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Home » Chance Tells Abby It’s Over, Diane Admits Her Involvement to Kyle, and Amanda Kicks Devon to the Curb

Chance Tells Abby It’s Over, Diane Admits Her Involvement to Kyle, and Amanda Kicks Devon to the Curb

Amanda cries as she leaves Devon

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Monday, November 14, 2022. In this episode, Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis plot to get rid of Diane, Jack meets with Summer, and Mariah digs for info on Abby’s sadness. This early recap airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Adam finally finds out what’s happening with Chelsea, Noah and Audra talk about their past, and Sally meets with Jill..

The Ranch

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis meet up. Ashley says it was a good idea to befriend Tucker, that he told her that Diane was committing crimes in L.A. Phyllis cackles with glee at this revelation.

She tells them about Jeremy Stark, and how he’s doing time in prison, but is due to be released early.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis conspire against Diane
CBS – Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis conspire against Diane

Ashley passes around the article. Phyllis says that Jack and Kyle need to see the article. Nikki asks if Jack knows about Diane’s illegal activities.

Nikki reads the article about Stark's release from jail
CBS – Nikki reads the article about Stark’s release from jail

Ashley said that she tried to tell him, but he shut her down.

Ashley tells them what she knows
CBS – Ashley tells them what she knows

Nikki wonders how they didn’t find all this information when they were digging for proof before, and wonders if Tucker is playing Ashley.

Ashley says maybe they should get Victor’s team on it, but Phyllis says Victor’s legal team is useless, and that it’s got to be the three of them… “We have to confront her and put the fear of God into that bitch!”

Phyllis wants to confront Diane
CBS – Phyllis wants to confront Diane

Ashley works through what happened with Stark going to prison, and wonders if Diane had anything to do with it.

They come up with a plan… That if they make Diane think that Stark will come after her, she’ll have to leave town!

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis have a plan to get rid of Diane once and for all!
CBS – The plan is laid, the ladies are ready!


Summer comes into Society, and sees Jack. He asks her to join him for a bite to eat. He tells her that she’s really shining at Marchetti.

He says that he thinks a big sticking point is Diane, and Summer asks how he feels about Diane’s latest revelation. He responds, “In a word? Exhausted!”

Summer meets Jack at Society
CBS – Summer meets Jack at Society

He says that he wants to give Diane the benefit of the doubt about everything that happened in L.A. Summer says that she can’t trust her, though she tried for Kyle and Harrison’s sake.

Summer says that even if she’s put her criminal activities behind her, what kind of danger does this pose to Kyle?

Summer and Jack discuss Kyle and Diane
CBS – Summer and Jack discuss Kyle and Diane

Jack asks if Summer is working too hard to protect Kyle.

She says that she sees how much Diane’s return means to Kyle, that he feels whole again now that Diane is back in his life, and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.


Diane is looking at her phone, and sees the article about Jeremy Stark’s early release from prison. She looks very worried, and Kyle walks into the room.

Diane reads the article about Jeremy's release
CBS – Diane reads the article about Jeremy’s release

Diane says that she doesn’t know if she can live being on trial from her family, with an undercurrent of suspicious hanging over her.

She wonders if it’s time for her to leave, that maybe she shouldn’t have returned at all.

Diane worries as Kyle walks in
CBS – Diane worries

Kyle asks if she’s just trying to get him to ask her to stay.

Diane says that she has a legion of adversaries trying to bring her down.

Diane and Kyle talk
CBS – Diane and Kyle talk

Kyle figures that she means Phyllis and her “new buddies”.

Diane says she’s ready to throw in the towel. Kyle wonders what has brought on the urge to give up? Did Tucker do something?

She shows Kyle the article, and says that she thinks that somehow “the evil trio” will connect her to Jeremy Stark, and that Tucker has been feeding Ashley information about them.

Kyle and Diane discuss Jeremy Stark
CBS – Kyle and Diane discuss Jeremy Stark

Kyle asks what she’s worried about. Diane says that Stark is a dangerous man, and thinks that if he’s released, he could come after her if he thinks she had anything to do with him being put in jail.

Kyle asks, “Did you? Did you help put Jeremy Stark in prison?”

Kyle wonders if Diane helped put Jeremy Stark in prison
CBS – Kyle asks his mother about Jeremy Stark

Diane says that she sold him out to the feds to put him away. Kyle says that Jeremy Stark may know that she did it, since she didn’t get prosecuted.

He says that he won’t let anyone get to her, that the Abbotts protect their own. Diane is relieved, and they hug each other tightly.

Diane and Kyle have a heartwarming hug
CBS – Kyle and Diane share a hug

Kyle asks if Jack knows that Diane helped put Stark away. She says she hadn’t told him yet, and that she’d prefer that she tells him, not Kyle.

She tells him that Summer can’t find out, either, or she’d tell her mother, and that would just complicate matters. Kyle says that he tells Summer everything, and that’s what makes their marriage so good.

Summer and Jack walk in on Kyle and Diane
CBS – Summer and Jack walk in on Kyle and Diane

Summer and Jack walk into the Jabot offices at that moment, and Diane leaves, flustered.

In Jabot’s lobby, Diane gets a text message from Ashley. “We have to meet. It’s important.”

Devon’s Apartment

Devon comes into his apartment to find Amanda’s bags packed. He says he’s not happy to see her suitcases, and she says she’s not thrilled about it either.

Devon comes home
CBS – Devon comes home

Devon says that she’s moving too fast, and she says that she doesn’t think she has any other choice. He says she doesn’t have to quit Chancellor-Winters, and she says she can’t be there and work with him.

Devon and Amanda talk
CBS – Devon and Amanda talk

He asks to talk to her to see if they can work it out.

She says there isn’t anything to talk about, and she sees the situation clearly. She knows that it was spontaneous and unexpected, but that at any time after that first kiss, he could have pulled back.

Amanda tells Devon her feelings
CBS – Amanda tells Devon her feelings

She thinks he’s a good man, with a good heart, and she thought that he’d be those things for her when she came back from Virginia. She thinks that there is more of a connection between him and Abby than he’s willing to admit.

Devon says the only connection with Abby is that they’re friends. Amanda isn’t having any of that, she thinks that her absence gave him the time he needed to awaken those feelings for Abby in him.

Amanda tells Devon that he's not enough for her
CBS – Amanda and Devon

Devon says that Abby and he had discovered long ago that there was nothing romantic between them.

Amanda says that things have changed, that they have a child together, that it connects him to Abby forever.

He says that Amanda will always be enough for him. She says “Maybe you’re not enough for me!”

Amanda tells Devon to leave
CBS – Amanda tells Devon to leave

She asks Devon to leave, that she just wants to finish packing, and doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. She tells him that it’s over, that there’s no coming back from this.

Devon says that he never meant to hurt her, and hopes she knows he never did. She says everything’s changed, and he needs to accept it.

Devon takes his keys and leaves. He’s broken up, and leaves Amanda crying in the apartment.

Amanda is heartbroken
CBS – Amanda is heartbroken

Crimson Lights

Sharon finds Chance at the coffee shop, and he invites her to sit down and talk.

She mentions that she saw the tail end of an argument between him and Abby. She wonders if his work is causing problems between them.

Sharon comes into Crimson Lights
CBS – Sharon comes into Crimson Lights

Chance says that they keep having the same argument, that Abby thinks he’s betraying her every time that he works late.

He thinks that Abby wants him to give up his job, but he says that his work gives him a reason to live, and he doesn’t think he could give it up. He says he’s not sure that he can be the man that Abby wants him to be.

Sharon and Chance talk
CBS – Sharon and Chance talk

Sharon says she hopes that they can work things out, but that some people want what someone can’t give them. Chance appreciates Sharon’s candor, that it’s refreshing.

Chancellor Mansion

Mariah knocks and shows up with a gift for Dominic, and Abby invites her in.

Mariah comes to see Abby and Dominic
CBS – Mariah comes to see Abby and Dominic

She says she has some very exciting news, that Tess and her are waiting to hear back from a pregnant young mother who they’re looking to adopt from.

Mariah gives Abby the present for Dominic, and Abby puts it down on the table. Mariah senses something is wrong, that Abby usually can’t wait to open a present, and asks her to spill what happened.

Abby is holding Dominic, and she and Mariah talk about Chance
CBS – Abby and Mariah talk about Chance

Ashley says that Chance didn’t come home last night.

Mariah says that she thought Chance was starting to work more regular hours. She thinks that Chance just loves his job, and that he probably gets an adrenaline rush from catching the bad guys.

She says that even though Tessa had cancelled her tour because of her vocal nodules, that she’s glad that Tessa is around more, so she understands how Abby must be feeling.

Mariah finds out more about Abby and Chance's dissolving relationship
CBS – Mariah finds out more

She says it’s nice not to have to play second fiddle to Tessa’s music. Abby laughs sadly at that, and she says that it’s causing problems in their marriage.

Abby says that she thought things were getting better between them, and that she can’t get over how much Chance puts his job over his family. She asks if she’s expecting too much from him.

Abby and Mariah talk about Chance's job
CBS – Abby and Mariah talk about Chance’s job

Mariah says that Chance is a determined and dedicated man, not just to his family, but to his oath and his code.

Abby asks where it leaves them, and Mariah says that it depends on how she feels about the man she’s married, not the one that she dreamed he was.

Mariah gives Abby some advice
CBS – Mariah gives Abby some advice

Chance arrives home at that moment, and Mariah says she’s got to leave, that she’d only dropped by to leave the present for Dominic.

Chance arrives home, and Mariah leaves
CBS – Chance arrives home, and Mariah leaves

Abby asks what Chance wants from her, that he hopes he can put aside what happened with Devon.

Chance says it’s too late. He says that he knows in his heart that she belongs with Devon, that he fits all of her ideals.

Chance says their marriage is over
CBS – Chance says their marriage is over

He says that it’s over between them, that he can never live up to what she needs.