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Y&R Recap – Jan 24: Devon Threatens to Take Lily to Court, Chelsea Has a Business Idea, and Tucker Wants to Take Over Omega Sphere

Tucker smiles as he talks with Phyllis

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, January 24, 2023 in the USA. We provide early Y&R recaps daily! Today’s Young and The Restless recap’s episode airs one day ahead in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Elena Expresses Doubts About Audra & Nate, Jack & Diane Talk Their Future, and Victor Deepens His Plans.

Society – Daniel & Phyllis discuss Omega Sphere’s future

Phyllis is working on her tablet when Daniel walks in and talks to her.

Daniel walks into Society and talks to Phyllis who's sitting and working on her tablet

She asks him if she still has a job, and he says that he never fired her.

Daniel tells her that she needs to let go of her vendetta with Diane, and that her future with Omega Sphere is in her hands.

Daniel and Phyllis sit in Society, talking

Daniel tells Phyllis that he needs to know that she’s focused and that it can’t be 97%, he needs her full attention on the project.

He says that he wants to work with her because she lights up like a Christmas tree when she’s working on something she loves.

She says she knows it’s more than just a business to him, and she’s willing to put 100% of herself into it.

Daniel and Phyllis talk in Society

Daniel says that he felt everything in his life was going sideways, and that Finding Princess Luisa was the turning point for him.

She says she knows how much it means to him.

He says that this project is him taking control of his life and moving in a positive direction. He says that if everything doesn’t go right with the project, the ship could be dead in the water, and he doesn’t want that.

Phyllis and Daniel talk

Phyllis asks if there’s a problem with Chancellor-Winters and taking on the project.

Danny says she knows how things go with newly-launched companies, but reassures Phyllis that Lily says that she’s still interested in launching the platform, and that he has a contract with them.

Phyllis says that even with a contract, there are no guarantees. She says that cold hard cash is what he should really be asking for.

Daniel and Phyllis talk while sitting in Society

Daniel says that’s not really her place to say that.

Phyllis says that he’s underestimating her, and that she’ll take what he says about Diane to heart. She says she’ll move on and put her attention on Omega Sphere.

Daniel says he hopes she means it, and she says she really does.

Phyllis and Daniel talk

Phyllis says she wants to help so that the project doesn’t get stuck in corporate limbo, and that if Chancellor-Winters doesn’t move on the idea, they need a backup plan.

She says that maybe they should take it to Newman Media, she heard that Nate is there and could do something with it.

Daniel says they’re getting ahead of themselves. They should move ahead knowing that they’re with Chancellor-Winters.

Daniel and Phyllis talk in Society

Phyllis says plan for the best, prepare for the worst, she gets it. She says they have to think out of the box, to look into other companies in case this doesn’t work out for them.

Lily walks into the restaurant, and Daniel asks if she’d join them, it looks like she needs to talk.

She says she had a meeting with Devon, and it didn’t go well.

Lily joins Phyllis and Daniel at Society

Phyllis says she’s sorry to hear it, and says that she hopes the problems at Chancellor-Winters aren’t going to kill the Omega Sphere project. She asks Lily if it’s dead in the water.

Daniel apologizes for his mother’s candor.

Lily says that things are up in the air right now, and that there are growing pains at the company. She asks for them for patience and understanding as the company works through some issues.

Phyllis talks with lily and Daniel

Phyllis asks if she’s asking Daniel to just wait and wonder whether the project will take off.

Lily says they signed a contract, and she plans on making the project flourish, if she can.

Phyllis laughs and says, “If you can”.

Lily listens as Phyllis talks

Lily says that she wishes she could tell her more, but things are up in the air right now.

Phyllis says she’s just advocating for her son, and that she has to go. She gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Lily and Daniel sit uncomfortably for a minute.

Lily and Daniel sit talking

Lily says, “You don’t have to apologize for your mom, she’s just trying to protect you.”

Daniel says he thinks they need a stronger drink than just coffee.

Lily says she needs a bourbon after her talk with Devon.

Lily and Daniel talk

Daniel asks if their negotiations went south, and Lily says there was no negotiation, things are going to get nasty.

Daniel asks if she’s willing to go to war.

Lily says that Devon talks about preserving their father’s legacy, but her father would be horrified by this.

Lily gets a call from Jill as she sits beside Daniel

She says that she’s sorry she’s keeping him in limbo while they figure things out.

Daniel says they’ll figure it out.

Her phone rings. It’s Jill.

Lily excuses herself to talk with Jill, and leaves Daniel to his thoughts.

Daniel sits alone and thinks

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Tucker’s Hotel Suite – Tucker has a temper tantrum

Tucker sits and thinks about his time with Ashley in bed, and how Ashley had never trusted him.

He thinks back to how she’d told him that she slept with him to find out the truth about him.

Tucker gets angry and throws his glass at the wall.
He leaves and heads down to Crimson Lights.

Tucker throws a glass at the wall when he thinks of Ashley

Crimson Lights – Tucker pokes at Victoria

Tucker comes into Crimson Lights and sees Victoria there.

Tucker comes to Crimson Lights and sees Victoria there

Victoria says that Paris must be lovely, where Ashley is probably basking in the Paris evening while she thinks about how she got rid of Tucker. She says that Tucker is like an invasive species.

Tucker asks if she thinks he should leave town if he’s so invasive.

Victoria says that Ashley is out of his reach, he has no reason to stay.

Tucker reacts to seeing Victoria in Crimson Lights as he talks with her.

Tucker says that he’s one-upped a lot of people, and Victoria tells him that he hasn’t one-upped anyone.

She says that she knows about Audra working at Newman Media, and that she’s sharing insider secrets with Tucker.

He says he doesn’t know where she’s hearing that from.

Victoria says that Tucker is willing to destroy everything in his path to get what he wants.

Victoria and Tucker talk

Billy walks in, and says, “What are you doing now, Tucker?”

Tucker says that he’s glad that Billy is there to sweep in and protect the damsel in distress.

Billy says that Victoria can protect herself.

Billy comes into the coffee shop to find Victoria talking with Tucker

Tucker says he’s only there to get a coffee and enjoy the ambience. He walks over to the counter and orders a coffee, leaving Victoria and Billy to talk.

Billy asks Victoria what happened with Tucker.

Victoria says that Tucker is a “man searching for a battle.”

Victoria talks with Billy as Tucker listens in

Devon’s Apartment – Abby tries to bring reason to Devon & Lily’s fight

Abby comes by, she is there to drop off Dominic’s vitamins.

Abby and Devon talk in his living room

Devon says that Chancellor-Winters is eating him up inside.

Abby tells him that he doesn’t need to go through it alone, she asks if he’s made a decision yet.

He says he did, and Lily’s on her way over right now.

Devon and Abby talk while sitting on his couch

Lily comes to the door, and Devon answers.

Lily comes inside, and sees Abby. She says that she didn’t know that Abby would be there.

Lily comes by Devon's apartment

Abby says that she was just there dropping off vitamins.

Lily says that she’s glad that Devon has someone to talk to, and that she’s sure they’ll come to an agreement.

Devon agrees, and says that he doesn’t want to get bought out, he’s made up his mind that he wants his company back.

Lily talks with Devon and Abby

Lily asks Abby to leave them alone to talk, but Devon says she doesn’t need to leave.

Devon says he doesn’t want to start from scratch, he wants his company back.

Devon gestures as he talks with Lily while Abby listens in

Lily says she doesn’t see…

Devon interrupts and says, “You don’t see, that’s the problem!”

Lily says that’s what Nate said, and that Devon’s acting a lot like Nate lately.

Lily and Devon talk

Devon says that Lily won’t let him leave, she just wants him to walk away and keep the company for herself and Jill.

Lily says she’s trying to be fair with their offer.

Devon says he’s trying to be fair too. He says that he’ll pay whatever they want for his part of the company back.

She says that’s a nuclear option, and that Jill said that buying him out is the only option they’re willing to discuss.

Devon listens as Lily talks about Chancellor-Winters

Devon says fine. He’ll see them in court.

Lily asks if he wants to let lawyers sort it out.

Devon says he has no choice, they forced his hand.

She says he signed a contract, that he has to go along with the company’s decision.

Devon and Lily talk

Devon says he’s trying to honor a legacy, and that he doesn’t know how many times he has to explain to her that he’s trying to keep the company out of people’s hands that he doesn’t know and trust.

She says she’s sorry it had to come to this.

He says he is too.

Devon and Abby talk after Lily's left

Lily leaves. “Bye Abby!”

Devon apologizes to Abby for getting her in the middle of the argument.

Abby says it’s not easy, she’s glad she could be there.

Devon and Abby talk

He asks if she thinks he’s in the wrong.

Abby asks if he’s prepared to go into a legal battle with his sister and Jill to break the company apart.

Devon says he’s worried, but feels he has no choice.

Abby speaks with Devon

He says that he learned from Neil that if you think something is important, then you have to be prepared to defend it.

Abby says that this will mess up his relationship with his sister, and wonders if he’s prepared for that. She says that if it doesn’t work out, he can feel free to spend his holidays with her.

Abby talks with Devon about splitting up the company

Crimson Lights – Billy and Victoria talk about Tucker’s plans

Victoria and Billy talk in the indoor patio. Victoria asks Billy what he thinks Tucker is still doing in Genoa City.

Billy says that guys like Tucker don’t cut their losses and run, they just dig in deeper.

Victoria wonders what Tucker is after.

Billy speaks with  Victoria at the coffee shop

Billy says that Victoria must be feeling like she’s spread pretty thin, and says that pizza night was a big hit, and it wouldn’t have happened without her.

He says that Johnny is planning to do more nights like that with Connor and Chelsea.

Victoria says that she’s getting used to it, but it’s hard on her.

Victoria talks with Billy about Tucker

Billy says that she’s been there for Johnny his whole life, and the fact that he’s adjusting so well is because she’s such a great parent.

Victoria says it’s been really difficult.

Billy says that she’s been asked to share Johnny’s heart with someone else, and that she needs to look at it as giving a gift to Johnny and Chelsea.

Victoria talks with Billy about Tucker

She asks if Johnny has seen what it’s doing to her.

Billy says he knows that it’s hard on her, and that he’ll be there for her through it all.

He tells her to be careful, and leaves the shop.

Billy leaves Crimson Lights after talking with Victoria

Tucker comes in and tells Victoria that he hasn’t decided who his next victim is, but if it is Newman Enterprises, she’ll be the last to know, because what fun would it be if she saw it coming?

Tucker talks with Victoria at Crimson Lights

Chelsea’s Apartment – Chelsea has an idea for a business with Billy

Chelsea sends a text to Billy asking him to come over, that she has an idea.

Billy receives a text from Chelsea asking him to come over

Billy shows up at Chelsea’s, and she says she’s happy that he could make it.

Chelsea opens the door as Billy arrives at her apartment

Chelsea says she was listening to a podcast about depression and suicide attempts, and that got her thinking… Maybe they should create a podcast together!

Billy asks if she’s ready to open herself up to something like that.

Chelsea and Billy sit on her couch and talk

She says that she is, but will have to talk to her therapist first. She says that something like this would be very life-affirming.

Billy says he agrees that it would probably be good for her to do this.

She asks if that means he’ll do it with her.

Billy and Chelsea talk on her sofa

Billy says that there are some things to consider.

Chelsea says they’ll have to hire a consultant and have them ensure that everything is planned out properly.

Billy says that he knows that she wants to help others, and that it’s a good thing.

Chelsea says that people need help, and she thinks she’s the one to do it. She says she wants to do it right, but they have to be careful.

Billy says that she’ll decide what’s right, and that it’d be fun for them to work on something together again.

Chlesea smiles as she talks to Billy

She agrees, and says it’d be really nice.

Crimson Lights – Phyllis & Tucker talk about Omega Sphere

Phyllis is on the phone with Audra, saying that she heard about her position at Newman media, and would like to pitch something to her.

Phyllis is in Crimson Lights on the phone

Tucker is watching her as he sits and has a coffee.

Phyllis looks over and says, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Phyllis looks over and sees Tucker watching her

Tucker says that is sounds like Daniel’s project isn’t going anywhere at Chancellor-Winters.

Phyllis says it’s none of his business.

He says that that it could be, and maybe it should be.

Tucker smiles as he talks with Phyllis

Tucker gets up and comes over to Phyllis. She tells him he shouldn’t be eavesdropping.

He says that it was so interesting that he couldn’t help himself. He says that he’s a guest in the hotel she built, and that she’s obviously able to separate business matters and personal matters.

He suggests that she should work with him to bring Omega Sphere to his company and he can help with it.

Phyllis talks with Tucker