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Home » Interview: Courtney Hope Talks Sally’s Pregnancy — ‘She wants to keep the test a secret.’ (Spoiler / Poll)

Interview: Courtney Hope Talks Sally’s Pregnancy — ‘She wants to keep the test a secret.’ (Spoiler / Poll)

Sally reads the positive pregnancy test results to Chloe

Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) says that Sally is “frazzled” at the thought of a pregnancy, and says that it’s a “no-win situation”.

Sally standing in front of a curtained window with a plant behind her, with her hands on her hips, not looking happy
Sally Spectra (CBS)

Sally has decided to switch careers from fashion to Interior Design, and she’s worried that “a pregnancy would throw a big wrench into her plans.”

Chloe arrives to give Sally a pregnancy test.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a soap opera without some extra drama…

While Sally is in the washroom taking the test, Nick knocks at the door, and Chloe loudly talks with Nick, making sure that Sally knows that he’s there.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Hope says that “Chloe is always such a good friend, always covering for Sally.”

Sally sits on a couch, and Chloe sits in an armchair as they talk

Sally hasn’t had time to read the results on the test, so she leaves it in the washroom and goes out to talk to Nick. She doesn’t tell him that she’s taken a pregnancy test.

After Nick leaves, Sally and Chloe check the results. POSITIVE.

Sally sits in an armchair in her suite and looks at a pregnancy test
Sally reads the pregnancy test (CBS)

Hope says that Sally is “just not sure if she’s ready for motherhood.”

We’ll see how long it takes her to work up the courage to tell Nick and/or Adam about this!

Sally looks stunned as the pregnancy test comes out positive
Sally reacts to the positive pregnancy test (CBS)

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