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Interview: Adam & Sally Sleep Together, and Nick Catches Them Red-Handed

Sally hesitantly kisses Adam Back - Young and Restless Recap for Dec 2, 2022

Looks like Adam and Sally’s little fling hasn’t flown under Nick’s radar!

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Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) says that “Nick believes that Adam’s motive for asking Sally to marry him isn’t… to spend the rest of his life with her… It became a very difficult and tricky situation”.

Sally and Adam kiss passionately - Dec 2, 2022

According to Soap Opera Digest, Nick comes to visit Sally and passes Adam on the way out. He walks in on Sally and sees her in her robe, her unmade bed, and messy hair, and figures out that she just slept with Adam.

Sally admits to Nick that there’s more between her and Adam than she’d at first let on.

Adam tells Sally that they're meant to be together

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Sally says that she definitely wants to be with Nick. Morrow says, “He likes hearing it, but based on what just happened with Adam, nothing she says is… Easy for Nick to accept.”

Morrow goes on to say that Nick “has no interest in sharing Sally with Adam, and Nick doesn’t want to play around.”

Nick and Sally talk about her future - Y&R Recap for Nov 18, 2022

It sounds like Nick’s going to take to himself some time to think about his relationship with Sally, as finding out that Sally still having feelings for Adam is not easy to take “because he has a lot of pride.”

Will Nick choose to continue to pursue Sally, or will he let Adam take the win? Let us know what you think in the comments below!