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Home » Interview: Courtney Hope on Sally’s Pregnancy — ‘Morning Sickness Isn’t Making It Easy… She Admits to Nick That She’s Pregnant’

Interview: Courtney Hope on Sally’s Pregnancy — ‘Morning Sickness Isn’t Making It Easy… She Admits to Nick That She’s Pregnant’

Sally smiles as Nick kisses her neck

Courtney Hope shares thoughts on what’s going through Sally’s mind during her pregnancy.

Ever since she had the first signs of an upset stomach, I think everyone knew how this was going to shake out… Sally’s pregnant, and it’s either Nick or Adam’s baby!

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) dishes on how her character is having a hard time dealing with pregnancy, and finally decides it’s best to come clean with Nick.

Chloe’s egging her on to tell Nick, but Sally doesn’t want to.

She’s still coming to terms (see what I did there?) with being pregnant, and doesn’t want to complicate things further with Nick until she figures out what she wants.Sally, arms crossed, tells Chloe that she might be pregnant by either Nick or AdamCBS

Completely understandable, it’s only been a couple of days since Sally’s pregnancy was confirmed.

She doesn’t have to make up her mind right away to tell Nick, but Chloe pressures her to make up her mind and soon. 

Hope’s thoughts on Chloe’s support?

Sally and Nick talk closely, smiling at each other while she takes off his jacket

Courtney goes on to say, “If it wasn’t for Chloe’s support, Sally would be feeling pretty alone right now.”

It’s a surprise and a tough situation to be in.

Chloe is always there for Sally, giving her support when she needs it.

Sally’s really been trying hard to get her new career on track, but with this new bump in the road, she’s worried that she won’t be able to stay grounded for her new career.

Nick and Sally hold hands

When Nick notices that Sally’s been feeling unwell, Sally vaguely says she’s still having stomach issues. But “she can tell he’s not buying it.”

If I were in Nick’s shoes, I’d definitely be questioning things like Sally not drinking alcohol, and acting sketchy about her stomach issues.

And this is what we can expect this coming week on Y&R when Nick notices the little nuances and asks her right out whether she’s got morning sickness.

Sally decides that it’s time to fess up, and reveals to Nick that she’s pregnant.

It’s no longer up in the air, and Nick needs to catch that ball running.

What do you think will happen once Nick learns about the pregnancy?

Is he ready for this? Will Sally tell Adam about it?

Sally talks with Nick in her hotel suite

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