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Home » Abby & Devon’s Cheating Catches Up With Them, Sally Makes a Difficult Decision, and Nate & Elena Make Up

Abby & Devon’s Cheating Catches Up With Them, Sally Makes a Difficult Decision, and Nate & Elena Make Up

Amanda and Devon break up

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Wednesday, November 9, 2022. In this episode, Devon and Abby get caught in an affair by Chance and Amanda, Jack gives Adam some advice, and Elena and Nate reconcile.

On the last episode of Y&R, Devon and Abby made love, Chelsea had her first therapy session, and Jill returned to Chancellor-Winters.

Devon’s Apartment

Chance and Amanda walk in, and see Devon and Abby who are undressed and in a deep embrace.

Amanda yells, “What the hell?!”, and Chance just turns around and walks out the door.

Devon Hamilton and Abby Newman-Chancellor are caught red-handed!
CBS – Devon and Abby are caught in flagrante delicto!

Abby screams, “Chance! Chance!”, but he’s already gone. Abby throws on her clothes, apologizing profusely to Amanda, and runs after Chance.

Amanda yells at Devon and, almost tripping over his own words, he says he’s sorry, that he doesn’t how it happened, it was just spontaneous, but he wants to talk so he can understand what happened.

Abby runs after Chance, leaving Devon Hamilton and Amanda Sinclair to talk
CBS – Amanda confronts Devon

Amanda throws his clothes at him and says that they can talk, but he needs to put his damn clothes on first!

Devon asks why she came home early. Angry, she snaps back, “What does that matter?” He says he was wondering if everything was OK, if something happened to her mother.

Amanda Sinclair is furious with Devon's cheating ways!
CBS – Amanda is furious with Devon’s cheating ways!

She says that her mother isn’t doing so well after her stroke. Devon says he’s sorry. She says, “Is that why you were rolling around naked with Abby?”

Devon explains that Abby came over and they were talking about their problems, how they were leaning on each other for support, and things just happened.

Amanda is very hurt by Devon's actions
CBS – Amanda is hurt and angry with Devon

Amanda asks how many times did this “just happen”. She asks how he could do this to her again. Devon doesn’t know how to respond, and makes excuses that he’s trying to figure out how it happened.

Amanda is disgusted, but says that she’s glad for it, because now she knows exactly what he’s capable of, and she can leave town without a backward glance.

Amanda tells Devon off, and that it's over!
CBS – Amanda tells Devon that it’s over

Devon says that they can’t just give up on everything they have. He says she’s just upset. She asks if he used that same line on Hillary, her twin sister, when he cheated on her.

Amanda says that while he was rolling around on the couch with Abby like a couple of teenagers, that she was in Nate’s apartment, defending Devon to Nate.

Amanda leaves Devon's apartment
CBS – Amanda leaves Devon’s apartment

Devon says that he loves her, and she says that if that’s the way he shows love, she doesn’t want it. Amanda packs up, and as she’s getting ready to leave, Dominic cries in the background.

Amanda tells him to go take care of his son and leaves.


Adam and Jack joke about work while Nick looks on from a table where he’s eating.

Jack Abbott and Adam Newman joke around
CBS – Jack and Adam joke around

Jack asks if Nick has seen the newlyweds since they came back from their Honeymoon, to which Nick replies that he has.

Adam makes a snide remark, and Nick says that he knows when to leave. He gets up and heads out.

Nick Newman leaves after Adam Newman makes a remark. Jack Abbott wonders what that was about.
CBS – Nick leaves as Adam and Jack arrive for a bite

Jack and Adam sit down, and Jack says that he has no hidden agenda, that he just wants to catch up with Adam about his time so far at Jabot. He says that Adam’s performance has been impressive, but that it seems that he’s been facing some issues lately.

Adam says that Johnny and Connor were made aware of Chelsea’s relation to Johnny, and that has factored into it.

Adam and Jack sit down at a table
CBS – Adam and Jack sit to eat and talk

He says that Chelsea disappeared Halloween night, and that the only one she’s been talking to is Billy. Adam says that he doesn’t want to wait on the sidelines, because that’s what made him lose Sally.

Jack says that they haven’t talked about his breakup with Sally, and Adam says that he waited too long to try to fix things, and that she had already moved on… To Nick.

Jack Abbott gives some sage advice to Adam
CBS – Jack advises Adam to talk to Sally

Jack says he’s sorry, and asks how he can help. Adam says that he can listen, that’s the best help. He thought that if he and Sally weren’t dating, that Victoria would keep Sally on, but it didn’t work that way.

Adam says he still loves Sally, and Jack says to find a way to tell her that.

Newman Enterprises

In Victoria’s office, Nate and Victoria talk about his new position, and how he’s thankful for the opportunity. He says that he’s looking forward to the challenge.

Victoria Newman congratulates Nate Hastings on his new job as CEO
CBS – Victoria congratulates Nate on his CEO position

They walk into Nate’s new office, and find Sally there, finishing packing up her belongings.

She tells Nate that she wasn’t expecting her replacement to come in until tomorrow.

Sally Spectra is taken aback by Nate and Victoria's entrance
CBS – Sally is surprised that Nate started so quickly

Nate says that he hopes she knows that it was just business, and that he didn’t mean to take her job. She says there is no animosity between them, and Nate graciously agrees.

Victoria and Nate leave Sally to pack, and as she’s leaving, Victoria says “I trust you’ll be gone by the time we’re back.”

Victoria Newman isn't happy that Sally Spectra is still in the office
CBS – Victoria asks Sally to leave

As Sally finishes packing up, she comes across some notes from Adam and Nick saying how well she was doing.

She finishes packing, takes one more sad look around, and leaves.

A note from Adam Newman and a note from Nick Newman. "Great job!" and "The best is yet to come!"
CBS – Hopeful notes from Adam and Nick

Nate and Victoria come back, and Victoria tells Nate that he handled meeting Sally well. Nate says that he’s been through meeting prior employees before, which pleases Victoria.

Elena comes to the door and remarks that it’s a beautiful office. She congratulates Nate on his new position.

Elena Dawson comes to see Nate's new office
CBS – Elena comes to see Nate’s new office

Victoria leaves, saying that it’s nice to see Elena. Nate says that he’s happy she dropped by, especially after the way they left off.

She says that she came back to Genoa City to get closer to Nate. He says that if she only gave him the opportunity, he can prove that he’s the man she fell in love with.

Elena Dawson and Nate Hastings kiss passionately
CBS – Elena and Nate kiss

She comes over and embraces him, and they kiss passionately.

Chancellor Mansion

Chance walks in, shaking his head, and looks at pictures of himself and Abby.

Chance Chancellor can't believe what he walked into
CBS – Chance processes what he just saw

Abby walks in and says that she’s so glad he’s home, that she needs to talk and explain.

She says that she’s sorry and filled with regret. Chance says, “Is that all?”

Chance and Abby discuss their future
CBS – Chance and Abby talk

She explains that she was in a rough place, and that because he didn’t come home last night, she went to Devon’s, where they were supportive of each other, but it turned into something else.

Chance says that something has been going on between her and Devon for a long time, and that what happened between them was inevitable.

Abby is broken up by what she did
CBS – Abby is broken up over her actions

Abby says that Devon and her were only just friends, and that’s all they’ve ever been. She says that Devon never says that work matters more, unlike Chance.

He asks if she’s just trying to get back at him for what he said at Crimson Lights. She says she has no explanation, that it wasn’t revenge for anything he’d said.

Chance says to Abby that they need to have time apart
CBS – Chance tells Abby they need to spend time apart

Chance says that they haven’t been able to be together hardly any time at all, and that Devon and her had been getting closer while they grew further apart.

He says that she obviously didn’t get his voicemail about wanting to come home and fix things up between them. He says that their relationship isn’t what he wants, and that it’s time for them to face that reality.

Abby is crying as Chance tells her that they need to separate
CBS – Abby cries as Chance tells her they need to take some time apart

Abby cries that she loves him and that Chance loves her too, and that she can make it up to him. Chance isn’t ready to accept that, and asks for time and space.

Abby agrees, and Chance walks out, leaving Abby crying to herself on the sofa.

Abby cries to herself on the sofa after Chance leaves
CBS – Abby cries after Chance leaves

Crimson Lights

Sally comes in for a coffee and sees Nick. She says she just met her replacement at Newman Enterprises, and that she doesn’t blame Nick for anything that happened there.

Nick says, “So I guess you miss Adam?”. Sally says she that the person she misses is Nick. He says he misses her too, but he wants her, and her alone, he doesn’t want to be in a love triangle with his brother.

Sally Spectra meets with Nick Newman at Crimson Lights
CBS – Sally meets Nick

She understands, and asks where that leaves them. Nick says that she has to figure out what she wants, both professionally and personally.

She says she wants a drama-free romance with someone who sees her as an equal, and she knows that Adam only represents conflict. She wants stability and positive energy.

Nick Newman smiles at Sally after hearing what she wants in a relationship
CBS – Nick hears what Sally wants in a man

Nick smiles, and says that makes perfect sense.