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The Abbott Christmas Tree is Decorated, Summer Yells at Phyllis For Betraying Her and Kyle Tries to Attack Stark

Traci stands next to a Christmas tree

This episode of The Young and The Restless airs Friday, December 16, 2022. In this episode, Kyle tries to attack Stark, the Abbott’s trim the Christmas tree and Phyllis won’t forgive her daughter. This recap’s episode airs one day early in Canada.

On the last episode of Y&R, Summer fired Phyllis, Michael tells Phyllis, “I told you so!”, and Nick and Sally got closer.

The Abbott mansion

Oh Christmas Tree plays while Summer decorates the tree.

She’s thrilled to see Kyle return from his trip. They kiss.

summer and kyle kiss Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

They have the family ornaments left that she saved for him.

They embrace. He shows her an ornament he bought for his dad when he was away.

summer kyle at abbotts house  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

She thinks it’s sweet. Jack and Traci appear. Kyle got the issue at the fabric house settled.

Traci declares the tree is fabulous.

It breaks her heart watching Kyle and Summer tell Harrison that DiDi’s not going to be here for Christmas.

Jack says they’ll all try to reassure him.

traci christmas tree abbott house  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

Traci believes traditions are the most important thing to them this year.

The women take off and Kyle snipes to his dad that they’ll need more than a Christmas miracle because of its threat to his mom.

The siblings go through the ornaments.

Jack’s going to give Allie the one that Dina gave him.

kyle's christmas ornament Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps YandRRecaps

Traci can’t find her silver ice skates ornament Katherine gave her.

It was in a box with the star that goes on the top of the tree.

Traci dashes off to find it.

Kyle talks about his mom settling in at the cabin.

She’s missing Harrison.

jack ornament from his mother Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps YandRRecaps

Summer feels bad and thinks they should go to the police but Jack doesn’t want more attention on Diane.

Traci returns and they have the tree topper on and all the ornaments.

Traci’s ready to go for a drink with a friend.

She assures Kyle that everything with Diane will work out.

She hugs him and runs off while the men decide to pay Jeremy Stark a visit.

summer kyle hug with jack by the tree Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps YandRRecaps

Crimson Lights

Ashley and Tucker arrive at Crimson Lights.

She wants cocoa.

He rolls his eyes, thinking she should have more so she asks for cinnamon.

ashley with tucker crimson lights  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

He orders two and they take a seat.

She calls their picnic magical. Ash asks him what he’s after and his smile falters.

Both gestures were from the heart. “I see,” she says. 

He toys with his cocoa and looks down.

Ashley thinks he wants to convince her to leave Jabot, or  maybe it’s a misguided attempt to protect her before he pounces on her family to takeover the company.

tucker in blue  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

Tucker acts downtrodden.

He wishes for once she’d believe him and asks her to think about what a bright future would be like if she was on her own.

She tells him to settle down. Jabot is in her blood.

ashley leaves crimson lights Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps YandRRecaps

He thinks she’s the only one to become a maverick.

She asks why she needs him.

He says they don’t and looks hurt.

She says it’s time for her to go and thanks him for a lovely day.

She takes off.


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Chelsea’s apartment

Chelsea and Billy sit down at her place to watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

She assures him she can handle the darker scenes.

billy watches movie chelsea  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

They dig in to popcorn and beer.

chelsea with billy home  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps

As they watch, Chelsea tears up. They finish watching and sing Auld Lang Syne.

She thinks the show is about a person who comes to value their life and believe it’s a gift. She smiles bright.

She hopes the boys, Connor and Johnny, can spend time together over the holidays. Billy thinks that’s fine.

Billy and chelsea sing auld lang syne Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps

She thinks her apology to Victoria went well.

She hears a knock on the door and answers it to Adam. He’s laden with holiday packages. He’s sorry.

He didn’t know she had company. Billy takes off and Adam asks what they’ll do for the holidays.

Chelsea thinks it’s time she start living her own life again.

chelsea sees adam at her door Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps



At Society, Daniel’s shocked and pleased to be hired by Devon and Lily. He clasps Devon’s hand and hugs Lily.

Contracts come in a day or two.

They’ll work on development first and he says he has some interest from a few tech people, game designers and managers.

Daniel talks about how they’re providing a meaningful and inspirational service to people.

devon shocked by daniel  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps YandRRecaps

Lily loves that. In March, Daniel says he wants to make an announcement.

Devon questions if that’s going to be enough time. Daniel grins.

Devon says he doesn’t even have a team yet. They don’t need to rush things.

Devon needs to go. They talk about Dom teething before the men embrace.

After Devon’s gone, Lily tells Daniel how happy she is that he’s in Genoa City again.

He vows not to let her down.

daniel gets the job  Young and Restless Spoiler Recaps Y&RRecaps


Jabot Offices

Phyllis throws things into a box in her office when Summer appears. She reminds her she’s fired. Phyllis isn’t stealing anything.

Summer argues about the morality clause that got her fired.

summer angry mother Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps

Summer wants to go back to being a family again, eventually. Phyllis is shocked.

“You fired me as an act of solidarity with Diane Jenkins. You want me to get over it and move on?”

She sold her hotel to work with her daughter.

Summer knows it was also to  keep an eye on Diane.

Phyllis tells Summer that Diane’s lying and she’ll never trust her. Summer says not everyone  despises her.

phyllis won't forgive summer Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps

Phyllis gets that Kyle wants to believe the best in her but she was caught lying and ran.

“But…she’s mother of the year, isn’t she?” Summer yells that she can’t justify her calling a convicted criminal to come here.

You hurt me mom. You betrayed me because your soul focus was driving Diane away.”

phyllis and summer yell about diane Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps


The Grand Phoenix Hotel

Kyle and Jack arrive at Jeremy’s room at Grand Phoenix.

He lets them in and comments he’s sorry to hear Kyle’s mom left town so suddenly.

kyle and jack meet stark hotel Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps

Kyle tries to attack the man, causing Jack to hold his son back.

Kyle says he scared her enough to run out with out as much as a goodbye.

Jack holds him back again and tells Stark they just want to talk. Stark guesses they stashed him away until he’s gone.

Kyle goes at Stark again and tells him that his son’s grandma is going to be away for Christmas and he’s missing her.

It’s Stark’s fault.

kyle tries to attack stark Y&R early Recaps YandRrecaps


Crimson Lights

Phyllis arrives at Crimson Lights. Tucker can see she’s having a bad night. She says, “Who asked you?”

He shrugs. It was just an offhand comment.

Daniel arrives and she drags him outside and tells him she’s no longer working for Summer.

tucker talks to phyllis Y&R day ahead recaps yandrrecaps

She tries to brush it off to being no big deal and when he asks for the real story, she waves a hand in the air.

They watch Billy arrive.

phyllis gets job Y&R day ahead recaps yandrrecaps

He realizes she’s free and clear. He wants her to work with him.

He explains his game and he has coders but needs a heavy hitter who can build, manage a team of designers.

He needs someone he can trust. She grins and love the idea, especially since Summer doesn’t trust her.

daniel gives mom job young and restless early recaps yandrrecaps

Lily arrives and gets a seat with Billy. She asks after Chelsea.

He says she’s fine but Adam arrived as he was leaving and he doesn’t think the man is good for her.

Lily says she’s concerned about their future and wants to go to therapy.

He thinks it means she thinks he’s going off the rails. That’s not it.

He agrees to therapy, after the holidays. They hold hands and she thanks him.

lily at crimson lights with billy Y&R day ahead recaps yandrrecaps

Abbott mansion

Kyle and Jack return and tell Summer they talked with Stark. Ashley appears.

They tell her they had a productive day and she compliments the Christmas tree.

She notes they’re all quiet.

She questions them and they all look around, trying to look inconspicuous.

They lie that they’re just decorating so she takes off for a bath. Kyle wants to be with his mom tonight but his dad and wife tell him not to.’

It’s too risky, plus it’s Christmas Eve.

kyle and summer hide feelings Y&R day ahead recaps yandrrecaps

Coming up next week!

Victor and Nikki discuss Adam getting back into the family fold.

Tessa and Mariah tell Sharon that they’re meeting with another pregnant mother, soon.

Sharon expresses happiness.

Daniel opens his door to his hotel room at the Grand Phoenix to find Danny there, his father. The men embrace, happy to see one another.

danny romalotti is back to Y&R young and restless early recaps yandrrecaps