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Ashley Accuses Jack of Harbouring Diane, and Tucker Hides Audra When Ashley Shows Up At His Door After They’ve Had Sex

There's a knock at the door, Audra is half-dressed, and Tucker is shirtless

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Tuesday, December 20, 2022. In this episode, Jack and Ashley squabble over Diane, Summer and Kyle decide to go to the cabin to see his mom, and Tucker almost gets caught with his pants down. This recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Tessa Lets a Secret Slip, Adam Causes Drama by Inviting Chelsea to the Newman Christmas Dinner, and Nick Glosses Over Sally’s Past.

Abbott Mansion

Jack comes in to see Ashley sitting on the couch. He asks if she’s feeling any regret for the problems she’s caused Diane.

She says, “No, not even a little bit.”

Ashley reacts to Jack Abbott asking if she has regrets - Young and The Restless Recap

Ashley says that Diane is playing Jack. Jack sputters and says that Diane needed to leave town because she was in danger.

Ashley says that it’s pretty obvious that she hasn’t really left town, as it’s awfully convenient that she left town before saying goodbye to Kyle or anyone else in the family.

Jack and Ashley Abbott sit on the couch and talk about Diane leaving town

Jack says that Diane was so frightened that she left town, and didn’t want to cause trouble for Kyle and Harrison.

Ashley says that Jack’s giving her adoration, and that Jack and Kyle have allowed Diane to “leave town”.

She thinks he has Diane in hiding somewhere. Jack continues to blame her for this whole thing.

Ashley and Jack Abbott argue about how she has no remorse

“Aw gee,” Ashley says, reminding Jack that Harrison hasn’t ever spent the holiday with Diane and Kyle hasn’t in decades.

Ashley says the only reason why this Christmas is special is because she actually wants to spend it with her son.

Jack and Ashley argue about Diane in the Abbott living room

She says that if Diane really cares about her son, she’d have moved heaven and earth to be with him. “She chose not to return, Jack. Year after year!”  She yells.

She doesn’t know what Diane being back to town has done to his brain but his judgment is off.

Ashley and Jack argue

Jack stalks out, angry.

Crimson Lights

Tucker comes in and sees Sharon. He comes over and says hello and talks about when they were running Newman together.

Tucker meets Sharon at Crimson Lights and gets a coffee - Young and The Restless Recap

He makes a snide remark about how different it must be, trying to find the right sweetener for drinks.

Sharon says that she’s very happy with her job, and loves having a place for people to come, including ne’er-do-wells like him.

Sharon and Tucker laugh as they talk about their past

He mentions that he and Ashley were there yesterday, and Sharon smirks and says that she’s not surprised that he’s up to his old tricks.

Tucker says that he thinks he’s making headway with Ashley, and that he had a near-death experience, so he’s trying to make up for lost time.

Sharon and Tucker talk at the coffee shop

Sharon tells him that she has a psychology degree, and she doesn’t buy what he’s selling.

Tucker says that he’s making Ashley his priority. He wants to make her happier than she’s been in her whole life. Sharon asks if he thinks his charm is enough for her.

At the coffee shop, Tucker tells Sharon he's changed since his near-death experience

He hopes he has more to offer than his charm. She asks if that’s a sexual innuendo. It’s not.

She asks if he wants to marry Ashley. He says there are more ways to forge an everlasting bond. Sharon asks if she’s shown him that she wants to be with him.

Tucker hangs his head when Sharon asks if Ashley has shown interest in his advances

He hangs his head and Sharon laughs at him. Tucker says it was nice seeing her before he leaves.

Billy and Victoria show up to the coffee shop with Johnny in tow. Johnny is happy to get a hot cocoa.

Billy, Johnny, and Victoria arrive at Crimson Lights - Young and The Restless Recap

They get serious, and Victoria tells Johnny that Chelsea has a gift for him, and asks if he wants it.

Billy says that he doesn’t have to see Chelsea alone, that he can see her with Connor if that would make him more comfortable.

Johnny says that he thinks it sounds like fun.

Billy and Victoria make sure that Johnny is comfortable seeing Chelsea

He asks when it’s going to happen. Billy says, “No time like the present!”

Billy sends a text message, asking Chelsea to come down.

Billy’s phone pings. It’s Chelsea, saying that she has an appointment and can’t make it right away.

Victoria isn't happy about Johnny seeing Chelsea

They talk about getting presents for Chelsea and Connor.

Victoria doesn’t look very happy with the whole idea. 

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Nate’s Apartment

Nate returns from L.A. and finds Elena there. He tells her that his trip to L.A. went well, that he met a lot of people, and everyone at Newman’s L.A. office was very welcoming.

Elena returns to Nate's apartment after work - Young and The Restless Recap

Elena asks how the K-Pop meeting went, and he says it was good, though they’ll have to wait and see how it works out.

Elena yawns, and Nate jokes about how tired she is. She says that she had a late night at the hospital, and Nate commiserates.

Nate and Elena kiss before she has a nap

They kiss, and Elena heads up to bed to catch up on sleep.

Jabot Cosmetics

Summer and Kyle meet in the lobby of Jabot, and Summer says they have to talk right away.

In the Jabot lobby, Summer asks Kyle to talk with her - Young and The Restless Recap

Summer takes Kyle into Jack’s office, and asks him if he would like to spend time with his mother. Kyle is enthused about that.

Kyle says he understands if Summer doesn’t want him to go. She says that’s not it at all… She says that Harrison and her will go with him!

In Jack's office, Summer and Kyle talk about seeing Diane for Christmas

Kyle is hesitant at first, but asks how they’re going to tell Harrison about it. He says that they have to make sure that Stark is distracted, that they can’t have him following them to the cabin.

Summer asks if he thinks that Stark will actually follow them.

He says that as much as he wants to see his mother, that’s a liability they can’t afford.

Kyle tells Summer that he really wants to see his mother for Christmas

Jack comes in and sees his son and daughter-in-law. He asks, “Why the long faces?”

They explain that they can’t spend time with Diane, because they haven’t found a way to neutralize Stark.

Jack says, “Leave him to me.”

Jack comes to the Jabot offices and finds Summer and Kyle there

Newman Enterprises

Billy knocks on the door and enters to find Victoria in her office.

He tells her that Chelsea has bought Johnny a Christmas gift and would like to give it to him.

Billy comes into Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises - Young and The Restless Recap

Victoria says, “That is out of the question.”

She goes on to say that she doesn’t want Chelsea coming over, and she wonders if Chelsea is regressing by wanting to get him a gift. She doesn’t want Johnny and Chelsea being alone together.

Billy tells Victoria that Chelsea has a present for Johnny

Billy says, “So you’re drawing a line here?”

Victoria says that she’s Johnny’s mom, and that she’s setting boundaries, that there is too much at stake.

Billy asks what she’s worried about losing, that more love benefits kids. He defends how well Chelsea is doing.

Victoria isn't happy to hear that Chelsea wants more involvement with Johnny

Victoria’s more worried about whether or not their son is ready for this. He already blames himself for some of her issues when he rejected her.

Billy thinks they should ask Johnny. If he decides to spend time with her, they should respect that it’s his choice. Victoria nods.


Nate comes into the restaurant and sees Audra sitting at a table there. He comes over and says hello.

Nate comes to Society and sees Audra - Young and The Restless Recap

She congratulates him on his new position at Newman Media, and invites him to sit down and fill her in on what’s happening.

He sits down with her, and they talk about the IPO at Chancellor-Winters.

At Society, Audra and Nate talk about his new position

She says that she didn’t find what he did shocking or infuriating, but she thinks that it went wrong because he mixed family and business. Talk turns to her.

Nate asks who she is and what she wants out of life. “More,” she says. More excitement, adventure and knowledge.

Nate asks Audra what she wants out of life

He says she came to Genoa City for work, but what are her goals.

She gets a text from Tucker. “My suite. ASAP.”

She says she’s not entirely sure what her goals are.

Audra and Nate talk while sitting at a table in Society

Nate asks if she’ll stay in Genoa City. She’s not sure, but says the town is growing on her.

He thinks they need “more players who understand the game.” He invites her to talk to him if she needs a job, that he’d hire her at Newman Media. 

Tucker’s Hotel Suite

Audra comes up to Tucker’s suite, and he tells her that he had spontaneously offered to help Ashley start her own business, but at first she declined.

Audra sarcastically says that she’s so happy he called her over to talk about how his obsession didn’t say no.

Tucker and Audra talk in his hotel suite - Young and The Restless Recap

Audra says maybe it’s time for her to make her own plans.

Tucker is surprised, but says that he doesn’t want to stand between her and her destiny.

He puts her coat on her, and kisses her neck.

Tucker puts on Audra's coat and kisses her neck

She tells him he’s such an insufferable son-of-a-bitch.

They kiss passionately, and he takes her coat back off, and they move to the couch.

After they finish, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Ashley.

There's a knock at the door, Audra is half-dressed, and Tucker is shirtless

Tucker tells Audra to hide in the bathroom, and scrambles to get himself together, throwing his clothes on.

Tucker, panicked, asks Audra to hide in the washroom

He opens the door, flustered, and Ashley grins and says, “Looks like I caught you at a bad time!”

Tucker answers the door to find Ashley there

Newman Media

Elena shows up at Nate’s office, and he’s surprised by her, thinking that she had a quick recovery from her nap.

She laughs and says that she couldn’t sleep, and decided to surprise him.

Elena shows up in Nate's office at Newman Media

He tells her that he met with Audra at lunch.

Elena says that something about Audra doesn’t sit right with her, like she’s always working an angle.

She says that she doesn’t trust Audra.