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Home » Billy and Sharon Help With Chelsea’s Crisis, Devon accuses Nate and Victoria of Scheming, and Chance and Abby Fight Over His Job

Billy and Sharon Help With Chelsea’s Crisis, Devon accuses Nate and Victoria of Scheming, and Chance and Abby Fight Over His Job

Sharon, Chelsea and Billy talk

In this episode of The Young and the Restless, Chelsea gets support from her friends, Nate and Victoria celebrate his new position with Newman Media, and Abby and Chance discuss their future.

Adam walks into the Glam Club and tells Lily that he found Chelsea and Billy on the rooftop. Lily says that Billy surely didn’t upset Chelsea, but Adam thinks differently.


He says that Chelsea was really upset, and that it must have been something that Billy said to her. He thinks that something is going on with Billy and Chelsea.

He asks Lily if she knows where Billy and Chelsea went, and she says that even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell him after the debacle at ChancComm. Adam says that was just business, and he’s just worried about his child’s mother.

Back at Chelsea’s hotel suite, Billy tries to comfort Chelsea and support her after her suicide attempt. Chelsea asks him to leave her alone, to just let her go. Billy refuses, and says he’s going to stay with her.

Chelsea gets upset and tells him that he had no right to interfere with her from stopping her pain. Billy apologizes, and says that he was sorry he interfered and took away her choice, but he’d do it again in a heartbeat, she has too much to live for.


Chelsea can’t see a way through her pain, and that she feels like she’s drowning in despair. With tears in his eyes, Billy tells Chelsea that he’s staying.

Chelsea lets him know she’s been hearing voices, memories of people reminding her of her failures and the terrible things she’s done. Billy tells her that everything is forgivable, but Chelsea doesn’t believe it.

He tells her that she has too much to live for, that she needs to be there for Connor. There’s a knock at the door… It’s Adam.

He wants to know if Chelsea’s alright. He sends a text. “Please call me. Need to know you’re ok.” Billy and Chelsea don’t say a word. Billy’s cellphone pings. It’s Adam. “Where is Chelsea? What’s going on?

Billy tells Chelsea that the whole world can stay on the other side of the door, and that if she wants to talk, she can talk to him. Billy looks out into the hall, but Adam has already left.

Billy says that Chelsea should stop worrying about what Adam or anyone thinks, but Chelsea says that when she hears those voices in her head, it’s hard for her to ignore them. Billy says that after Delia died, he sometimes saw her, that he needed to just ignore her and shut off that part of his brain, and that Chelsea just needs to talk to someone.

Chelsea asks him to just leave, that she just wants to sleep. Billy tucks her into bed. She’s exhausted, and quickly falls asleep. Billy takes out his cellphone and steps out of the room.

At Crimson Lights, Chance is drinking a hot drink out of a skull mug when Abby walks in. She looks surprised and asks him what he’s doing there.

He says that his stakeout ended early, as their suspect was found vandalizing a shoe store on the other side of town. Abby is surprised that Chance came to the coffee shop instead of heading home.

Chance says that he wanted to catch some peace and quiet, that he wasn’t ready to come home yet. Abby says, “What’s is happening with us?” Chance says that nothing is happening, that their relationship is having some ups and downs.

He tells her not to worry about it. Abby thinks he’s trying to avoid him.


They tell each other that they’re still in love with each other, but his job is getting in the way of things. He thinks that she’s resentful of his job. Abby gets upset and tells him that they should talk about it at home, but Chance says that he wants to fix it, and they should talk it out right there at Crimson Lights.

Abby says she doesn’t resent his job. She says that when he finally came back from Spain, that it was a really dark time, and she had nothing but compassion for him, and she accepted his decision to go back to law enforcement.

Chance doesn’t think she’s being honest with him or with herself about her feelings, that they need to be open and real about their feelings, and they’re both resentful. Chance thinks that she wants to be with someone without any flaws. She tells him that he doesn’t get to tell her how she feels.


She says that she wants to be alone, and she storms off, in tears. Sharon sees that Chance is having an emotional moment, and brings him a pastry, saying that it looks like he could use it. Her cellphone rings… It’s Billy.

She tells Chance that she has to take the call, and walks away. She asks Billy if everything’s ok. Billy asks her to come to Chelsea’s suite and not to involve anyone else. Sharon agrees.

At that moment, Adam walks into the coffee shop and sees Sharon. He asks where she’s off to, and asks if she’s seen Billy and Chelsea. She says, honestly, that she hasn’t seen them that night.

Adam says that something happened with her and he thinks Billy is responsible. Sharon says that Chelsea is strong, she’s sure everything is ok, and that she’s sure that Adam will hear from her soon. Sharon says that she has to go, and heads out.

Victoria and Nate are sitting at a table in Society, with a bottle of champagne in front of them, celebrating Nate’s acceptance of the CEO position at Newman Media. They’re discussing his benefits and health plan, which Victoria has written down on a napkin. She says she’ll send the notes to get cleared by the legal department so they can get a contract in place.


They clink glasses in celebration, and Devon walks in. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Devon says that he’s surprised, because he doesn’t think that Nate is the type of person that would be valued at Newman Enterprises.

Devon thinks that Nate traded his integrity for his new position, and that he thinks that Victoria is the CEO that Nate was going to sell his shares to. Victoria says it’s a crazy thought, why would she hire him if their supposed deal fell through?

Devon doesn’t like that, he says that now she wants to take control of the company that Neil left behind. Victoria says that she would never do anything to disrespect Neil’s memory, and that if she was doing what Devon’s accusing her of, Neil would have realized that it was just business, that it wasn’t personal.


Devon isn’t going for that. She says that she doesn’t owe Devon anything, that their companies are separate, and that it shouldn’t be a personal thing between them. Nate says that it’s between Devon and himself, but Devon doesn’t see it that way.

He says it’s between the three of them, that he’s not stupid, and that they’re obviously there celebrating, and he won’t just ignore the person who’s going after his company. Nate says that it’s going to take time for him to forgive him, and Devon says, “I’m never going to forgive you.”

Devon tells Victoria to watch her back, because it’s obvious that Nate doesn’t value family, and that Nate might just come after her job. Devon leaves and sits at another table. Nate apologizes to Victoria for his cousin’s behavior, and says that he doesn’t think it’s over.


Victoria says that she doesn’t regret her decision to bring him on as CEO, and that it’s worth any trouble that it might cause with Devon and Lily.

Adam thanks her, and they get up to leave. Devon watches them leave from the other table with a knowing smirk on his face. He pulls up Amanda’s contact information on his phone, but suddenly, Abby curses and knocks over some lemons at the bar. He rushes over and asks her what’s wrong.

Abby wonders if every sad and negative thing that Chance said about their relationship was true. Devon picks up the lemons that Abby had dropped, and says, “When life hands you lemons, what do you do?” Abby says “You throw them on the ground and start crying.”

He laughs and says that’s about right. She’s upset, and hugs Devon, who comforts her.

Lily arrives at her office and gets a call from Billy. She says that she can’t believe he left her at the club, and that Adam says that he saw him with Chelsea.

She asks if she should be concerned about this, and Billy says that no, she shouldn’t be concerned, and that Chelsea had an incident, and that he’s going to stay with her until she gets some help. Lily’s confused, when there’s a knock on the hotel room door. It’s Sharon.

Billy says that he’ll call Lily back and update her. Billy answers the door, and lets Sharon know that he found Chelsea on the roof, and that Chelsea was trying to end her life. Sharon says that she knew that Chelsea needed to get back into therapy.


Billy says that he hopes that Sharon knows what can be done with her. Sharon says that it’s good that she’s sleeping, she must be physically and emotionally exhausted. She asks whether she took drugs or had alcohol, and Billy says she might have had one drink, but nothing more.

Sharon says that she should be taken to a facility where she can be taken care of, and that Chelsea is lucky to have Billy in her life. She asks if Billy’s alright, and he talks about the night that Delia died, and how all he could do was hold her that night and tell her that she’d be ok, but he knew she wasn’t going to make it.

Y&R - Sharon, Chelsea and Billy talk

He says he has the same feeling about Chelsea, that he was telling her she’d be ok, but he had the feeling that she wasn’t going to be ok. Chelsea calls out from the room, and Sharon and Billy step in from the hallway.

Sharon tells Chelsea that she wants to help get her support, and that Sharon and Billy are there for her. She tells Chelsea to trust Rey, that he would have wanted her to get help. She asks Chelsea to let them help her. Chelsea nods that she would take their help.