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Y&R’s Melissa Ordway Responds to Questions About Chancellor Mansion Set Changes

The Exterior of the Chancellor Mansion - Y&R Recaps

A lot of people have noticed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that the last couple of times that a room in the Chancellor Mansion was shown on Y&R, it appeared smaller… And they’re questioning that!

I have to admit I had the same question… Why had I never seen this room before? Was the show trying to cut costs by bringing a smaller set in for the Chancellor Mansion? What did this mean?

The Chancellor Estate's Gates
CBS – The Chancellor Estate’s Gates

Melissa Ordway Responds to Questions About The Chancellor Mansion

Melissa Ordway, who plays Abby Newman Chancellor, was asked by fans on Instagram, “What happened to the Chancellor Mansion set? ๐Ÿค””

Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman Chancellor) responds to questions about the Chancellor Mansion on Instagram
Melissa Ordway on Instagram

Melissa answered promptly, stating that even though fans had never seen this room before, it was simply a new room that had never been seen before in the Chancellor Mansion, and that the “old” set was still around!

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She responded, “Do not fear, everyone! There is still the original Chancellor Mansion set. The set that we were shooting… That was like a room inside the Chancellor Mansion.”

Chance in the Chancellor Mansion - Y&R Recaps

That’s good news for those who were worried about the set change, and Melissa’s gracious response should put our minds at ease!

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