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Home » Adam is Stunned by Chelsea’s Admission, Jill Tells Billy Off, and Audra Reveals a Secret

Adam is Stunned by Chelsea’s Admission, Jill Tells Billy Off, and Audra Reveals a Secret

Adam meets with Sharon and Billy to talk about Chelsea

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, November 11, 2022. In this episode, Adam finally finds out what’s happening with Chelsea, Noah and Audra talk about their past, and Sally meets with Jill. This early recap airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon and Abby talked about their indiscretions, Jack and Ashley argued about Tucker’s motives, and Amanda and Phyllis talked about her leaving Genoa City.


Sally sees Adam at Society having breakfast, and says it must be nice to have to be up early, while she’s enjoying her time off. Adam says that something will turn up, even though she turned down his offer for help.

He says that letting her go was a terrible mistake, and that nothing would make him happier than her getting the job she deserves.

 Sally meets with Adam
CBS – Sally meets with Adam

She says he looked like he was deep in thought when she came in, and asks him what’s up. He says he’s thinking about Chelsea, wondering where she is and what’s happening.

Adam’s phone rings, and it’s Billy, who wants to meet up. Adam tells Sally he’s got to go meet with Billy, and leaves.

CBS – Billy calls Adam

Jill walks in and sees Sally, who immediately begins pretending to talk to her father on the phone about her job with Newman Media. Jill sees right through it, and asks if the performance was solely for her benefit.

Sally fakes a call to her dad
CBS – Sally fakes a call to her dad

Sally admits to the sham, and says it was her way of “introducing” herself to Jill.

Jill wants to know how she lasted as long as she did at Newman Media. Sally says that she considers it one of her greatest achievements.

Health Facility

Dr. Malone asks if Chelsea slept well. Chelsea says she’s just thinking about how she got there and what she’s got to do next.

After her therapy session, Adam arrives at Chelsea’s room. Wordlessly, with tears in their eyes, they hug each other.

Adam and Chelsea embrace
CBS – Adam and Chelsea embrace

Chelsea asks how Connor is, and Adam says that he’s missing her, but that he’s taking care of him. He says that he’s not sure how long he can keep up the “your mom will be back soon” facade without knowing what happened.

Chelsea says that things started piling up on her, but that she didn’t want to be a burden, so she didn’t say anything. She says that she was drowning, dying a bit more day by day.

Chelsea and Adam talk
CBS – Chelsea and Adam talk

She says that she did terrible things while she was mourning Rey, and then she lost Chloe, and as soon as Connor found out about Johnny, she felt like she’d lost him as well.

She admits that she just wanted the pain go away. Adam says he’s grateful that Billy was on the roof to save her.

Adam is worried for Chelsea
CBS – Adam is worried for Chelsea

He says that if he hasn’t told her that he cares for her, he’s sorry, and that he’s glad she’s there getting the help she needs.

Chelsea says she was worried that Adam would be angry if he found out, and he says he isn’t angry at all, that she’s a good mother and he knows that she would do anything for their son.

Chelsea is all talked out, and Adam says that he’ll be there for her and for Connor every step of the way. He asks that she just let him know what she needs. She says that his main job is to just take care of Connor.

Chelsea is grateful for Adam's care
CBS – Chelsea is grateful for Adam’s care

Crimson Lights

Sharon meets with Billy, and she mentions that Chelsea is ready to reach out to Connor and Adam. They discuss how to talk to Adam about Chelsea.

Sharon talks with Billy about Adam and Chelsea
CBS – Sharon talks with Billy about Adam and Chelsea

Billy calls Adam, who comes to the coffee shop and meets with them. Sharon tells him that Chelsea was in crisis and is in a facility to get help.

Adam says that he understands why Billy didn’t tell him. Sharon says that Billy is the one person Chelsea really trusts.

Adam finally finds out about Chelsea's whereabouts
CBS – Adam finally finds out about Chelsea’s whereabouts


Jill remarks that Billy hasn’t showed up yet, and Lily says that he’s been helping Chelsea through a traumatic experience.

They begin talking about the IPO, and how they’re going to handle it with Billy stepping down, and how they can’t have any perception of instability in the management.

Jill and Lily talk about Chancellor-Winters' upcoming IPO
CBS – Jill discusses taking the company public with Lily

Billy comes into the office, and apologizes for not returning Jill’s calls. Lily has a meeting to get to, and leaves Billy and Jill to discuss what’s happening.

Jill asks “I want to know exactly what the hell is going on with you?” She says he was self-destructing, and he says he’s thankful that Jill took him in and helped him through the tough times.

Jill asks Billy where he's been
CBS – Jill asks Billy what’s going on

Billy says that Devon and Lily are doing so well with the company, and says that even though he threw himself into the company at first, he didn’t feel passionate about his job with the company.

He admits that he needs to be at a job where he feels like he’s helping out, and Jill asks him when he’s going to figure out who he really is.

She says that she wants to look back at her life and feel fulfilled, and that is what she wants for him too.

Jill caresses Billy's face
CBS – Jill caresses Billy’s face

Billy says that he has to break the pattern of staying in a job to make everyone else comfortable. Jill says that he needs to stay engaged, to stick with things.

Billy says that he’s doing what he thinks is best for the company, and that it’s best for him too. Lily comes back from her meeting, and Jill leaves. She touches his cheek, and Billy says that he loves her.

Lily asks if everything’s good with him now, as he was absent for the last few days. He says that Adam is able to take care of Chelsea now.

Lily and Billy talk
CBS – Lily and Billy talk

Lily says he should just step back from that situation, and wonders if his hatred of Adam is the only reason that he’s looking out for Chelsea. He says that he’s doing it for Chelsea, and it has nothing to do with Adam.

Billy says that he was there when Chelsea needed him, and that he knows what it feels like when nobody understands, and that’s why he could help her.

Billy explains to Lily that he was making sure Chelsea was OK
CBS – Billy explains to Lily that he was making sure Chelsea was OK

Lily says that she’d have supported him, and he says he knows that, but he’s not sure she could relate to the dark times that he was going through.

He says that he felt a sense of responsibility to lead Chelsea through the darkness, because he’d gone through it himself.

Crimson Lights

Meanwhile, in another corner of the coffee shop, Noah and Allie are laughing and kissing, flirting about their time together. Allie says they’re the perfect couple.

Allie and Noah kiss passionately
CBS – Allie and Noah enjoy each other’s company

Noah laughs and agrees with her, and says that he has to leave, as he has to get to work at The Glam Club. Audra comes in and sees them together, and as Noah passes her, he gives her a look, but doesn’t say a word. She turns around and walks out after him.

Noah leaves Crimson Lights and ignores Audra
CBS – Noah leaves Crimson Lights and ignores Audra

The Glam Club

Audra asks when Noah will stop punishing her, to which he responds by asking her why she keeps insinuating herself into his life.

She says that when she sees him with his new girlfriend, he never seems angry with her. He retorts that he has a healthy relationship with her, unlike theirs used to be.

Audra confronts Noah
CBS – Audra confronts Noah

Audra says that she wants him to talk to her, to see her, and not ignore her. Noah says that was a long time ago, and that it’s not worth rehashing it.

She says that it had to have mattered, because of the baby.

Noah is shocked by Audra's revelation about the baby she miscarried
CBS – Noah is shocked by Audra’s revelation

Noah asks what she’s talking about… What baby? She says that they while they were fighting, that everything kept making her sick, so she took a pregnancy test, which was positive.

He asks why she didn’t tell him, and Audra says that it would have looked like she was using the pregnancy as emotional blackmail. She says she miscarried and she not only lost the baby, but she lost everything, including Noah.

Noah and Audra talk
CBS – Noah and Audra talk

She says she needs to know that she didn’t go through that pain and sadness and loss, just to have it not matter in the end.

Noah hugs her with tears in his eyes from finding out the news about her miscarriage.

Noah hugs Audra after finding out the news about the miscarriage
CBS – Noah hugs Audra after finding out the news

At that moment, Allie walks into the club and sees them embracing. She’s shocked and upset.

Allie finds Noah and Audra in an embrace
CBS – Allie finds Noah and Audra in an embrace