says she must be a bookworm.

Claire nods. She says she’s craved that type of love her whole life; who knew the real thing would be even better! Now she has parents and a family who’s kind and accepts her, even though there’s a lot to forgive. She says Nikki and Victor have been through a lot, but when they look at each other, it’s like they’re the only people in the room.

Claire Howard.

Kyle grins. “Goals!” He says he’s busy focusing on Harrison and Jabot in the meantime.

Claire says she’s just as focused on getting a job. As generous as her family has been, she’s not going to let herself live off them.

Kyle says he’s sorry that there’s not a job for her with Harrison.

Kyle Abbott.

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Y&R Spoilers

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The GCAC Dining Room

Phyllis gets the bottle of champagne and pulls it out of the ice bucket. She pours herself and Summer a couple of glasses of bubbly.

Summer says that Phyllis quitting her job was pretty extreme, even for her!

Phyllis places a bottle of champagne back into the ice bucket.

Phyllis says Devon was talking about her breaking her confidentiality agreement.

Summer thought Phyllis said she quit out of solidarity for Daniel.

Phyllis says she did, but Devon was probably going to fire her anyhow, and she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction. She raises a glass and proposes a toast. “To me standing up for myself!”

Phyllis and Summer drink champagne.

Summer clinks her glass with her mom and they drink.

Phyllis doesn’t think Summer is enthusiastic enough.

Summer shrugs. Phyllis is unemployed… Why would she be?

Summer looks suspiciously at her mother.

Phyllis says Lily and Devon were going to fire her anyhow… They’d let Daniel go without just cause, and there’s no way they’d keep Phyllis around. She says it’s unfair; Daniel gave his heart and soul to the company, and they just threw him out like a piece of garbage! She thinks someone should make them pay!

Summer hopes Phyllis won’t be the one to make Lily and Devon pay… She’s talking hypotheticals and won’t actually be plotting revenge against Chancellor-Winters… Is she?

Phyllis says they both agreed they should take care of themselves, and she’s voting for justice.

Phyllis holds her hand to her chest as she talks to her daughter.

Summer says there’s a process in place for that. She just needs to trust the system!

Phyllis scoffs. She says Lily fired Daniel because her feelings were hurt. Daniel gave everything he had to the company, and now she’s keeping his games and breaking his heart, and she’s going to make millions off of Daniel’s brilliance! That’s wrong, and Phyllis can’t ignore it!

Summer says Phyllis has been doing so well at being a better person… Why ruin a streak?

Summer Newman.

Phyllis says she is being a good person; she’s protecting and fighting for her son! She asks how far Summer would go for Harrison.

Summer says Harrison is a kid; Daniel can take care of himself. She looks at her phone and says she has to go to check on Harrison. She asks her mom to please not burn Chancellor-Winters to the ground.

Phyllis laughs. “No.”

Phyllis smiles at Summer.

Summer leaves.

Phyllis pulls out her laptop, looks around furtively, and begins typing. She logs into her account at Chancellor-Winters. Her password still works; if that’s not a sign, nothing is!

Phyllis types on her laptop.

The Newman Ranch House

Nick tells Cole he’s not sure where he’s going with this… Is Cole suggesting that Victor had something to do with Jordan’s death?

Cole says Jordan has escaped the authorities and Victor too many times… If she actually fell into the river, Victor would have his men out there dredging the river 24/7 until they found her body. Victor would want solid proof that Jordan was dead and out of their lives for good, but instead, he’s not even concerned that they don’t have evidence of her death!

Cole Howard.

Nick says several witnesses saw Jordan fall into the river.

Cole nods; all the witnesses are on Victor’s security team.

Nick says he hears him but thinks that after all their family has been through, Cole should just let this one go.

Nick Newman.

Cole agrees, but if there’s the slightest chance that Jordan is still alive, there’s no way he’s letting his guard down until they have all the answers.

Victor walks into the living room and greets them.

Cole says they were just wondering where Victor had been.

Victor Newman and Nick Newman.

Victor says he just went a few rounds with the old bag.

Nick laughs. “Atta boy!”

Victor figures Nick must have come for a contract. He pulls out some paperwork and tells Nick he’s signed it all.

Victor and Nick talk about paperwork.

Nick thanks him and asks if he’s heard from Nikki yet.

Victor nods. He says Nikki is getting stronger. He can’t wait until she gets home.

Nick thanks him for the documents and leaves.

Victor asks Cole what he can do for him.

Victor Newman talks to Cole Howard.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer walks down into the living room with Harrison and asks him about his latest bad dream.

Summer and Harrison hug.

Harrison says that “the witch” wanted to get him again. He’s scared!

Summer hugs him and says everything is okay. She says she’ll text his dad and have him come home; a little family time will help Harrison feel better!

Harrison likes that idea.

Harrison Abbott.

Crimson Lights

Claire tells Kyle not to apologize; it’s not up to Kyle or his family to empty her… She’ll figure it out!

Claire and Kyle talk.

Kyle has no doubt she will, but wishes that Summer would warm up to the idea. He says Harrison likes and trusts Claire, and they both went through a terrifying ordeal and came through the other side. He thinks Harrison needs someone like that, someone who knows what he went through and can relate with… That should be the priority, not Summer’s irrational worries about what’s best for Harrison.

Claire appreciates his belief in her, but he should go easy on Summer… Since the kidnapping, she’s heard her door open when Victoria thinks she’s sleeping, and Victoria stands there and watches her sleep just to make sure she’s there and that she’s safe. She says Harrison is a little boy, and she can’t imagine how terrified Summer must have been when he went missing. She knows she’s a reminder of that, and she hopes Kyle can understand it.

Kyle receives a text message.

Kyle gets a text message from Summer. “Harrison’s had another nightmare. Can you come home?” He says he has to go, but hopes they can talk again soon.

Claire says she’d like that. She asks Kyle to give Harrison her love.

Kyle smiles. He will. He leaves the cafe.

Claire smiles at Kyle.

The Abbott Mansion

Kyle arrives home, and Harrison runs up to him and hugs him. Kyle says he heard Harrison had a bad dream… Does he want to talk about it?

Harrison says the witch wanted to take him away.

Summer, Harrison, and Kyle.

Summer says he knows that the witch can’t do that… Harrison’s big strong dad won’t let her or anyone else hurt him ever again!

Kyle says Summer is right… Harrison is safe here!

Harrison asks about Claire… She might have the same bad dreams!

Harrison talks to his dad.

Kyle asks why he’d say that.

Harrison says the witch took Claire away and left her someplace dark and scary.

Summer asks if Claire told him that.

Summer talks to Harrison.

Harrison shakes his head; the witch told him! She said that if Harrison wasn’t good, she’d take him to a scary place, too!

Kyle reassures him that nobody will ever be able to get to him again.

Summer agrees; where he is is the safest place in the world!

Harrison asks if Claire can come over so she can feel safe, too.

Harrison talks to Summer as Kyle holds him.

The Newman Ranch House

Cole tells Victor he was thinking of giving Claire some riding lessons; it’s been a while since he was a ranch hand, so he was hoping Victor could help him find the right horse for Claire.

Victor says it’s a wonderful idea… He’d love to help!

Victor talks to Claire and Cole.

Claire walks in with a smile on her face.

Cole asks her how Crimson Lights was.

Claire says it’s weird that getting coffee is still an adventure to her.

Claire smiles at Cole.

Cole says it’s not weird, but he has another idea for an adventure; he was thinking about giving her riding lessons if she’s interested!

Claire loves the idea.

Victor says he has the right horse for her… Midnight Blue! He’s a strong horse with a steady stride; she’ll fall in love with him!

Victor Newman.

Claire says she doesn’t know what any of that means, but she loves him already. She asks what will happen if she’s not any good.

Victor says riding is in the Newman blood… It’s in her genes! Both Victoria and Nikki are wonderful riders, and she’ll follow in their footsteps. He asks both of them to join them for dinner; Victoria will be over soon.

Cole and Claire thinks that’s a great idea.

Claire Howard and her father, Cole Howard.

Victor says they’d better bring their appetites; the cook is preparing a prime roast with Brussels sprouts.

Claire says she’s never tasted Brussels sprouts before… Jordan despised them and the smell made her gag, so she never got a chance to try them.

Victor laughs. He tells them to go to the stables and meet Midnight Blue and the other horses.

Cole invites Victor to come with them, but Victor declines… There’s something he needs to attend to first!

Victor smiles.

The GCAC Dining Room

Phyllis is working on her laptop when Nick walks into the dining room and spots her. He walks over and says hello, and Phyllis quickly shuts the lid of her laptop and smiles up at him.

Nick asks what she’s doing.

Nick Newman spots Phyllis Summers in the dining room.

Phyllis grins. “Nothing!”

Nick laughs and says he saw the Chancellor-Winters logo before she almost broke her computer slamming it shut; it’s not a secret she works there.

Phyllis says she doesn’t work there anymore.

Phyllis smiles at Nick.

Nick asks if she was fired.

Phyllis wonders why everyone assumes that; she quit! They would have fired her, though, since Lily and Devon are going “scorched earth” on anyone in Daniel’s orbit.

Nick says they fired her, but she was logged onto their systems and didn’t want anyone to see it, so he’s assuming she’s going to scorch her own earth.

Nick Newman.

Phyllis says she’s looking for justice for her son. She’s thinking she’ll drop in a virus or two and leave some not-so-flattering comments on the site… Maybe she’ll divert some OmegaSphere players to another game!

Nick raises an eyebrow… She can’t be serious!

Phyllis scoffs. Of course she’s not serious! Nothing has been done… Yet!

Nick shrugs. “I’m in. Let’s do this!”

Nick and Phyllis sit and talk.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer leaves Harrison with Mrs. Martinez in the kitchen, who’s feeding him her famous cookies. If only the cookies would take away Harrison’s bad dreams! She asks what they’re going to do.

Kyle says he thinks they should give Claire a trial run as Harrison’s nanny.

Summer and Kyle.

Summer asks if he’s joking… Their son is having nightmares, and Kyle wants to talk about Claire? She asks him to focus on Harrison, and they can talk about Claire later, or better yet, they can let Claire’s family deal with her.

Kyle says Summer saw Claire and Harrison at the park… Their trauma bonded them, and Harrison feels as safe with Claire as he does with his own parents; isn’t that important?

Summer agrees that it’s important.

Summer gestures as she talks with Kyle.

Kyle doesn’t think it’s a good idea to introduce Harrison to a stranger and ask him to trust her. Summer knows how picky Harrison is, and after being kidnapped, his trust issues are on a whole new level!

Summer says he doesn’t need to explain their son’s issues to him.

Kyle says Claire isn’t a threat, she’s a solution, and if Summer would quit fighting him on it, they could hurry up and help their son!

Kyle talks to Summer.

Summer asks how she’s the bad guy in it.

Kyle says she isn’t… Nobody is the bad guy, and he’s sorry if he made her feel that way; he sees that their son is upset, and he wants to fix it!

Summer says she wants to fix it, too.

Summer and Kyle.

Kyle says Claire knows how protective Summer is and respects what a good mother she is.

Summer asks when he’s been having these conversations with Claire. She’s never heard that before.

Kyle says that’s not the point; Claire isn’t going after the job because she puts Harrison’s bond with Summer, his mother, first, and that’s what they want in a nanny.

Kyle and Summer talk.

The GCAC Dining Room

Phyllis tells Nick she knows what he’s doing, but reverse psychology won’t work on her!

Nick laughs. He says he’s down for it… He can’t wait to hear her deepest, darkest revenge fantasies.

Nick smiles as he talks to Phyllis.

Phyllis says since he’s interested, she was thinking of creating just enough havoc so that Lily and Devon regret firing Daniel and her. They’d beg them to come back to the company and give them both huge raises with much fancier titles.

Nick says that sounds great, but wonders if she’s considered what the fallout could be… What happens when Chancellor-Winter’s security team traces the virus back to her?

Phyllis laughs. She’s not an amateur; she’ll cover her tracks!

Phyllis smiles at Nick.

Nick figures they might be a little suspicious if a virus appeared on their systems just after one of their top programmers was fired.

Phyllis says she was the top programmer, and they’re going to find that out the hard way!

Nick says it’s going to be hard for her to take a victory lap when the police confiscate her laptop, bring Daniel in for questioning, and then Summer will have to deal with her mother being on the “most wanted” list again.

Nick and Phyllis.

Phyllis sighs. She asks how he does it… How does he make her realize that what she’s doing it wrong? She says she won’t do it; she won’t plant a virus. She asks what she should do now.

Nick says he can’t solve all her problems for her… What would be the fun in that?

Phyllis asks if he knows anyone who needs a “professional pot stirrer.” She’d be great in that position!

Phyllis smiles as Nick drains his glass.

Nick figures she should aim higher than that.

Phyllis laughs and clinks their glasses together in a toast.

Nick says her dress is a great color on her.

Phyllis grins. “It’s so… Electric!”

Nick and Phyllis drink and laugh.

The Abbott Mansion

Summer tells Kyle that he says it’s all about Harrison, but he makes it all about Claire. She wishes Claire the best, but Claire has had serious issues, and she finds it hard to believe that Claire would be “suddenly” better and that they should trust her with their child.

Kyle says Claire has been through hell, but she’s full of kindness.

Summer and Kyle.

Summer says if Kyle wants to take on a charity case and help Claire, that’s fine, but leave Harrison out of it! She asks why he’s so invested in helping Claire.

Kyle says that, again, it’s not about Claire! He’s trying to help Harrison; hasn’t Summer noticed that he’s more relaxed and open with Claire than anyone he’s just met?

Summer says they’ll find another someone. Harrison walks in, and Claire asks him if he wants to go out and play or if he’d like to stay in and read a story.

Summer talks with Harrison.

Harrison asks Summer to call Claire and make sure she’s okay.

Kyle says they can do better than that… How would Harrison like it if Claire was his new nanny?

Harrison jumps and cheers while Summer glares at Kyle.

Harrison cheers.

The Newman Ranch House

Cole walks into the living room and is surprised to find that Victor isn’t there. Cole had come back because he’d forgotten something. He calls out, but Victor doesn’t answer.

Cole looks around the empty living room.

Victor’s Secret Wine Cellar

Jordan is passed out on the floor of her cell with a half-empty bottle of booze beside her.

Jordan is on the floor with a half-empty bottle of booze.

Victor approaches the cell and slams down a silver serving platter on the table, waking Jordan. “Want some food?”

Jordan tells him she doesn’t want anything; take it away!

Victor says she complained about the menu before, so he brought her some wonderful food; it’s full of fiber and will make her strong! He lifts the cover off the serving tray to reveal a bowl full of Brussels sprouts.

Victor eats a Brussels sprout.

Jordan gags and runs away to her bed.

Victor licks his lips and chomps down on a sprout.”MmMM, I love it!” He spits the remainder of the sprout out onto the floor of her cell, wishes her Bon Appetit, and leaves.

Jordan throws her pillow in frustration and cries.

Jordan looks disgusted at the Brussels sprouts.

Next Week on The Young and the Restless

Ashley and Tucker are alone in the jazz lounge, and Ashley says they have all the privacy in the world there. In her mind, Ash asks if Ms. Abbott is going to kill Tucker right now.

Ashley (Ms. Abbott)

Cole tells Victor he knows he’s hiding something. He spies on Victor and sees him leave the secret entrance to the wine cellar.

Victor steps out of the secret passage with a serving tray.

Nikki arrives home, but Victor isn’t there to greet her.

Nikki comes home.

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